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Topic: George Grove

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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

  Sir George Grove - LoveToKnow 1911
SIR GEORGE GROVE (1820-1900), English writer on music, was born at Clapham on the 13th of August 1820.
Without Sir George Grove that eminent conductor would hardly have succeeded in doing what he did to encourage young composers and to educate the British public in music.
His own articles in that work on Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Schubert are monuments of a special kind of learning, and that the rest of the book is a little thrown out of balance owing to their great length is hardly to be regretted.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Sir_George_Grove   (289 words)

  George Grove - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sir George Grove (August 13, 1820 – May 28, 1900) was an English writer on music, immortalised in the title of Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians.
His own articles on Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Schubert are monuments of a special kind of learning, even though the rest of the book is a little thrown out of balance owing to their great length.
On a journey to Vienna, undertaken in the company of his lifelong friend, Sir Arthur Sullivan, the important discovery of a large number of compositions by Schubert was made, including the music to Rosamunde.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/George_Grove   (320 words)

 Homespun Tapes - George Grove
The Kingston Trio was the most influential group of the “folk era,” and that tradition continues today as they perform more than 100 shows a year in arenas, concert halls, arts centers and festivals throughout the world.
George Grove is currently in his 28th year with the group, longer than anyone except founding member Bob Shane.
In addition to being on numerous Kingston Trio CDs and DVDs, George Grove has recorded a solo CD, “In the Middle of a Life.” He plays banjo, guitar and piano, and received a Master of Music degree in jazz composition from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.
www.homespuntapes.com /artists/artistpage.asp?artID=571   (171 words)

 The Grove Sun Daily Online
George was born October 6, 1918 to John and Bessie McGehee Chenowith at Coplan Switch (north of Grove).
She is survived by her husband, Everett, of Grove; three daughters, Shirley Keene and husband, Bobby, of Grove, Marilyn Zapponi and husband, Jerry, of Grove, and Carol Cook and husband, Randell, of McAlester; one sister, Maxine Cooper, of Grove; one brother, Ross Chenowith, of Henderson, Nev.; nine grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren.
Survivors are: his parents, George and Anna Gibson, of Grove; Justin and Tammy Gibson of Afton, Judy Gibson of Perkins, Okla., James and Samantha Gibson of Perkins, Jeanie Gibson of Stillwater, and John and Christine Douglas of Hamilton, Wash., and four neices and four nephews.
www.grovesun.com /ARCHIVES/2001_OBI/OBITG.HTM   (3687 words)

 George Sheffer Clark
George joined his parents in Nauvoo as soon as this work was finished and he had completed the trip to New Orleans and back.
George S. Clark offered his services at once and was assigned to be a member of Company B of the Mormon Battalion.
George S. Clark was taken ill with the Mountain fever just before the Pioneer group reached Emigration Canyon, and Brigham Young had asked that Clark be placed in one the Young wagons to be made more comfortable.
www.mormonbattalion.com /gallery/bios/gclark/gclark.htm   (4422 words)

 Locust Grove
At 26, George Rogers Clark was a confident frontiersman with a vision that would nearly double the size of his country in one stroke.
George Rogers Clark accepted a commission in the French Army in 1793 with the expectation that he would lead Kentuckians against the Spanish.
In 1812 George Rogers Clark was awarded a $400 disability pension from the Commonwealth of Virginia.
www.locustgrove.org /aboutgrc.html   (544 words)

 City of Elk Grove, CA - Press Releases   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
George had been courageously battling cancer for the past year and had recently resigned from the Planning Commission because of his failing health.
George played an instrumental role in the incorporation effort and proved his dedication to the City throughout his service on the Planning Commission.
But more importantly, George was a kind, caring person who was wholeheartedly dedicated to serving his community and improving the lives of all its residents.
www.elkgrovecity.org /whatsnew/previous/lotz-george.htm   (301 words)

 Grove - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The most famous sacred grove in Greece was at Dodona.
Tony Grove, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at Nottingham Trent University
Grove Park in the London Borough of Bromley
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Grove   (154 words)

 Sir George Grove   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Sir George Grove, after receiving his education at the Clapham Grammar School, was trained to be a Civil Engineer, specialising in lighthouses.
Additionally, Grove was able to gain the support of Sir Moses Montefiore, perhaps the most important public figure in the Anglo-Jewish community of the day, on the basis that this was a purely non-sectarian scientific society dedicated to the study of the shared Judaeao-Christian heritage.
From the foundation of the Fund until 23 July 1866 Grove was Honorary Secretary of the Fund.
www.pef.org.uk /Pages/Grove.htm   (339 words)

