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Topic: Generation Jones

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  Scoop: Generation Jones is driving NZ Voter Volatility
The new analysis shows that Generation Jones is exhibiting strikingly similar voting patterns to those that were so influential in the Nov’04 U.S. and May’05 U.K. elections, where Generation Jones was widely reported by pollsters and media to be the decisive vote in both elections.
At this point in the campaign, the overall closeness of the race is largely because of Generation Jones.
Generation Jones is split down the middle, and it is likely that whichever party is able to pull this large, volatile generation to its side will win the election.
www.scoop.co.nz /stories/PO0509/S00161.htm   (1533 words)

  Generation Jones - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Generation Jones, according to American social scientist Jonathan Pontell (born 1958), consists of those Americans born between the years 1954 and 1965 (inclusive).
The word "Jones" is apparently used in this context because in the 1970s it was a popular slang term used to refer to a "yearning" or "desire" (in this case, a yearning or desire to be recognized as an integral demographic entity).
The vast majority of Jonesers had the Silent Generation as parents, whereas the Baby Boomers were predominantly the offspring of the "World War II" or G.I. Generation, and the Baby Boomers themselves are the primary parents of Generation Xers.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Generation_Jones   (546 words)

 Rickie Lee Jones: live in concert   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Jones grabbed the throne of Bohemia in 1979 with her Grammy-winning self-titled debut album with songs that spun out like stories improvised over one too many gimlets.
Jones casually surveyed the ground she has traveled in her career, from standards to experimental rock to the shaggy dog tales that charmed her fans early on.
Half the 16 songs she sang were covers, and Jones, switching from guitar to piano or just singing (sometimes accompanied by upright bassist Paul Nowinski), clearly relished the opportunity to get under the skin of time-tested classics in relaxed circumstances.
www.rickieleejones.com /gallery/joespub.htm   (772 words)

 Wikinfo | Generation   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Generation, also known as procreation, is the act of producing offspring.
A generation can also represent all the people born at about the same time, sometimes called a generational cohort (see demographics).
In biology, the process by which populations of organisms acquire and pass on novel traits from generation to generation is known as the theory of evolution.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Generation   (251 words)

Up to now, Generation Jones has been a concept in the head of a ''popular culture expert,'' a lawyer with an undergraduate degree in sociology, a Californian when he's not living in Prague, somebody with an engaging spiel and a long blond ponytail.
It could have been Generation Smith or Generation Doe, except Jones is a slang term from the years of the youth of those born in that time frame.
Pontell admits that those he calls the Jones Generation are not all alike, differing according to ethnicity, geographic origins, class background and their own parents' places on the economic scale.
www.cincypost.com /news/2000/jones010800.html   (1074 words)

 "In My Day, Things Were Different!": Generations and conflict in the workplace. - MedHunters
Generation Jones is comprised of individuals who were born between 1954 and 1965.
Generation Xers, those born between 1966 and 1977, are often depicted as slackers, brooding over the question of meaning in an increasingly complex and wired world.
Also known as the "Echo Generation" or the "Millennials," this generation was born between 1978 and 1987, and their values tend to echo those of their Boomer parents.
www.medhunters.com /articles/generationsAndConflict.html   (940 words)

 Meet Generation Jones - ManagingVolunteers.com
Generation Jones is perfectly suited to family volunteering, according to popular culture expert and author Jonathan Pontell.
Pontell first put forth his concept of Generation Jones in 1990, believing that the segment of the population born between 1954 and 1965 were not "Baby Boomers," but part of a separate generation.
Pontell believes that this generation that put their idealism on hold has achieved financial security and is rediscovering their idealism as they enter middle age.
managingvolunteers.com /6-24-02-gjones.html   (546 words)

 Lost Generation - a new subset of baby boomers is being called generation jones - Brief Article Entrepreneur - Find ...
Generation Jones, if one is to accept this premise, represents males and females born between 1954 and 1965, an era that, we all thought, belonged to the last of the baby boomers and the first of the Gen Xers.
The Jones concept was created by sociologist Jonathan Pontell, who will be 42 in June and always felt he was only trapped inside a boomer's body.
Although she believes Joneses are a subset of boomers, Ann A. Fishman, president of Generational Targeted Marketing Corp. in New Orleans, admits that Pontell has done his homework and agrees that entrepreneurs should be refining their messages depending on the age group.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0DTI/is_5_28/ai_62710612   (846 words)

 Las Vegas SUN: Briefs: Second-generation Jones boy gets chance in CART
Jones had a good relationship with Gurney and the other key people at AAR, but even friendships can become strained when your car isn't competitive.
Although Jones was hoping to be fast right out of the box with Patrick, testing during CART's spring training in Homestead, Fla., showed the team has a long way to go with its new Swift-Ford combination.
Jones was 22nd fastest of the 27 drivers who went around the 1 1/2 -mile Homestead oval.
www.lasvegassun.com /sunbin/stories/text/1999/feb/11/508396695.html   (770 words)

