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Topic: Gay slang

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

 Gay Slang Makes UK Comeback
Polari, the gay slang used as a secret underground language before the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Britain back in the 1960s, is making a comeback.
“Gay culture is finally ready to look back on its history in an objective and kinder way,” said Paul Baker, who can lay claim to be the world’s leading expert on polari after writing two books and his PHD on the slang.
Seafaring Life for Gay Men 1945-1990.” “When the gay liberation front came along, they wanted to distance themselves from the image of queenie, limp-wristed gay men and show they could be more macho than straight men,” Baker told Reuters.
www.sodomylaws.org /world/united_kingdom/uknews080.htm   (386 words)

 Spartanburg SC | GoUpstate.com | Spartanburg Herald-Journal
Gay slang or LGBT slang in linguistics refers to a form of English slang used predominantly among LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people.
Another difference between gay slang and Polari is that gay slang has become descriptive of the overall experience of life in the gay community, whereas Polari includes names for common words that have no exclusive relation to the LGBT culture (e.g., "glossies" for "magazines").
ROBERT SCOTT'S GAY SLANG DICTIONARY In 1989 Robert Scott's gay slang become the first gay slang dictionary to be published to the Internet.
www.goupstate.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=gay_slang   (280 words)

  Slang Thesaurus
And the strongest slang of all is the slang of poets.
All slang is metaphor, and all metaphor is poetry.
Slang is a language that rolls up its sleeves, spits on its hands and goes to work.
www.slangthesaurus.info   (428 words)

Gay is a word to describe someone that has sexual desires for those of the same sex as oneself.
Gay is how one feels when he/she has overcome their personal battle and confronted those individuals whom they fear personal rejection from.
Gay would be the state of society if each of us would take the time to reflect on the fact that we should not judge others.
www.providence.edu /polisci/students/life/gay.htm   (1028 words)

 Gay Today.com  (Home)
As a gay writer, I am particularly intrigued by gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered slang (also known as “gayspeak”) and by the words that are used to describe us; both by ourselves and by others.
Like other groups, lesbians and gay men, bisexuals and transgendered people have developed through the years a language of our own; a "code" that we often use to communicate among ourselves and to keep an often-hostile world from knowing what we are talking about.
Grahn herself learned her “gay slang” from her first lover, Vonnie; while I learned it from those gay male and transgendered acquaintances, friends and lovers who invited me in when I came out in Miami’s Little Havana in 1973.
www.gaytoday.com /jjournal/heritageofwords.asp   (1044 words)

 Gay Glossary
It was adopted as a gay pride/gay rights symbol by the Mattachine Society in the 1970s, and is an international symbol of gay pride.
In the context of an organized group, such as a church congregation: practice within the group is available for all, there is a written non-discrimination policy or doctrine that specifies gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender members are fully embraced as honored members of the congregation and are not discriminated against because of their sexuality.
It became a symbol of gay pride, and was first used to remind some homophobic Jews that homosexuals were in the concentration camps, too.
glbteen.frenchwithsubtitles.com /glossary.html   (2107 words)

 glbtq >> literature >> Modern Drama
The audience at Caffe Cino was predominantly gay, representing the split that would exist for decades to come between gay-positive theater written for gay audiences and mainstream gay representations that had to take into account the predominantly heterosexual audience before whom they would be performed.
Gay and lesbian theater companies attempt to create their own communities, while also fostering a sense of solidarity with the glbtq community and educating the larger society.
The gay British playwright Joe Orton, an important precursor of the queer literary movement, is perhaps the finest writer of farce in the twentieth century.
www.glbtq.com /literature/modern_drama,5.html   (1138 words)

 Intersections: Male Homosexuality and Popular Culture in Modern Japan
Thus, Japanese gay men who want to come out about their sexual preference are faced with a problem when it comes to choosing a term to describe themselves, as most of the terms currently available tend to conflate homosexual attraction with cross-dressing and transgenderism.
Gay men tend not to identify with the beautiful youths in women's manga and feel that these figures are figments of women's imaginations.
Gay activist, Ito Satoru, discusses this programme on his homepage and points out that despite the underlying racism and homophobia of the producers who conceived of the programme not as a 'debate' but a 'show,' it still represents an advance for lesbians and gay men in that they were invited to participate and defend themselves.
wwwsshe.murdoch.edu.au /intersections/issue3/mclelland2.html   (5649 words)

