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Topic: Gay-bashing

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 Gay bashing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A verbal gay bashing might take place on any street corner and use sexual slurs, expletives, intimidation, or threats of violence — or, it might take place in a political forum and include one or more common anti-gay slogans.
A "bashing" may be a specific incident, or one could also use the verb "to bash" e.g.
Similar terms like "lesbian bashing" or "queer bashing" may also be formed. /wiki/Gay_bashing   (210 words)

 Gay-bashing - Simple English Wikipedia
Gay bashing is a type of hate crime.
It is where a homosexual person is insulted, hurt, or killed because of their sexual orientation. /wiki/Gay_bashing   (77 words)

 Gay Bashing: Reprise
Gay people (usually) go out of their way to announce their differences from others--and then spend all of the rest of their spare time protesting the fact that we noticed.
Anyway, my very labored point is that "homophobe" is more a derivative of the slang-term "homo" which I believe a lot of gays would consider to be in the same league as "nigger" or "Democrat." So their labeling of detractors actually uses one of their very own hated labels.
I've seen so many rainbow-hued bumper stickers in the shape of every polygon known to geometry, all of which pronounce to anyone within visual distance that the driver and or occupants of that vehicle are homosexual. /Rants/gaybash.htm   (651 words)

 CBS News Poll: Most Oppose Gay Weddings February 28, 2004 19:33:29
Gay marriage is named by more voters than is abortion (1%), and it is clearly the most relevant social issue to voters today.
Gay In The U.S.A. State-by-state laws on gay issues, the marriage debate and photo essays.
Proponents of gay marriage, however, are less likely to give the issue a central role in their decision-making. /stories/2004/02/24/national/main601828.shtml   (1162 words)

 JULY-AUG 99: Army Soldier in Kentucky Killed in Gay Bashing
Many gay soldiers are afraid to come forward with what they know because they will risk discharge or treatment similar to what Barry received at the hands of his peers.
Though civilian gay and lesbian rights organizations are pushing the issue, yesterday's proceedings hinted at but did not determine whether Winchell's four-month relationship with a man had anything to do with the attack.
In the era of "Don't ask, don't tell, don't pursue" -- the law passed by Congress that took effect in 1994 and allows gay service members to serve as long as their sexual orientation is not discovered -- the Winchell case illustrates the deep-seated prejudices that continue to plague gays in the military. /gaymilitary/campbell.htm   (5002 words)

 Many gay Catholics disappointed with cardinals' choice for pope, seeing Ratzinger as church's most outspoken foe of equal rights
Foreman said he was concerned that gays and lesbians would face worse treatment by the Catholic Church under the new pope, but some gay Catholics said they held out hope that, in his new role, Pope Benedict XVI would have a different approach to the gay members of his flock.
Gay advocates pointed to several other occasions when Pope John Paul II publicly spoke out against homosexuality or gay rights -- and note that Ratzinger was the late pope's chief enforcer of doctrinal orthodoxy.
"My initial reaction as a gay Catholic man is disbelief and sadness, almost depression," said Gino Ramos, the co-chair of the gay Catholic organization Dignity/San Francisco. /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2005/04/20/MNG24CBSIJ1.DTL&type=printable   (544 words)

 Bush calls for ban on gay marriage - U.S. News -
Gay rights activists were organizing a rally for Wednesday morning at the Nashville Public Library to protest the convention's preaching on gays and lesbians.
The conservatives’ primary issues have been gay and lesbian rights and what they see as moral decay in the public schools, a topic that has again created controversy at the convention’s annual gathering.
Bush’s speech was also in keeping with the tone of urgency suffusing the conference, where the Rev. Bobby Welch, president of the convention, has challenged church leaders to renew their commitment to social engagement and evangelism, which Welch said was a critical test of the church’s credibility. /id/8303545   (742 words)

