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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Ganges River - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Ganga is personified in Hinduism as a goddess: Maa Ganga (Mother Ganga).
The vain Ganga felt that this was insulting and decided to sweep the whole earth away as she fell from the heavens.
Because of Bhagiratha's efforts Ganga descended on to earth and hence the river is also known as Bhagirathi, and the term "Bhagirath prayatna" is used to describe valiant efforts or difficult achievements.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ganga   (971 words)

 Ganga The River Goddess - Tales in Art and Mythology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Correspondingly, the word 'Ganga' is derived from the etymological root 'gam,' meaning to "to go." Indeed, Ganga is the "Swift-Goer," and the running, flowing, and energetic movement of her waters is constantly mentioned as one of the major reasons behind her purifying attributes.
Ganga is indeed divine grace flowing on to our material world, as is visible in the prosperity of the fertile and rich crop-yielding regions adjacent to her banks.
The consequent deification of Ganga, as both a nourishing mother, and also as a guardian of the Hindu temple, is but a natural evolution, when from the depths of the human mind springs a natural ode to her benign nature, manifesting itself in all realms of artistic expression.
www.exoticindiaart.com /article/ganga   (3811 words)

 The Descent of Ganga   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Ganga, the goddess, once lived on Kailash, the Hindu Olympia, and flowed demurely for the sole pleasure of the gods.
The story of the descent of the Ganga is told in the stone of Mahaballipuram, near Madras, on the south eastern coast.
The astonishing exuberance of the sculptor is revealed in the countless statues in relief of gods and goddesses, monsters and angels, snakes, water nymphs, and a veritable Ark of animals that crowd the rock to watch Ganga flow through Shiva's hair while, Kapila remains serene in his meditation.
www.anand.to /india/ganga.html   (428 words)

 CNN/SI - Olympics - Ganga trying to keep African Olympic position - Friday May 14, 1999 02:44 PM
Ganga, of the Republic of Congo, was one of six IOC members expelled in March in the vote-buying case stemming from Salt Lake's winning bid for the 2002 Winter Games.
Ganga also announced that the general assembly, originally scheduled to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, in September, would be moved to Lome in November.
As a result of Ganga's case, the IOC is expected to amend its charter to specify that any member expelled from the committee should be banned from holding any leadership position in the Olympic movement.
sportsillustrated.cnn.com /olympics/news/1999/05/14/african_ganga   (671 words)

 CNN/SI - Olympics - Ganga seeks to mobilize support - Wednesday February 24, 1999 01:01 PM
Ganga has said he was counting on "at least 40" members of the IOC to back him at the meeting.
Ganga was among 14 members cited for possible violations by the IOC panel investigating the Salt Lake scandal.
Ganga contends the funds were distributed to the national Olympic committees of the Central African Republic ($19,700), the republic of Congo ($35,714) and Niger ($17,860).
sportsillustrated.cnn.com /olympics/news/1999/02/24/ganga_support   (890 words)

 LA Yoga. Teacher Profile. Ganga White
Ganga doesn’t believe a student should have blind faith in a teacher, as teachers who ask that of their students tend to be controlling and dictatorial.
Ganga also brings up the possible fallacy in believing that the rishis (sages) transmitted from the ether everything there is to know and therefore everything there is to know is in the Vedas.
Ganga is the visionary, and along with his wife and partner, yogini Tracey Rich, they are the heart, soul and artisans.
www.layogamagazine.com /issue15/Departments/teacher_gangawhite.htm   (1003 words)

 The River Ganga (Ganges)
The delta of the Ganga, or rather, that of the Hooghly and the Padma, is a vast ragged swamp forest (42,000 sq km) called the Sunderbans, home of the Royal Bengal Tiger, who still kill about 30 villagers each year.
This caused severe deterioration to the wateflow in the Ganga, and is a major cause for the decay of Ganga as an inland waterway.
Ganga is a goddess, Ganga devi, one of two daughters of Meru (the Himalayas), the other being Uma, consort of Shiva.
www.cs.albany.edu /~amit/ganges.html   (1949 words)

 The Life of Ganga - Indian Epics and Stories
Ganga was born from the water in Brahma's kamandula.
Ganga was very pretty and danced in the heavens to the delight of all.
Ganga continues to purifie the people that take bath in her and is herself purified by the saints who will bath in her water.
www.sanatansociety.org /indian_epics_and_stories/the_life_of_ganga.htm   (1165 words)

 MAHABHARATA - GANGA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Ganga was a very beautiful,In short she was an ideal queen,Shantanu and Ganga were very much in love with each other.
Ganga was blessed with a son and the king joy knew no bounds.
Ganga reminded the king of his promise to her that he would never question her actions.
www.urday.com /adiparva.htm   (1298 words)

