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In the News (Tue 22 Jan 19)

  Scott Duff: Garand Memories
Garand reached advanced years it is obvious that his hand had began to tremor, as often happens with the elderly.
Garand’s son told me this emblem was used during World War II and in recognition of his father’s contributions he was issued number “1.” The original attachment screw is included.
Garand (posthumously) by the Department of Massachusetts American Legion “in recognition of the contribution to the United States by John C. Garand inventor of the Garand Rifle.”  This award was presented to Mrs.
www.scott-duff.com /GarandMemories.htm   (2982 words)

 M1 Garand - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The word "Garand" is pronounced variably as [gəˈrand] or [ˈgærənd]; descendants (and close friend Julian Hatcher) of the rifle's designer, John Garand, generally agree it should be the latter.
Some Garands were still being used in the Vietnam War in 1963; despite the M14's official adoption in 1957, it was not until 1965 that the changeover from the M1 Garand was completed (with the exception of the sniper variants, which were introduced in WWII and saw action in Korea and Vietnam).
As stated earlier, the M1 Garand was the direct predecessor of the M14 rifle that replaced it.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Garand   (3379 words)

 The Gun Zone -- John C. Garand   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
By now Garand had become well known and was transferred to the Ordnance Department, going to work at the original Springfield Armory in Massachusetts in November 1919, where it would take him more 17 years to adapt his rifle to the Army's inflexible but often revised demands.
Garand was by that time Chief Civilian Engineer when he came up with a semi-automatic.30 caliber rifle, known as "the Garand." The Ordnance Committee, made up of representatives of the Army's main branches was to be Garand's main problem as their requirement was for a design to suit tankers, cavalrymen and the infantry alike.
Garand wasted the next five years working on rifles that used a radical design where the firing pin also operated the breech mechanism.
www.thegunzone.com /johngarand.html   (1536 words)

 PlanetPapers - M1 Garand Rifle
It was during this time that John Garand, then a young man of 30, moved to New York City from Canada after the United States entered World War I. After learning of the arms problem, he decided to try to make a rifle and got financial backing from John Kewish.
Garand's first rifle was built and tested before Hudson Maxim, who suggested the rifle be presented before the Naval Consulting Board.
During the next five years, Garand created many rifle designs, but they all had one thing in common: the primer of the spent cartridge was used to operate the rifle's action.
www.planetpapers.com /Assets/1997.php   (1786 words)

 The M1 Garand World War II and Korea Rifle
The Garand rifle, in spite of its supposed shortcomings, in spite of fears by its critics of disproportionate ammunition expenditures, performed brilliantly throughout its entire military career, compiling a service record as yet unsurpassed by any successor.
The legend of the Garand was--and is--based upon the unassailable fact that the weapon, in spite of its theoretical weaknesses, WORKS--in the mud, in the rain, in the snow, and in the dust.
John Garand understood this, for even though the M16 did not yet exist, the principles on which it was to be based did.
www.pattonhq.com /garand.html   (3001 words)

 Rifle, Cal. .30-06, M1, Garand
The M1, designed by John C. Garand, was the standard issue military rifle used by the U.S. Army from 1936 to 1957, when it was replaced by the lighter M14 rifle.
Garand invented a semiautomatic.30 caliber rifle, known as the M1 or "the Garand."
The US Rifle, M1 (Garand) had shown itself to be superior to the M1903 (Springfield), with which many marines had been armed.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/systems/ground/m1garand.htm   (1044 words)

 .338 Magnum Garand Conversion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
In the 62 years since the M1 Garand gas operated rifles inception, many people have tried to substantially improve it's performance...
There are so many improvements to this rifle that it's hard to believe the fabled Garand could receive such a face lift.
Garand built up progressively higher proof loads in increments of 5,000 lbs.
www.mccannindustries.com /rifles/garand/garand.html   (708 words)

 Leatherneck Tribute M1 Garand Rifle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The M1 Garand was designed for long-range accuracy and could be fired with a much greater rapidity and less recoil than previous military rifles.
In combat, the M1 Garand proved extremely sturdy and reliable, and the rifle played a key role in the Marines "island hopping" campaigns in the Pacific and later in the Korean War.
The Springfield Armory® is producing a very limited number of the M1 Garand rifles with an all new receiver, barrel and stock, with all the remaining parts U.S.G.I. Mil-spec and we selected this rifle for the Tribute.
www.americaremembers.com /products/LTM1GRI/LTM1GRI.asp   (961 words)

