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Topic: Geography of England

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  Geography of England - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
England comprises the central and southern two-thirds of the island of Great Britain, plus offshore islands of which the largest is the Isle of Wight.
Most of England consists of rolling hills, but it is more mountainous in the north with a chain of low mountains, the Pennines, dividing east and west.
The list of England's largest cities is much debated because in British English the normal meaning of city is "a continuously built-up urban area"; these are hard to define and various other definitions are preferred by some people to boost the ranking of their own city.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Geography_of_England   (416 words)

 Kids.net.au - Encyclopedia England -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
England (formerly the Kingdom of England up to its merger with Scotland in 1707, which created the Kingdom of Great Britain) is the largest and most densely populated of the nations that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
England comprises most of the southern half of the island of Great Britain, bordered to the north by Scotland and to the west by Wales.
According to the 2001 census the population of England was 49,138,831.
www.kidsseek.com /encyclopedia-wiki/en/England   (374 words)

 England   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
England is the largest, the most populous, and the most densely populated of the nations that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
England, as a significant political entity, ceased to exist with the Act of Union 1707, which created the Kingdom of Great Britain.
England is both the most populous and the most ethnically diverse country in the United Kingdom with around 49 million inhabitants, of which roughly a tenth are from non-White ethnic groups.
www.icyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/e/en/england.html   (966 words)

 England - Simple English Wikipedia
England is the biggest of the four countries of the United Kingdom.
England is next to Wales and Scotland, on the island of Great Britain.
England took over the country of Wales in the 13th century.
simple.wikipedia.org /wiki/England   (290 words)

 England - Encyclopedia Dramatica
England is known among Europeans as the only country USAns don't hate, because England is the USA's bitch.
England is on a tiny island situated somewhere near Europe.
England is sometimes referred to as "Britain," a term which includes the English-occupied territories of Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Italy, and Harvard Yard.
www.encyclopediadramatica.com /index.php/England   (1183 words)

 England   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The explanation lies in the tribal of England in the Dark Ages and the different contacts between various The Celts were driven westwards by the of the Saxons ; hence the Celtic names for England variants on "land of the Saxons".
England as a significant political entity ceased exist with the Act of Union with the Kingdom of Scotland in 1707 which created the Kingdom of Great Britain.
England comprises most of the southern two-thirds the island of Great Britain plus offshore islands of which the is the Isle of Wight.
www.freeglossary.com /England   (2283 words)

 Geography - England   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
England is the largest of the three political divisions within the island of Great Britain.
In the north is a range of limestone hills, known as the Pennines, to the west are the Cumbrian Mountains and the Lake District.
England's climate is mild and damp, with temperatures moderated by the light winds that blow in off its relatively warm seas.
www.uk.filo.pl /england_geography.htm   (513 words)

 England Geography
England is part of the United Kingdom, along with Scotland and Wales.
England is an island off the west coast of the European mainland.
Many North Americans have trouble driving in England because the steering wheel is on the left hand side of the car, and you drive on the left hand side of the road.
www.kidport.com /RefLib/WorldGeography/England/England.htm   (284 words)

 United Kingdom   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Also under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, though not part of the United Kingdom itself, are the Crown Dependencies of the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man and a number of Overseas Territories.
England is divided into nine Government Office Regions - North East, North West, Yorkshire and the Humber, East Midlands, West Midlands, Eastern, Greater London, South East, South West.
Scotland's geography is varied, with lowlands in the south and east and highlands in the north and west, including Ben Nevis, the UK's highest mountain (1343 m).
www.nebulasearch.com /encyclopedia/article/United_Kingdom.html   (2062 words)

 Helping Your Child Learn Geography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
In England, Canada, and the Soviet Union, geography is considered one of the basic academic subjects and is required of most secondary students; in the United States, only one in seven students takes a high school geography course.
They should insist that geography be studied and learned, in one form or another, through several years of the primary and secondary curriculum.
Geography is a way of thinking, of asking questions, of observing and appreciating the world around us.
www.familyhaven.com /parenting/helping/geograph.html   (6793 words)

