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Topic: Geoism

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Georgism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some use the term "Geoism", with the meaning of "Geo" deliberately ambiguous.
"Earth Sharing", "Geoism", "Geonomics" and "Geolibertarianism" (see libertarianism) are also preferred by some Georgists, "Geoanarchism" is another one.
These terms reflect a difference of emphasis, and sometimes real differences about how land rent should be spent (citizen's dividend or just replacing other taxes); but all agree that land rent should be fully taxed.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Georgism   (420 words)

 Geoism, Statism, and Market Anarchism, by Brad Edmonds – anti-state.com
Within the state paradigm, all geoism offers is a redistribution of the tax burden from everyone to landowners.
Moral arguments aside, there are practical problems with geoism as compared to market anarchism (in the context of the state, geoism isn't more or less practical or efficient than what we already have).
In short, while it appears romantic on the surface to redistribute wealth to all the world's population, there is nothing in geoism, morally or practically, in a statist or libertarian context, to recommend it.
www.anti-state.com /geo/edmonds6.html   (735 words)

 Edward H. Clarke / Geoism and the Practice of Public Economics
I have long been sympathetic to the Geoist position, and to the extent that you will let me characterize my views as Geoclassical rather than Neoclassical, Geoism represents a position that many in the public economics profession can gradually be attracted to, as I was over the course of thirty years.
In some respects, I propose to present geoism as social art -- in part science, in part politics (the art of the possible) and part political philosophy (converting the impossible to the possible).
Geoism came fast to me, however, in the mid-1960's in working for a land economics consulting firm, curiously named the Real Estate Research Corporation.
www.cooperativeindividualism.org /clarke_geoism.html   (3507 words)

 Australian Centre for Democracy and Justice’s Blog » Blog Archive » Geoism
I’ve come across Geoism a few times before in a few different conversations with people involved in the Geoist movement.
Geoism is an idea put forward by Henry George.
This is understandable considering it’s a 19th Centrury idea but I can’t help feeling that Geoism’s environmental credentials are perhaps overstated.
democracyandjustice.org /blog/?p=59   (714 words)

 LP: Geoanarchism
Therefore, many adherents are now calling the doctrine "geoism," geo standing both for land (as in geography) and for George.
Geoism is a theory of economic justice and efficiency.
Geoism is therefore in accord with liberty, and is the philosophy best suited to a society free of state oppression and tyranny.
www.libertypost.org /cgi-bin/readart.cgi?ArtNum=110805   (3583 words)

 Fred Foldvary / Coming to Terms with Our Terms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
I introduced the term "geoism" in The Connection, a libertarian periodical, as a substitute for "Georgism" several years ago and as far as I know this was the first usage of it.
I have no desire to do away with the term "Georgism", but feel that a more generic term is also desirable, for the same reasons that Jeff Smith set forth in his Georgist Journal article.
There is no "one size fits all" in applying geoism.
www.cooperativeindividualism.org /foldvary-fred_geoism-vs-georgism.html   (387 words)

 Geoism and The Progress Report   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Geoism is pretty simple, but it has a lot of implications, and most people like to study those for a while before they decide whether geoism is a great idea.
For instance, one implication of geoism is a total end to corporate welfare, both within a country and internationally (as operated by the IMF, which should be closed).
Keep visiting The Progress Report and you will get a taste of what geoism is all about.
www.progress.org /geo.html   (164 words)

 The Free Liberal: Socio-Economics
Followers of the economics of Henry George should be very glad that legal scholars are taking an interest in economics and seek better policies and economic understanding.
The approach of socio-economics is friendly to geoclassical economics, geonomics, and geoism.
Socio-economics and geoism have much in common, and I see a great future for geoists and socio-economists working together.
www.freeliberal.com /archives/000615.html   (723 words)

 The Case Against Geoism, by Jan Narveson – anti-state.com
The Case Against Geoism, by Jan Narveson – anti-state.com
A short summary of geoism and its relation to libertarianism.
He wrote The Libertarian Idea (1988, reprinted 2001) and Respecting Persons in Theory and Practice (2002), as well as many other books and articles.
www.anti-state.com /geo/narveson1.html   (2588 words)

 CommUnity of Minds : Working Together   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
That had very good success for it made all hands very industrious, so much [more] corn was planted than otherwise would have been".
The Pilgrims changed their economic system from communism to geoism; the land was still owned in common and could not be sold or inherited, but each family was allotted a portion, and they could keep whatever they grew.
The governor "assigned to every family a parcel of land, according to the proportion of their number for that end."
solutions.synearth.net /2001/12/06   (1698 words)

 Goonanism » 2005 » August
Why would I as the chances of him saying anything remotely enlightening (whether I agree with it or not) are simply so slim it’s simply not worth my time.
(As an aside, I was discussing Geoism with someone the other day.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.
goonanism.com /blog/2005/08   (550 words)

 Mises Economics Blog: Comment on Bolivian Gas Nationalization OK According to The New York Times
On the other hand, there are geoists who are strongly anti-business and see geoism as more of a means to steal profits, usually by attributing most profits to land rent, and the capability of "charging high interest" to "land monopoly".
I've also noticed that under geoism it is possible to extort profits from businesses.
All you have to do is tell the government you're making a high bid on their land (enough to just about capture profit), forcing them to revise up the site rental.
blog.mises.org /mt/comments?entry_id=5019   (9336 words)