 M1 Garand Rifle
The M1 Garand is a full blown combat rifle with maxiumum range of 3,200 meters and maximum effective range of 400 meters.....or the greatest distance at which the weapon can be expected to fire accurately to inflict casualties or damage.
Fully loaded with 8-round en bloc clip, cleaning kit in butt stock, sling and with stock of dense GI issue wood the M1 weighed in at 11-1/4 lbs.
As a supplement to the Garand the M1 Carbine was developed.
www.rt66.com /~korteng/SmallArms/m1rifle.html   (928 words)

Universally known as the Garand, it was the first self-loading semi automatic rifles accepted for military service.
The Garand M1 rifle caliber.30, was a strong weapon and popular with the troops.
And when the last round was fired, the empty clip was ejected with a distinct sound that announced, in effect, the M1 was out of ammo.
efour4ever.com /garand.htm   (148 words)

 Collecting and Restoring The M1 Garand
The M1 Garand was the most advanced battle rifle at the beginning of World War II and gave the American soldier unsurpassed fire power throughout the war.
There are fourteen variations of the M1 Garand stock that have to do with the style and length of the barrel channel, the shape of the pistol grip and the routing for the trigger guard assembly.
The M1 Garand is, without a date, the most historical artifact that you can legally own from World War II and it deserves to be made whole again.
www.northcapepubs.com /m1gar.htm   (2926 words)

 Springfield Armory - Products - Rifles - M1 Garand   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Built using the original USGI specs and blueprints, the ultra accurate and reliable M1 Garand stands alone as a classic American combat rifle.
From the Battle of the Bulge to Okinawa, it was "the GI's best friend." This collectible M1 Garand from Springfield features all-new receiver, barrel and stock, with all the remaining parts U.S.G.I. Mil-spec.
Every M1 Garand is fully warranted for a lifetime of service.
www.springfield-armory.com /prod-rifles-m1-garand.shtml   (105 words)

 MILITARY FIREARMS -- M1 GARAND RIFLE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The "US Rifle, Cal..30, M1", or M1 Garand as it came to be known after the name of its inventor, John Garand, held many advantages over the M1903 Springfield rifle.
Bayonet: The first bayonet used for the M-1 Garand was the M-1905 bayonet, same as used for the M-1903 Springfield rifle.
John C. Garand, inventor of the Garand rifle, pointing out some of the features of the rifle to Major General Charles M. Wesson during the general's visit to Springfield Arsenal (MA) in July 1941.
www.olive-drab.com /od_other_firearms_rifle_m1garand.php3   (572 words)

 The John C. Garand Match
To enter the Garand Match, complete that form, indicate on the form that you intend to shoot in the Garand Match and send your entry with entry fees to the NRA Entry Office.
The Garand Match is an open match where the main emphasis is on having all competitors successfully complete the course of fire while having an especially enjoyable experience.
Special National Garand Match Medals with neck ribbons will be awarded to competitors who shoot scores that were determined on the basis of scores fired in the 2001 Garand Match.
www.odcmp.com /Services/Competitions/john_c_garand_match.htm   (2143 words)

 Home Page
Garand worked at the United States Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts.
His work on this rifle enabled the United States to enter into World War II as the only country with a Semi-Automatic Rifle as standard issue for its troops.
After doing more than 25 years of research on the M1 Garand, I have written two volumes of a three-volume book on this subject.
www.garandm1rifle.com   (272 words)

 M-1 Garand
Garand, who was a young man of 30, moved to New York City from Canada after the United States entered World War One.
During the next half decade, Garand created many rifle designs, but all of them had one feature in common: That was that the primer of the spent cartridge was used to operate the rifle's action.
This did not delay Garand's work because he had already developed a design to fire the.30 caliber on his own time in anticipation of such a decision.
www.kitsune.addr.com /Firearms/Auto-Rifles/M-1_Garand.htm   (1102 words)