 Gay bashing is a hate crime
If you listened to the opponents of laws designating gay bashing as a hate crime, you'd think there really was some fundamental difference between being a black man, who is beaten and dragged behind a truck, and being a gay man, who is beaten, his skull crushed, and left tied to a fence to die.
The one used for the gay man is a common expression.
The verbal taunts and persecution of people because of their sexual orientation are so commonplace they set the stage for murderers who think it's no crime to hate gays and to act on that hate. /ghtbt11.htm   (667 words)

 Gay News From
Gay and lesbian civil rights activists say they have sent a letter demanding a meeting with Klein in hopes of changing his mind.
Murray Billet, of the group Canadians for Equal Marriage, said gays and lesbians in Alberta shouldn't have to fight in court for their rights.
Activist Elizabeth Massiah said gays and lesbians in Alberta won't accept anything less than full equality. /newscon04/12/122204abRts.htm   (567 words)

 AMERICAblog: Because a great nation deserves the truth
And, the gay bashing is led by President Bush.
If you are a gay American or have a gay relative or a gay friend and aren't really worried about the anti-gay fervor sweeping this country, you are not paying attention.
In the past year, at least 3,000 gay Massachusetts couples have wed, although voters may have a chance next year to change the state constitution to permit civil union benefits to same-sex couples, but not the institution of marriage. /archives/2004_11_01_americablog_archive.html   (4145 words)

 BBC NEWS Northern Ireland 'Gay-bashing' killers jailed
Ian Flanagan, 30, was battered with a wheel brace and stabbed with a kitchen knife in the grounds of Barnett's Demesne on 7 September 2002.
One of the most chilling aspects of the case was that a short time after the murder, the pair were seen at a nearby filling station, "spattered with the blood of the deceased...
The judge told the pair that as they were both so young "I consider myself bound to adopt 12 years the starting point". /1/hi/northern_ireland/3856839.stm   (551 words)

 The GULLY U.S. Gay-Bashing in the Anti-Bush Movement
The charge of immaturity was most commonly leveled at gay men during the heyday of psychoanalytic psychiatry, from about 1925-1975, when it was routine to say that we were immature, that our psychosexual development had been blocked by poor parenting, leaving us eternal juveniles.
Bill Weintraub is a gay liberationist who has recently initiated a national campaign to heighten awareness of safe sex alternatives, and to legitimize them.
That's particularly true for young gay people for whom the counter-coup may be their first experience of coalition politics. /essays/US/politics_2001/010409left_homophobia.html   (1617 words)

 Nobody's Business: Gay-Bashing Muslims Are 'Innocent,' Of Course
This is a standard rhetorical slight-of-hand that is most counter-productive because it tends to normalise what's happened (gay bashing par-for-the-course in any religion) and it detracts from the identity of the perpetrators by placing them in a just-another wackey-religious-nut catagory.
I was Gay bashed in 1994 in N.Y.C. You can play the Gay or Straight or religious right card if you want to but to me Gay bashings (with more than 1 person) are more like mini-lynch mobs.
Crain, who is gay and was walking hand in hand with his boyfriend when the assault occurred, says he was spat upon, then severely beaten and kicked by a group of young immigrants with Moroccan features and accents. /nobodys_business/2005/05/gaysmashing_mus.html   (1258 words)

With the conservative victory in November, gay bashing is beginning to return to American life, overtly, and at the highest levels.
Gay people in general want to be treated like anyone else; allowed to live their public lives and left alone to live their private lives.
Gay people probably most often select other people who they believe are available to them, other gay people; by contrast, women in the work world are still constantly subjected to undesired advances and sexual abuse from--yes--heterosexual males. /395/gays.html   (1184 words)

 Jim West :: A Spokesman-Review Investigative Report
Spokane’s gay and lesbian community has “general knowledge that Jim West is a closeted gay man,” but they are quiet because of the “tremendous power that he wields,” Lynch said in an e-mail from Nicaragua, where he is working on a community development project.
However, “when a gay individual is in a position of influence and uses that influence to harm other members of the gay community, then outing that person is justified,” Lynch said.
While members of Spokane’s gay community said it’s widely rumored that West is a closeted gay man, they also said his sexual orientation is only an issue when his behavior intrudes on the legislative process and public policy. /jimwest/story.asp?ID=050505_west_politics   (3920 words)