 Sacred Waters - Ganga
That man becomes dear to Ganga who adores her with deep devotion, with mind wholly fixed upon her, with a reverence that refuses to take any other object within its sphere, with a feeling that there is nothing else to the universe worthy of similar adoration, and with a steadiness that knows no failing away.
Ganga is the daughter of Himavat, the spouse of Hara, and the ornament of both heaven and earth.
The Brahmanas hold Ganga as equaling the earth in forgiveness, and in the protection and upholding of those that live by her; further, as equaling Fire and Surya (Sun) in energy and splendour; and, lastly, as always equaling Guha himself in the matter of showing favours unto the regenerate class.
www.hinduism.co.za /sacred.htm   (3298 words)

 White Lotus Foundation: Ganga White: Bio
Ganga White is president of the White Lotus Foundation and is recognized as one of the outstanding teachers and exponents of Yoga.
Ganga has trained hundreds of Yoga teachers, studied and lived in India visiting remote monasteries and learning centers and teaches internationally.
Ganga created the unique, new system practiced by two people called Double Yoga and his text, DOUBLE YOGA, is published by Viking-Penguin.
www.whitelotus.org /directors/ganga   (316 words)

 webindia123.com- fairs and festivals in india -Ganga Dussehra
Ganga, the holy river is venerated by the Hindus as a mother as well as a goddess.
Ganga, the eldest daughter of Himavan and Mena and sister of Parvathi was married to the gods in heaven but later brought down to earth by the great 'tapas' of Bhagiratha, grandson of king Sagara of Ayodhya.
Ganga came down to earth reluctantly and Lord Shiva took her on his matted locks, to avoid the danger of Ganga's fury.
www.webindia123.com /festival/june/ganga.htm   (339 words)

 Press Release - Eco Friends [ecofriends.org]
According to him government planning to clean Ganga was only on papers and until and unless the involvement of local communities is sought by the officials, projects would continue falling flat.
While underlining the key role of the ghat people in restoring the pristine glory of the Ganga, he said that it is because of the increasing pollution in the river that the communities had lost their earning.
It is hoped that a series of such jan sunvai would pave the path of the revival of the glory of river Ganga, the sanctity of the ghats and the safeguard livelihood of the Ganga communities.
www.ecofriends.org /prelease/030311.htm   (899 words)

 Killing the Ganga
The Upper Ganga Canal, which starts at Haridwar and carries the holy water of Ganga upto Kanpur via Muradnagar, is the main source of irrigation for this region.
But the Ganga is also being transformed from a river of life to a river of death both by the ecological consequences of damming as illustrated by the ecological risks of Tehri dam, and of diversion, as the disappeared Ganga in Haridwar and Western U.P. is showing.
The rally was launched from Haridwar ó; one of the oldest and holiest cities of India built on the banks of Ganga ó where hundreds of farmers, together with priests, citizens and worshippers of Ganga announced that "Ganga is not for Sale", and vowed to defend the freedom of this holy river.
www.awakenedwoman.com /shiva_ganga.htm   (1608 words)

 Course of the river Ganga
The Ganga is associated with the legend of the penance carried out by King Bhagirata to bring the heavenly river down to the earth.
The Jahnavi and the Alakananda merge with the Ganga in the Himalayas.
One of the islands at the mouth of the river Ganga is the Gangasagar - said to be the location of the hermitage of Kapila Muni, who is associated with the legend of Bhagiratha and the descent of the river Ganga.
www.templenet.com /Ganga/ganga_course.html   (320 words)

 River Goddess Ganga   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Ganga, the chief of the sacred streams of India, whose waters are said to have the power of cleansing from all past, present and future sins, is believed to be divine.
Ganga had to be persuaded to descend to the earth to enable the ancestors of king Bhagiratha to ascend to heaven.
Ganga is always associated with the alligator and Yamuna with a tortoise which is the most relevant difference between the two river goddesses.
www.exoticindiaart.com /product/BF49/aff10490   (246 words)

Today, in popular practice, the GangaĆ­s powers of purification and absolution are honored by all those who trek to her riverbanks to receive her compassionate cleansing.
The Ganga is considered the supreme tirtha in the Kali Yuga, the current age of degradation (Klostermaier 1989: 312).
As the Ganga continues to wind its way down towards Calcutta she experiences dozens of similar assaults that leave her waters fetid and filled with toxins and disease.
reli350.vassar.edu /gosselin/gangatoday.html   (1095 words)