 James Garand   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Professor James C. Garand (Ph.D., University of Kentucky, 1984) is the Emogene Pliner Distinguished Professor in Political Science.
Professor Garand has teaching and research interests in the fields of legislative politics, electoral politics, public policy, state politics, bureaucratic politics, the American presidency, domestic political economy, and methodology and statistics.
Professor Garand is former editor of the American Politics Quarterly, one of the leading subfield journals in American politics.
www.artsci.lsu.edu /poli/people/garand.html   (512 words)

 Modern Firearms - Rifle M1 Garang
M1 Garand stripped action; clearly seen are the magazine housing, operating rod and a part of the return spring behind the operating rod
Finally, at the 6th January, 1936, the Garands' rifle was adopted by the US Army as an "rifle,.30 caliber, M1".
In the 1939, the major redesign was ordered, and Garand quickly redesigned a gas port system, which greatly improved the reliability.
world.guns.ru /rifle/rfl05-e.htm   (1298 words)

 NMA John C. Garand Match Rifle Specs
A very popular misconception is that all government issue M1 Garand rifles are, except for inaccuracy caused by barrel wear, pretty much the same in the way they perform.
There are two aspects which are addressed during the John C. Garand Tune-Up process: First, the individual parts must be functionally perfect, and second, the functionally perfect parts must be assembled precisely right in order for the rifle to be as accurate and to function as well as it possibly can.
Garand rifle with optional upgraded wood, in this case extra fancy American walnut in a "tabby stripe" pattern.
www.nationalmatcharmory.com /homepage9.html   (1466 words)

 US Model M1 Garand Bayonet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
They are basically shortened verions of the US Model 1905 and the arsenal refurbished bayonets designated the US Model 1905/42; however, they are more closely related the interim bayonets designated the US Model E1 that was used on the Springfield 03-A3 and the M1 Garand Infantry Rifles during WWII.
A very close copy of this bayonet was also used by Denmark and is believed designated the Danish Model GM50 to fit their US Model M1 Garand rifles.
As a result the US M5 Garand bayonet (and variants) was designed.
www.arms2armor.com /Bayonets/usm1g.htm   (249 words)

 M1 Garand :: Top Sites   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
M1 Garand and years of potential life lost for infants in the United M1 Garand M1 Garand individual states, and M1 Garand medical expenditures M1 Garand M1 Garand user-defined populations.The national smoking-attributable mortality (SAM) estimates M1 Garand differ from the previously published estimates in M1 Garand ways.
M1 Garand cigarette-caused fire deaths and second-hand smoke M1 Garand are M1 Garand M1 Garand M1 Garand the SAMMEC smoking-attributable mortality estimates.SAMMEC requires registration.
M1 Garand regarding applicability can M1 Garand used to assess the extent to which the intervention might be M1 Garand in a particular M1 Garand or population.
dir55.info /m1-garand.html   (395 words)

 Service Grade M1 Garand Rifle Sales Program
John Garand's rifle was the single most significant small arms development in the history of modern warfare.
The popularity of the M1 Garand continues to grow as hundreds of new Garand "Fun" Matches are being held all over the USA each year.
Each M1 Garand rifle sold by CMP is an authentic U.S. Government rifle that has been inspected, headspaced, repaired if necessary and test fired for function.
www.odcmp.com /Services/Rifles/m1garand.htm   (1057 words)

 Accurizing An M-1 Garand
The M-1 Garand may have been a fine battle rifle, but as a target rifle straight from the box it is not competitive.
While there are only a couple of simple tools, plus a Dremel tool, required to accurize the Garand, the average person should plan on spending the better part of two or three weekends or more working on the rifle for just the basic bedding.
With the large numbers of Garands in circulation, and with the cost of a decent Garand being less than 1/2 that of an AR, accurizing a Garand is an inexpensive way to get into the high power game and spending the time to make them shoot better is worth the time and effort.
www.snipercountry.com /Articles/AccurizingM1Garand_I.asp   (1615 words)

 M1 Garand Page
John C. Garand was the inventor of this rifle and he worked at the United States Armory, known as the Springfield Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts.
Over the years many files on the M1 Garand were lost or destroyed, so many of the files are incomplete.
However, my hope is that the Ordnance files presented at both sites will help you to gain a better understanding of the M1 Garand Rifle's history.
www.users.fast.net /~eclancy   (203 words)

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