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Topic: Gelding

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In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

  G E L D I N G
"Gelding", as he is known online, was castrated to his surprise one evening -- Although this was a good thing, and he has learned the advantages of his state.
Gelding may be reached online at gelding@geocities.com or via his webpage.
Perhaps that is why I am so open about things, that I can rationalize my castration as an act done by others instead of being forced to say I did it myself.
www.bmezine.com /news/people/A10101/gelding.html   (4519 words)

 gelding - Definitions from Dictionary.com
–verb (used with object), geld·ed or gelt, geld·ing.
Perform a new search, or try your search for "gelding" at:
Amazon.com - Shop for books, music and more
dictionary.reference.com /browse/gelding   (127 words)

  Gelding Killed By Fire at Laurel - washingtonpost.com
Gelding Killed By Fire at Laurel - washingtonpost.com
The horse, Connecticat, a 3-year-old gelding owned by Samuel Bayard, had six lifetime victories and competed Oct. 28 in the $100,000 Japan Racing Association Stakes, finishing out of the money.
Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro is euthanized after an eight-month struggle to recover from an injured leg.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-dyn/content/article/2006/11/14/AR2006111400955.html   (547 words)

 Blue Mountain Farm - Gelding or castrating your donkey or mammoth jackstock
The easiest time to geld young jacks is while they are still on mom, though jacks can be gelded at any age even into their teens.
However, gelding prior to 2 months is not recommended as the inguinal ring (which allows the testicles to descend from the abdomen into the scrotum) usually isn't tightened up till then and hernia's could be more likely to occur.
Geldings are more likely to be able to accomplish this - they go completely through the motions, but are of course sterile.
www.oregonvos.net /~jrachau/gelding.htm   (1488 words)

 SI.com - Horse Racing - Funny Cide, a gelding, still feels the love - Wednesday June 04, 2003 05:18 PM
After a horse is gelded, he tends to become more focused on training, less interested in fillies, and his racing career lasts longer because he's easier to handle.
Geldings, though, were banned from the Belmont from 1919-1956, mainly because owners did not want to see their colts' value as a stallion diminished with a loss to a horse who was unable to reproduce.
The decision to geld Funny Cide was made easier because his future as a stallion was questionable due to pedigree: his sire Distorted Humor is unproven and his mare, Belle's Good Cide, won two of 26 starts and died in March of colic.
sportsillustrated.cnn.com /horse_racing/news/2003/06/04/great_geldings_ap   (1033 words)

While geldings may have entered battle as mere transport the war stallion was quite capable when trained to not only carry his warrior master but to fight with him using teeth and hooves also!
Horses were central to the waging of any such war, and during the conflict numerous raids were made, by both sides, on breeding herds and, in order to protect their studs, owners exported large numbers of horses across the channel to the continent.
Geldings can be housed in lower cost buildings, and smaller grazing areas, and with a greater density of population than stallions.
www.equine-behavior.com /gelding.htm   (2331 words)

 6W Ranch and Gelding Your Adopted Mustang Colt
Gelding helps to calm the horse by removing the level of hormones that make a stallion do what he has the drive to do, compete for the mares and breed.
This can be dangerous for the handler as well as other riders when your stallion decides to mount a mare that is carrying a rider on a trail ride or compete with the other horses for his harem.
Mustangs and domestic horses should be gelded to help gentle them and make them safer for people to be around and enjoy.
www.qnet.com /~sixwranch/geld.htm   (1701 words)

 Definition of a Gelding Horse
So you're wondering what the definition of a gelding horse is? A horse gelding is a horse that has been gelded- the equine equivalent of neutering a dog.
A gelding horse is much calmer and easier to train than an ungelded stallion- who's hormones can make them difficult to manage.
This is the definition of a gelding horse.
www.curlyfarm.com /articles/definition_gelding.htm   (67 words)

 Mean Gelding
My 6 year old foundation bred gelding (who until now was the baby of the farm) had an instant and incredibly violent dislike of my 4 (now 6) month old colt, from the 1st second I brought him home.
As the colt is still an 'intact' male, the gelding senses/perceives this and also senses/perceives he can intimidate this young male.
Do it in-hand first and for a few times......If the gelding twitches an ear that you don't like, you have a few good moves to require of the horse the moment he does what you do not want.
www.wayofthehorse.org /HelpCenter/help572.html   (799 words)

 HorseRacingPark.com - The Effects of Gelding
When gelding improves a horses speed it is just helping it to get to its maximum speed more quickly by improving its focus.
Gelding them will not allow them to surpass their maximum capabilities.
If you are in a hurry to get it to the track and win then gelding may be an option if it is not currently performing up to par against its competition.
www.horseracingpark.com /help/gelding.aspx   (468 words)