 The Mohamed Atta Files - NW-1001WTCEXC -
But gay people also know that these indicators more often than not are stereotypes that are all wrong—there are plenty of macho gays, like the rugby player on Flight 93, and there are plenty of straight men who are gentle aesthetes who have sour relationships with their more manly dads.
In much of the media coverage since Sept. 11, gays and lesbians have been made invisible among the victims of the attacks while heterosexual victims have been focused on with great intensity.
That the photo got through the scrupulous military censors and that the AP chose to run the photo without commenting on the slur was yet another indicator of an impulse, unconscious as it might be, to paint homosexuals as villains in the national psyche. /id/3067491   (783 words)

 Republicans Relaunch the Antigay Culture Wars
The decision to scapegoat gay and lesbian Americans was poll-driven by an antigay backlash that gathered steam in the wake of the Supreme Court's June 26 decision, in Lawrence v.
It has always been a staple of gay political strategy that as more and more gay people came out of the closet to their friends, neighbors and workmates, social acceptance of same-sexers would rise.
And in Massachusetts a Republican-sponsored state constitutional amendment banning civil unions and gay marriage is being pushed by a Democrat, powerful House Speaker Thomas Finneran, a social conservative. /docprint.mhtml?i=20031020&s=ireland   (1591 words)

 Gay Bashing
In addition, gay adolescents may be placing themselves in settings where a greater likelihood of violence exists, such as adult gay bars and clubs.
Whether children are gay or not, she says, if they’re teased, their parents need to take strong action.
In addition, gay and lesbian youth were reported to be 2.5 times more likely to report that they had taken part in violence themselves. /tipsheet/2003/121_apr23/bash.html   (757 words)

 DC Indymedia: Not Gay Bashing, Just a Thought.
Gay Inc. comes across as the kid that was bullied all throughout highschool, and finally steps up to the bully (mainstream society).
Simply through two words, "pride" and "struggle" one can see that the gay movement is becoming very full of itself, it needs to be understood, gay people want to be part of mainstream society, not the wierdos that live in the woods.
It is most definately taboo to be gay in our present society, but that is no sensical reason for public personalities to come out of the closet by making a huge deal out of it. /newswire/display/75868/index.php   (1701 words)

 Man beaten in gay bashing clings to life
I had gay friends in NYC who were hunted down and seriously injured by ruffians like this (one had to have his face reconstructed), and I must say with all due respect that I 1) make no apologies for my rage, and 2) do not accept responsibility for making them.
"Gays are evil, gay marriage is evil and homosexuality is ideology of evil".
In my day, gays were never beaten up because of their sexual orientation, they were accepted as part of this community. /news/11159.html   (13185 words)

 Gay bashing on law enforcement forum....
It's difficult and very depressing to be gay, either openly or closeted, in a LE or any community service career.
The administrator and one of the moderators were very quick to edit anything I said about being gay.
The guys that run the site are obviously hateful of gays. /anyboard/posts/186.html   (279 words)

 PlanetOut News: At NRA gathering, speakers ridicule gays
The National Rifle Association's annual convention in Reno, Nev., degenerated on Sunday into a session of gay-bashing, with one commentator referring to anti-gun talk show host Rosie O'Donnell as a "freak" for her recent admission that she's a lesbian.
Gay issues "are not important to Americans," Conway said.
Conservative pollster Kellyanne Conway complained that the media skips over gun-rights stories for its various pet causes, including reporting on gays. /news/article-print.html?2002/04/29/2   (414 words)

