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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  AllRefer.com - Gdansk, Poland (Polish Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
The port cities of Gdansk and Gdynia and the nearby resort of Sopot are administered as a single city.
In 1576, Gdansk withstood a siege by Stephen BAthory and thus preserved its established privileges against domination by the Polish crown.
Gdansk was annexed to Germany from Sept. 1, 1939, until its fall to the Soviet army early in 1945.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/G/Gdans.html   (584 words)

 SUTRA, a City of Tomorrow project: City Profil: Gdansk
Gdansk is the largest economic, scientific and cultural centre on the Polish coast.
The climatic conditions of Gdansk are changeable due to the landscape, different air masses meeting here (usually the polar and martime, and the polar and continental air) and the tempering influence of the Baltic Sea.
Gdansk is situated in the middle of the southern Baltic shore on the Bay of Gddans which shelters it from the open sea.
www.ess.co.at /SUTRA/CITIES/gdansk.html   (795 words)

The capital of Poland's "Pomorze" province, the city of Gdansk is located at the mouth of the Vistula River on the Baltic Sea.
Gdansk is part of the Trojmiasto, or Three-City, urban area, made up of the towns of Gdansk, Gdynia, and Sopot.
In 1772 Gdansk was seized by Prussia, and in 1793 it became part of that country.
www.gdansk.com   (511 words)

 @Poland : Gdansk   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia set up next to each other, are situated on the Polish Baltic Sea coast and are commonly called the Tri-City.
Gdansk used to be a jewel of the Hanseatic League.
Conveniently situated at the mouth of River Wisla, on the main trade route, in the 14th and 15th centuries the town of Gdansk grew to be one of the biggest and richest Baltic ports.
www.pl-info.net /en/cities/gdansk/index.shtml   (286 words)

 Gdansk: Danzig Tours & Hotels. Walesa hometown, Malbork Teutonic Castle, Kashubian Culture. Discounted hotels all over ...
Gdansk (Danzig) - the Polish maritime capital with the population nearing half a million.
Lying on the Bay of Gdansk and the southern cost of the Baltic Sea the city is a thousand years old.
Today, Gdansk is the capital of the Pomeranian province and an important administration centre.
www.gdansk-tours.com   (86 words)

 Gdansk Information | Weather | Gdansk | Poland
The port city of Gdansk, an independent minded enclave with a mixed population of Poles and Germans, fell victim in 1308, when virtually the entire population was eliminated.
Gdansk lay at the mouth of the River Vistula, and grain and timber from across Poland was sold there.
The 'Gdansk Corridor' was a major propaganda tool for Adolf Hitler, and ultimately it was at Gdansk where the first shots of the war were fired, from the German battle-cruiser Schleswig Holstein.
www.gdansk-life.com /info/info.php   (1040 words)

 UBC - Project Gallery / Cultural institutions / Gdansk
Gdansk is the capital city of the largest province in northern Poland.
The ports of Gdansk and Gdynia are the meeting points between Scandinavia and Central Europe, and between Western Europe and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.
The city of Gdansk was from the fourteenth to the fifteenth century ruled by the Teutonic Knight, who had their European capital in Malbork, 60 km south of Gdansk.
www.ubc.net /gallery/cultural/gdansk.html   (541 words)

 Gdansk, Poland, Pictures
Gdansk (German Danzig), city in northern Poland, the administrative center of Gdansk Province, a seaport on the Gulf of Gdansk (formerly Danzig).
Cultural and educational institutions in Gdansk include Gdansk Polytechnical University (1945) and the University of Gdansk (1970); music, art, and trade schools; a municipal library; and a number of theaters.
Commercially, Gdansk is one of the most important cities in Poland: It has not only port facilities and inland-water connections with the valley of the Wisla but also direct rail connections with Warsaw and other major points in the country and throughout Europe.
www.greatestcities.com /Europe/Poland/Gdansk_Danzig_city.html   (402 words)

 Gdansk   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Gdansk (pronounced: Image:Ltspkr.png Media:Gdansk.ogg, Polish languagePolish::pl:GdańskGdańsk; Kashubian: ''Gduńsk'', German: ''Danzig'') is the 6th largest city in Poland, its principal seaport, and the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodship/.
The city lies on the southern coast of the Gdansk BayGdańsk Bay (of the Baltic Sea), in a conurbation with the spa town of Sopot, the city of Gdynia and suburban communities, which together form a metropolismetropolitan area called the Tricity (''Trójmiasto'') with a population of over a million people.
Gdansk VoivodshipGdańsk Voivodship was extended in 1999 to include most of Slupsk VoivodshipSłupsk Voivodship, the western part of Elblag VoivodshipElbląg Voivodship and Chojnice County from Bydgoszcz Voivodship to form the new Pomeranian Voivodship/.
www.infothis.com /find/Gdansk   (2077 words)

