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Topic: Ganesh

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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

  Manas: Indian Religions, Ganesh
Ganesh is said to have written down the Mahabharata from the dictation of Vyasa.
Ganesh can be seen as competing with his father for his mother, and Parvati is herself, in some myths, seen as casting a far too admiring look at her own son; on the other hand, one can reasonably view Shiva as opposing the apparently incestuous relationship between his wife and their son.
Shiva’s conduct towards his son Ganesh is of a piece with his conduct towards others who are viewed as being in sexual competition with him, when one recalls that he burnt Kama with his third eye and beheaded Brahma with the touch of his hand.
www.sscnet.ucla.edu /southasia/Religions/Avatars/Ganesh.html   (874 words)

 Ganesha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Yet another version is that, in the process of writing the Mahabharata (at the dictation of Vyasa), Ganesh found that his pen had broken, and in the urgency of taking down the great words, snapped off his left tusk as a replacement quill.
Ganesh is seen not as a physical entity but a higher spiritual being, and murtis, or statue-representations, act as signifiers of him as an ideal.
For this reason, the immersion of the murtis of Ganesh in nearby holy rivers is undertaken since the murtis are acknowledged to be only temporal understandings of a higher being as opposed to being 'idols,' which have traditionally been seen as objects worshipped for their own sake as divine.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ganesh   (2247 words)

 Bawarchi: Indian Festivals: Ganesh Festivals
In Maharashtra there are eight famous Ganesh temples which are places of pilgrimage and are visited by countless number of people every year with the faith that these visits wipe away all the sins and lead man to the ultimate truth, the Moksha.
Lord Ganesh's images and pictures not only are seen presiding over the lintels of the doorways of many Hindu homes as hartingess of good luck out in hospitals private Nursing homes and clinics.
Ganesh is looked upon as the god of good harvest and hence after his immersion clay is brought from the waterside and sprinkled into the farms and store-rooms for luck & plenty.
www.bawarchi.com /festivals/ganesh.html   (935 words)

 Ganesh Chaturti
Ganesh is remembered on chauth or chaturthi, the 4th day of every month of the Hindu calendered, but most of all on Ganesh Chaturthi which is celebrated as his birthday.
Ganesh chaturthi was further promoted by Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, who brought to the cause of independence a fire of religious revivalism.
Thanks to Tilak, Ganesh Chaturthi became a major festival of Maharashtra, where thousands of gigantic idols of lord Ganesh are immersed by huge processions of worshipers shouting, Ganpati Bapa Morya, in the Arabian sea and rivers of the state.
www.ahmedabadcity.com /tourism/html/ganesh_chaturti.html   (886 words)

 Gemini Ganesh   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Ganesh made up a celebrated triumvirate of actors who dominated Tamil filmdom for three decades from the 1950s.
Born on November 17, 1920, Ramaswamy Ganesh captured the imagination of an entire generation of film-goers as the archetypal romantic hero with a song on his lips.
Ganesh did not take the traditional route of the theatre to the tinsel world.
www.malayalacinema.com /Features/GeminiGanesh/GeminiGanesh.htm   (571 words)

 Surfing Bangalore-Festivals-Ganesh Chaturthi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Ganesh, the deity with an elephant's head, is the God of good omens and is worshiped by most Hindus.
The birth anniversary of Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed God, is a joyous occasion for the entire country.
Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated on 13th September 1999 all over the world, the day before 'Swarna Gowri'.
www.bangalorenet.com /festivals/ganesh.htm   (127 words)

 The Story of Ganesh   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Ganesh is a Hindu God, here is the story of how he came to be and why he is know as the gate keeper.
Pavarti gave Ganesh instructions that he was to stand guard at the entrance of her apartments and that he was to admit no-one until she gave word that it was OK to do so.
Shiva was enraged by Ganesh’s impudence and drew his sword and cut off Ganesh's head.
www.thegreenman.net.au /chris/ganesh.htm   (265 words)

 Artistic Director
Easwer, Ganesh, a resident of Los Angeles, California, is the first male disciple of the late guru Sri.
Ganesh and the students of Om Linga have performed on several occasions in Los Angeles, U.S.A. and France from 1999 through 2004.
Ganesh is committed to spread the glory of this art by regular performances and teaching in U.S.A and other countries.
www.omlinga.com /director.html   (423 words)

Ganesh is the Hindu elephant-headed god, Ganesha (or Ganesh) is known (by various names in different parts of India and on different occasions) as the Remover of Obstacles, the god of domestic harmony and of success.
She instructed Ganesh to keep strict vigil on the entrance to the house and not to allow anyone into the house.
The festival of Ganesh or Vinayak Chaturthi, the day on which Ganesh was born is the most joyous event of the year.
www.crystalinks.com /ganesh.html   (1604 words)

