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Topic: Gauss gun

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In the News (Mon 17 Jun 19)

  POWERLABS's Gauss Gun Division!
Gauss Guns, also known as Coil Guns, derive their name from the Mathematician Gauss, who's name is a measure of magnetic field strength (and since the propellant force in a gauss gun is a magnetic field, it makes sense to call them by the unit of that field).
The scientific definition of a gauss gun is that of an "Asynchronous linear induction motor".
However, what differs a gauss gun from just a regular solenoid is that in the gauss gun the core is allowed to move freely into and than THROUGH the solenoid.
www.powerlabs.org /coilguns.htm   (2701 words)

 Gauss Guns vs. Rail Guns   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
gauss guns and rail guns are perfectly symmetric, because the relationship between voltage and current is identical to the relationship between electrostatic and electromagnetic forces.
gauss gun), the basic idea is that any particle which bears a current, when allowed to drift in a magnetic field will "fall" in the direction of the field, extracting energy from the field in the form of kinetic energy as it does so.
gauss gun and the rail gun, you start with the projectile at one end of the barrel with all your field generators (electrodes or coils) set to the same polarity (all electrodes positively charged, or all coils supporting a clockwise current).
www.darkwater.com /sinster/essays/gauss.html   (993 words)

Use lasers or gauss guns to quickly nail the military APC through the car gates at the drop-off point, then station one or two agents on either side of the gate to pick off at long range the police car full of agents and the two or three squads that advance toward the executive's car.
The gauss guards are pretty thick in the region of the executive; approach the target defensively and try to draw the guards towards the edges of buildings where you can hit them from outside with gauss guns.
Gauss guns and lasers abound on dead agents, so only buy enough to get past the initial agent waves and save your hard-earned cash for air raids.
www.ibiblio.org /GameBytes/issue18/misc/arguide.html   (2431 words)

 PowerLabs Rail Gun!
In 2004 the gun, currently located at the Michigan Technological University Dynamics research laboratory, has been decommissioned and is currently being replaced by a new, vastly improved design; The Rail Gun 2.0...
Good part of the many amateur Rail Gun attempts seen on the Internet failed because their power supplies were simply incapable of supplying the currents required; even "small" military and research designs employ currents in the 300KA+ range, with some of the larger guns going over 5 million amperes per pulse.
This particular gun took 150 hours of design and construction work before it could finally be fired and although specific plans are not available at the time, a complete and detailed log of the construction effort, including pictures and videos, is available for free at the Rail Gun Construction Effort page.
www.power-labs.com /railgun.htm   (3497 words)

 Gauss Rifle
When all four magnets are taped to the ruler, it is time to load the gauss rifle with the balls.
To fire the gauss rifle, set a steel ball in the groove to the left of the leftmost magnet.
We can keep scaling up the gun until the kinetic energy gets so high that the last magnet is shattered by the impact.
www.scitoys.com /scitoys/scitoys/magnets/gauss.html   (1503 words)

 PowerLabs Advanced Coil Gun Research!
Coil Guns, (also known as "gauss guns", or "coaxial accelerators", or "linear electromagnetic accelerators") are extremely easy to make, a fact that explains their popularity on the Internet and as a science project in general.
Parler from Cornell-Dubilier provided me with 40 capacitors for my Rail Gun research I kept the 3 leftovers as possible replacements in case some of the capacitors from the bank were destroyed from over current.
The temporary rail gun charger will eventually before a permanent charger for my coil gun experiments after the rail gun is switched over to a solid state high speed charger.
www.powerlabs.org /coilgun.htm   (1210 words)

 Frequently Asked Questions
A Gauss Pistol is a specific kind of "Coil Gun".
The term "Gauss" is a unit of magnetic field
The Glock is in no danger of being supplanted by the Gauss Pistol anytime soon.
www.gausspistol.com /faq.html   (454 words)

 Coilgun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A coilgun (also known as Gauss gun, Gauss cannon or Gauss rifle) is a type of magnetic accelerator gun (MAG) or magnetic accelerator cannon (MAC).
The name "Gauss gun" comes from Carl Friedrich Gauss, who formulated mathematical descriptions of the electromagnetic effect used by coilguns.
A superconducting quench gun could be created by successively quenching a line of adjacent coaxial superconducting coils forming a gun barrel, generating a wave of magnetic field gradient travelling at any desired speed.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gauss_gun   (657 words)

 Combined Gauss Weapon
The 20 mm gauss gun is a single shot weapon.
The Acc gun can be fired in full auto or single shot (and of course, has no recoil, making it the perfect weapon in free fall.) Controls can be operated from either side of the trigger.
The 4mm gauss gun can be fired subsonically, allowing use of tracer or tranq needles.
members.cox.net /carlino/combined_gaussweapon.htm   (555 words)

 POWERLABS's multi stage gauss gun page!
However, all of the sites available describe small coil guns which are a pain to build and in the end yield unimpressive results.
POWERLABS already leads the field with its 3Kilojoule coil gun (as of the time this page was written that is by far the largest on the web), but now wishes to produce a multi stage coil gun so as to further its research and perform efficiency comparisons.
Because of the extremely large currents encountered during the firing of the gun, one has to be very careful with fast cycling rates.
www.powerlabs.org /multistagecg.htm   (2980 words)

 Coilgun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Coilguns are often mistakenly called railguns, and while they are similar in general concept (that is, a magnetic gun), they differ in operation, as a railgun accelerates projectiles down two parallel conducting rails.
Coilguns are a popular device in science fiction, especially sci-fi role playing and video games, where they go under such names Gauss cannon, Gauss rifle, or Magnetic Accelerator Cannon.
These are completely different in use as these guns cause damage on a molecular level.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Coilgun   (670 words)

