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In the News (Fri 20 Apr 18)

 Genie Francis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Genie Francis (born Eugenie Ann Francis on May 26, 1962 in Englewood, New Jersey) is an actress who starred as Laura Spencer on the ABC daytime drama General Hospital from April 16, 1976 to March 27, 1982, from June 23, 1983 to February 11, 1985 and from October 29, 1993 to September 6, 2002.
Genie Francis, in a still from General Hospital.
She is the daughter of Canadian actor Ivor Francis, who died in 1986. /wiki/Genie_Francis   (551 words) - Movie brings 'Trek,' 'General Hospital' icons together at last
BEVERLY HILLS — Sci-fi flyboy Jonathan Frakes and his wife of 16 years, soap opera queen Genie Francis, will be forever remembered by their millions of impassioned fans as the beloved centerpieces of two of television's longest-running franchises.
Francis says her producers frowned on her decision in 2001 to go public with her teenage cocaine addiction, and she claims she was humiliated over her weight gain.
On this afternoon, Frakes and Francis are both dressed in floral vacation clothes as they snuggle close on a sofa in their luxurious suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel. /life/movies/news/2004-07-27-frakes-francis_x.htm   (796 words)

 Genie Francis
Francis (opposite Anthony Geary as Luke) was called upon to smile bravely through her many tears as she essayed the role of teenaged Laura in ABC's ratings titan "General Hospital".
Although she starred in several lavish primetime miniseries (i.e., "Bare Essence" NBC 1982; "North and South" ABC 1985), in the mid 80s, Francis' primetime career did not meet with the success of her daytime career....
This winsome blonde leading actress achieved great popularity as half of daytime TV's most talked-about romance of the early 1980s. /celebs/detail/celeb/190281   (101 words)

 The Anthony Geary Webpage
Fifteen years after the wedding of Luke and Laura--the most-watched dramatic event in the history of daytime TV--General Hospital's Anthony Geary and Genie Francis are once again the golden couple of soaps.
Francis is every bit his equal, giving an emotionally bottomless, earth-mother performance that is remarkably fierce and primal.
One particular plotline from last year--a story suggested by Francis in which Laura was forced to tell Luke about her secret son by his nemesis, Stavros Cassadine--continues to electrify the partnership. /geary/artint/art29.html   (945 words)

 Genie Ann Francis - Biography
Francis appeared in the Williamstown Festival Theater Production of "Defying Gravity." That same year, Genie made her New York City debut in "The Baby Dance" at the Lucille Lortel Theatre in Greenwich Village.
Francis moved at age 7 with her parents and 2 brothers to L.A., where her father, Broadway stage actor Ivor Francis, pursued his dream of becoming a star.
Genie is married to actor/director Jonathan Frakes, who starred in the popular syndicated television series, "Star Trek: The Next Generation."  They met on the set of “North and South”, and fell in love. /GenieFrancisWebsite/GenieAnnFrancis.htm   (1782 words)

 Stephen Nichols and Genie Francis Fan Central
Genie is on vacation from General Hospital right now...hasn't been announced how long, but her last day on GH was July 20.
Genie plays Jessica's (Angela Lansbury) niece, who is the top suspect when her boss is murdered.
For Genie: Check out "Murder, She Wrote" on AandE (Arts and Entertainment Channel) on August 21st at either 10:00 a.m or 4 p.m. /steflaura4ever/nicholsfrancis.html   (470 words)

 GH News ABC Confirms Francis' Exit General Hospital @
Genie Francis taped her final General Hospital scenes on August 13th.
Posted Sunday, August 25, 2002 7:55:07 PM ABC has now confirmed that Genie Francis (Laura Spencer) is leaving the show.
Francis then remained away from General Hospital for nearly a decade, returning in October 1993 and remaining with the show through the present. /gh/news/2002/0826-francis.php   (173 words)

 The Anthony Geary Webpage
It was there that Tony Geary and Genie Francis, who 10 years earlier had left their phenomenally popular roles as Luke and Laura Spencer on ABC's "General Hospital," met to catch up.
The wedding picture of Luke and Laura: "The Vows that Worked: Luke and Laura (Tony Geary and Genie Francis) said "I do" back in 1981, the highest rated soap event in TV history.
Luke and Laura on Roseanne: "Pop Phenom Fest: "General Hospital's" reunited Luke and Laura (Tony Geary and Genie Francis) visit the Conners (Roseanne Barr and John Goodman) on "Roseanne" this week. /geary/artint/art25.html   (1068 words)

 General Hospital - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As a result, Lesley rejected David's advances and the enraged suitor began sleeping with her sixteen year old daughter Laura Genie Francis instead.
Eventually in 1993, Anthony Geary would reprise his most famous role of Luke Spencer, along with Genie Francis who reprised her role as Luke's wife Laura.
However, ratings remained stable after Francis' departure and even rose due to the fact that Vanessa Marcil returned as Brenda in a five month stint which lasted into the early months of 2003. /wiki/General_Hospital   (5165 words)

 Stefan & Laura Fan Fiction & More
Stefan Cassadine (Stephen Nichols) and Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) had a silent connection that began one night in a garden and continued for two decades, even though the circumstances of their lives and their families kept them far apart.
It is maintained by fans and is in no way affiliated with Stephen Nichols or Genie Francis.
This is a fan fiction site for fans to post fiction featuring the General Hospital characters Stefan Cassadine and Laura Spencer.   (150 words)

