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Topic: Gas chamber

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  Methods of Execution: Gas Chamber
This proved impossible because the gas leaked from his cell, so the gas chamber was constructed.
The last use of a gas chamber was on March 3, 1999, when Walter LaGrand, a German national, was executed in Arizona.
At postmortem, an exhaust fan sucks the poison air out of the chamber, and the corpse is sprayed with ammonia to neutralize any remaining traces of cyanide.
teacher.deathpenaltyinfo.msu.edu /c/about/methods/gaschamber.htm   (358 words)

  Gas chamber
Gas chambers have been used for capital punishment in the United States in the past to execute criminals, especially convicted murderers.
The gas used is hydrogen cyanide, and death from it is painful and unpleasant.
More notoriously, gas chambers were used in the Nazi Third Reich during the 1930s a part of a public euthanasia program aimed at eliminating physically and intellectually disabled people, and later the mentally ill. At that time, the preferred gas was carbon monoxide, often provided by the exhaust fumes of cars and trucks.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ga/Gas_chamber.html   (503 words)

 gas chamber, death, prison
The history of the use of hydrogen cyanide gas for execution purposes and the development of the gas chamber is strictly a United States phenomenon.
Gas Valve (10) is utilized as a seal for testing the integrity (pressure test) of the chamber, as well as, the mechanism for controlling the Cyanide Briquet (pellet) drop, while the actuator additionally controls the opening of the Gas Generator Vent Stack Valve (A).
The Lethal Chamber and all its contents are washed with caustic soda (walls, floor and ceiling) and the residue flushed into the Gas Generator at the base of the chamber and thence down the drain.
www.angelfire.com /fl3/starke/gaschamber.html   (4928 words)

 Gas chamber   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
A gas chamber is a means of executing human beings whereby a poisonous gas is introduced into a hermetically-sealed chamber.
Gas chambers have been used for animal euthenasia in the past (along with vacuum chambers), but most jurisdictions no longer permit this.
Through experimentation in September 1941 Zyklon B (a crystalline form of hydrogen cyanide) gas was found to be more efficient.
bopedia.com /en/wikipedia/g/ga/gas_chamber.html   (554 words)

 Gas chamber - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ironically, the gas used to cleanse the chamber afterwards, anhydrous ammonia, is also very toxic, as is the contaminated acid that must be drained and disposed of.
The use of the gas chamber was also controversial because of the use of large chambers to kill millions in Nazi concentration camps.
Gas chambers were used in the Nazi Third Reich during the 1930s as part of the so-called "public euthanasia program" aimed at eliminating physically and intellectually disabled people, and later the mentally ill. At that time, the preferred gas was carbon monoxide, often provided by the exhaust fumes of cars and trucks.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gas_chamber   (1562 words)

 The gas chamber
He appeared to struggle a little after the gas was pumped in and then lapse into unconsciousness, but as no external stethoscope had been provided, he was left in the chamber for 30 minutes to ensure death.
Inside the chamber are two identical metal chairs with perforated seats, marked "A" and "B." (The twin chairs were last used in a double execution in 1962) Two guards strap the prisoner into chair A, attaching straps across his upper and lower legs, arms, thighs and chest.
It is estimated that to build a new gas chamber would cost at least $300,000 and this cannot be justified when set against the cost of the equipment required for lethal injection.
www.richard.clark32.btinternet.co.uk /gascham.html   (2137 words)

 The Gas Chamber
Nevada was the first state to adopt the use of the Gas Chamber.
As they are released the pellets form a deadly gas as the fumes rise and are inhaled by the person being executed.
Persons who have witnessed the use of the gas chamber state that the natural instinct of the body is to resist the intake of the gas.
www.aphf.org /gas.html   (262 words)

 Execution Method - Gas Chamber
The effectiveness of the gas chamber impressed the German Nazis later...
The Cyanide-gas, used to execute in the gas chamber till today, is chemical identical to Cyclone B that was used for genocide in Auschwitz.
For the delinquent the death in a gas chamber is very painful.
www.todesstrafe-usa.de /death_penalty/methods_gaschamber.htm   (426 words)

