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Topic: Gargoyles (animated series)

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In the News (Thu 19 Apr 18)

  Gargoyle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Egypt gargoyles eject the water used in the washing of the sacred vessels which seems to have been done on the flat roofs of the temples.
Gargoyles, or more precisely chimerae, were used as decoration on 19th and early 20th century buildings in cities such as New York (where the Chrysler Building's aluminum gargoyles are celebrated), and Chicago.
Gargoyles can generally use their wings to fly or glide, and are often depicted as having a rocky hide, or being capable of turning into stone in one way or another, a reference to their structural roots.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gargoyle   (650 words)

 Gargoyles (animated series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gargoyles is an acclaimed animated series created and produced by Greg Weisman that aired from October 24, 1994 to 1997.
The series was known for its complex story arcs and drama, a prime example being the controversial first-season episode "Deadly Force," which addressed the consequences of gun violence.
The Gathering of the Gargoyles is an annual convention that began in 1997.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gargoyles_(animated_series)   (2414 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Gargoyles (animated series)
Gargoyles is an acclaimed Walt Disney superhero animated series that aired from October 24, 1994 to 1997 featuring a clan of six warrior creatures that were turned to stone during the day.
Waking up in modern day Manhattan, the gargoyles must adapt to this new world as they protect the citizens of New York (most of whom don't even believe they exist) and face both new and old enemies with the help of their new human friend (and possible love interest for Goliath), NYPD detective Elisa Maza.
Unsurprisingly, many from the Gargoyles and anthropomorphic fan community had already speculated on this fact before its announcement (based on the stereotypical assumptions given about the sexuality of a nearly all-male cast) and has been accepted as fannon up until it was made official by the creative team themselves.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Gargoyles_(animated_series)   (3262 words)

 Gargoyles - TheBestLinks.com - Animated series, Fan fiction, Illuminati, Japan, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Gargoyles is a Walt Disney animated series that aired from 1994 to 1997 featuring a clan of six flying creatures that turned to stone by day.
Led by the gargoyle Goliath in the year 994, their job was to protect the humans of Castle Wyvern on the coast of Scotland until a Viking massacre killed all the others of their clan and a magic spell forced them to sleep in their stone forms for a millennium.
Finally waking up in modern day Manhattan, the gargoyles must adapt to this new world as they protect the citizens of New York (most of whom don't even believe they exist) and face new and old enemies with the help of their new human friend (and possible love interest for Goliath), NYPD detective Elisa Maza.
www.thebestlinks.com /Gargoyles.html   (1021 words)

 Gargoyles-- The Series, The Fans, and Fan Impact
The dark colored animation gives the series a dramatic mood and the musical score enhances the effect; the score is similar to those featured in both the Disney animated feature films and major Hollywood films such as Braveheart and Batman Forever.
Gargoyles, on the other hand, has a plethora of characters that are not simply good or evil; they are more complicated than that.
The fans of the series know this and have embraced these characters, holding them as heroes and the series as a classic tale that never grows old once it is retold several times over.
tgs.gargoyles-fans.org /gargrep.htm   (2000 words)

 The Gargoyles Saga
In 1994, Buena Vista Television released the animated series Gargoyles.
The show followed the adventures of a band of Scottish gargoyles in present-day New York after sleeping in stone under a magic spell for a thousand years.
Hudson is the leader of the Gargoyles, Goliath and Demona are teens, and the Trio are mere children.
tgs.gargoyles-fans.org   (338 words)

 Gargoyles - Studio Reveals Official Press Release for Season 2, Volume 1
"Gargoyles" is the story of the fantastic, ancient creatures that once guarded a medieval Scottish fortress, and who now come to life at night to protect the city of Manhattan from evil.
GARGOYLES is the animated story of a group of fantastic superbeings who protect mankind from danger.
GARGOYLES are a clan of winged beings, honorable creatures who, in a violent and brutal age, protected a Scottish castle from Viking assaults, until they were betrayed by a sorcerer's spell.
www.tvshowsondvd.com /newsitem.cfm?NewsID=4007   (346 words)

If the Gargoyles are not oringinally native to earth, their muscular strength might also be an evolutionary by product from living on a planet with high atomspheric pressures.
I think the reflective membrane in the Gargoyles eyes react to adrenaline, which might explain why their eyes glow mostly when they are angry, frightened, or in pain.
Gargoyle roaring is a result of the vocals being set at an sharper angle down towards the chest.
avmists.gargoyles-fans.org /jun00_sci.htm   (1948 words)