 Ganesh Kumar Kanjira and Frame Drum Workshop
Ganesh has played throughout the world and has developed an understanding and communication of Indian rhythms that is beneficial for those already playing a drum and for those just wanting to start.
Ganesh will lead the class through various Indian patterns used in Indian classical music and in chants and show many of the secrets that allow one to display the unique specialty that Indian Hand drumming displays.
Born in a music loving family, Ganesh is one of the few percussionists, with an aesthetic sense of approach in playing this traditional classical instrument.
home.cinci.rr.com /terryblankenship/ganesh_kumar_workshop.html   (920 words)

GANESH is intended to be open source, which is complicated by the fact that the Neomorphic software is licensed.
A possible development of GANESH is to ensure that the annotations are in the format required by DAS, and to incorporate GANESH into the DAS system, to add another level to the viewing of the data.
GANESH has been developed with a grant awarded through the BBSRC/EPSRC Bioinformatics Initiative and a demo is available here.
zebrafish.doc.ic.ac.uk /Ganesh/ganesh.htm   (1010 words)

 Motorola India Biographies - Guruswamy Ganesh
Ganesh was involved in the development of X86 family of processors from the X486 (66 MHz) to Athlon (1GHz) family of processors at Advanced Micro devices.
Ganesh is considered as a veteran in Semiconductor design and development and has filed for patents for real time calibration.
Ganesh maintains a keen interest in sports, taking time off to pursue a game of Basketball and Cricket.
www.motorola.com /content/1,3306,2542,00.html   (184 words)

 BBC - Religion & Ethics - Ganesh Chaturthi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Ganesh is depicted with an elephant's head on a human body.
Ganesh is depicted with an elephant's head on a human body and in the Hindu tradition he is the son of Lord Siva and the Goddess Parvati.
Ganesh is also known as the patron god of travelling.
www.bbc.co.uk /religion/religions/hinduism/holydays/ganesh/index.shtml   (210 words)

 Ganesh chaturthi, ganesh Jayanti, ganesh utsav in India at TheHolidaySpot
Lord Ganesh, the patron deity is the God of wisdom.
The Ganesh idols are worshipped with families and friends.
People take Ganesh idols in procession to the accompaniment of music and dance for immersion in the sea or nearby river or lake.
www.theholidayspot.com /ganesh_utsav   (161 words)

 Rambles: Harish Johari & Vatsala Sperling, How Ganesh Got His Elephant Head   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
How Ganesh Got His Elephant Head is a modern version of the classic folklore story from India.
The final page is a line drawing of Ganesh that can be copied or traced for children to color.
How Ganesh Got His Elephant Head is a great way to introduce children to the folklore of other countries.
www.rambles.net /johari_ganeshhead03.html   (287 words)

 Ganesh Chaturthi, Ganesh Chaturthi Cards, Ganesh Chaturthi Greeting Cards, Ganesh Chaturthi E-Cards, Ganesh Chaturthi ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesh; the God of Wisdom.
Ganesh Chaturti is a very important festival and is celebrated widely all over India for a period of ten days.
During festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, the idol of Ganesha is installed in an altar at home.
www.123ganeshchaturthi.com   (358 words)

 Brief on science in Ganesh cult
Stories on Moral values relating Ganesh worship are found in Mudgal and Ganesh Puranas.
Image of Ganesh is a combination of an elephant's head with long trunk and one single tooth and a human body.
While Ganesh is the visual representation of the divine mental power, Omkar is its phonetic form.
members.rediff.com /varad/articles/Ganesh_cult_the_science.htm   (457 words)

 dollar bill origami elephant ganesh
Start with a brand new dollar bill with the face towards you but upside down, this way the eye on top of the pyramid on the back of the bill will end up being the eye of Ganesh.
If you don't have a U.S. dollar click on picture on left or here.
Valley fold and/or squash fold the tip of the trunk to point backwards and up, then open up the back a little and valley fold out the tail.
www.geocities.com /xulfrepus/ganesh/ganesh.html   (537 words)

 Feature-Ganesh Festival in Maharashtra
Ganesh Chaturthi - the fourth day of Bhadrapad month is a specific day for Ganesh.
It is very emphatically asserted by Dnyaneshwar in Maharashtra, where the importance and spread of Ganesh worship in the of Bhadrapad Mahina (August – September) is the greatest, the bright fourth of lunar
The immersion period could be a day and a half or five or a higher number of odd days later untill the last day of bright fourteenth, which is known as Anant Chaturdashi.
www.indiatravelite.com /feature/ganeshfestival.htm   (463 words)