 Descendants of George Grove
According to the "History of Brown Co., IN" George Grove built a grist Mill (The old George Grove Mill) in Brown Co., as early as 1835.
George and Lavinia's daughter, Anna Grove married a Richards in Brown Co. in 1836.
However, the ones who have had the most impact for me are Randall Grove who did some of the earliest work I've seen on these lines, Marilyn Eldridge who manages the Grove website at my family marilyneldridge@myfamily.com and David Phillips dvdphilips@hotmail.com who has done TONS of work on our Tate/Selby/Grove lines.
homepages.rootsweb.com /~devore/fasnacht/grove1.html   (525 words)

 The Grove Sun Daily Online
Howard was born to George and Peggy Walden on July 1, 1956 in Tulsa.
Tonya Ward was born on June 11, 1975 in Glens Falls, N.Y., to George A. and Barbara A. Crewell.
She is survived by a brother, Floyd Williams, of Rogers, Ark.; a sister, Dorothy Pogue, of Wichita, Kan.; and three nephews, Robert Williams of Arvada, Colo., Steve Williams, of Holdrege, Neb. and Michael Pogue of Wichita.
www.grovesun.com /ARCHIVES/2002_OBI/OBITW.HTM   (8525 words)

 grove - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Grove, Frederick Philip (1879-1948), German-born Canadian novelist and essayist, one of the most colorful figures in Canadian literary history and...
Grove edited the original Dictionary of Music and Musicians (1889), which in its expanded and revised...
Grove, Lefty (1900-1975), American professional baseball player, one of the best left-handed pitchers in baseball.
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/search.aspx?q=grove   (120 words)

 Grove, Sir George - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
GROVE, SIR GEORGE [Grove, Sir George] 1820-1900, English musicographer, whose Dictionary of Music and Musicians (1879-89) has become a standard reference work.
Originally an engineer, he assisted in the establishment of the Crystal Palace in London and for many years annotated the programs of the concerts there.
Arts Minister places temporary export bar on a marble statue of Sir George Cooke by Sir Henry Cheere.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/g/grove-s1i.asp   (286 words)

 Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise: Abba to Zywny
Grove was not a career academic, in contrast to most of those who carry on his legacy today.
George Grove understood the art of communication better; he reached for the strong analogy, the telling metaphor.
Grove’s ocean of undiscovered truth, in other words, is music as a whole—which is why Beethoven spent so much time in his final years poring over the manuscripts of his elders, looking for the way back that would lead him forward.
www.therestisnoise.com /2004/05/grove_dictionar.html   (2302 words)

 Donnington Grove | George Melly on Fishing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Those that are re-stocked on a daily basis, with the number dependant on how many had been caught and all of them pampered and pellet-fed, some of great weight, but even so less aggressive than a large long-past sell-by-date old sausage.
My wife first met John Thomas when she was out walking the dogs and suddenly suspected, on a presumably psychic level, that he might be an angler.
George Melly, jazz singer, author, broadcaster, lecturer on art and life, has been a fanatical fisherman all his life.
www.donnington-grove.com /fishing/george_melly.htm   (702 words)

 George Grove
George Grove continues to tour extensively with the Kingston Trio, and George, in his solo slot at Kingston Trio shows has slowly been introducing his own unique sound to Trio audiences for the last several years.
Now at last George has completed his debut recording, bringing some of George's favorite solo moments together with some songs new to George's repertoire.
George's skills as a singer, instrumentalist, arranger, and producer have come together and taken a dramatic leap forward with the completion of IN THE MIDDLE OF A LIFE, and fans at last can hear the music as George has always meant for it to be heard.
www.folkera.com /ggrove/index.html   (406 words)

 The Conservation Fund - Partnership to Protect Historic "Pine Grove"
Fredericksburg, Va. June 2 --Historic land, where George Washington grew up and where less than a century later Union and Confederate troops traded shots, moved a step closer to protection with the joint announcement today that adjacent property on the Rappahannock River near Fredericksburg, Virginia will be purchased for conservation.
The 30-acre farm, originally called "Pine Grove," is about 50 miles south of Washington D.C. in Stafford County and across the river from the Fredericksburg historic district.
George Washington's Fredericksburg Foundation (formerly The Kenmore Association, Inc.) founded in 1922, owns and operates two properties, Historic Kenmore and George Washington's Ferry Farm, both of which witnessed major events in American history from the Revolution through the Civil War and into the 20th century.
www.conservationfund.org /?article=2415&back=true   (794 words)

 George Grove page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The George Grove biography that appears on "the Official Kingston Trio Website" at
Short individual bios for George, Nick Reynolds and Bob Shane can be found courtesy of the
If you haven't yet heard the fantastic solo effort, "IN THE MIDDLE OF A LIFE," by George Grove, It's time to take the plunge.
users2.ev1.net /~smyth/linernotes/personel/Grove.htm   (99 words)

 Bohemian Club at Bohemian Grove
It is a spoof on Bohemian Grove thinly disguised as Zambesi Glen.
Its membership is known to include Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Gerald Ford, William F. Buckley, Jr., Frank Borman, Justin Dart, William Randolph Hearst, Jr., Caspar Weinberger, Charles Percy, George Schultz, Edward Teller, Merv Griffin, and a large proportion of the directors and chief executive officers of the Fortune 1000.
Although women are not allowed in the Grove, members often leave at night to enjoy the company of the many prostitutes who come from around the world for this event.
www.geocities.com /bohemiangrovecult   (17227 words)