 The Gargoyles Fans Website :: The Grimorum Arcanorum
This is a sort of rough dictionary for the "Gargoyles Universe", the fictional world created in the late and lamented Disney animated series "Gargoyles" (1994-97).
If "Gargoyles" were to be revived in the future, they would have to be treated as canon, of course, but for now, I have chosen to ignore them, except for an occasional footnote discussing their developments.
It is more than likely that, had the series continued, many of the other beings contained in its pages might have found their way into "Gargoyles".
www.gargoyles-fans.org /grimorum/appendixb.htm   (1309 words)

 Gargoyles - Metaweb   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The interesting inversion of this story is that the Hero/Hiro is the gargoyle, the monster, vanquishing the King of all Media, L Bob Rife, from his watery keep, and rescuing the virgin (YT, though not so much anymore) and the goddess (Juanita Marquez/Innanna).
Lagos, on the other hand, who is the other gargoyle in the story, falls under the knife of Raven because he focused too much on the job of gargoyling, and was thus consumed in the role, losing his soul to the Raven.
Gargoyles, or more precisely chimera (creature)chimerae, were used as decoration on 19th century19th and early 20th century buildings in cities such as New York CityNew York (where the Chrysler Building's aluminum gargoyles are celebrated), and Chicago, IllinoisChicago.
www.metaweb.com /wiki/wiki.phtml?title=Gargoyles   (4323 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Batman: The Animated Series
This series became a cornerstone of Warner Brothers' animation department, which became one of the top producers of television animation and sparked a large franchise of similar TV adaptations of DC Comics characters.
After the series produced its 65th episode (the minimum number necessary for a TV series to be successfully syndicated), the show's popularity encouraged Warner Bros. to produce further episodes, furthering the animated adventures of the Caped Crusader.
The Batman animated series was combined with the newer Superman: The Animated Series in the late 1990s in an hour-long Batman/Superman show; in fact, Batman and some of his supporting cast appear in five episodes that are officially part of Superman: The Animated Series.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Batman:_The_Animated_Series   (1954 words)

 Gargoyles Walkthrough - IGN FAQs
One would think that this is the Steel Clan, but unless Xanatos (in the show he pilots the red Gargoyle machine) has been eating a steady diet of explosives it probably isn't.-- ^Goliath stands on a rock as white hot liquid metal is poured in front of him.
None of the other interesting characters of the Gargoyle universe are introduced and no explanations are given as to why the Eye of Odin behaves as it does, why Demona does what she does and why Goliath awoke in the first place.
Information on 'Gargoyles' the Animated Series It is the hope of all 'Gargoyles' fans that one day the show will be reborn and that Greg Weisman, Michael Reeves and the others who did such great work with the original series will get another chance.
faqs.ign.com /articles/462/462107p1.html   (11573 words)

 Gargoyles TV Show - Gargoyles Television Show - TV.com
The Gargoyles are tricked while attempting to rescue a child in a partially built building.
Gargoyles lived 1 thousand yearsago pretecting a castle,they were betrayed by the humans that they protected,a spell was casted over them putting them into a stonesleep,years later a man named David Xanatos bought the stone gargoyles and brought them to N Continue
Batman: the Animated Series was an animated series that premiered on September 5, 1992.
www.tv.com /gargoyles/show/2079/summary.html   (412 words)

 "Gargoyles" (1994)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
It involved a clan of Gargoyles, stone by day/flesh by night, that were betrayed by humans in 994.
With a unique blend of villains and allies, and villains that became allies, the plot of Gargoyles was ever changing and continuous.
Ultimately, Gargoyles is the greatest animated series I have ever seen, and I advise any action lover to see it.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0108783   (508 words)

 Gargoyles Similar Shows
This early 80s animated series was the second Spider-Man cartoon after the original 1967 series.
The series follows the adventures of superhero Peter Parker and his friends, Harry Osborne and Mary Jane Watson, during their first year of college at Empire State University.
The series focused on the adventures of Batman a dark vigilante hero who defends Gotham City from a variety of costumed villians that include The Joker, The Penguin, Mr.
www.tv.com /gargoyles/show/2079/similar.html   (595 words)

 [No title]
Gargoyles The Movie The Heroes Awaken Keith David One thousand years ago, superstition and the sword ruled.
Master animators and story tellers stretch the limits of their imaginations with dramatic visuals and suspenseful adventures.
TV Animation) They are the, uh, creatures of honor in the world of crime.
www.scifiscripts.com /cartoon/gargoyles.txt   (3842 words)

 DVD Talk > Reviews > Gargoyles: The Complete First Season > Printer Friendly
For those unfamiliar with the series, here's the plot: in Scotland circa 994 A.D., the Wyvern castle is closely guarded by gargoyles: mythological creatures that are stone statues by day, but awaken at night.
After a bait-and-switch tactic by enemy forces---aided by a double-crossing ally---several of the gargoyles are lured from their posts, trapped in stone before they can return to the safe confines of the castle.
Many of the gargoyle statues are destroyed, and the remaining ones are put into a more permanent state of sleep.
www.dvdtalk.com /reviews/print.php?ID=13561   (1439 words)