 Ganesh Song (view only with MS Internet Explorer)
Ganesh on his mouse would be left high and dry
And there was Ganesh all wreathed in smiles
She was charmed and puzzled at Ganesh's behaviour
knut.kumoh.ac.kr /~stevekorea/ganesh.htm   (301 words)

 MantraOnNet.com : Shopping Ganesh DVD
Lord Ganesh is a powerful and popular God.
He is worshipped in temples, shrines and in houses.
He Is called Vighneswara, the Lord and destroyer of obstacles, He has four hands, elephant's head and a big belly.
www.mantraonnet.com /dvd-ganesh.html   (49 words)

 Bobby Maisnam -- Blog: Ganesh and Ganesh
This blog entry is named "Ganesh and Ganesh".
And the second 'Ganesh' is for Ganesh Chaturthi.
This entry was previously called "Saurav Biswas, Ganesh Chaturthi, 3 Deewarein".
blog.maisnam.com /archives/000022.php   (460 words)

 Ganesh Ramesh's Homepage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
"Indexing and Data Access Methods for Database Mining", Ganesh Ramesh, William A. Maniatty and Mohammed J. Zaki, in 2002 ACM SIGMOD Workshop on Research Issues in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (DMKD 2002).
Postscript version, PDF version.A more detailed version is also available as a Technical Report - SUNYA-CS-01-01, University at Albany, June 2001.The slides for the workshop presentation are Available here.
"Feasible Itemset Distributions in Data Mining: Theory and Application", Ganesh Ramesh, William A. Maniatty and Mohammed J. Zaki, in 2003 ACM Conference on Principles of Database Systems, PODS 2003.
www.cs.albany.edu /~ganesh   (373 words)

 Ganesh Chaturthi 2005
Well Ganesh Chaturthi 2005 is on Sep 7.
Ganesh Chaturthi is special festival in which lord Ganesh is worshipped throughout the India and also various parts of the world where Indians reside.
This is based on a mythological story in which lord Shiva chopped off Lord Ganesha’s head.
www.tblog.com /templates/index.php?bid=indiafestivals&static=473410   (83 words)

 Re: Ganesh
In Reply to: Ganesh posted by C.T. on April 23, 1998 at 15:04:34:
Who is Ganesh and what does he represent and what is his purpose in Hinduism?
In Hindu religion, the Ultimate Reality (i.e., the Supreme Lord of the universe) is called by various names and is worshipped in various forms, both male and female.
www.hindunet.org /wwwboard/meant_hindu/messages/192.html   (388 words)

 Ganesh hindu god of India, ganapati, vinayaka, heramba, ekandanta, gajanana, chaturthi, Lord of obstacles, Remover of ...
Ganesh hindu god of India, ganapati, vinayaka, heramba, ekandanta, gajanana, chaturthi, Lord of obstacles, Remover of obstacles, new site name ganesh108
In the hindu religion, the elephand head God Ganesh is also known as Ganapati, Ekadanta, Vinayaka, Heramba, etc. He brings joy and happiness to the family and may remove all the Obstacles.
More than 2000 pictures, all (or nearly all !) the places which you would like to visit.
perso.club-internet.fr /ganapati/anglais/indexe.html   (122 words)

 Ganesh Chaturthi
Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most popular of Hindu festivals.
This unseemly behaviour of the moon annoyed Him immensely and so he pulled out one of His tusks and hurled it against the moon, and cursed that no one should look at the moon on the Ganesh Chaturthi day.
On the Ganesh Chaturthi day, meditate on the stories connected with Lord Ganesha early in the morning, during the Brahmamuhurta period.
www.sivanandadlshq.org /religions/ganesh.htm   (1504 words)

 SHAHEED NAIK GANESH YADAV   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Naik Ganesh Yadav of the Bihar Regiment Centre
That wasn't to be, but Ganesh Bhaiyya's death has stirred up Pandeychak village in Patna district like nothing else.
And although his death's left Ganesh's young wife Pushpa Rai dazed, she is confident of sending their 18-month-old son Abhishek to complete the "unfinished task of my husband".
www.kashmir-information.com /Heroes/yadav.html   (116 words)

 Ganesh Bell
Ganesh is the son of Shiva and Goddess Parvati and is the Hindu God of obstacles.
Ganesh is invoked at the start of any new undertaking.
In so doing Ganesha can clear the path for success bring good luck and material prosperity.
www.natashascafe.com /html/ganeshbell.html   (42 words)

 Ganesh Imports   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Ganesh Imports was founded in 1987 and has prided itself on gathering cool products from all over the world and providing them to our customers at a reasonable price.
Come visit and check out a great line of silver jewelry, clothing, handicrafts, musical instruments, masks, and a variety of other fun products.
Feel free to phone, fax or email us for any additional information.
www.ganeshimports.com   (78 words)

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