 IM 2006-074, Gelding of Wild Horses/Burros and Gelding Vouchers
Geld all horses removed from the range that are four years old and older.
Horses younger than four years old may be gelded as funding and facility capability allow and in response to adoption market preferences and demand.
Gelding vouchers in the amount of $50 will be issued to adopters of all two and three year old wild horse stallions.
www.blm.gov /nhp/efoia/wo/fy06/im2006-074.htm   (418 words)

 Why geld a racehorse like Funny Cide? - By Brendan I. Koerner - Slate Magazine
Owners are careful not to geld too early, though, as such colts may not mature physically.
Geldings, on the other hand, can run successfully for a few years longer—the legendary John Henry, for example, was still winning races at age 9.
Funny Cide is an exception to the gelding rules, as he was emasculated for health reasons, not behavior modification.
www.slate.com /id/2084085   (677 words)

 Belle Plaine Western Exchange - March 4th - Gelding Catalog
Friday is a big 16H palomino gelding that was used on a ranch last summer and hunted off of last fall.
This gelding has been used on a 3500 cow ranch and has been pasture roped on and has been used for team penning.
Tru is a 15H 2 year old gelding with a beautiful head and neck and a big hip with a kind disposition.
www.westernexchange.com /auction/mar2001/gelding.htm   (2186 words)

 Miniature Donkey Gelding Incentive Program
A unique aspect of the trial Program was the partnering of NMDA and the membership in the goals of promoting geldings as true "Ambassadors of the Breed" by demonstrating their endearing, gentle qualities and at the same time having a positive effect on the overabundance of jacks in the population.
While the Gelding Incentive Program is primarily intended for those who need assistance with veterinary expenses, the fundamental goal is to actively promote the gelding of as many Miniature Donkeys as possible — everyone is invited to participate, including Miniature Donkey Rescues.
The gelded jack must be registered and a copy of the Registration Certificate indicating he is a gelding is required.
nmdaasset.com /geldingincentive.php   (379 words)

 Other Horses For Sale
They say horses gelded after puberty tend to develop a sexual drive and take on other stud like behavior, while others seem to think you should geld later like at around 2 years or older because it gives the owners more time to determine if the horse will make a good stud prospect.
This is because the ampulla is not removed during gelding, they say that a gelding can potentially settle a mare for up to one month after castration.
After gelding you should apply petroleum jelly to the insides of his hind legs to minimize hair loss.
web.ndak.net /~gtzoo/OtherHorsesForSale.htm   (622 words)

 NCHA - Gelding Gold Mine
Geldings will get on the gravy train at the 2004 Super Stakes when the NCHA adds $20,000 to the Gelding Stakes.
The Gelding Stakes will be a "class within a class" for 4-year-olds, with a working finals.
For the 2006 show, the $500 entry will be due by December 31 of the gelding's 2-year-old year.
www.kyhorse.com /news/geldinggoldmine.htm   (286 words)

 Wyoming Ranch Geldings - Geldings for Sale
This gelding is young enough to enjoy for years and years, but mature enough to enjoy from the moment you put your foot in the stirrup.
A well built perfectly sized, stout gelding that is gentle enough to use for everyday, but athletic enough to get you to the pay window.
This flashy dun gelding is strong and gentle.
www.wyomingranchgeldings.com /geldings.html   (2198 words)

 Amazon.com: gelding: Books   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Gelding the Grimond;: A study of decision-making on proposals to reform the organisation of departments in the University of Birmingham, (University of...
Lucy Gelding;: A tale of land and sea; showing the evil effects of gambling, as it is practiced upon the Atlantic Coast by Mary S. F Slocom (Unknown Binding - 1862)
He was a bay gelding named Dan and he was thoroughly irritated with his rider.
www.amazon.com /s?ie=UTF8&keywords=gelding&tag=540-20&index=books&linkCode=ur2&page=1   (1085 words)

 Gelding races for Triple Crown - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The 3-year-old gelding needs to cover that distance faster than five other horses in the 135th Belmont Stakes today to become the first Triple Crown champion in 25 years and the 12th ever.
In 2003, as a major motion picture about the horse is about to be released, along comes Funny Cide, a New York-bred gelding owned by a bunch of high school buddies who show up at the track in a school bus, wearing Kmart jackets.
However, he was gelded after being born with one undescended testicle.
www.washtimes.com /national/20030606-114734-4059r.htm   (1075 words)

 Miniature Horses - Minnesota Miniature Horse Club - Gelding Incentive Program
The Gelding Incentive Program is being instituted to promote the gelding of miniature horses and the showing of geldings.
Geldings must be nominated by May 13, 2007 (final date, NO extensions) with a $10 fee per class.
Geldings sold after being nominated may remain in the program if the new owner is a member of MMHC.
www.miniatureequine.com /mmhc/gelding.html   (438 words)

