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 George Fruits - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In this battle, George Fruits was wounded by an Indian musket and carried to his grave the one ounce lead ball lodged in his hip.
The George Fruits of this article was born in Baltimore, Maryland; his parents were George and Margaret Fruits, young immigrants from Germany.
It is possible that George Fruits is the son of a Revolutionary War veteran named George Fruit [1], and that the last surviving veteran is Daniel F. Bakeman (as listed by Department of Veterans Affairs). /wiki/George_Fruits

 George Borrow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Borrow was born at East Dereham, Norfolk, the son of a recruiting officer, and had a somewhat wandering childhood.
Borrow claimed to have stayed in Spain for nearly five years and his reminiscences of Spain were the basis of his travelogue, The Bible in Spain, of 1851.
George Borrow was a fabled adept at acquiring new languages. /wiki/George_Borrow   (1019 words)

 George Burdi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
George Burdi aka George Eric Hawthorne (born 1970), a Canadian citizen who became infamous as the leader of the Canadian branch of Church of the Creator a white supremacist organization, which formed an allegiance with the now defunct neo-nazi organization Heritage Front.
Burdi was subsequently convicted under the Canadian Criminal Code for assault causing bodily harm receiving a one year prison sentence.
Burdi was the founding president of Resistance Records, which was the distributor for his band and other white supremacist bands. /wiki/George_Burdi   (711 words)

 George Combe
Both Combe brothers became firm phrenologists, although George was always the more uncompromising and zealous in his advocacy.
Combe had been in practice as a Writer to the Signet for three years by 1815 when John Gordons review of Johann Gaspar Spurzheims phrenological work appeared in the Edinburgh Review.
Combe attended a course of lectures that Spurzheim gave in Edinburgh and later ordered plaster casts from London to deepen his knowledge of the science. /encyclopedia/combe.htm   (711 words)

 George Colley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
George Colley (18 October 1925- 17 September 1983), was a senior Irish politician.
Colley's rise through politics was remarkable, particularly since after only five years in the Dáil, he was in a position to challenge for the leadership of Fianna Fáil.
Colley immediately threw his hat into the ring and identified himself as a candidate in the subsequent leadership election. /wiki/George_Colley   (1222 words)

 George Dinsdale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dinsdale was first elected to the Manitoba legislature in the 1932 provincial election, defeating three other opponents in the constituency of Brandon.
Dinsdale was re-elected in the 1941 election as a pro-coalition Conservative, defeating McDiarmid a second time by a reduced margin.
Dinsdale was also the owner of Dinsdale Cartage, and was a member of the Salvation Army. /wiki/George_Dinsdale   (367 words)

 George Dalgarno (1626-1687)
George Dalgarno is an interesting character whom one might describe as the first AITist - well not quite, for he admits a sense of the verb 'to be' which is derived from 'Being, ' but at least he says this is quite distinct from the use of the verb as the copula.
George Dalgarno's Art of Signs (Ars Signorum, 1661) was the first work in the seventeenth century to present a fully elaborated universal language constructed on philosophical principles.
Dalgarno and Wilkins collaborated on developing the scheme further, but it soon turned out that they had irreconcilable differences of opinion on how a philosophical language ought to be structured. /dalgarno1.htm   (367 words)

 George Ade - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
George Ade is one of the American writers whose publications made him rich.
In the column, which McCutcheon illustrated, George Ade illustrated Chicago-life.
As a moralist who does not overtly moralize, who is all too aware of the ironies of what in his day was the modern world, George Ade can readily be termed our first modern American humorist. /wiki/George_Ade   (1006 words)

 Notes on George Nathaniel Curzon
In 1898 Curzon was appointed Viceroy of India and to some extent he regarded the appointment as a meeting with destiny and an opportunity to assist the providential role of Empire.
Curzon served as President of the Privy Council, under Prime Minister Baldwin
Despite the repugnance I have for British propaganda this book is useful in that Curzon makes solid well documented observations that are useful in the study of Persia. /em/em9750.htm   (1006 words)

 George Adamski - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
George Adamski (April 17, 1891– April 23, 1965) was a Polish-born American who claimed to have seen and photographed ships from other planets, met people from other planets and to have gone on flights with them.
Adamski claimed he and George Hunt Williamson were able to take plaster casts of what he claimed were the Venusian's footprints which contained mysterious symbols.
Adamski later claimed to meet other people from other planets (mostly from Venus but also from Mars and Saturn) and said he was taken on flights by them, including one around the moon where he observed valleys and bases. /wiki/George_Adamski   (586 words)