 JimHillMedia.com : Welcome!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
If a canceled series sells exceptionally well on DVD, it sends a strong message to the studio: if people are willing to spend their hard-earned dollars on these DVDs and they say they want more, chances are they’ll watch new episodes.
The “gargoyles” fandom has already been demonstrating to Disney that there’s money still to be had from the property.
The annual Gathering of the Gargoyles, a convention dedicated solely to celebrating the series, has helped to show Disney that a market exists and may have influenced the decision to release the DVD.
www.jimhillmedia.com /mb/articles/showarticle.php?ID=1209   (1083 words)

 Defenders of the Night   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Gargoyles is one of the few animated series produced in the US that can compete with the better Japanese animes.
This series provides one of the finest blends of fantasy and science-fiction elements that I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing in a television series.
In addition to the continuation of the Gargoyles series, TGS is also composed of three spin-off series, Timedancer, Dark Ages, and Pendragon, and is well into its second season of episodes for most of these.
www.visi.com /~spanner/Gargs/Gargs.htm   (424 words)

 D&D Animated Series- FAQ
The premise of the series is this: Six children ride a roller coaster, "The Dungeons and Dragons Ride," and are suddenly catapulted into another world.
According to the story, which varies depending on where you hear it, the series was written by a group of gamers, who based the episodes on their various campaigns.
According to Mark Evanier, developer of the series at CBS when it was first aired and cancelled, the show was canned due to slipping ratings, and a feeling that the third season wasn't as good as the previous seasons (which most fans tend to agree with).
www.zaksrealm.net /FAQ.html   (2811 words)

 Fanime Con - Friday - Gargoyles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The Gargoyles animated series, full of romance, passion and Star Trek voice actors, is gone but not forgotten.
Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman would love to restart the series, and has never run out of ideas for the characters.
On the other hand, Gargoyles wasn't as popular in its day than Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, and the series wasn't successful enough to encourage Walt Disney Co. executives to continue it in the form that Weisman preferred.
www.fansview.com /2001/fanimecon/033001a.htm   (324 words)

 Gargoyles (animated series) - Art History Online Reference and Guide
Gargoyles is a Walt Disney superhero animated series that aired from October 24, 1994 to 1997 featuring a clan of six warrior creatures that were turned to stone during the day.
It is often mentioned alongside Batman: The Animated Series as one of the best American cartoon series ever.
A later episode of the series, set during Halloween, had the two dancing together in open view with Elisa in the yellow dress of Disney's Belle character.
www.arthistoryclub.com /art_history/Gargoyles_(television_series)   (2772 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Gargoyles is the first Disney animated show to arrive in a season-by-season boxed set.
Though the series was ostensibly aimed at preteens, the writers were obviously not looking to talk down to kids.
Like other animated series of the time, the animation chores were farmed out to various overseas studios.
www.jimhillmedia.com /mb/articles/printer_friendly.php?ID=1239   (1754 words)

 Animated television series -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
An animated television series or cartoon television series is a television series produced by means of animation.
While some series may be produced as complete half hour programs, many cartoons are produced as short subjects of 15 minutes or less.
Thus a particular animated series may appear in a number of formats, often anonymously, e.g.
psychcentral.com /psypsych/Animated_series   (327 words)

 Frell Me Dead - Remember Gargoyles (A Very Good Cartoon Series)
The Gargoyles Cartoon Series is now off of Toon Disney and ON ABC Family at 11:00 AM Eastern for an hour (2 Episodes) on Saturdays and Sundays.
The music score (composed by Carl Johnson, who also composed the music in Fox’s Batman: The Animated Series) for the Gargoyles series has some of the best orchestra pieces I have ever heard; the theme music (heard in both the intro and ending) is so strong and vibrant that it is amazing.
Gargoyles was nothing short of miraculous, the complexity of the characters, the intelligence and subtlety of the stories, the dialogue, everything!
www.watchfarscape.com /forums/showthread.php?t=22797   (2249 words)

 Gargoyles Cast Pictures - Gargoyles Cast and Crew - TV.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Spider-Man, the animated series, continues where the successful live action feature film of the same name left off.
Also known as The New Batman Adventures, this series takes place two years after the last episode of Batman: The Animated Series.
The series was based on the popular Batman comics created by Bob Kane.
www.tv.com /gargoyles/show/2079/cast.html?flag=2   (211 words)

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