 UMHS Pride Network, Resources
Gay: A homosexual person, usually used to describe males but may be used to describe females as well.
Some transgender, lesbian, gay, questioning, non-labeling, and bisexual people, however, reject the use of this term due to its connotations of deviance and its tendency to gloss over and sometimes deny the differences between these groups.
Twink: (slang) Often defined in opposition to a bear, a twink is a young thin gay or bisexual male with little or no body and facial hair.
www.med.umich.edu /pridenetwork/resources/terms.htm   (2929 words)

 Matt & Andrej Koymasky - Gay Slang - index
If you know other slang terms, ethymology, or other meanings, that are not included here, please email us and we'll update the list.
Gays, lesbians, sociologists, psychologists, human sexuality researchers, members of liberal and some mainline faith groups use this term to indicate a person's feelings of sexual attraction to males and females.
Gay has been a widely used synonym of "male homosexual." Its meaning is rapidly evolving to refer to both male and female homosexuals.
andrejkoymasky.com /lou/dic/dic00.html   (740 words)

 Gay Slang, Jargon, and New Words from Double-Tongued Dictionary
Gay Slang, Jargon, and New Words from Double-Tongued Dictionary
Associated with, special to, derived from, or applicable to homosexuals, gays, lesbians, or gay culture.
a person, usually a gay man, perceived to spend too much time at a gym or to be too devoted to having a muscular physique.
www.doubletongued.org /index.php/dictionary/newcats/C94   (155 words)

 Tolerance.org: Gay Slang
May 18, 2004 -- The following lexicon of gay slang is taken from Paul Baker's Fantabulosa: A Dictionary of Polari and Gay Slang.
Gay slang includes derogatory terms tied to race, ethnicity, appearance and gender.
Bean queen (noun) a gay man who is attracted to Latino or Hispanic men.
www.tolerance.org /news/article_tol.jsp?id=995   (252 words)

 Polari - British gay slang
Polari (also seen as 'Palare') is a gay slang language, which has now almost died out.
It was more common in the 1960's when gays had more need of a private slang.
A detailed dictionary of gay slang from all over the world, which describes the origins of words, but doesn't mention Polari much.
www.chris-d.net /polari   (759 words)

 Gay slang in the 60's | Ask MetaFilter
The glossary on your link has a handful of words that would be familiar to gay men in the US (then and now), but most of them are quite foreign.
If you were here, you could visit one of the oldest gay bars in Texas, see old-style drag, and you could talk to men who would have been using gay slang then.
I don't think there was such a specifically "gay language" that replaced it (times changed; less need to hide; a less homogenous, close-knit community; etc).
ask.metafilter.com /mefi/46681   (776 words)

 Bad Baby Names
I recently received a letter from a father-to-be who was worried that the name he and his wife were considering for their baby might mean something bad in American slang.
SLANG MEANING: No slang meaning, but if you pronounce it the way Colin Powell does, (KOH-lin) instead of the usual way (KAH-lin), it sounds like you're talking about your intestines.
SLANG MEANING: the victim of a dishonest scheme, or the person who is forced to take responsibility for a crime.
www.slangcity.com /b_b_name.htm   (532 words)

 Ask MetaFilter posts tagged with polari
Was Polari employed by gays in America during the 60's ?
My Google Fu has failed me in an attempt to find gay slang that might have been used during the mid 60's in America.
Bonus points for any list of slang used during that era.
ask.metafilter.com /tags/polari/rss   (76 words)

 Gay-MART Slang Suggestion
We are always excited to hear from our guests and love to collect new words for the Gay-MART Queer Slang page.
To submit your addition to the Queer Slang page please complete the information listed below and click the submit button.
If you prefer not to use forms please email us your suggestion to slang@gaymart.com.
www.gaymart.com /forms/slang_suggestion.html   (91 words)

 Why "Gay"?
Both groups might be surprised to learn that "gay" as a term for homosexual has been with us longer than the gay rights movement that began in the 1960s.
The origins of "gay" to mean "homosexual," however, are less clear.
William Pinkerton, founder of the detective agency that bears his name, in the early 1900s defined "gay cat" as "one who cases towns and banks for future jobs." The "gay cat" was seen as half of a male-male partnership, serving as an apprentice to an older, more experienced tramp.
www.angelfire.com /ab3/pflagmobile/whygay.html   (420 words)