 New England Online
History - New England is thought to have been inhabited for at least 50,000 years by Australian Aborigines and their ancestors.
The peaceful intervention of New Zealand in 2010 led to the end of hostilities and formal independence was granted to New England in 2011 under the auspices of the Treaty of Wellington.
The main branches consist of the Royal New England Air Force, the New England Army, the Royal New England Marines and the Royal New England Navy.
www.newenglandonline.info   (784 words)

 England -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
It became associated with St George and England, along with other countries and cities (such as Georgia, Milan and the Republic of Genoa), which claimed him as their patron saint and used his cross as a banner.
The flag of England no longer has much of an official role, but it is widely flown by Church of England properties and at sporting events.
The rose is widely recognised as the national flower of England and is used in a variety of contexts.
psychcentral.com /psypsych/England   (4746 words)

Many would have this parliament take the form of an all-England grand committee in the United Kingdom House of Commons rather than as a new body with separate elections.
The current Labour government favours the establishment of regional governments, claiming that England is too large to be governed as a sub-state entity.
Considerable disquiet was caused when changes were made to the system of counties in 1974.
usapedia.com /e/england.html   (1126 words)

 Geography - UK countries - England
England does not have its own devolved parliament and is thus entirely subject to the administration of the UK Government in Westminster.
In practice, neither metropolitan counties nor GORs are truly part of the administrative hierarchy, and electoral wards/divisions are simply the 'building blocks' from which higher units are constituted.
Parishes on the other hand can have their own council, but have been isolated from the geographic structure as, unlike electoral wards/divisions, they are not found across the whole of England.
www.statistics.gov.uk /geography/england.asp   (115 words)

 University of Portsmouth | geography
Portsmouth is recognised as one of the leading Departments of Geography in the University sector and is strongly committed to high quality teaching and research.
The quality of geography education at Portsmouth has been rated as excellent by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).
Geography is a popular and important degree subject.
www.port.ac.uk /departments/academic/geography   (134 words)

 CU Dept. of Geography Resources: Academic Departments
University of Sofia, Faculty of Geology and Geography.
University of Tartu, Faculty of Biology and Geography.
Adam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of Geography and Geology.
www.colorado.edu /geography/virtdept/resources/depts/depts.htm   (3085 words)

Geography Open Directory: The Open Directory follows in the footsteps of some of the most important contributor projects of the 20th century.
Geography in Action: This website has sections on sand dune ecosystems, the urban structure of Belfast, the ethnic geography of Belfast and landscapes of Northern Ireland (including peat bogs and deciduous woodland).
Geography in the News: This brand new site from the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) provides free learning resources, for teachers and students, focusing on the geography in and behind the news.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /REVgeography.htm   (8615 words)

Loyn, Anglo-Saxon England and the Norman Conquest (Longman's Social and Economic History of England; London, 1962); D. Palliser, The Age of Elizabeth: England Under the Later Tudors, 1547-1603 (Social and Economic History of England; Longmans).
Richardson and G. Sayles, The Governance of Medieval England from the Conquest to Magna Carta (Edinburgh, 1963) and Law and Legislation from Aethelberht to Magna Carta (Edinburgh, 1966).
On the cults of royal saints: W. Chaney, The Cult of Kingship in Anglo-Saxon England: The Transition from Paganism to Christianity (Manchester, 1970); Susan Ridyard, The Royal Saints of Anglo-Saxon England (Cambridge, 1988).
urban.hunter.cuny.edu /~thead/england.htm   (4501 words)

 Dr. Robert S. Harrison   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Interests include cultural and historical geography and the regional geography of England and Wales, the Middle East and North Africa, and the Mediterranean.
Harrison is currently engaged in a study of the historical geography of Britain in the 16th and 17th centuries.
The project involves the overlapping areas of geography, history and literature, the aim being to evaluate William Camden's "Britannia" as source material for the geography of England and Wales during that period.
www.liu.edu /cwis/cwp/clas/earthsci/harrison.htm   (425 words)