 Search Results for Gay-bashing - Encyclopædia Britannica
civil-rights movement that advocates equal rights for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transsexuals; seeks to eliminate sodomy laws barring homosexual acts between consenting adults; and calls for...
The panel includes Bob Parlin, cofounder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Teachers Network, and Jeff Jones, principal at Thomas Jefferson High School in Fairfax, Virginia.
Discussion considering the contentious issue of openly gay teachers in the classroom, with host Ray Suarez on NPR's Talk of the Nation (Dec. 19, 1995). /search?query=Gay-bashing&ct=   (500 words) - Chicago Anti-Bashing Network / - Gay Liberation Network
CABN, which formed in September 1998 in response to three gay bashings, has announced in a press release that it is changing its name to the Gay Liberation Network (GLN).
According to GLN member Izzy Becerril, "(w)e are using the term 'Gay Liberation' to avoid euphemisms like 'human rights' and to harken back to the earlier, direct-action years of our movement when the Gay Liberation Front helped spread the activist message of the Stonewall Rebellion across the world."
A Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered rights and liberation, direct-action group. /homepage.html   (422 words)

 Gay bashing mayor like to fondle little boys : AZ IMC
May. 6, 2005 12:00 AM SPOKANE, Wash. - Mayor James West, a Republican foe of gay rights, was accused in a newspaper story Thursday of molesting two boys decades ago and was caught by the paper using the trappings of his office to try to court a young man on a gay Web site.
He consistently opposed efforts to expand civil rights protections for gays and voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, a ban on gay marriage, in 1998.
West, a conservative with an abrasive style and a fierce temper, rose to become majority leader of the state Senate during a two-decade legislative career. /news/2005/05/26653.php   (486 words)

 UK Gay News - Buju Banton In Court Friday After Gay-Bashing Attack
In what is seen as a “landmark” ruling, a court in St. Petersburg has backed a gay man whose military record said he had a mental disorder, solely on the basis that he was gay.
In the most comprehensive report of its kind to date, Amnesty International (AI) reveals that police mistreatment and abuse of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people is widespread throughout the USA and goes largely unchecked due to underreporting and unclear, under-enforced or non-existent policies and procedures.
The bruised and bloodied body of a 22 year old gay Iranian, Amir, bears further witness to the brutality of the Ayatollah’s regime. /Archive/2005sept/2701.htm   (1096 words) - Voters seem not to mind gay-bashing insinuations
But a nagging sense lingers that gay bashing has replaced race baiting as the political subtext of many campaigns.
But even more disturbing is that there was no apparent backlash from voters — no wave of condemnation against those who consider gay bashing an acceptable political practice.
In response, Cleland claimed that he wasn't trying to punish the Scouts for banning gay men; he just didn't think that the federal government should tell local schools who could use their buildings. /news/opinion/columnist/wickham/2002-12-09-wickham_x.htm   (659 words)

 UK Gay News - Buju Banton Accused of Gay-Bashing
The reports further allege that this attack was apparently motivated by hatred of gay men: the victims reported that both before and during the attack the assailants had called the men “battymen” (homosexuals).
“The reports further allege that this attack was apparently motivated by hatred of gay men: the victims reported that both before and during the attack the assailants had called the men “battymen” (homosexuals).
These reports take the form of statements that allege that on June 24 2004, six men were driven from their home and beaten by a group of armed men, and that the alleged assailants included Buju Banton (Mark Anthony Myrie). /Archive/2004aug/2001.htm   (1105 words)

 Reason: Multiculturalism: It's Different for Girls: When is it politically correct to beat gays and kill women?
The irony, of course, is that one of the principal reasons for the recent anti-immigrant backlash in the traditionally tolerant Netherlands is the fear that the influx of immigrants from deeply conservative Muslim cultures will threaten the country's liberal attitudes on social issues, particularly the rights of women and gays.
"Gays often become the victims of this when immigrants retaliate for the inequities that they have to suffer."
A few days later, Scott Long, director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Program at the Human Rights Watch, expressed some sympathy for the gay-bashers. /cy/cy051705.shtml   (752 words)

 gay bashing : Gay & Black Glossary
The most famous gay bashing incident was the crucifixion and murder of Matthew Shepard in Laramie Wyoming on 1998-10-07.
The term gay bashing is less frequently used to describe the activities of people like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, encouraging others to mistreat or harm gays, spreading slanders about gays, or working to deny gays people the same civil rights as everyone else.
You are here : home ⇐ Gay and Black Glossary Home ⇐ G words ⇐ gay bashing. /ggloss/gaybashing.html   (218 words)

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