 Gay Turkey, Turkey Gay   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The gay culture of Turkey is fairly different than the gay culture of the western countries, as is the case with the general Turkish culture.
Today, the dominating gay-life style for the gay people living in Turkey is between two groups; the "active" ones who would NOT mostly accept to be called "gay" and who are mostly bisexuals, and the "passive" ones who pretend to be women in bed, and who act and sometimes dress themselves up more effeminately.
Maybe, these different cultures might be considered as an advantage for gay people in Turkey in a way, since they have at least the two alternatives to choose as their life styles.
turkeygayguide.tripod.com /turkeygay.html   (1234 words)

 Polari - Paul Baker - LAEL - Lancaster University, U.K.
Since gay liberation, lesbian and gay slang has become less a language of concealment than a language of specialization, though the tradition of camp remains.
This was on the cusp of gay liberation.
A lot has changed for gay men and lesbians in the last thirty years - society is more tolerant of homosexuality to an extent, but the gay culture has also become more commodified, and sexual practices have also changed as a result of the HIV virus.
www.ling.lancs.ac.uk /staff/paulb/fantabulosa/home.htm   (988 words)

Lesbians fare worse - women are explicitly unwelcome in the gay clubs, and lesbian nightspots tend to be seedy and short-lived.
Because public spaces where gay people can gather are few, far between, and often outrageously expensive, pleshkas continue to serve as outdoor social clubs of sorts.
Gay men have also been known to stumble upon heavy cruising scenes and more in some bathhouses - but do not jump to conclusions and assume that same-sex sexual activity means the participants identify themselves as gay.
www.planetout.com /travel/article.html?sernum=3199   (938 words)

 Independent Gay Forum - Kuzmin and Gay Petersburg
GAY HISTORY MONTH during October not only prompts us to learn about gays and lesbians who made notable contributions to our culture, it also makes us wonder how gays and lesbians lived in the past — how they thought about themselves, how they met and socialized with one another, how they coped with hostility.
One of the most neglected gay pioneers is the Russian writer Mikhail Kuzmin (1872-1936), poet, novelist and composer, who published the first openly gay novel of modern times, "Wings," in 1906.
The openly gay impresario Sergei Diaghilev formed one such circle around his magazine "World of Art" and it was to that group that the young Kuzmin first read "Wings" in 1905 to the excited acclaim of the substantially gay audience.
www.indegayforum.org /news/show/27100.html   (949 words)

 gay history
In Chicago, Illinois is the Midwest's largest gay, lesbian and bisexual circulating library, archives and resource center.
This exhibition, originally on display from May 25 to September 17, 1994 at Columbia University's Butler Library, was drawn from the collections of Columbia Libraries as well as from the private libraries of the guest curators.
Its display was planned to coincide with "Stonewall 25," the international celebration of the 25th anniversary of the U.S. gay and lesbian civil rights movement, held in New York City in June 1994.
members.tripod.com /tgoodwin/gay_history.html   (456 words)

 Gay slang stirs student emotions - News
A gay student was in an uncomfortable environment this month on a trip with people who unknowingly made disrespectful comments, he said.
Garcia didn't tell his leader he was gay or confront him.
I have a gay friend, Michael, that uses "gay" to describe unsavory situations all the time.
media.www.theorion.com /media/storage/paper889/news/2006/10/18/News/Gay-Slang.Stirs.Student.Emotions-2373124.shtml   (1054 words)

 Family Pride Canada, Glossary, Letter C
closet case: a derogatory gay slang term originally denoting a male homosexual who keeps his sexual identity a secret in order to maintain his social position, family honour, moral standing, or heterosexual image, even though others know or suspect that he is not what he seems.
In contrast to a gay "drag queen," who makes a public spectacle of himself for comic or satiric purposes, the male crossdresser usually desires to "pass" as a woman without drawing attention to his underlying maleness.
cruising: gay slang for gazing intensely at someone (usually a stranger in a bar, on the beach, in the street) whom the viewer considers attractive and desires as a sexual partner.
www.uwo.ca /pridelib/family/glossary/glossary3.html   (835 words)

 Gay Pride Parade . . . “We'll have a gay old time"
And for the most part, that’s what the parade––what the whole day––was all about: A chance for several thousand members of Tulsa’s gay and lesbian community to celebrate who they are, visibly and without fear, and the heck with the rest of the city and its opinions.
If there was a message from the gay and lesbian community, that seemed to be it.
They had followed the parade route carrying signs condemning sodomy and comparing gays to child molesters, and they spouted Scripture at the marchers, but heavy wooden signs and parched throats get overwhelming on a hot day––especially when the intended targets don’t rise to the bait and the media turn their attentions elsewhere.
www.tulsatoday.com /archive/GayPride.html   (443 words)

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