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Topic: Genius

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar
The Genius Bar is the place to go for advice, insight, and hands-on technical support for your Mac or iPod.
The Genius will look up information about your system and work with you to resolve your issue or answer your questions.
The Genius may run diagnostic tests on your system and consult with other customers during the run time.
www.apple.com /retail/geniusbar   (512 words)

 Genius.com Incorporated™ : Sales Leads Qualification.
Genius.com Incorporated, creator of SalesGenius®, provides innovative on-demand personal web analytics solutions that combine aspects of e-mail marketing and personal web analytics to deliver individual prospect web visit response data directly to sales and marketing professionals so they can quickly qualify sales leads.
Genius® solutions empower sales and marketing professionals to instantly understand and qualify sales prospects, determine the success of marketing initiatives, and interact with their customers via live chat and personalized web site greetings, and personalize customer service, all without requiring programming skills or IT involvement.
Genius.com, Genius, Genius Platform, SalesGenius, the Genius logo and "Get Smart About Your Customer" are registered or pending registered trademarks of Genius.com Incorporated.
www.genius.com   (290 words)

  Genius Math Tool and the GEL Language
Genius is a calculator program similiar in some aspects to BC, Matlab or Maple.
GEL is the name of its extention language (stands for "Genius Extension Language", clever huh?), in fact, a large part of the standard genius functions are written in GEL itself.
Genius now has a known good recent version version included in the tarball (since version 0.7.2), so you don't really have to worry about it if you don't want to.
www.5z.com /jirka/genius.html   (2654 words)

Humankind seems to yearn for genius- to be reassured of the vastness of human potential." MacCready (1993) states that "Genius is a very broad word that is very widely used, but hardly ever defined." Genius seems to encompass a wide array of human characteristics into a single entity, which is presumably intellectual distinction.
Although genius may not lie in one single gene, and to think that would be a bit childish, it seems that genes are the only thing there is a reasonable consensus among psychologists.
Genius is a very broad word that is very widely used, but hardly ever defined.
www.louisville.edu /~mldort01/essay4.htm   (2745 words)

  Genius - LoveToKnow 1911
The genius of a man, as his higher intellectual self, accompanies him from the cradle to the grave.
The Roman genius, representing man's natural optimism, always endeavoured to guide him to happiness; that man was intended to enjoy life is shown by the fact that the Roman spoke of indulging or cheating his genius of his due according as he enjoyed himself or failed to do so, when he had the opportunity.
The local genius was usually represented by a snake, the symbol of the fruitfulness of the earth and of perpetual youth.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Genius   (1094 words)

 Theosophy Trust
To regard the appearance of men and women of genius as a mere accident, a prize of blind chance, or, as dependent on physical causes alone, is only thinkable to a materialist.
Moreover such genius is always apt to lead to the extremes of weal or woe him through whom this artificial light of the terrestrial mind manifests.
The occultist then, to whom "true genius is a synonym of self-existent and infinite mind," mirrored more or less faithfully by man, fails to find in the modern definitions of the term anything approaching correctness.
theosophytrust.org /tlodocs/articlesHPB.php?d=hpb/Genius.htm&p=65   (1725 words)

 Genius Quotes - The Quotations Page
Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.
He was a genius - that is to say, a man who does superlatively and without obvious effort something that most people cannot do by the uttermost exertion of their abilities.
Genius might be described as a supreme capacity for getting its possessors into trouble of all kinds.
www.quotationspage.com /subjects/genius   (239 words)

 Your Genius
The genius is a symbol for an individual's potential: all that a person may be that lies locked inside during the early years of development.
This quality of genius refers to the plasticity of the child's (and to a lesser extent the adolescent's) mind; the ability of the child and adolescent to make fluid associations, to move from fantasy to reality, from metaphor to fact, from the inner world to the outer and back again.
The genius preschooler seems to be always finding things in life to be amused by- In the classroom, a student's sense of humor may often seem to the teacher to be a distraction from the serious business of learning.
www.tnellen.com /cybereng/genius.html   (3575 words)

The genius was, and to some extent continues to be, the Romantic hero, the loner, the eccentric, the apotheosis of the individual.
The pursuit of genius is the pursuit of an illusion.
If genius means a sense of inspiration, or of rushes of ideas from apparently supernatural sources, or of an inordinate and burning desire to accomplish any particular end, it is perilously near to the voices heard by the insane, to their delirious tendencies, or to their monomanias.
www.angelfire.com /zine2/jungchiu/genius.html   (4246 words)

 Genius: An Overview - AssessmentPsychology.com
Genius is one of the oldest and yet one of the most elusive concepts in the history of psychology, and also one of the most fascinating.
In 1916, Stanford University psychologist Lewis M. Terman, Ph.D., classified an IQ score of 140 or higher as "genius or near genius", a classification that is no longer used.
Genius may be in the eye of the beholder.
www.assessmentpsychology.com /genius.htm   (629 words)