 Genie Francis (Laura, General Hospital) - Reviews on RateItAll
Born in Englewood, New Jersey, Genie Francis is best known for her role as Laura Spencer in the soap opera "General Hospital." She has also appeared in TV shows such as "All My Children" and the TV miniseries "North and South."
Genie Francis is the best actress that GH has ever had.
Bring Genie back to GH- fire the writers for letting her slip away to the competition! /showitem.aspx?ItemID=6269&OrderBy=3&pagenum=2   (349 words)

 Genie Francis Website
Genie Francis is a beautifully talented woman, who has dazzled us for twenty years with her role as Laura Spencer!
Also, though it's hard to gain new material and images of Genie, Becky, does a fantastic job, so please, peek in often to her group, GoddessGenie Group.
My Genie Group has 24 new photos, including two from the premiere of Thunderbirds, last July. /GenieFrancisWebsite   (189 words)

 Genie Francis
While Kin Shriner (Scott, General Hospital) was sorry to see longtime friend and costar Genie Francis (Laura) leave the show, he did get a little something to soften the blow.
In the meantime, Francis' costars are still buzzing about her final scenes (which were scheduled to air Sept. 6).
"Bizarrely enough, it turned out not to be a hindrance (to storytelling)," says Guza of Francis' departure, which coincided with leading man Anthony Geary 's (Luke) own vacation. /gf.html   (516 words) Intimate Portrait
Genie Francis found fame as Laura Spencer on "General Hospital," but she gave up her childhood and innocence.
Home > Shows > Intimate Portrait > Genie Francis
After struggling with cocaine addiction and a stalled career, the bright-eyed actress is now back on track with a happy family and a satisfying job. /shows/ip/portraits/0128/0128_index.html   (113 words)

 Stephen Nichols - Match Made in Heaven - Soaps in Depth - November 2, 1999
"There's no doubt that Genie and I have chemistry together, but I think there are a lot of factors involved in why two actors click and why they work well together," Nichols suggests, adding that he credits Francis' intelligence as a contributing factor to the success of their on-screen pairing.
We're all people, villains or not, we're all just human." And while clearly it's Stefan's strained relationship with that nasty woman he calls "mother" that brings out his dark side, it's Laura (Genie Francis) who brings a smile to his face.
Stephen Nichols admits that the most challenging thing about playing enigmatic Stefan Cassadine is "walking the line between his dangerous side and his vulnerability because I've never believed [anyone is] one-dimensional. /articles/90s/match.html   (201 words)

 eBay - genie francis, Television Memorabilia, Magazine Back Issues items on
Genie Francis General Hospital TV Guide Letterman 1982
GENIE FRANCIS and DRAKE HOGESTYN - DOOL - color trans /search/search.dll?query=genie+francis&newu=1&...   (395 words) Movies - Terror in the Shadows
Then you're really going to enjoy watching two of daytime's icons, Genie Francis and Marcy Walker, together on the tube!
Francis made the cover of Newsweek for a story about the romance of Laura and Luke on "General Hospital."
The story is tricky: An insane woman is forced to give her baby up for adoption, then tracks down the family who took the child in. /movies/info/move2301.html   (138 words)

 Genie Francis Trivia - Genie Francis Facts - Genie Francis Notes
Genie Francis Trivia - Genie Francis Facts - Genie Francis Notes
Genie married actor/director Jonathan Frakes, May 28, 1988 and have two children Jameson and Elizabeth.
Check out Genie's monthly TV schedule: (edit) /genie-francis/person/9931/trivia.html   (65 words)

 Genie Francis Current Month TV Schedule
Genie Francis talks about her success on 'General Hospital.' Included: remarks by Tony Geary, Kin Shriner and Jonathan Frakes.
Click here for MeeVee's next 12 days of Local Television Schedules for Genie Francis.
Click here to visit the Internet Movie Database for more info on Genie Francis /stars/geniefr.html   (67 words) SHOW - Bare Essence: Part 1 of 2
"General Hospital" sweetheart Genie Francis, fresh off her role as Laura (of "Luke and Laura" fame) here stars as Tyger Hayes, an ambitious young woman who decides to start her own fragrance company.
Look for Francis's future husband (and co-star of "Star Trek: The Next Generation") Jonathan Frakes in a featured role.
A who's who of '80s prime time soap operas put in appearances, including Linda Evans as Tyger's mom, a woman whose love life and interest in one man in particular causes a rift between mother and daughter. /show/detail?CID=4918-1-utc   (184 words)

 Celebrity - G - Genie Francis
All - Celebrity - G - Genie Francis /a/celebrity/G/Genie_Francis   (26 words)

 Genie Francis Movies @ Filmbug
Click here for region 2 encoded Genie Francis DVDs (Europe, Japan, Middle East and South Africa).
Movies on DVD with or related to Genie Francis. /db/344234-2   (76 words)

 Genie Francis
Teacher's Pet (2004) (voice) (as Genie Ann Francis)....
Find where Genie Francis is credited alongside another name
Discuss this person with other users on IMDb message board for Genie Francis /Name?Francis,+Genie   (192 words)

 Luminous: The Genie Francis Fanlisting
And if you're a Genie Francis fan, read the rules for this fanlisting, and join!
You don't have to have a website to join, but if you do, please put a link back to this site. /luminous.html   (118 words)

 DigiGuide : Genie Francis
Find out more on Genie Francis at the Internet Movie Database
Home » Community » DigiGuide Library » Genie Francis
Download DigiGuide, and never miss programs and movies with Genie Francis in it again /lib/person/8334   (61 words)

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