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Topic: Gauge (bore diameter)

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  Gauge (bore diameter) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Gauge or bore (especially in British English) of a shotgun is the diameter (caliber) of the barrel.
The gauge or bore is determined by the number of solid spheres of a diameter equal to the inside diameter of the barrel that could be made from a pound of lead.
The recoil reduction is due to the larger bore producing a slower acceleration of the shot, and the patterning improvements are due to the larger muzzle diameter for the same choke constriction, which results in less shot deformation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gauge_(bore_diameter)   (652 words)

 Gauge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In medicine, the diameter of a needle corresponding to the Stubs Iron Wire Gauge.
Gauge (knitting), the number of stitches in a given length.
Gauge transformation, a member of a group of mathematical mappings used in physics.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gauge   (211 words)

 Idaho Hunting Safety Course - Shotgun Gauge
Shotguns are classified by gauge, which is a measure related to the diameter of the smooth shotgun bore and the size of the shotshell designed for that bore.
Gauge is determined by the number of lead balls of size equal to the exact diameter of the bore that it takes to weigh one pound.
The gauge of a shotgun is usually marked on the rear of the barrel, and the gauge of a shell is marked on the shell as well as on the factory box.
www.hunter-ed.com /id/course/ch2_shotgun_gauge_sizes.htm   (220 words)

 Gauge and Caliber   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The caliber and gauge are measures of the bore or inside diameters of the barrel used by a particular rifle or shotgun.
Gauge measurement has no connection to the variety of shot sizes that may be found in shotgun ammunition.
The one exception to the indirect measurement of gauge is the.410 shotgun.
homestudy.ihea.com /aboutfirearms/22a_calibergauge.htm   (170 words)

 12 gauge 3-1/2 inch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The 20 gauge can be stretched toward the 12 gauge performance envelope by use of the 3" hull, but the performance level does equal that potential of the 12 gauge, especially as other factors, such as pellet size, relative to bore diameter, are considered.
Is the 3 1/2" 12 gauge a loser?
The 12-gauge bore diameter remains the same whether or not the hull is 2 3/4", 3" or 3.5".
www.ballisticproducts.com /bpi/articles/312inch1/GA1235K1.html   (1553 words)

 Untitled Document
A gauge was the diameter of a ball, the number of which amounted to one pound of lead.
A rule of thumb for determining the diameter of the round ball in a patched system is to begin with a ball of a diameter one patch thickness less than the bore diameter of the rifle.
Without patching to grip the rifling of the bore and form a gas seal, the naked bullet must have an expanding base as in the Minnié ball to fill the grooves or be of a groove diameter, i.e.
blackpowderonline.com /APRIL02Bres,Clbrs,ETC.htm   (2734 words)

 fourten shotgun resources - The Maligned .410 bore
The.410 bore shells were the last of the common gauges to receive the benefits of plastic shells and wads.
The.410 bore, usually written with a decimal point before the number, is the actual bore diameter in inches; the other shotgun gauges represent the number of bore-diameter pure lead balls in a pound of lead.
Thus a 12-gauge gun has a bore diameter of.729 inches which is the diameter of a lead ball weighing one twelfth of a pound.
home.freeuk.net /4-10/malignedpage3.html   (1328 words)

The gauge of a shotgun, as it refers to guns and shells, originated from the number of lead balls in the diameter of the barrel needed to make a pound.
For example, a 12-gauge shotgun had a bore that, without a choke, would be able to take one ball, 12 of which would weigh a pound.
Because the bore is larger, a 12-gauge shot shell holds more shot than a 16-gauge shell, allowing the larger gauge to hit a flying target easier.
www.800shotgun.com /Gauge_RefInfo.htm   (159 words)

 Sea Doo 950 Technical Updates
Bore Diameter Variations -- We had noticed that a large percentage of the 950 cylinders show uncommonly heavy wear in the area of the bore where the piston rings rest at top dead center.
After carefully measuring the bore diameters of these cylinders, we found that virtually all of the bores have.001" -.0015" taper at the top of the bore.
If you do find taper in a bore, the bore straightening must also be done on a precision hone by a technician that knows how to use it.
www.groupk.com /950techupdate.html   (1125 words)

 Weights and Measures
The diameter of a bore of a gun, usually expressed in modern U.S. and British usage in hundredths or thousandths of an inch and typically written as a decimal fraction.
Gauge numbers originally referred to the number per pound of round lead balls of a diameter equal to that of the bore.
The diameter of a quarter is approximately 1 inch.
www.victoriapacking.com /measureinfo.html   (667 words)