 Genius Quotes | Genius Quotations | Genius Sayings | Wisdom Quotes
The failure of women to produce genius of the first rank in most of the supreme forms of human effort has been used to block the way of all women of talent and ambition for intellectual achievement in a manner that would be amusingly absurd were it not so monstrously unjust and socially harmful.
Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.
Genius means little more than the faculty of perceiving in an unhabitual way.
www.wisdomquotes.com /cat_genius.html   (521 words)

 ArtLex on Genius   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Genius Calling Forth the Fine Arts to Adorn Manufactures and Commerce, 1789, oil on paper mounted on canvas, 19 3/8 x 24 5/8 inches (49.5 x 62.3 cm), Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, CA.
"Genius is not a possession of the limited few, but exists in some degree in everyone.
Tina Modotti: 'The word genius is related to the Latin word for testicles.
www.artlex.com /ArtLex/g/genius.html   (510 words)

 Electron Blue
Emily Dickinson wouldn't have been thought of as a genius if her poetry, most of which she hid during her lifetime, hadn't survived in manuscript form, to be published after her death.
A Nobel Prize does not confer genius, but the alleviation of generations of suffering, such as was accomplished by Jonas Salk's polio vaccine, would.
And if you want to be a genius, not only are you not one, but you are condemned to mediocrity, finishing out a Weblog entry at 3:30 AM while the real geniuses are whirring in their workplaces.
www.pyracantha.com /cgi-bin/blosxom.cgi/2006/11/15   (976 words)

 Theosophy article: "Genius" by Blavatsky
To regard the appearance of men and women of genius as a mere accident, a prize of blind chance, or, as dependent on physical causes alone, is only thinkable to a materialist.
Moreover such genius is always apt to lead to the extremes of weal or woe him through whom this artificial light of the terrestrial mind manifests.
The occultist then, to whom "true genius is a synonym of self-existent and infinite mind," mirrored more or less faithfully by man, fails to find in the modern definitions of the term anything approaching correctness.
www.blavatsky.net /blavatsky/arts/Genius.htm   (1803 words)

 BBC Radio 4 - Comedy - Genius
Genius is the show that invites listeners to air those incredible concepts that strike you just before falling into a nice sleep or after one-too-many drinks at the pub - not necessarily ideas that are worthy or even very well thought through but those that have a hint of genius.
At the recordings, Dave and his special guest genius talk through a series of ideas pitched to them by their creators.
At the end of the show Dave’s guest genius chooses his or her favourite two ideas, leaving the audience to vote on which of the two they think is the most inspired.
www.bbc.co.uk /radio4/comedy/genius.shtml   (402 words)

 Theory on How to Become a Genius
The true genius knows that it is not enough for himself having reached sky high levels - he has to take the rest of mankind with him up and has dedicated his life in making it happen.
Personally I believe everyone is a genius in their own right, what people know makes a person an individual, it also makes a person think the way they think.
Genius people may be can be whatever they want but they can’t fight the power and knowledges of God.
www.jimwestergren.com /theory-on-how-to-become-a-genius   (7702 words)

 How to Save the World
Its focus is on helping people find their genius -- the one thing they are especially and uniquely good at, and then finding application for that genius in the work world.
The arguments Richards makes for discovering and applying your genius are: (a) stronger sense of identity, (b) clearer sense of direction, (c) increased self-confidence, (d) language to communicate the value you can add, and (e) greater satisfaction and productivity in your work.
And finally, redirecting your genius so it is focused on achieving your purpose requires, in addition to a lot of thought and energy and passion, a sense of personal responsibility, a sense of knowing your own heart, a sense of deep self-awareness, and personal courage.
blogs.salon.com /0002007/2005/11/22.html   (1148 words)

 Formula for Human Genius and Creativity
As explained in Genius in Chess, despite chess being a "male game", female chess player, Judit Polgar, developed skills that are superior to those of 99.99997% of the male population.
Although the formula does not represent exact science, it is a good illustration of the difference between the two concepts of intelligence and genius: one of the true mental processing power and the other of the potential to develop it.
Predictive powers are so good in probing genius because they test all of these: (1) nimbleness of the mind, (2) extensive knowledge on the mechanics of the universe and the society, and (3) the abstractness of reasoning rules.
www.supermemo.com /articles/genius.htm   (19026 words)

 Howstuffworks "How Geniuses Work"
So, when exploring how geniuses work, it's a good idea to start by defining precisely what a genius is. For the purpose of this article, a genius isn't simply someone with an exceptionally high IQ.
Instead, a genius is an extraordinarily intelligent person who breaks new ground with discoveries, inventions or works of art.
In other words, a genius must be both intelligent and able to use that intelligence in a productive or impressive way.
people.howstuffworks.com /genius.htm   (435 words)

