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Topic: Generation X

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  Generation Brands
Generation Brands is the largest decorative lighting company in North America.
The most successful lighting dealers and showrooms, the most discriminating lighting designers and decorators, and the most demanding end users universally depend on one or more of our brands to serve their customers and their requirements.
Generation Brands has 12 premier brands currently offering the industry's leading portfolio of fashionable and functional lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, and decorative products for residential and commercial applications.
www.generation-brands.com   (103 words)

  RealEstateJournal | Generation X May Boost Sagging Real-Estate Market
Generation X, typically defined as those born between 1965 and 1979, comprise a little more than half of the market for newly constructed homes, said James Chung, president of Reach Advisors, a Boston-based marketing strategy and research firm.
"Generation X is in the heart of their entry-level home-buying years and are just now entering their peak trade-up years," Chung said.
As for Generation Y, also know as the echo boomers who were born after 1980, it's premature to draw conclusions, Gadi Kaufmann, chief executive of Robert Charles Lesser and Co., a real estate advisory firm, said during a ULI panel discussion on what young consumers want.
www.realestatejournal.com /buysell/markettrends/20061107-gerencher.html?refresh=on   (1054 words)

  Building Relationships with Generations X & Y   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Generation X is the much maligned and, in some cases, written off generation of the 20th century.
Born between 1965 and 1976, Generation X is the smallest of the cohorts at roughly 40 million.
Generation X and Millennials will bring their own brand of philanthropy to the forefront in coming years and their styles are becoming apparent.
national.unitedway.org /research/generationsXY.cfm   (2740 words)

  Generation X - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Coupland's usage, the "X" of Generation X referred to the namelessness of a generation that was coming into an awareness of its existence as a separate group while at the same time feeling completely dwarfed and culturally overshadowed by the Baby Boomer generation of which it was ostensibly a part.
Generation X has also been described as a generation consisting of those people whose teen years were touched by the 1980s, although many who are considered part of this generation had their teenage years stretching into the 1990s.
The aspects that bind Generation X across economic levels and cultures are the defining points of the 1970s: the Bretton Woods system and its subsequent failure, the impact of the contraceptive pill on social-interactional dynamics, and the oil shock of 1973.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Generation_X   (3955 words)

 Generation X - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Generation X in its conception is originally a western concept, although Japan has its own version of Generation X. Developing countries, which make up the vast majority of the global population, have a Generation X that differs from that in the West, due to poor education and little disposable income.
The aspects and essence that binds the Generation X across economic levels and cultures are the defining points of the 1970s: the Bretton Woods system and its subsequent failure, the impact of the contraceptive pill on social-interactional dynamics, and the oil shock of 1973.
Generation X has survived a hurried childhood of divorce, latchkeys, space shuttle explosions (primarily in the United States), open classrooms, widespread political corruption, inflation and recession, post-Vietnam national malaise, environmental disaster, the Islamic Revolution (in Iran), devil-child movies, and a shift from "G" to "R" ratings (which had little effect outside the United States).
www.chicagoridge.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Generation_X   (1343 words)

 Generation X (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Generation X was a Marvel Comics superhero team, featured in an eponymous monthly series from November 1994 until June 2001.
Generation X featured a team of teenage mutants, designed to reflect the cynicism and complexity of the series' namesake demographic.
A miniseries entitled Generation M debuted in November 2005, focusing on the after-effects from House of M, in which Scarlet Witch uses her hex/mutant powers to wish for "no more mutants." The first issue revealed a powerless Chamber, while the second showed a depowered Jubilee.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Generation_X_(comics)   (1602 words)

 Generation X to Generation Next
This seems to suggest that Generation X cultivation was merely a symptom of a deeper malaise in contemporary American society, and that disaffection was not just confined to those born between the 1961 to 1981 time-frame.
Generation X hysteria, however, had already infected marketers anxious to overcome the effects of economic repression, and the term was used as a code-word for fifty-million people who might otherwise have been difficult to pin down as a target market.
Those who liked to consider themselves Generation Xers had successfully killed the use of the term Generation X by criticising the media's cultivation of the slacker stereotype and the associated hypermarketing, but in the end this criticism was as flawed as the misrepresentation and marketing strategies themselves.
barneygrant.tripod.com /GenxLS.htm   (2294 words)

 Definition of Generation X
Generation X is not synonymous with "slacker," but to many people these words have come to mean the same thing.
Generation X should not be viewed as a pejorative term and it's not an inflexible definition.
In reality, a generation is more than a demographic unit, but because television and the media love to group people in target markets, Generation X often appears to be only white middle-class twentysomethings.
www.albany.net /~genxtv/define.html   (920 words)