 Polfracht Shipping Agency Ltd. / Agencja Zeglugowa sp. z o.o.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The city is situated on the picturesque Bay of Gdansk and borders on all possible landscape types: a seacoast with wide sandy beaches, lakes, polders, and wooded hills.
Gdansk is located on the coast of the central Baltic Sea in its most advanced to the south part.
The Bay of Gdansk on which it has been situated is protected from the north by a 35 kilometer long Hel Peninsula shaped by the sands moving to the East of the Baltic for the last centuries.
www.polfracht.pl /polfracht/psal/viewgda.htm   (217 words)

 News: WCF world congress 2006 in Gdansk
The WCF Committee of Delegates elected Gdansk during their meeting at Cobh in July 2002.
Grzegorz Szychlinski, president of the Polish society, made a fine speech and indicated that Gdansk would consider it a great honour and a tremendous encouragement for the carillon art in Poland if their city were chosen to host the World Congress in 2006.
Nowadays, Gdansk invites visitors to admire the carefully preserved monuments, museums, churches, old manors and gardens.
www.carillon.org /eng/actueel/gdansk_1.htm   (335 words)

 Gdansk 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Anyway, we entered the free 'Minicruise-bus' (especially for one-day tourists leaving the same afternoon), which took us the 8km to the center of Gdansk where we were dropped off next to the central station, on the outskirts of the Old Town.
We naturally stopped to have a look at both buildings, but as we didn't have all that much time in the city, and hadn't really got a grip of the layout of the sights yet, the stop was brief.
If you visit Gdansk for the first time, try walking the same route as we did - you really get to see a lot of the most interesting sites in the city, and it still leaves you time enough to get a decent meal for lunch.
www.fzc.dk /thomas/Gdansk02.asp   (1345 words)

 Gdansk --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Waterfront of Gdansk, Poland, on the Motlawa River.
First mentioned as a Polish city in 997 or 999, Gdansk was part of the Polish diocese of Wloclawek, as noted in a papal bull of 1148.
The shipyards of Gdansk gained fame in the 1980s as the birthplace of Solidarity, the first independent labor union in a Soviet-controlled country.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9036271?tocId=9036271&query=Gdansk&ct=   (650 words)

 Gdansk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In English the name Gdańsk is usually pronounced IPA [gəˈdɑːnsk], [gəˈdaɪnsk], or [gəˈdænsk].
Because of the development of its port and 3 major shipyards, Gdansk was a major shipping and industrial center of the Communist People's Republic of Poland.
Gdańsk was the scene of anti-government demonstrations which led to the downfall of Poland's communist leader Wladyslaw Gomulka in December 1970.
www.bonneylake.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Gdansk   (1950 words)

 Gdansk   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The city lies on the southern coast of the Gdansk Bay (of the Baltic Sea), in a conurbation with the spa town of Sopot, the city of Gdynia and suburban communities, which together form a metropolitan area called the Tricity (Trójmiasto) with a population of over a million people.
Gdansk Voivodship was extended in 1999 to include most of Slupsk Voivodship, western part of Elblag Voivodship and Chojnice County from Bydgoszcz Voivodship to form new Pomeranian Voivodship.
By 1998, Tricity or greater Gdansk, constituted an absolute majority of population; almost half of the inhabitants of the new region live in the centre.
www.yotor.com /wiki/en/gd/Gdansk.htm   (2169 words)

 POLISH NEWS - Explore Poland - GDANSK, POLAND.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Gdansk, a city of beauty, history, the arts and if that weren't enough, of aSt Mary`s Church in Gdañsk is Europe`s biggest mediaeval brick church.
We chose to explore the "Museum of the History of Gdansk" which is housed in the 14th century Main Town Hall.
Gdansk is not lacking in food or fun.
www.polishnews.com /fulltext/explore/2001/explore66_1.shtml   (779 words)

 Gdansk Urban Transport Project[EBRD - Project Summary Document]
The clients are the neighbouring cities of Gdansk and Sopot in the Tri-city coastal region of Poland.
Gdansk has a population of 460,000 and is the capital of the province of Pomerania, and Sopot has 43,000.
Public transport modernisation in Gdansk is expected to result in a relative improvement to environmental conditions, as it will assist in retaining public transport ridership.
www.ebrd.com /projects/psd/psd2000/5956.htm   (485 words)