 The Dachau Gas Chambers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
They recommended the building of many small heatable chambers designed to be used with the standard 200 gram tin of Zyklon-B. Heating the space to over thirty degrees centigrade helped the gas to evaporate from the grains quickly and completely and shortened the exposure time needed to kill the lice to one hour.
Any doubts that this chamber is a gas chamber are rapidly dispelled upon viewing the exhaust vents on the ceiling of the room , the exhaust chimney on the roof , and the metal doors that are identical in design to those used by the disinfestation gas chambers .
Further evidence of its design as a homicidal chamber are the two bin-like drawers leading from the gas chamber to the exterior.
www.holocaust-history.org /dachau-gas-chambers   (4536 words)

 gascham   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
This proved impracticable and thus the gas chamber, as such, was invented by Major Delos A Turner, an army medical corps officer and was first used in 1924.
His lawyers had fought a long battle in the courts to show that the gas chamber was a "cruel and unusual punishment" and as such was illegal under the Eight Amendment to the Constitution.
He appeared to struggle a little after the gas was manually pumped in and then lapse into unconsciousness but as no external stethoscope had been used he was left in the chamber for 30 minutes to ensure death.
www.geocities.com /trctl11/gascham.html   (2131 words)

 Dachau gas chamber - Recent photos and eye-witness descriptions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
It was to serve both as a killing facility and to remove the dead, but the gas chamber in the middle of the building was not used for mass murder.
Contradicting the sign was a display in the gas chamber building in May 2001, which showed a copy of a letter from Dr. Sigmund Rascher, which proves that a gas chamber was planned at Dachau.
A sign at the south end of Baracke X says that four of the five gas chambers in the new crematorium building were used to disinfect clothing in an effort to prevent typhus, a disease which is spread by lice.
www.scrapbookpages.com /DachauScrapbook/GasChamber/Index.html   (1244 words)

 Photograph of American Congressmen examining the Dachau gas chamber on May 3, 1945
The gas chamber was located in the center of a large room in the crematory building.
The supply of gas into the chamber was controlled by means of two valves on one of the outer walls, and beneath the valves was a small glass-covered peephole through which the operator could watch the victims die.
These bins "could be used to pour Zyklon B pellets into the gas chamber," according to a display on the wall near the interior door into the gas chamber.
www.scrapbookpages.com /DachauScrapbook/GasChamber/gaschamber.html   (1001 words)

 Gas Chamber Doors -- A Comparison in Photos
The room adjacent to the crematory in the Auschwitz Main Camp is said to have been a homicidal Nazi gas chamber.
This is a door to the homicidal gas chamber at the penitentiary in Baltimore, Maryland.
It is not obvious what about this door would keep the victims and the poison gas inside the alleged gas chamber.
www.historiography-project.org /misc/doors.html   (366 words)

 CODOH: The Gas Chamber Controversy
'Gas Chambers' of Auschwitz and Majdanek, by Germar Rudolf
The Gas Chamber of Sherlock Holmes: An attempt at a Literary Analysis of the Holocaust Gassing Claim, by Samuel Crowell
Gas Chambers for Robert Faurisson: Answers to a Challenge, by Friedrich Paul Berg
www.codoh.com /gcgv/gcgv.html   (740 words)

 THHP Question: the Dachau gas chamber   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
It is not known for certain if either the homicidal gas chamber in Dachau and/or the four smaller ones designed for fumigating clothes were ever used.
Until further evidence is discovered, historians will have to conform themselves with the knowledge that it was technically possible to have murdered human beings with poison gas in that room, and that the room, some 16x16x12ft high, was designed for the exclusive purpose of carrying out such a grim task.
I refer in the paper to several instances where the gas chamber *might* have been used experimentally.
www.holocaust-history.org /questions/dachau-gas-chamber.shtml   (576 words)

 The Gas Chamber at Dachau
The "gas chamber" which was exhibited in 1945 and which was palmed off on the goyim by the Board of Deputies in Britain and in South Africa was a delousing chamber, even Pressac admits that.
As regards the gas chambers, he said that Himmler, a very kind-hearted man, was most anxious that prisoners should be exterminated in a manner which caused them the least anxiety and suffering.
Baron believes was "palmed off on the goyim," but there were both delousing chambers and a facility that was at the very least intended as a homicidal gas chamber at Dachau.
www.nizkor.org /hweb/camps/dachau/gas-chamber.html   (785 words)

 Auschwitz Museum Director Reveals 'Gas Chamber' Hoax
This 'gas chamber' is the major historical 'fact' on which much of the foreign and domestic policies of all Western nations since WWII are based.
If the 'homicidal gas chambers' were postwar creations of the Soviets, in which no one was gassed regardless of race, creed, color or country of national origin, then these 'reparations' were unnecessary, and were based on fraud.
That is bullshit, unless his uncle was serving with the SOVIET Army (the Soviets 'liberated' Auschwitz - on January 27th, 1945 - and it remained in the Soviet sector for the remainder of the Occupation).
www.rense.com /general53/aauz.htm   (2043 words)