 Geography Of England
Please look for Geography Of England, England Geography London, Location Of England, Geography Map Of England, Geography Of United Kingdom, UK Geography, Climate Of England, Where Is England Located, Geography Of Scotland, Landforms Of England and Great Britain England Geography to find more Geography Of England information.
England covers over 50,000 square miles and is the largest of the countries comprising the island of Britain.
School of Geography Oxford University Centre for the Environment University of Oxford South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3QY, England Telephone: +44 (0...
geographynotes.info /info/Geography-of-England   (584 words)

 History and Geography of Berkshire, England - Combs & Research
As is often true in the case of genealogical research, an understanding of the history, geography and economics of an area can be the key that unlocks the mysteries of our ancestors.
families of England, it became increasingly clear that knowing how their lives were affected by, for example, the Parliamentary War, could provide us with both the whys and wherefores of their moves and even their deaths.
Another Berks manor held by William LOVETT (who came to England with the Conqueror from Normandy) was Enborne, which is only a few miles from the battlefield of Newbury.
www.combs-families.org /combs/records/england/brk/history.htm   (1588 words)

 ISearcs directory section: Science Social_Sciences Geography geography lesson plan, geography definition, history ...
ISearcs directory section: Science Social_Sciences Geography geography lesson plan, geography definition, history geography, morocco geography, pennsylvania geography, 5 theme of geography picture,...
5 theme of geography five theme of geography united state geography geography of china physical geography geography game
Geography of the environment, and the use of the web in higher education.
www.isearchs.net /Science/Social_Sciences/Geography   (702 words)

 Geography: New England Region of the United States | eThemes | eMINTS
Geography: New England Region of the United States
Geography: New England Region of the United States
The "Geography" link has an explanation about why this is called the Green Mountain state.
www.emints.org /ethemes/resources/S00001156.shtml   (1001 words)

 Geography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Geography majors must concentrate in a specialization within the major.
Geography majors may complete an approved minor through a combination of five (5) related elective courses and/or free electives.
In addition to the Middle School certification program in Earth Science, the Geography Department sponsors the Interdisciplinary Major in Geography and Earth Science for students seeking certification at the early childhood or elementary level.
www.framingham.edu /catalog2001/Geography.htm   (684 words)

 H-Net Review: Graeme Wynn on The Relations of History and Geography: Studies in England, France and the United States
Darby is probably best known among those interested in medieval England for his leadership of the massive Domesday project--a careful reconstruction of the geography of England late in the eleventh century, that stretched to seven enormous volumes published between 1952 and 1977--and by others for his two volumes on
They are, for the record, "The Geography behind History," "Past Geographies," "The History behind Geography," and "The Historical Element in Geography." These chapters are the texts of lectures that Darby delivered in a University of London seminar between 1954 and 1966, and subsequently to students in a third-year course at Cambridge (1966-76).
In discussing historical geography in France, Darby quotes Lucien Febvre: "To act on his environment, man does not place himself outside it." For Darby, the historian Febvre was simply the apostle of "possibilism," an advocate of human agency in opposition to the views of environmental determinists, and he made little of this assertion.
www.h-net.org /reviews/showrev.cgi?path=71971056725777   (2438 words)

 Halley's New England Adventure   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The game tests users' knowledge of New England geography and history and incorporates entertaining graphics with several animations.
Maps are used to help users visualize questions, which deal with specific places in New England, constantly reinforcing an understanding of New England geography.
The questions are not grouped by subject-matter, and tend instead to be trivia dealing with New England.
www.cs.brown.edu /courses/cs092/projects/halley   (182 words)

This paper reviews the development of British historical geography, and of regional and local approaches to economic and social history, over the last eighty years, and shows how GIS-based techniques enable us to extract new meaning from historical sources and answer research questions which could only be imperfectly explored with traditional techniques.
While most recent writing in historical geography has adopted a post-modern perspective, emphasising the cultural and the most recent past, British social, economic and demographic historians have increasingly emphasised the regional and the spatial.
While these studies are arguably far more grounded in geographical context and more sophisticated in their jutaxposition of different sources than the studies discussed in the first part of the paper, the sheer complexity of the material makes the argument hard to follow when the evidence is presented purely linearly,on paper.
www.people.fas.harvard.edu /~chgis/meetings/papers/southall_abstract.html   (351 words)

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