 George Grove, Music and Victorian Culture >> Palgrave.com : Title Page
Though George Grove 1820-1900 was never a professional musician - neither performer, composer nor teacher - his is one of the most familiar names in music: as founder of the great Dictionary of Music and Musicians that bears his name and first director of the Royal College of Music.
This book surveys Grove's achievements in the round, and the path that led to his musical eminence.
First trained as a pianist and organist at the Royal College of Music, of which he is Visiting Research Fellow, the focus of his scholarly work is German and English music of the 19th Century, on which he has written, lectured and broadcast widely.
www.palgrave.com /newsearch/Catalogue.aspx?is=0333948041   (292 words)

 The Kingston Trio... George Grove
I was born on October 9, 1947 in Hickory NC to George Sr.
When I was nine years old, my sister Joanie brought home a record which I immediately appropriated as my own; Live at the Hungry i.
For me, the singing of Tom Dooley every night is not just the repetition of a song, but a devotion to a concept known as The Kingston Trio.
www.kingstontrio.com /content/george_grove.htm   (442 words)

 SIR GEORGE GROVE (182o... - Online Information article about SIR GEORGE GROVE (182o...
Search over 40,000 articles from the original, classic Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th Edition.
O.E. gr(efa, brushwood, later" greave "; the word does not appear in any other Teutonic language, and the New English Dictionary finds no Indo-European root to which it can be referred; Skeat considers it connected with " grave," to
Grove that eminent conductor would hardly have succeeded in doing what he did to encourage See also:
encyclopedia.jrank.org /GRA_GUI/GROVE_SIR_GEORGE_182o_1900_.html   (647 words)

 Amazon.fr : The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians: Livres en anglais: George Grove's Dictionary of Music and ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Grove has several other dictionaries, opera and jazz among them, but if you can only handle one, this is the one to get.
Some signs that this set was rushed into print include pages missing from the Stravinsky article and scattered typographical errors or incorrect facts.
Some owners have noticed that the inner margins are rippled, causing crackling noises when pages are turned, but the publisher claims that the bindings will relax over time.
www.amazon.fr /New-Grove-Dictionary-Music-Musicians/dp/0333231112   (559 words)

 Factmonster Search: grove
Grove, Sir George, 1820–1900, English musicographer, whose Dictionary of Music and Musicians...
Lefty Grove Born: Mar. 6, 1900 Baseball LHP won 20 or more games 8 times; led AL in ERA 9 times and...
Grove, Robert Moses (Lefty Grove), 1900–1975, American baseball player, b.
www.factmonster.com /search?fr=fmtn&x=0&y=0&query=grove   (95 words)

 Anoka County - Parks & Recreation Lake George Regional Park
3100 - 217th Avenue NW Oak Grove, MN Located in the City of Oak Grove, Lake George Regional Park is accessible from the intersection of Highway 9 and 217th Avenue - the park entrance is a right turn at that intersection.
The 270 acre Lake George Regional Park is very popular with families and young adults who seek recreation activities such as volleyball, swimming, biking, and boating.
Follow Lake George Boulevard south 1/3 mile to the park entrance at 217th Avenue (a left turn into the park).
www.anokacountyparks.com /qlinks/Parks/LakeGeorge/lakegeorge.htm   (476 words)

 AIM25: Royal College of Music: GROVE, Sir George: Mendelssohn, Spontini, Grove letters
Administrative/Biographical history: It is thought that some of this material may have been acquired by Sir George Grove on one of his research trips to Austria and Germany, particularly for material relating to his 'favourite trio', Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Schubert.
Related material: The Royal College of Music has significant holdings of Grove material, which may be found throughout many of the manuscript collections.
There are particular concentrations of Grove's correspondence in the RCM Director's papers.
www.aim25.ac.uk /cats/25/6125.htm   (344 words)

 George's CD
His philosophy is "keep it simple", and I can attest to the fact that he does just that.
George takes you step by step through openings and banjo breaks of all of these tunes:
A wonderful solo album by George Grove, of The Kingston Trio.
www.folkusa.org /georgescd.htm   (138 words)

 Kindel's Grove / Lake George - 1908-09   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The second image shown here was taken on "Lake George", where several boats sit docked at the shoreline, filled to the gills, waiting to depart out onto the lake, as they pose for the photographer, or perhaps they're just returning from an outing on the lake.
Earlier Lake George was much larger in size then it currently is. It was drained to make way for a more valuable land surface as Calumet Avenue stretched its way northward towards the lakefront.
Lake George's recreational assets, later in time were sacrificed for industrial use.
www.hammondindiana.com /20thcentury/time_capsule27.htm   (289 words)

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