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Topic: George Rodocanachi

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  Science Fair Projects - George Rodocanachi
George Rodocanachi (1876-1944) was a British-born physician of Greek descent who helped Allied escapees and Jewish refugees in the Vichy France.
George Rodocanachi was born February 27 1867 in Liverpool, England, to a Greek family.
On December 17 1943 Rodocanachi was moved to prison in Compiégne and on January 17 1944 he was transferred to Buchenwald concentration camp.
www.all-science-fair-projects.com /science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/George_Rodocanachi   (624 words)

 CHRISTOPHER A LONG - Dr George Rodocanachi (1875-1944)
George Rodocanachi was born in Liverpool on 27th February 1876 of a Greek father and mother, both British subjects.
The third mission to which Dr Rodocanachi devoted himself heart and soul – and to which he sacrificed everything, because this was almost certainly the indirect cause of his arrest – was his nomination to the Medical Board at the Military Hospital Michel-Lévy.
In 1907 Fanny was to marry George Rodocanachi (1875-1944) and settle in Marseilles, as did Netta who, in 1908, married her cousin, Theodore Zarifi (1873-1949).
www.christopherlong.co.uk /per/rodocanachigeorge.html   (6662 words)

 1938: Literature, World - Archive Article - MSN Encarta
The Living Torch, an edition of A. E.'s (George Russell's) contributions to The Irish Statesman, of which he had been editor, was an important addition to an understanding of his personality and his thought; and there was a good deal in it also about Yeats.
Over the North Pole by George Baidukov, noted in Russia both as writer and explorer, was interesting not only as the story of a remarkable flight but also as an account of Soviet methods in organizing such enterprises.
The hero was a combination of Homer's great wanderer and Sir Basil Zaharoff — an adventurous and successful entrepreneur, equal in cunning to his prototype, he covered the world in his travels.
encarta.msn.com /sidebar_461500290/1938_Literature_World.html   (5878 words)

 french resistance - Article and Reference from OnPedia.com
In the opinion of some French historians, armed resistance begun on 21 August 1941 when members of youthful battalions Pierre Georges and Gilbert Brustlein killed aspirant of kriegsmarine Alfons Moser.
Resistance groups such as the PAT Line established by George Rodocanachi and his wife Fanny Vlasto-Rodocanachi helped Allied pilots who had been shot down to get back to Britain.
Group's most famous members were Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre and later Georges Bidault.
www.onpedia.com /encyclopedia/French-Resistance   (1918 words)

 CHRISTOPHER A LONG - Pat Line, Escape & Evasion in France, World War ll
Dr George Rodocanachi could already be credited with the saving of hundreds of Jewish lives, providing the necessary urgently needed medical certificates to enable them to board the last remaining immigration ships bound for the USA.
In Marseilles, the Rodocanachi and Nouveau flats were the most important of the safe houses, but escapers and evaders were also hidden by the Martin family of Endoume and Olga Baudot de Rouville, who was known as Thérése Martin, as well as, occasionally, Jean Fourcade.
Louis Nouveau and George Rodocanachi were both arrested in February 1943 and later sent to Buchenwald, where Dr Rodocanachi died in February 1944.
www.christopherlong.co.uk /pri/secpap.html   (6915 words)

 Royal News 2006, Section III
She was married firstly, from 1940 to 1954, George Richard Trotter, by whom she had three children.
The engagement was announced between Amédée des Georges (son of Guy des Georges [himself the son of Raymond des Georges and of his wife, née Lucile Goirand] and of his wife, née Bernadette Dognin [herself the daughter of Jean Dognin and of his wife, née Antoinette de La Vaissière de Lavergne])
In 1952 she married Prince George Nicolaus Radziwill (son of Prince Leon Radziwill and of his wife, née Baroness Olga de Simolin-Wettberg).
pages.prodigy.net /ptheroff/2006_3.html   (7376 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
George Frank (Textiles) Ltd. [1976] A.C. 758; [1975] 3 All E.R. 801; [1976] 1 Lloyd's Rep. 201, H.L.(E.) Napier and Ettrick (Lord) v.
Oliver J. was dealing with the question at what date a foreign currency claim should be converted into sterling when the defendant is in liquidation, having regard to the rule established by Miliangos v.
George Frank (Textiles) Ltd. [1976] A.C. 443, that judgment may be entered for a sum in foreign currency or the sterling equivalent at the date of payment, instead of (as previously) in sterling converted at the date of accrual of the cause of action.
www.uniset.ca /lloyds_cases/charter.txt   (16880 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
It was held by the Court of Appeal upholding Sir George Jessel M.R. that the owner undertaking to sue for the whole amount of damage would be allowed to conduct the action without interference from the insurers, but would be liable for anything done by him in violation of any equitable duty towards the insurers.
Hunter (H.L.(E.))Lord Goff of Chieveley recoveries by the assured which reduce the loss paid by the insurer are held in trust for the insurer, so much so that by 1881 Sir George Jessel M.R. regarded this proposition as indisputable: see Commercial Union Assurance Co. v.
This principle was moreover recognised not only in courts of equity, but also in courts of common law: see the decision of the Court of Common Pleas in Yates v.
www.uniset.ca /lloyds_cases/napier.txt   (16388 words)

 History of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sophia (Divine Wisdom)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The most important event in the annals of the said church was the visit by King George I of the Hellenes, shortly before he departed for Greece, for his coronation.
At the General Assembly of the members of the Brotherhood of the London Greeks, in 1872, a committee was set up to oversee the project.
During the World War II, London was the seat of the Greek Government in exile and of King George II, and St Sophia was the cathedral of the Greek Nation.
www.stsophia.org.uk /stsophia.htm   (1214 words)