 The Chemical And Toxicological Impossibility Of The Auschwitz Gas Chamber Legend
Section II In her attempt to prove that the Auschwitz gas chambers existed, Lipstadt critiques the report of Holocaust revisionist and gas chamber expert Leuchter.
In his own words, the sketches of Olere "provide a very important visual record of the design and operation of the gas chamber and incinerators of Crematorium 3"7 Indeed, throughout his entire study he attempts to demonstrate that Olere is a credible eyewitness by showing how his sketches are consistent with physical evidence.
The victims' bodies absorbed the vast majority of the deadly gas-it is in the skin, in the hair, pores and lungs of the victims.
www.rense.com /general69/gasccm.htm   (4026 words)

 Gallery - Majdanek Death Camp Gas Chamber - Photos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Interior of one of several gas chambers within the building.
Both carbon monoxide and Zyclon B were used to murder prisoners in the gas chambers.
Interior of one of several gas chambers in the building.
fcit.coedu.usf.edu /holocaust/resource/gallery/majd3.htm   (345 words)

 History of the Chamber
Fourteen individuals met on that day and after a great deal of discussion, it was decided that a Chamber would indeed be an asset to the Gas City Community.
The Gas City Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors met in various businesses until an office was established for the Chamber, adjacent to Good Neighbor Pharmacy, September 29, 1994.
In January, 1999, the Chamber moved to 316 E. Main Street, Gas City and were 168 members strong with a new goal of 200 members in 2000!
www.gascity.com /about.htm   (419 words)

 Fraudulent gas chamber at Dachau   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Although not visible in the picture, only one gas chamber is shown to tourists indicating this one is not even in the same place.
Of course this "gas chamber" is also crude exploitation and profiteering.
This picture was found on the US Holocaust Memorial Museum website by searching on the term gas chamber.
www.giwersworld.org /holo2/dachgas.phtml   (322 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Revealed: the gas chamber horror of North Korea's gulag
Now, it is claimed, it is also where thousands die each year and where prison guards stamp on the necks of babies born to prisoners to kill them.
Over the past year harrowing first-hand testimonies from North Korean defectors have detailed execution and torture, and now chilling evidence has emerged that the walls of Camp 22 hide an even more evil secret: gas chambers where horrific chemical experiments are conducted on human beings.
Hyuk has drawn detailed diagrams of the gas chamber he saw.
www.guardian.co.uk /korea/article/0,2763,1136483,00.html   (958 words)

 Gas chamber animation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
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gas-chamber-animation.szc.sk   (208 words)

 Gas Chamber! - MacNN Forums
He was covered head to toe with a gas mask, some very uncomfortable looking fatigues, and heavy boots.
He didn't have to wear the gas mask 100% of the time, but he always had it with him in case they started the alarm.
Exposure to them causes severe eye irritation, a profuse flow of tears, skin irritation (especially on moist areas of the body) and irritation of the upper respiratory tract, causing sneezing, coughing and difficulty in breathing.
forums.macnn.com /85/macnn-lounge-archives/235607/gas-chamber   (539 words)

 Virtual Laboratory: Ideal Gas Law   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In this series of experiments, you will control the action of a piston in a pressure chamber which is filled with an ideal gas.
If the pressure exceed this amount, the chamber will crack and the gas will leak out and your experiment will be over.
You may test this prediction but be sure to reset the experiment after the chamber breaks.
jersey.uoregon.edu /vlab/Piston/index.html   (508 words)

 Best of 2005 - KL Stutthof Gas Chamber - Krzysztof Skłodowski - 268/325 - World Wide Panorama
More than one thousand people were killed in a Stutthof gas chamber.The camp’s “gas chamber” building, which is still intact, is a small brick structure about two and a half meters high, five meters in length, three meters wide.
During the imprisonment they were exposed to a number of exterminating factors such as slave-like work, malnutrition, terrible sanitation, disease, mental and physical torture.
65 000 people died as a result of exterminating living conditions as well as of executions by shooting, hanging, murdering in gas chambers by means of Zyklon B, killing by means of phenol injections into the heart, beating and torturing, and during evacuation by land and by sea.
geoimages.berkeley.edu /wwp1205/html/KrzysztofSklodowski.html   (289 words)

 GAS CHAMBER - the Art of K3n Adams   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
GAS CHAMBER - the Art of K3n Adams
Welcome to the Gas Chamber, portfolio of independent Graphic Designer / Illustrator, K3N (Ken) Adams.
I have an extensive background in prepress and print media and fifteen years experience as a professional graphic designer and illustrator.
www.k3n.com   (100 words)

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