 Ganga   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
he Ganga is one of the most highly polluted rivers with sewage and industrial waste flowing into it from the cities lying along its route.
Ganga water, which was regarded as the purest and was believed to have magical curative qualities, is today the most polluted in cities like Kanpur, Barauni, and Hooghly.
The ‘Clean Ganga’ movement launched in the early 1980s in Varanasi focused attention on pollution of the Ganga and has been very active in generating support and awareness of the problem.
edugreen.teri.res.in /explore/water/ganga.htm   (938 words)

 Taming the Ganga   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
As Ganga came down on him with a deafening roar, he tied her up amidst his flowing tresses so tightly that she could not slip away.
He was anxious to reach Patala, and to have the ashes of his ancestors made holy by the touch of the waters of the divine Ganga and thus fulfil his task.
Ganga followed Bhagiratha, who was now walking on level ground, like a new bride, shy and happy, Bhagiratha was filled with happiness.
www.freeindia.org /biographies/greatpersonalities/bhagiratha/page7.htm   (956 words)

Ganga is the goddess who is the incarnation of the Ganges, India's most sacred river.
She is usually represented as a beautiful woman with a fish's tail in place of her legs, and she rides on the Makara, a water monster.
Ganga originally flowed only through heaven, where she sprang from the toe of Vishnu, and it was due to a mortal that she came to earth.
www.pantheon.org /articles/g/ganga.html   (353 words)

 Ganga Basin
Today sediment loads in the Ganga are higher than in the past due to the complete deforestation of the Gangetic plains and the ongoing deforestation of the Himalayan foothills.
The Ganga basin is the cradle of Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage culture.
At the headwaters of the Ganga in the Himalayas, sacred shrines at Tapavan, Gomukh, Bhojbasa, and Gangotri mark the sources of her power.
www.auburn.edu /~alleykd/envirolitigators/gangatext.htm   (866 words)

 Ganga   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The name Ganga refers to the Ganges River, as well as the personified goddess of that river, mother of Karttikeya by Agni.
Brahma agreed, and he ordered Ganga to come down to the earth and then the underworld so that the souls of Bhagiratha's ancestors would be able to go to Heaven.
As Ganga traveled to the Underworld, she created a different stream to remain on Earth to help purify unfortunate souls there.
www.theezine.net /g/ganga.html   (358 words)

 The River Ganges
The Story of the descent of Ganga: Ganga, the heavenly river was brought down to the earth through the efforts of the ruler Bhagiratha.
Legends related to the Ganga: Several colorful legends are associated with the river Ganga, as related in the Indian epics.
Course of the River Ganga: Follow the river from its origin in the Himalayas all the way to its confluence with the ocean, through ancient pilgrimage towns and cities.
www.templenet.com /Ganga/ganga.html   (306 words)

 Shantanu and Ganga
As soon as the child, a son, was born Ganga took him to the river and drowned him.
The Vasus then prevailed upon Ganga to become their mother on earth and kill them as soon as they were born so that they would fulfill the letter of the curse but circumvent its spirit.
After uniting father and son Ganga went back into the waters and that was the last that Shantanu saw of her.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/mythology_from_india/65594   (734 words)

 MSN India Feature - Ganga
The Campaign for a Clean Ganga has understandably experienced its full share of successes and disappointments as one of India's pioneering environmental movements.
Ganga was as polluted as ever: a ghastly cocktail of faecal coliform, contaminants and heavy metals.
Ganga is still falling from the heavens, rushing and frothing through Shiva's tangled locks, down to the earth, where sinners and worthy men alike flock to her waters.
server1.msn.co.in /features/ganga/ganga3.asp   (876 words)

 Why Ganga came to Earth
Ganga, the playful one, realized she could not play her game with the wise old king, your ancestor.
Ganga then returned to heaven where she was lying on a dark stone, drying her long, dark hair when the eight Vasus, Indra's attendants, approached her.
Thus, it was that Ganga decided to be born to this earth and to mother the eight Vasus.
www.geocities.com /Tokyo/Bridge/1771/Desh/Mb/node14.html   (487 words)

 Ganga   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Ganga The Goddess Ganga, representing the river Ganga (Ganges) is shown white in color, wearing a white crown, sitting on the sea animal crocodile, holding in her right hand a water lily and in her left hand a lute.
The cremation of a dead body at the banks of Ganga and the immersion of the remains of a dead in its water after cremation elsewhere is considered propitious.
Those who die within specified limits of Ganga, called Gangakshetra (the land of Ganga), are believed to go to the heavenly world and all their sins washed away.
hindunet.org:8088 /god/Goddesses/ganga   (231 words)

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