 What's Wrong with Economics?
This Georgist school has focused on the policy of using land rent for public revenue, unlike the other schools, incorporating also some theory from other schools of thought.
Its adherents are now calling it "geo-economics" or "geoism." As an economist, I have been interested in promoting dialogue among the members of different schools of economic thought.
I organized a session on "Dialogues in Economics" at a conference in 1995, which brought together representatives of various schools.
interzone.com /~cheung/SUM.dir/econwrong.html   (786 words)

It stresses the role played by taxes in creating debt and unemployment - and gives the lie to misconceptions that the environment needs to be pillaged and plundered in order to consume our way out of the debt trap.
This model is known under names other than EarthSharing ("Geoism", "Geonomics", "Environmental Economics"), and derives its necessary revenues from charges upon the title-holders of land and other natural resource licences.
By replacing taxes with resource revenues, the damaging results of taxation are obviated.
www.earthsharing.org.au /index.php?module=Website&action=Text&content=1125892281388-7309   (587 words)

 Australian Centre for Democracy and Justice’s Blog » Ecology
The most common Google search that brings people to this site is ‘Geoism’.
His critiques are scathing, he a bit of a dreamer and his analysis is always as sharp […]
He argued that we should not be taxed on our […]
www.democracyandjustice.org /blog/?cat=3&paged=2   (725 words)

 [No title]
This is a rough draft of the original Chapter 1, which I (Coverdale) am in the process of revising.
For an excellent example of voting rules designed to bring pork barrel spending and entitlements under control, see Groves, 1993 (proposal to require that expenditure increases be put with explicit tax increases).
www142.pair.com /flower1/Geo33.htm   (8813 words)

 Applied Economics, Lesson 10
Please read "Pathological Prodution?" and "Socialism, Capitalism and Geoism"
What are some ways in which labor unions are weakened by globalization?
In a brief essay, discuss how (or whether) your understanding of the meaning and importance of international trade has changed since beginning this course.
www.henrygeorge.org /trade/ae10.htm   (217 words)

 GlobalEcho - Alternative Media   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
But we need to go further and understand the political causes of resistence to the remedy, and its cures.
Geoism needs to expand into the field of public choice to provide a more comprehensive answer to the problem of the working poor.
It's not enough to speak economic truth to power.
www.globalecho.org /view_article.php?aid=816   (1158 words)

 Peripheral cons, unintelligible property, bipolar markets, & a political rant (act
I already knew I was being lied to in the mid-80s, but only recently did I find out the true nature and extent of the underlying problems.
Read up on "The Project for the New American Century," and geo-libertarianism (georgism, geoism "Henry George," "land value tax," and "single tax"), the history of corporate law, and the history of "The Pledge of Allegiance".
Notice the following mastery of understatement: Bellamy wanted to include equality, but the term could have created potential issues with the leaders of the program for which he wrote.
www.webservertalk.com /message343253.html   (644 words)

 Welcome   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Socialism was an early experiment in colonial America.
That experiment is the focus of today's discussion at CommUnity of Minds entitled: Thanksgiving, Socialism, Geoism and More
In his 'History of Plymouth Plantation,' the governor of the colony, William Bradford, reported that the colonists went hungry for years, because they refused to work in the fields.
futurepositive.synearth.net /2001/11/27?print-friendly=true   (269 words)

 THE GEORGIST NEWS: Volume 8, No. 2
If anyone knows of an excellent speaker on geoism, please contact Fred Foldvary, ffoldvary@scu.edu
I am now in charge of the public lectures for the Civil Society Institute at Santa Clara University.
The speaker should be able to explain geoism or related topics with excellent logic, evidence, clarity, and excitement.
www.georgist.com /all/GN8/GN8-2.htm   (3120 words)

 PKT message, Geoism and Demand Revealing Processes
Two new papers on Geoism and demand revealing processes by Edward H.
Re: Harkness and money supply, Harry Veeder Fri 19 Sep 1997, 02:15 GMT
Geoism and Demand Revealing Processes, Robert J Conlan Wed 17 Sep 1997, 16:26 GMT
archives.econ.utah.edu /archives/pkt/1997m09-c/msg00076.htm   (481 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
See, in particular "the Afterward" in the reprinted book which is linked at this Website.
See also Geoism and the Practice of Public Economics -- School of Cooperative
Individualism Page for the philosophy underlying this approach.
www.clarke.pair.com /progress.html   (140 words)

 Free For All - The Free Liberal Blog: Options, Asymptotes and “Imperatives”
And it can help us think about issues in the here and now, too.
But, as to whether the Central American Free Trade Agreement was a net plus or minus, it’s not obvious to me that geoism helps us all that much.
As Foldvary points out at the outset of his essay, using the term “anarchist” is just, well, offputting to most.
www.freeliberal.com /blog/archives/001880.php   (670 words)

 Untitled Document
At this point, the radical Right and the radical Left begin converge.
"Third way" economic ideologies from the Left (syndicalism, guild socialim, council communism) are remarkably similar to those from the Right (distributism, geoism and agrarian populism).
Similarly, advocates of "fl power" and advocates of "white power" (or "brown power" or " red power" or "yellow power") often have much more in common that any of these do with the liberal-bourgeoise.
www.attackthesystem.com /asdplancritique.html   (3255 words)

 Thanksgiving Day - the True Story
In any event, neither the Wampanoag nor the Europeans referred to this feast/meeting as “Thanksgiving.”
Based on the description in this article, how would you define "geoism"?
Why did the Pilgrims' use of a "communistic" system not succeed?
www.landandfreedom.org /news/112204p.htm   (1095 words)

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