 Generation X
Not so much the children of the Woodstock generation as their younger siblings, squeezed between the obsessions of the baby boomers and the blithe consumerism of their children the global teens generation X is portrayed as a historical middle child of the postwar years.
The irony of Generation X, its acute observation of lives patched together from the objects of more literal eras, was a distillation of the feeling that the possibility of a genuine mass alternative a heroic, transformative culture was out of the question.
Generation X was an acknowledgement that the genie comes out of the bottle once in an age.
jmm.aaa.net.au /articles/5216.htm   (2860 words)

 The grunge generation grows up | csmonitor.com
Many of those in Gen X (born roughly between 1965 and 1979) now own their own companies, are raising children, and scoff at the stereotypes that were created about them in the early 1990s - particularly that they are cynical slackers who avoid commitment to jobs and relationships.
Generation X may not have the numbers or the name recognition of the baby boomers, but its members - now approximately 25 to 39 years old, and 60 million strong - are putting their stamp on everything from parenting to planning for the future.
Gen X is said to be the first generation that may end up worse off than their parents, but they are also the first to enter the workforce as major innovations in communication technology - e-mail, cellphones, high-speed Internet access - were taking over.
www.csmonitor.com /2004/0721/p12s02-lifp.html   (1499 words)

 TrouserPress.com :: Generation X
With Idol as the band's voice and image and guitarist Bob "Derwood" Andrews providing its rock power, Generation X broke a lot of punk conventions, and were ultimately ostracized by their peers for refusing to be (or even feign being, as many others did) anti-commercial.
Generation X, regardless of the reputational damage Billy Idol may have subsequently caused, is a classic record.
Their moniker truncated to Gen X, Idol and James employed once and future Clash drummer Terry Chimes and a trio of guitar stars — Steve Jones, John McGeoch and Chelsea's James Stevenson — but the spirit was gone from the music, and the LP is merely a pale shadow of the band's early glories.
www.trouserpress.com /entry.php?a=generation_x   (528 words)

 New America Foundation : article -378- "A Politics for Generation X" "A Politics for Generation X" -378-   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Moreover, there is a general decline in social trust among the young, whether that is trust in their fellow citizens, in established institutions, or in elected officials.
Three quarters of Generation X agree with the statement "Our generation has an important voice, but no one seems to hear it." Whatever this voice may be, it does not fit comfortably within existing partisan camps.
Recognizing that Generation X makes up a large and particularly unpredictable voting bloc, candidates from across the spectrum have gone out of their way to woo the youth vote, usually by paying lip service to some of young people's more obvious concerns, including, most recently, Social Security reform.
www.newamerica.net /index.cfm?pg=article&DocID=378   (6128 words)

 Generation X
Generation X is usually made up of people who are born between 1960 and 1980, with workers being in their teens and twenties.
Generation X women who are in their twenties, likely to have been raised by working mothers, are better educated than women in any other generation in U.S. history (Kruger, 1994).
Generation X employees like to feel that we are contributors and that we understand the organizational mission and vision.
www.ci.portland.or.us /affirm/GenX.htm   (5506 words)

 Generation X myths
All of the negative attributes of Generation X are forever stuck with people born between 1965 and 1980.
Depending on who is asked, Generation X is made up of people born between 1965 and 1980, 1965 and 1975, 1961 and 1981, 1964 and 1979 or since the mid-1960s.
Generation X is surrounded by myths that add to the stereotype and negative definition of the generation.
www.jour.unr.edu /outpost/specials/genx.overvw2.html   (979 words)

 Generation X defies definition
For practical purposes we will say that Generation X was born between 1965 and 1980, now ranging in age from 17-32 and usually judged by characteristics assigned to them by the media.
They are the generation that was raised in the 1970s and 1980s, and saw this country undergo a selfish phase that they do not want to repeat.
"Generation X grew up in the 'me generation' of the 1980s, and now they are able to see that it is not all it is cracked up to be," said Jackie Shelton, 31, vice president of Minor Advertising in Reno.
www.jour.unr.edu /outpost/specials/genx.overvw1.html   (324 words)

 The Chronicle, 3/31/2005: Connecting With Generation X
Nonprofit organizations that have studied the reasons behind the differences in giving among the generations say that members of Generation X are not intrinsically less interested in giving than their parents and grandparents.
Unlike their baby-boomer parents, members of Generation X were not part of massive social movements, such as the push for civil rights or opposition to the Vietnam War.
To help Generation X feel comfortable with giving, the foundation created a fund called SV2, the Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund, in which members have to be invited to join and are committed to give $5,000 to $25,000 per year for two years.
philanthropy.com /free/articles/v17/i12/12003301.htm   (2038 words)