 List of weapons in Half-Life 2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The gun cannot pick up organic objects such as Combine Troops, though the primary fire itself can repel and harm some weaker enemies, such as headcrabs, and can be used to flip an Antlion, speculated to be due to their chitin-like hides containing non-organic compounds.
Alyx Vance has her own special weapon, a fully automatic gun with considerable firepower, and its appearance and functionality suggest that it is a machine pistol.
The Flare Gun is a hand-held signal launcher that is used to call Gunships to the aid of Combine infantry, or to provide illumination in dark situations (Seen in Nova Prospekt).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_weapons_in_Half-Life_2   (6252 words)

 POWERLABS's single stage gauss gun page!
I have had several bad experiences with glass coil forms crushing on firing in my other gun, but unfortunately this was the best I could obtain.
The projectile is varnished with polyurethane varnish in order to minimize the impact between it and the tube's walls as it aligns itself to the magnetic field.
A lot of work still needs to be done as far as efficiency goes, but I have discontinued experiments with new coils until I can obtain a new coil form...
www.powerlabs.org /gaussgun.htm   (1488 words)

 madlabs.info   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Here is a Coil Gun (also called a Gauss Cannon) made in three days, using all parts from the junkbox!
A Coil Gun shoots ferrous metal projectiles using intense electromagnetic fields.
One downside of this type of tube for a barrel is that the projectile scratches it during firing, and I figure that someday it will get too scratched for the IR emitters to be able to "see" through it.
madlabs.info /jb_gauss_cannon.shtml   (1981 words)

 Scitoys Message Board: Gauss Gun Question
I have read the project outline for the Gauss gun, and am just wondering what has been achieved by others in terms of velocity.
I was wondering if this idea could be used for a projectile motion project, in which targets would need to be hit consitently up to 8 feet away.
I creaded a small gauss rifle out of 3 rare earth magnets and a few ball bearings.
www.scitoys.com /board/messages/7/85.html?1127520653   (485 words)

 Hacked Gadgets » Blog Archive » Fun with Gauss
According to whatis.com is: “The gauss (symbolized G) is the centimeter-gram-second (cgs) unit of magnetic flux density.
“A Gauss Gun is a weapon that fires projectiles using electricity instead of combusion or air pressure.
The basic concept is to dump a ton of energy into a coil as fast as possible, generating a strong magnetic field to “suck” the projectile through the coil.
hackedgadgets.com /2006/04/30/fun-with-gauss   (430 words)

 Gauss pistol - Hack A Day
Nuts to the Midigun, we're talking gauss pistols today.
The gun works by accelerating a projectile through a pair of coils.
Finally, it has about the same power as a pellet gun, but the projectile is much heavier so it moves a lot slower.
www.hackaday.com /2005/09/03/gauss-pistol   (861 words)

 Technology Associates: Gauss Gun, physics, science Forum
The basic idea was to replace the magnets in an old-fashioned gauss gun (such as the ones built in physics class in highschool) with magnetized gas (particles).
In a coil gun, there are stages of coils that are made into electromagnets, which pull the projectile in oscillations.(on long enough to pull, then off while the next coil is turned on).
the rail gun was on the back of a flat bed truck and fired 1gm projectile at just over 9 miles/second 16,000 m/s.
www.techass.com /forum/view.php?fid=5   (1588 words)

 Half-Life 2 : Revolution News: Gauss Gun WIP Release - Mod DB
Here is the WIP if the new gauss gun model and texture.
out of the thousands of gauss gun models i've seen i like this one the most =) good work
The render job is good with the reflections but it hides all the major faults of the actual model.
news.moddb.com /18036/gauss-gun-wip-release   (403 words)

 Gauss gun for everyone - Pulp Fiction - The Counter-Culture Web Engine
Anonymous writes: Good news for Quake and Fallout fans...now you can get your very own rail gun / gauss gun!
Obliterate your enemies with metal flack accelerated by an electromagnet pulse.
The comments are property of their posters, all the rest © 1995-2005 by Pulpfiction.com.
www.pulpfiction.com /article148.html   (179 words)

 Technology Associates: Gauss Gun
This simple gauss gun concept can be made incredibly small, using as little as 1 AA battery for power yet pack an amazing amount of force.
Three easy to build projects one of which can have you silently firing BB's in as little as 30 minutes.
Must be over 18 years of age to order.
www.techass.com /ggun/ggun.php   (300 words)

 Steve Jackson Games Forums - 3e Autofire: The VRF Gauss Gun
Steve Jackson Games Forums - 3e Autofire: The VRF Gauss Gun
Location: Shelbyville, TN Re: 3e Autofire: The VRF Gauss Gun
But the weapon has to bypass DR first, though, right, before the suit can take damage
forums.sjgames.com /showthread.php?t=20541&goto=newpost   (482 words)

 HL2world.com :: View topic - Gauss Gun Model complete!!!!
Posted: Wed May 17, 2006 6:42 pm Post subject: Gauss Gun Model complete!!!!
BAH, the specular shader on this gauss is too strong.
Wrong, that gauss used to be the gun reference of the buggy.
hl2world.com /bbs/-vp652380.html   (136 words)

 Gaussboys Super Magnets :: Combo Packs :: Combo Pack #12 -- Gauss Gun
All of the hard to find pieces you need to make a Gauss Gun.
All you need to do is create the track.
If Javascript is disabled in your browser click here
www.gaussboys.com /ndfeb-magnets/CMB12.html   (81 words)

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