 This is probably a really stupid question, BUT... - 1911Forum
And with shotguns the.410 is a caliber NOT a gauge.
Gauge is determined by counting the number of round lead balls of bore diameter that equals one pound or 16 ounces.
GAUGE, SHOTGUN: The unit of measure of the bore diameter of a shotgun.
www.1911forum.com /forums/showthread.php?t=460   (1833 words)

Gauge is determined by the number of perfect spheres which may be obtained from one pound of lead.
The bore diameters of various gauges are as follows: 10 gauge/.775"; 12 gauge/.725"; 16 gauge/.662"; 20 gauge/.615"; 28 gauge/.550"; 410 gauge/.410".
Groove Diameter - The diametrical measurement of the bore of a rifled barrel, measured from the bottoms of opposing grooves (i.e.
www.snipercountry.com /compendium/Comp_G.htm   (627 words)

 Trivia of the week: shotgun gauge - THR   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Gauge represents the number of round lead ball of bore diamiter that weigh one pund.
Enough that the outside diameter of some old (pre WWII) 12 ga guns is less than the ID of some of the guns made in the last 10 years.
Gauge refers to the number of lead balls of bore diameter to make one pound.
www.thehighroad.org /showthread.php?t=92046   (377 words)

 SAAMI | Glossary
A shotgun, chambered for a specified gauge, whose barrel bore diameter is greater than the nominal specified for that gauge, but does not exceed SAAMI maximum.
Rifled barrels: the minor interior diameter of a barrel which is the diameter of a circle formed by the tops of the lands.
A characteristic caused by the eccentricity or imbalance of the bullet to the axis of the bore.
www.saami.org /glossary/display.cfm?letter=B   (3220 words)

 Shotguns in hunting situations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Thus, the smaller the gauge of a gun, the bigger the bore.
The biggest gauge legal for hunting in Colorado is 10, and the smallest found to be practical is.410 (which in fact is a caliber, or bore diameter in inches; it is slightly smaller than gauge 32).
Shotgun barrel is not uniform in diameter from chamber to muzzle.
www.ainaco.com /pavel/hec/shotgun.html   (1192 words)

 Shotgun   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
A 12 gauge meant that you could produce 12 round lead balls (rounds) the same size as the bore of your gun from a pound of lead.
Examples of 12 gauge events would be league shooting recreational shooting and the 12 gauge or "all bore" event at a registered skeet shoot.
These are available in 12 gauge suitable for tube sets or with interchangeable barrels to change the gauge or as a dedicated gun in the gauge of your choice.
www.wegc.org /shotgun/index.shtml   (890 words)

 12 Gauge
Sabot slug shells for 12 gauge "shotguns" with rifled barrels typically drive a 1 ounce slug from a 2 3/4 inch case at 1450 fps, or the same slug from a 3 inch case at 1550 fps.
The principle drawbacks of the 12 gauge shotgun are the size and weight of the typical 12 gauge gun itself, especially the repeaters, and the recoil generated by the big shells.
This is equivalent to the recoil of a.378 Weatherby Magnum rifle, and exceeds the recoil of a typical.458 Winchester Magnum rifle.
www.chuckhawks.com /12gauge.htm   (1669 words)

The gauge of any shotgun is determined by the inside bore diameter of the barrel.
However, these two gauges carry some 25 percent fewer pellets than the normal 20 gauge load, and are therefore used primarily by the skilled upland bird hunter or skeet shooter capable of picking up the target at close range.
The facts are, however, whatever the gauge, barrel length has small effect on the velocity of the shot charge.
www.hunterspro.com /traps2.php   (1624 words)

 Charts and Tables   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Hallowell and Co.'s descriptions of choke borings are determined by measuring with a bore micrometer, irrespective of any markings on the barrels.
The internal diameter is measured four inches from the muzzle and again just at the muzzle.
The internal diameter of a 12 gauge shotgun barrel is therefore equal to the diameter of a lead ball weighing 1/12 pound, which happens to be.729" (Or in British: Bore.) The Gauge/Bore system is also used, by convention, to describe the internal barrel diameter of large-bore, 19
www.hallowellco.com /charts_and_tables.htm   (233 words)

 Bore gauges (Dave Baker)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
It has one prong connected to the dial gauge, the other prong screws in diametrically opposite and is replaceable depending on bore size and two "legs" hold the gauge true to the bore diameter.
You just rock the gauge until you get the lowest reading which means you are perpendicular to the bore and set the gauge on any micrometer.
The three prong gauges are good but it's a pain having to use ring gauges to set them up and you can't find out in which direction the ovality lies in a bore like you can with the Mercer.
yarchive.net /metal/bore_gauge.html   (441 words)