 Overshadowed generation prepares to steer political agenda, author claims - March 4, 2000
He says the members of the generation were too young to participate in the social and political whirlwind that was the late 1960s, though most of them were old enough to understand what was going on, and wanted in on some of the action.
Pontell argues that now that many in the generation have reached ages where they may not have to worry about income, security and life's other basic necessities, they're discovering they may have the luxury of political and social activism.
A generation that never had to make and then break such promises probably won't be burdened with so harsh a label.
archives.cnn.com /2000/ALLPOLITICS/stories/03/05/generation.jones/index.html   (1440 words)

Jones, author of “Death of a Generation: How the Assassinations of Diem and JFK Prolonged the Vietnam War” (Oxford University Press, 2003), will speak from the “Grassy Knoll” on Nov. 22.
In “Death of a Generation,” Jones reveals that Kennedy was on the verge of implementing a withdrawal plan that would have spared the lives of 58,000 Americans and countless Vietnamese.
Jones joined UA’s history department, part of the College of Arts and Sciences, in 1974.
graduate.ua.edu /news/nov2003/history110303.htm   (896 words)

 MTV Generation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is one of the only bridges between the Consciousness Revolution era (into which the MTV Generation would be the last to be born) and the starting point of the Culture Wars era in which the major part of Generation Y would be born.
The last generation to appreciate its significance in a changing culture, specifically the shift from the hardwired, analogue technologies to the wireless, Digital Revolution; examples such as semi-obsolete items of the pre-digital era such as VHS tapes, audio cassetes and vinyl records.
Their findings led them to name young adults of the time "Generation 9/11" due to their civic involvement and political awareness, leading many to believe that this group of people were less like the Vietnam protesters and more like the pro-war patriotic GI Generation [13] [14].
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/MTV_Generation   (3982 words)

 FLUX Forum Main
The Senior Citizen's generation is relatively clearly defined in the public mind.
"Generation Jones" is the title of an as-yet to be published book by a writer specializing in popular culture named Jonathan Pontell.
He named the generation 'Jones' because the word entered the lexicon in the 1970s, the decade that this group came-of-age.
www.journalism.sfsu.edu /flux/fluxForum/generationp1.html   (1057 words)

 Generation Jones
Jonathan Pontell released a study on October 31, the only generational analysis of the U.S. electorate to be released during the election cycle, which revealed the key role of Generation Jones.
The striking, and arguably decisive, role of Generation Jones in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election underlines the importance of generations in politics.
While results varied, these pollsters generally found that Jonesers, compared with the other generations, were by far the most supportive of Bush, and that Joneser women were the primary “swing voters” among all generations of women.
www.generationjones.com /latest.html   (2470 words)

 "Interview with Evan Thomas on John Paul Jones" by Bret Harte
And also when Jones takes the Serapis, [the English] are relieved to know that it was at least done by their cousins.
We're lucky that, as a self-promoter, Jones left an awful lot of his papers that are reasonably accurate, although like most self-promoters he gilds the lily a bit.
Jones was born into a deeply stratified world where everybody knows where they stand in the great chain of being.
www.seacoastnh.com /jpj/evanthomas.html   (2133 words)

 Telegraph | News
Generation Jones makes up about a fifth of the population and its attitudes are very different from those of the rest of the population, says the media analyst group Carat.
Our research has found that the generation clearly does exist and has had experiences that are quite distinct from those of the American generation and that have profoundly shaped and influenced its opinions, attitudes, aspirations and behaviour in later life."
Generation Jones has rejected the optimism and trust in governments of those born immediately after the war but has yet to endorse the cynicism and selfishness of Generation X - the MTV, Margaret Thatcher and computer game generation now in its 20s and 30s.
www.telegraph.co.uk /news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2004/11/24/njones24.xml&sSheet=/news/2004/11/24/ixhome.html   (728 words)

 Tommy Lee Jones Biography - Biography.com
An eighth-generation Texan, Jones was the only child of Clyde Jones, a cowboy-turned-oil-field worker, and his wife, Lucille Marie.
His parents were married and divorced twice; as he later revealed in interviews, Jones had a difficult adolescence, enduring a good deal of physical abuse at the hands of his father.
If Jones’ manic performance as a villainous ex-CIA operative in the 1992 thriller Under Siege—starring Steven Seagal and directed by Andrew Davis—introduced his talents to a far wider audience than he had previously known, Davis’ action-thriller The Fugitive (1993) catapulted Jones onto the A-list of Hollywood stars.
www.biography.com /search/article.do?id=9542352   (613 words)

 Postmodern Prophet: Casting a vision for a new generation
Jones, 37, is a special consultant to the BGCT's Church Starting Center and church missions and evangelism section on matters related to postmodernism and the emerging generation.
That's where Jones comes in, as he seeks to connect the modern church with a postmodern culture that looks very different at times.
Jones' vision was to see a network of churches develop around the world so that "anywhere they will go there will be a life-giving church" with which they can connect.
www.baptiststandard.com /2001/4_9/pages/postmodern_jones.html   (1015 words)