 George Crook - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Crook County, Wyoming, is named in George Crook's honor, as is "Crook Walk" in the Arlington National Cemetery.
George Crook (September 8, 1828– March 21, 1890) was a career U.S. Army officer, most noted for his distinguished service during the American Civil War and the Indian Wars.
Crook was born to Thomas and Elizabeth Matthews Crook on a farm near Taylorsville, Ohio (near Dayton). /wiki/George_Crook   (1959 words)

 George Fox - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
George Fox died on January 13, 1691, and was interred in the Quaker Burying Ground at Bunhill Fields in London.
Fox was unable to travel there immediately: he was imprisoned again in 1663 for his refusal to swear oaths, and on his release in 1666 was preoccupied with organizational matters — he normalized the system of monthly and quarterly meetings throughout the country, and extended it to Ireland.
George Fox also had friends who were "professors" (followers of the standard religion), but by the age of nineteen he had begun to look down on their behaviour, in particular their drinking of alcohol. /wiki/George_Fox   (4015 words)

 George Gamow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
George Gamow (pronounced "GAM-off") (March 4, 1904– August 19, 1968), born Georgiy Antonovich Gamov (Георгий Антонович Гамов) was a Ukrainian born physicist and cosmologist.
The paper outlined how the present levels of hydrogen and helium in the universe (which were and are thought to make up over 99% of all matter) could be largely explained by reactions that occurred during the "Big Bang".
Gamow was a strong advocate of the Big Bang theory, and in 1946 postulated on the existance and made an estimate of the strength of residual cosmic microwave background radiation. /wiki/George_Gamow   (925 words)

 George Foreman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
George Edward Foreman (born January 10, 1949 in Marshall, Texas) is a former boxer who was twice Heavyweight Champion of the world and is considered to be one of the greatest Heavyweight boxers of all time.
Foreman planned to box a return bout against Larry Holmes in 1999, but after the cancellation of the bout, he said he had no plans to resume his career as a boxer.
Foreman was sometimes characterized by the media as an aloof and anti-social champion. /wiki/George_Foreman   (1875 words)

 George Cambridge, 2nd Marquess of Cambridge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
George III and the Royal House of Wrttemberg.
George Cambridge, 2nd Marquess of Cambridge, Earl of Eltham, and Viscount Northallerton, formerly HSH Prince George of Teck ( 11 October 1895-
Lord Cambridge participated in the coronations of George V, George VI, and /wiki/George_Cambridge,_2nd_Marquess_of_Cambridge   (1875 words)

 Guest Book - George Busbee
I met George Busbee when he was at Gilmer High School in Ellijay when he ran for his first term.
He quickly left the meeting and got me on the telephone at home stating, Margaret, this is George Busbee.
Busbee served as our Governor and our families have a long history together growing up in Vienna, GA. My mother was Jeanine Burton of Vienna and my father James L. Dunaway of Hawkinsville. /atlanta/Guestbook.asp?Page=Guestbook&PersonID=2427894   (1875 words)

 George Eliot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
George Eliot was born Mary Ann Evans, on a farm on the Arbury Hall Estate near Nuneaton.
Eliot's sentence structures are clear, patient, and well balanced, and she mixes plain statement and unsettling irony with rare poise.
As an author, Eliot was not only very successful in sales, but she was, and remains, one of the most widely praised for her style and clarity of thought. /wiki/George_Eliot   (1112 words)

 George Blanda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
George Frederick Blanda was born September 17, 1927, in the Pittsburgh suburb of Youngwood, Pennsylvania is famous as an American football player.
Blanda was one of only 20 players to play all ten years of the AFL, one of only three who were in every AFL game their teams played, and is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the University of Kentucky Hall of Fame.
Blanda held the record for most professional football games played with 340 until September 26, 2004, when it was broken by another placekicker, Morten Andersen. /wiki/George_Blanda   (491 words)

 George Bizos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
George Bizos born 1928 in Greece, is a distinguished human rights advocate who defended against apartheid in South Africa.
Bizos did not immediately go to school because he could not speak English or Afrikaans but by 1948— the year that the National Party was voted into power — Bizos had managed to gain entry into the law faculty at the University of the Witwatersrand.
Bizos was counsel to United Democratic Front leaders, including future provincial Premiers Patrick Lekota and Popo Molefe in the Delmas Treason Trial, 1985-89. /wiki/George_Bizos   (873 words)