 Action Pursuit Games - GR - Stan Baker Bore Gauge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The Stan Baker Bore Gauge measures the bore diameter of a paintball marker barrel.
Translating from shotgun sizes: a 10 gauge is for a bore i.d.
Another thing a bore mike can help you discover is the rare case of a two-piece pressed together barrel that was pressed together at an off angle.
apg.cfw2.com /article.asp?content_id=6130   (680 words)

 Les Jones: Converting Shotgun Gauge to Caliber Equivalents
In shotguns, gauge is equivalent to the number of lead balls of the given diameter necessary to equal one pound.
If the.410 had been named in the traditional fashion, by the number of lead balls.41 inch in diameter needed to make one pound, it would be about a 67-68 gauge.
Many years ago it was also called the 36 gauge, and I have seen a picture of an old box of Remington shells marked "(36 GA.).410-2 1/2 IN.
www.lesjones.com /posts/003046.shtml   (149 words)

 What's a Gauge???
Checking out the American Dictionary I found that a “Gauge” where it applies to shotguns is a traditional unit measuring the interior diameter of a shotgun barrel.
The gauge of a shotgun was historically defined as the number of lead balls, each of a size just fitting inside the barrel, that were required to make up a pound.
The one and only exception to this rule is for any shotgun bore diameter under.5 inches (1/2 inch); these are defined by the actual inch measurement of the shotgun bore diameter.
www.alpharubicon.com /leo/whatsagauge.htm   (314 words)

 Untitled Document
The barrel would be bored and reamed to the desired gauge from the breech to a short distance behind the muzzle, then the cone shaped choke would be formed.
Greener claimed that the short section of the bore at the muzzle with the short cylinder in front of the choke gave the constricted shot column time to "regulate" itself before exiting the muzzle.
Later they had some choking, but the barrels were conventionally choked by reaming a smaller bore to the desired gauge and forming a choke smaller than the respective gauge.
blackpowderonline.com /FEB03NewPrdcts.htm   (784 words)

 oddities of the gun world - THR   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Gauge means that if you cast a lead ball the size of the bore, it takes that many of those balls to equal one pound.
The gauge of a gun refers to how many lead balls the diameter of the bore are needed to weigh a pound.
Except for the.410, in that case the ".410" is the bore diameter.
www.thehighroad.org /showthread.php?t=22732   (1130 words)

 mental_floss library   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The unusual thing about this is that even though today's shotguns use shells, the number of the gauge doesn't really have anything to do with the size of the shells, but is instead based on an archaic weight measure.
For example: A 12-gauge shotgun has a barrel bore diameter the same size as a lead ball weighing 1/12th of a pound.
A 20-gauge shotgun has a smaller bore, since it would be equal to the diameter of a lead ball weighing only 1/20th of a pound.
www.mentalfloss.com /archives/archive2003-08-13.htm   (247 words)

 Technical Page
A back-bored barrel is a shotgun barrel that has a bore diameter that is increased beyond the minimum specifications.
Take a 12 gauge size wad which is designed to seal the gas pressures behind the wad and fire it from a 10 gauge bore size, you will have a severe gas blowby condition which will result in blown patterns.
The constriction of a choke is determined by the actual difference between the tightest inside diameter measurement of the choke, and the actual bore diameter of the barrel.
www.guncustomizing.com /tech.htm   (1251 words)

 How much black powder
The diameter of the muzzle (open end of the barrel) should be roughly twice the bore diameter.
This means a.25 inch bore diameter should have a muzzle of.5 inch, and walls, 1/8 inch thick.
A.5 inch bore diameter should have a 1 inch muzzle, and a wall thickness at least.25 inches.
www.cannon-mania.com /black_powder.htm   (1800 words)

 12-Gauge Cartridges
While there has been a few gauges of shotguns since there beginning, the field of choices for gauge are now today narrowed down to 10ga.
The Quadrangle Slug (12 gauge shotgun only) is a revolutionary slug designed as a nonexplosive fragmenting munition intended specifically as an anti-vehicle or anti-material slug.
This is due to eight pie-shaped hardened steel pellets wrapped in a cylindrical plastic boot (to protect the bore of the shotgun).
www.globalsecurity.org /military/systems/munitions/12.htm   (641 words)

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