 Mysterious Disappearing Conservative Generation   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Generation Keaton was divvied between Boomers and Xers, erased and forgotten.
Generation Keaton hindered the Left's attempt to claim youth as a grievance group.
Generational labels are a false identity, but hold a seductive appeal.
www.communistvampires.com /articles/keaton.htm   (766 words)

 Jones - Wynn Funeral Home
Now the Jones-Wynn Funeral Home is enjoying what sometimes never happens, and that is the emergence of the third generation with Ellen Wynn McBrayer and her husband, Scott McBrayer.
“As the third generation we have found that family values and family traditions are not new concepts.
Being the third generation, it is truly a blessing to walk with both first and second generations,” states Ellen Wynn McBrayer.
www.jones-wynn.com /company/index.html   (477 words)

 Forum: Who elected Bush? 'Generation Jones'
For the uninitiated, Generation Jones is the large, heretofore lost, generation between the baby boomers and Generation X. Born in the years 1954 to 1965, Jonesers are not a small cusp generation that slipped through the cracks, but rather the largest generation in American history, constituting 26 percent of all U.S. adults today.
This original flawed definition of the baby-boom generation has become widely discredited among generations experts, which is partly what's given rise to the emergence of Generation Jones, a cohort with significantly different attitudes and values than those held by its surrounding generations.
In fact, it is the female bloc of "Jones" voters that are largely identified as "security moms." They are also a major part of the "evangelical vote," and Jones voters are a significant percentage of the cross-over African-American, Asian and Hispanic voters who supported Bush.
www.post-gazette.com /pg/04340/421595.stm   (1553 words)

 Keeping up with the Joneses - The Most - MSNBC.com
Jonathan Pontell is a cultural historian who has conducted extensive research on this demographic, America’s largest living generation at 53 million people.  He points to the 2004 election as evidence of the Jonesers at work.
“Generation Jones was the decisive vote which gave George W. Bush the victory, and the polling now shows that they will have a crucial role on Tuesday,” he said via e-mail.
A new Rasmussen poll breaks out polling results by generation.  In all three states, Generation Jones is evenly divided between the two candidates, while their Boomer and X-er relatives have pretty much made up their minds.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/15592086   (310 words)

 Jones tree Farm   (Site not responding. Last check: )
After World War II, a fourth generation, Philip Jones and wife Elisabeth began inviting friends to harvest their own Christmas trees in the woods on the family’s dairy farm.
Today, fifth generation Will and Terry Jones, along with wife Jean, are the primary managers of the farm.
Sixth generation Jamie and Gwyn Jones are still in school, but are actively involved in farming.
electronicvalley.org /tour/jonestreefarm.htm   (302 words)

 Jones Dairy Farm - Shopping & Specialty Items, Gift Hams   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Some consider this to be the crowning achievement of the Jones family - the most exquisite ham you have ever tasted.
Now Jones famous Old Fashioned Ham is available in a fully cooked version.
This classic bone-in ham is hand-crafted with 100 years of Jones family pride and tradition.
www.jonesdairyfarm.com /store   (588 words)

 Silent Generation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The name Silent Generation was coined in the November 5, 1951 cover story of Time to refer to the generation coming of age at the time.
The phrase gained further currency after William Manchester's comment that the members of this generation were "withdrawn, cautious, unimaginative, indifferent, unadventurous and silent." The name was used by Strauss and Howe in their book Generations as their designation for that generation in the United States of America born from 1925 to 1942.
The impact of the generation was also great culturally, as the musicians and thinkers such as Paul McCartney, John Lennon and Bob Dylan who shaped the fashions of the boomers and were often associated with the pop culture of the 1960s and 1970s.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Silent_Generation   (680 words)

 Billy Bragg Forums > Will Generation Jones vote differently on 5 May?
I suppose if you were a Catholic Generation Jones woman living in a swing state a month before that election, you wouldn't have much time for anything in your life because you'd be so busy fending off the parade of persuaders from the Bush camp.
Apr 20 2005, 05:52 PM I have to respectfully disagree with idea that Generation Jones is a canned media idea or marketing ploy; I see it as organic and real and very relevant in a political context.
BBC's Newsnight featured 'Generation Jones impact on 5 May election' as their lead story this past Saturday, and there's been quite a few other mentions in UK press last couple weeks.
www.billybragg.co.uk /forums/lofiversion/index.php/t2212.html   (883 words)

 Generation Jones Women are Swing Voters (But GEN-X Women are the biggest Bush Supporters)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
However, the much-discussed swing among women back toward Kerry in October was driven by the Generation Jones segment, while Generation X women actually increased their support for Bush, favoring him by 52% to 43%.
It was our generation that transformed it, in the 70s, into a much more widely used word with a broader meaning.
Generation Jones were born during the late 50s and just into the early 60s.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/news/1260568/posts   (3186 words)

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