 '' by - Get Underground Featured Article      
"Generation X" is usually taken as a label that groups together those people born 1961-1981 in the United States, or perhaps in the western world.
In other words, Gen X is comprised of individuals who largely form their self-conceptualized identity – who they are – within the Gen X worldview.
The Generation X worldview is particularly interesting because it exemplifies a particularly reflective attempt to deal more directly with concerns that very much remain with us today – concerns we manage to ignore, but which do underlie our affect our deepest convictions of our life’s "meaningfulness".
www.getunderground.com /underground/features/article.cfm?Article_ID=1775   (4623 words)

 CMT.com : Generation X : Biography
Originally formed in 1976, Generation X (which was named after a book that focused on battles between the Mods and the Rockers during the '60s) was comprised of guitarist Bob Andrews, bassist Tony James, drummer Mark Laff, and fronted by Idol.
Generation X managed to squeeze out one final album, 1981's Kiss Me Deadly (which contained the original version of a song that Idol would later cover as a solo artist and score a massive hit with, "Dancing With Myself"), before splitting up.
As Idol's solo success created interest in his first band, numerous Generation X best-of and rarity collections began to crop up, including 1985's Perfect Hits: 1975-1981, 1998's Sweet Revenge, and 2000's Original Debut, the latter of which was a reissue of the U.K. version of Generation X's self-titled debut.
www.cmt.com /artists/az/generation_x/bio.jhtml   (391 words)

 Generation X: The slackers who changed the world - Independent Online Edition > This Britain   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Generation X was first coined by Jane Deverson, a journalist working on a study of the behaviour of British youth in 1964.
That is to say, that most previous definitions of Generation X have been written by Baby Boomers, looking down on their younger siblings with the usual mixture of envy and contempt (Coupland, for example, is not Gen X; Stiller only barely).
As Generation X reaches middle age and inevitably takes charge, it's possible to envisage dithering direction guided only by the side its bread (wholemeal, stone ground, from the deli) is buttered (spreadable, Danish, unsalted).
news.independent.co.uk /uk/this_britain/article2276189.ece   (3897 words)

 Generation X
"Generation X for me was not so much to stereotype all these people as it was to re-validate 18-34 as a relevant target demographic, because at that time, it wasn't...To be the sixth, seventh or eighth person in a market targeting 25-54 men was just plain dumb." -The Hard Report 7/22/94 Darn That Barnes
Generation X is suspicious of the media because it represents the establishment.
Generation X is more culturally divers than any previous generation, and WASP aesthetics will not dominate its culture.
www.mediathink.com /articles/audience/genx.htm   (532 words)

 Generation X
But what makes Generation X unique is the spirit of their age-an age widely regarded as postmodern and often as post-Christian.
Generation X is the first generation to grow up amidst this postmodern world-view.
Even Christian members of Generation X are finding certain pop culture artists to be more in rime with their concept of religious expression than traditional evangelical modes.
jmm.aaa.net.au /articles/612.htm   (2649 words)

 generation x
The term generation X jumped from the title of a book which was intended to describe a way of thinking, not and age group - to a label for 50 million individuals.
Marketing to Generation X became the focus of commercials and advertisements before the generation really had a chance to show society what they stood for.
In the case of Generation X, it is clear that the "dominant elite" created the slacker images for reasons spanning from a declining economy to pop icons of the moment.
www.willamette.edu /~ccollins/framing/jmoogk/generation_x.html   (2129 words)

 Amazon.ca: Generation X : Tales For an Accelerated Culture: Books: Douglas Coupland   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Generation X should feel dated--its title is no longer a part of the zeitgeist, and the generation it defined has been irrevocably changed.
Surprisingly, though, the culture that is described in Generation X has not changed all that much; it has simply been passed on, in an Internet-friendly form, to the latest crop of bright young things.
Those who missed Generation X when it first appeared may be surprised to find that most of the associations that have been tacked on to its catchphrase title are not present in the novel.
www.amazon.ca /Generation-X-Tales-Accelerated-Culture/dp/031205436X   (3002 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture: Books   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Representing the lost Generation X, they work in low-pay, low-prestige, no-future jobs in the service industry and tell disturbing stories that reveal their inner world.
Generation X has become something of an 'our song' between myself and my friends.
"Generation X" was the first of his novels I read and I have to admit at that time I didn't really get into the book or enjoy it much.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/0349108390   (866 words)

 Generation-x at technical college
The survey questions were inspired by published works which characterized the current generation of students as Generation X and one work in particular which drew often outrageous and eye-opening observations regarding student attitudes, desires, and expectations.
The flavor of Generation X students is characterized by appropriate quotations from source references to set the mood for the actual survey results.
Clearly, most college students are currently Generation X or 13ers while the faculty who teach them are primarily a mix of Silent Generation, Boomers, and of course their own from Generation X. One should notice that in just a few years college faculty will begin to see students from the Millennial generation.
et.nmsu.edu /~etti/winter98/education/cthomas.html   (3783 words)

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