 Polish culture: "Gdansk - Portals of Memory" - exhibition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The destruction endured by the city during World War II largely eclipsed the old, traditional Gdansk, this despite the post-war reconstruction of the city's historic center.
The exhibits cover the entirety of Gdansk's history - from the times of Saint Adalbert to today - and each individual portal focuses one of five themes - "Civilization," "Religion, traditions, and customs," "Exceptional Citizens of Gdansk," "Historical milestones" - key subject areas through which visitors see the city's identity crystallized over time.
The script for the project was authored by acclaimed writer Pawel Huelle, a native of Gdansk.
www.culture.pl /en/culture/artykuly/wy_wy_portale_pamieci_nck_gdansk   (265 words)

 CityIndex Travel: Accommodation: Hotel accomodation in Gdansk Poland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
It is located in a seaside district of Gdansk, on the picturesque Sobieszewo Island, 800 m away from a sandy beach.
Formerly known as the Marina, the newly renamed Hotel Novotel Marina is beautifully situated on the bank of Gdansk Bay (30 m from the beach), 2 km from the centre of Sopot, 5 minutes walk from main road Gdansk-Gdynia.
The hotel is situated on Granary Island, in the historical part of Gdansk, and near the main Warsaw-Gdansk highway.
cityindex.com /travel/poland/gdansk   (749 words)

 VirtualTourist.com - matcrazy1's Gdansk Things to Do Tips
It was the headquarter of numerous state-owned companies which went on strike in Gdansk to support 21 demands (the most important ones referred to free worker's union and censorship) of the shipyard workers.
Gdansk (Danzig) was located on the East Prus Railroad from Berlin to Konigsberg (Krolewiec, Kaliningrad in Russia now) opened in 1852.
It was an inn and a guest house for abbots of Cistercian monastery in Pelplin (60 km south of Gdansk).
members.virtualtourist.com /m/9ecb/79c0a/4   (2372 words)

 News Release - Loyola Forges Partnership with University of Gdansk
"While Gdansk is on the other side of the world, it's in many ways very close to Chicago, which has the second largest Polish-speaking population outside of the city of Warsaw.
When taken together with the Polish government's eagerness to move quickly to a capitalist economy, the high level of unemployment and a long history of labor conflicts, Loyola's HRIR Institute identified a need for skilled professionals in labor relations, arbitration and mediation in Poland.
Its mission is to promote professional development of those actively engaged in the field as well as of those preparing to enter it, by offering a professional graduate degree program that focuses on human resources and industrial relations both nationally and globally.
www.luc.edu /news/releases/1999/march/gdansku.htm   (571 words)

 Arabian horses - Gilbriar Arabian Horses in Texas, Gdansk
To keep his memory alive and to show newcomers to the breed why pedigree is so vitally important, we are pleased to present some of the many wonderful photos taken of him throughout the years.
This is the classic Gdansk photo that was used so much when he was alive.
Gdansk "the horse most likey to fly" preparing for lift off.
www.gilbriar.com /gdansk.htm   (221 words)

 VirtualTourist.com - Dagon's Gdansk Travel Page
Gdansk is the Polish maritime capital with the population nearing half a million.
The break-through events of the most recent turbulent period are documented in the multi-medial exhibition: "Roads to Freedom" arranged in the historic BHP hall of the Gdansk Shipyard.
Gdansk is my home city and I must say - the most beautiful I've seen :) I can only invite everyone, who would like to see this city.
members.virtualtourist.com /m/79000/79c0a   (462 words)

 Gdansk  Poland - In Your Pocket   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
August marked the 25th anniversary of the signing of the August Accords in the Gdańsk shipyards: a key moment in history which many regard as the spark that inspired the fall of communism.
Gdansk In Your Pocket is the most comprehensive guide you will find covering the city, and includes everything from hotel and restaurant listings to bars, clubs and museums.
Poland was plunged into national mourning with the news that Pope John Paul II had passed away on Saturday night, April 2.
www.inyourpocket.com /poland/gdansk/en   (437 words)

 CLIA - Cruise Line International Association
The third largest city in Poland, Gdansk is also the capital of Poland's northern region.
In fact, in 1997 Gdansk enjoyed constant festivals of music, exhibitions and tons of events on both land and water in celebration of its 1000th anniversary as a Baltic city.
Glowne Miasto, the Main Town of Gdansk, is filled with streets holding treasures of history.
www.cruising.org /planyourcruise/wwdest/overview.cfm?recordID=147   (367 words)

 All Gdansk Region Hotels
It is situated in the seaside district of Gdansk, on the picturesque Sobieszewska...
Formerly known as the Hevelius, the newly renamed Hotel Mercure Hevelius is situated in the heart of the Old Town, close to the railway and bus stations, 15 km...
Formerly known as the Marina, the newly renamed Hotel Novotel Marina is beautifully situated on the bank of Gdansk Bay (30 m from the beach), 2 km from the...
www.gdansk-hotels.com   (695 words)

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