 George Colman the Elder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
George Colman (1732 - 14 August 1794) was an English dramatist and essayist, usually called "the Elder", and sometimes "George the First", to distinguish him from his son, George Colman the Younger.
Colman's father died within a year of his son's birth, and the boy's education was undertaken by William Pulteney, afterwards Lord Bath, whose wife was Mrs Colman's sister.
Colman was acting manager of Covent Garden for seven years, and during that period he produced several "adapted" plays of Shakespeare. /wiki/George_Colman_the_Elder   (567 words)

 George (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
George released the album Unity in February 2004 and it debuted at number 5 in the Australian album chart of 1 March 2004.
George (often written george, no capitals and in italics) is a rock band from Brisbane, Australia.
The band's first album Polyserena debuted at number one in the national album charts in its first week; George became only the tenth Australian band to do so with a debut album. /wiki/George_(band)   (523 words)

 George Everest - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Colonel Sir George Everest (July 4, 1790- December 1, 1866) was a British surveyor and geographer, and Surveyor-General of India from 1830 to 1843.
Mount Everest was surveyed in 1852 under his successor Andrew Waugh, who named it Mount Everest in 1865 in honour of Sir George.
Sir George pronounced his last name "EAVE-rest" (IPA: [ˈivrɪst]), although the popular pronunciation has since become the same as that of the mountain named after him: "EV-er-est" ([ˈɛvərɪst] in British English, [ˈɛvərɨst] in American English). /wiki/George_Everest   (323 words)

 Devean George - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Devean Jamar George (born August 29, 1977 in Minneapolis, Minnesota) is a professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA.
He was taken by the Lakers with the 23rd overall pick of the 1999 NBA Draft, and showed considerable promise, especially by his third season where his hustle, outside shooting, and defense made him a key substitute and he appeared in every single game. /wiki/Devean_George   (153 words)

 George Armistead - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
George Armistead ( April 10, 1780- April 25, 1818) born in
Armistead died on April 25, 1818, from pneumonia while still in command of Fort McHenry and is buried in
Baltimore, Maryland, Armistead ordered "a flag so large that the British would have no difficulty seeing it from a distance..." That flag, known as the Star Spangled Banner, measured 42' x 30', and was sewn by Baltimore resident Mary Pickersgill and would be later memorialized by Francis Scott Key in the song /wiki/George_Armistead   (153 words)

 George Eastman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
George Eastman (July 12, 1854– March 14, 1932) founded the Eastman Kodak Co. and invented roll film, which brought photography to the common man. The roll film was also the basis for the invention of the motion picture film, used by early filmmakers Thomas Edison, the Lumière Brothers and Georges Méliès.
His former home at 900 East Avenue in Rochester was opened as the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film in 1947.
Eastman endowed the Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester, and chose as its first director Alfred Klingenberg, who was succeeded by the American composer and conductor Howard Hanson. /wiki/George_Eastman   (513 words)

 Lewis and Clark . Inside the Corps . The Corps . George Drouillard PBS
Drouillard provided vital interpreter services to Lewis when the captain and an advance party were scouting for the Shoshones.
Drouillard and York, the slave, were the only non-military members of the Corps to complete the expedition from camp Dubois to the Pacific and back.
Drouillard and Joseph and Reuben Field accompanied Lewis into the northern country, where they skirmished with some roving Piegans, a band of the Blackfeet tribe. /lewisandclark/inside/gdrou.html   (513 words)

Florence BACK (1896-1896) of Fremantle, WA [5] :............
Florence Beatrice BACK (1893) of Fremantle, WA [5,6] :............
Alexander A. BACK (1895) of Tumut, NSW [7] :......... /~dragon/ft/t-back.txt   (513 words)

 Fort George - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fort George is a historic military structure at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, that was the scene of several battles during the War of 1812.
Fort George was captured by the Americans in May 1813 at the Battle of Fort George.
Fort George was built by the British after the 1783 Treaty of Paris handed Fort Niagara to the Americans. /wiki/Fort_George   (316 words)

 George Formby - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Formby was born in Wigan, Lancashire, as George Hoy Booth, the eldest of seven children (four girls and three boys).
George Formby (May 26, 1904- March 6, 1961) was a British singer and comedian who became a major star of both cinema and music hall.
George Formby endeared himself to his audiences with his cheeky Lancashire humour and folksy Northern England persona. /wiki/George_Formby   (564 words)

 Fast Food - Brain Boosters -
George said, "I didn't order the pizza." The boy who ordered the fries said, "Oh, I thought you did." That was all the man at the counter needed to know.
Furthermore, we know that it was Frank who got the fries, because he is the only boy in the group besides George.
But someone else got the fries, so George had to get the burger. /brainboosters/logic/fastfood.html   (564 words)

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