 Icelandic Horse Acres Geldings and Colts For Sale   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Sokki is a powerful, chestnut gelding with a blaze and socks on both left feet.
He is the son of our famous show gelding, Kiljan, and both are flashy and have gotten the attention of many visitors and spectators.
Fengari is a fl gelding with a blush on his forehead, which has very good gaits and temperament.
www.icehorse.com /old/geldings.htm   (1194 words)

 NORCAL Gelding Incentive Program
The purpose of the Gelding Incentive Program is to encourage owners to show their geldings and to geld all but the very best stallions/colts, thereby improving the quality of the breed.
Nomination forms may be sent to Gelding Incentive Chairman at the address on the form.
In order to encourage owners to enter their geldings in a wider variety and number of classes, all points earned in youth, amateur, open, AOTE, and challenged classes, will be added together.
www.norcalmhc.com /html/geldings.html   (401 words)

 HORSE RACING / Gelding a colt brings several advantages
When Funny Cide won one for the geldings in the Kentucky Derby, it ended a 73-year losing streak that was as misleading as it was well-publicized.
No gelding had won the Derby since Clyde Van Dusen in 1929, but only 74 had tried until Funny Cide and Buddy Gil (who finished sixth) ran in the 129th edition on May 3 -- an average of one per year in fields of up to 20 horses.
But while geldings are the distinct minority in America's top races -- none has won a Breeders' Cup Classic, although they have won nine other Cup events - - they form a large majority elsewhere in the sport.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/chronicle/archive/2003/05/16/SP191457.DTL   (707 words)

 weanling with older gelding - Farm Life Forum - GardenWeb
If the gelding also has them, then they should be fine - the weanling should give them and most older horses will respect them - mouthing, being babyish, etc. If he's a pushy colt, then the gelding may give him a few sharp lessons, but if the colt IS pushy, he NEEDS to learn them.
Turning the colt out in the pasture and having the gelding on the outside of the gate might work for the initial intro, if you can't hold the colt securely, and you want the intro to be a bit slower.
My older gelding is usually not to hard to catch but has been acting standoffish towards me which I assume has to do with me putting a baby in the pasture with him.
forums2.gardenweb.com /forums/load/farmlife/msg1116213211587.html   (2112 words)

 gelding - definition by dict.die.net
To deprive of anything exceptionable; as, to geld a book, or a story; to expurgate.
gelding a gelding, akin to geldingr wether, eunuch, Sw.
They went down both into the water, Philip and the gelding, and Philip baptized him.
dict.die.net /gelding   (65 words)

 Equine-Reproduction.com Bulletin Board: Gelding older studs
Have just recentlt gelded Cob stallion 8 yrs old and stood at stud for 6 yrs, He was good to handle as a breeding stallion and as a gelding he has been superb.
Gelding shgould be done at an Equine clinic if at all possibvle as with satllions ligaments and blood vessels are bigger and require, ligatures.
This procedure is alittle more involved than gelding a weanling or yrlg and well worth the precaution and cost.
www.equine-reproduction.com /board/messages/1915/3655.html   (581 words)

 Confused About This Gelding Thing? A Veterinarian Explains | bloodhorse.com
In horses whose pedigree does not indicate that they are likely to be a stallion, a unilateral cryptorchid is often castrated on both sides, normal and abnormal, during the same surgical procedure to facilitate the horse's race career.
In Funny Cide's instance, he was gelded prior to sale to his current owner for the reason of one incompletely descended testicle, and at the time, both testicles were removed during the same surgical procedure.
Many of the famous geldings of the past were totally ineffective racehorses as intact males and became stars once gelded.
tcm.bloodhorse.com /viewstory.asp?id=16115   (472 words)

 Weanling Gelding Champion
The Mount Pleasant, Iowa, resident scored a maiden world title for both he and CRL Coostardee in the weanling gelding competition.
Don and “New CRL” competed against a field of six weanling geldings and placed first under all five judges to secure their first world championship gold trophy.
The sorrel gelding is bred to stand out amongst the toughest halter competitors.
www.aqha.com /showing/shows/selectshow/winningrun2/weanlinggeldings.html   (262 words)

 Brindabellafarms.com | Archives - Article 6 | The Gelding Myth ©
When a stallion is not needed for stallion duties, he should be gelded, and that is why we gelded Prestige.
We geld with joy for the life of a gelding is by and large of far nicer quality than the life of a stallion.
Sometimes people hesitate about getting a gelding because "then he can't be used for anything if he goes lame." As the years with horses and people go by, however, we are increasingly certain that most of their health and accident problems are the result of errors in human judgment.
www.brindabellafarms.com /archive/article6.asp   (808 words)