 Evil Genius for PC Review - PC Evil Genius Review
Indeed, while Evil Genius' dry, campy humor is often amusing from the start, it takes quite a bit of time and effort to pull off acts of infamy and establish your notoriety among global powers.
Specifically, Evil Genius is hampered by some frustratingly haphazard pacing as well as issues with the artificial intelligence of your minions.
Evil Genius' isometric perspective will be familiar if you've played other 3D tycoon games, and the interface isn't difficult to use, but most mechanics are original enough not to feel immediately familiar.
www.gamespot.com /pc/strategy/evilgenius/review.html   (1040 words)

 [No title]
Your genius can be thought of in a practical way: as the exceptional power that comes most naturally to you, as the process in which you engage so spontaneously and easily that you do not notice it, and as the business you are in as a person.
We tend to think of genius as a mental capacity, a number on an IQ test, or as a quality attached only to those who produce extraordinary creative accomplishments.
It will also alter your relationship to your genius as you will have a connection with it that is both more knowing and more intimate.
www.ongenius.com /aboutgenius.htm   (403 words)

 CreatingMinds - quotes and quotations from the wise on all matters creative
Much is said about genius, often with the assumption that you have to be a genius to create anything.
‘Genius is a nuisance, and it is the duty of schools and colleges to abate it by setting genius-traps in its way.’
‘The definition of genius is that it acts unconsciously; and those who have produced immortal works, have done so without knowing how or why.
creatingminds.org /quotes/genius.htm   (1194 words)

 Amazon.com: Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman: Books: James Gleick   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Gleick's Genius is a masterpiece of scientific biography--and an inspiration to anyone in pursuit of their own fulfillment as a person of genius.
While a genius and a polymath, Feynman was also a very serious man who never took himself all that seriously.
Feynman's genius shows itself for a much longer period of his life than most physicists whose major contributions occur early in their careers.
www.amazon.com /Genius-Life-Science-Richard-Feynman/dp/0679747044   (2376 words)

 GameSpy: Evil Genius
A tongue-in-cheek take on the 60's spy thriller genre, Evil Genius offers the player the chance to be the villain and control a secret island fortress complete with powerful (and strangely dressed) henchmen, mindlessly loyal minions and a wide range of hilarious gizmos.
All the everyday tasks of the megalomaniac are available to experience as players build a secret base, train minions, gain infamy and notoriety by completing daring missions, toy with the forces of justice by setting clever traps, torture captives with ingenious devices, and develop evil super weapons to complete a nefarious master plan.
Evil Genius (03/01/04) - It's said that no man is an island, but you'll live and die with yours in this humorous strategy title from the makers of Republic: The Revolution.
pc.gamespy.com /pc/evil-genius   (462 words)

 Macintosh Data Recovery Software & Repartition for Mac: Recover Hard Drive Data & Files
Whether you're a novice home user, professional computer technician or anything in between, Drive Genius from Prosoft Engineering is the best tool to maintain, manage and optimize your hard drive.
From performance tuning to disaster prevention, Drive Genius provides all the tools needed to take control of your hard drive, and your digital life.
From performance tuning, to disaster recovery, Drive Genius provides all the tools needed to take control of your hard drive, and your digital life.
www.prosofteng.com /products/drive_genius_info.php   (679 words)

 jrc Software: Genius
Genius organizes your information and carefully chooses questions using an intelligent "spaced repetition" method that's based on your past performance.
Use Genius to study foreign language phrases, vocabulary words, historical events, legal definitions, formal speeches, marketing points, religious texts—anything you need to memorize!
Genius is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License.
web.mac.com /jrc/Genius   (410 words)

 Amazon.ca: genius: Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Genius of Ray Charles by Ray Charles (Audio CD - 1990)
Genius Of by Ray Charles (Audio CD - 1999)
Genius of America by The Tubes (Audio CD - 1996)
www.amazon.ca /s?ie=UTF8&keywords=genius&tag=54003-20&index=music-ca&page=1   (459 words)

 Amazon.com: Genius: Software   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
International Shipping: This title can be shipped to select countries outside the U.S. Explore the Software Available for International Shipping Store for a complete selection of software and games as well as shipping details.
"Genius" is an educational simulation game, where you're building an industrial complex -- plop down factories, roads, houses, fire departments and such.
"Genius" can be really fun, but could use some interface improvements.
www.amazon.com /Viva-Media-Genius/dp/B000B628OE   (1731 words)

 Definition of genius - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
5 plural usually geniuses a : a single strongly marked capacity or aptitude genius for getting along with boys -- Mary Ross> b : extraordinary intellectual power especially as manifested in creative activity c : a person endowed with transcendent mental superiority; especially : a person with a very high IQ synonym see
Learn more about "genius" and related topics at Britannica.com
Find more about "genius" instantly with Live Search
www.m-w.com /dictionary/genius   (149 words)

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