 [No title]
I would also like to thank Viki Halatsi and George Talieris for their contribution to the construction of the preliminary data set.
In almost all cases where a husband and wife participated \hich\af0\dbch\af13\loch\f0 as founding shareholders in a company, the husband would be an \hich\f0 \lquote \loch\f0 active\hich\f0 \rquote \loch\f0 cum diversified entrepreneur participating in the founding of a number of other joint stock companies.
Such notable examples are those of Loukas Koressis and Pangiotis Skambavias \hich\af0\dbch\af13\loch\f0 i\hich\af0\dbch\af13\loch\f0 n Syros; Agapitos Agapitos, Dimitris Damiris, the Gerousis brothers (Constantinos, Emmanouel and Sotiris), Ioannis Giannopoulos, Andreas Londos, George Margaritis, Dimitris Petzalis, Petros Rallis and Antonios Rikakis, in Patras; George Mantzavinos, M \hich\af0\dbch\af13\loch\f0 a\hich\af0\dbch\af13\loch\f0 rkos Renieris, Alexandros Skouzes and Nikitas Synodinos in Athens.
www.econ.upf.es /ebha2004/papers/4A5.rtf   (4536 words)

 Roll of Honour - Sussex - Copthorne School
Paul was born on 7th August 1898, the second son of John Matthew Rodocanachi and his wife Nettie Clough.
John Rodocanachi died in Calcutta at the early age of 58 in April 1912, Nettie later returned to England.
Her grandfather was Commodore George Blake of the United States Navy.
www.roll-of-honour.com /Sussex/CopthorneSchool.html   (2044 words)

 The Herald : News
Runner-up in the heaviest fish category was Dr Marlon Appolis, of the boat Mega Bite, who caught a 52,5kg fish, with Shaun Harrison, of Ocean Warrior, third with a 52,4kg catch.
Completing the top five placings were George Rodocanachi, of Freedom, with a 49,2kg fish and his son, David, also on Freedom, placed fifth with a 49kg catch.
The Eastern Cape Motors most prestigious boat title went to local boat Freedom, skippered by Rodocanachi, who caught a total of three fish weighing 119,9kg.
www.theherald.co.za /herald/2004/05/31/news/n12_31052004.htm   (259 words)

 Roll of Honour - Sussex - Crawley Down
Second son of John Matthew Rodocanachi and his wife, Netta Eliza Reid Clough (daughter of John Henry Clough).
Son of George and Annie Isted of Turners Hill Road, Crawley Down.
Son of George and Fanny Billings of Turners Hill.
www.roll-of-honour.com /Sussex/CrawleyDown.html   (3804 words)

 Levantine testimony 57
My uncle, Willoughby, but known as ‘Nick’ left for New Zealand when he was 19 and only returned once in the 1960s [when I was a lad].
Good examples are the Greek names George, Lucas, Nicolas, Nicoll, Nicholas etc. Greeks also have the annoying habit of reversing their names as was common in this country, and generally used their roots to describe where they were from as opposed to nationality.
I do know the Keun family were opium merchants and major shareholders in the Dutch East India Co. which controlled the opium industry in the Levant, in a similar way as did the Ralli and Rodocanachi family did in India and the Baltic respectively.
www.levantine.plus.com /testi57.htm   (1996 words)

 Royal News 2003, Section III
[She was born 6 February 1910, first child of Lord Charles George Francis Mercer-Nairn, formerly Petty-Fitzmaurice (himself the son of Henry, 5th Marquess of Lansdowne, and of his wife, née Lady Maud Evelyn Hamilton [herself the daughter of the 1st Duke of Abercorn]) and his wife, née Lady Violet Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound.
The engagement was announced between Comte Jean-Hugues d'Harcourt (son of Comte Georges d'Harcourt and of his wife, née Isabelle Jouan de Kervenoael) and Isabelle d'Arlot de Cumond (daughter of Comte Louis d'Arlot de Cumond and of his wife, née Gilda de Laubespin).
The engagement was announced 25 July, 2003, between Frederick J.W. Elwes, (b.1966), second son of Henry William George Elwes, (b.1935), Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire, of Colesbourne, Gloucestershire, by his wife, the former Carolyn Dawn Cripps (of the Barons Parmoor), and M.
pages.prodigy.net /ptheroff/2003_3.html   (14321 words)

 English-language translations of Modern Greek Literature - 2
Apostolos N. Athanassakis, tr.; George Fokas, cover and drawings.
Theodore P. Stephanides and George C. Katsimbalis, trs.; Charles Diehl, pref.; E.P. Papanoutsos, intro.
Gaston-Henri Aufrère, André Hammel, Cali Orfanidi, and George Papadimas, trs.
www.ellopos.net /elpenor/greek-texts/modern/modern-greek-translated2.asp   (1381 words)

 Story of My Life - Letters (1887-1901)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Three months and a half after the first word was spelled into her hand, she wrote in pencil this letter
Twenty-five days later, while she was on a short visit away from home, she wrote to her mother.
Helen will write mother letter papa did give helen medicine mildred will sit in swing mildred did kiss helen teacher did give helen peach george is sick in bed george arm is hurt anna did give helen lemonade dog did stand up.
www.worldwideschool.org /library/books/hst/biography/StoryofMyLife/chap26.html   (3879 words)

 Kennys Bookshop & Art Galleries Ltd - Shop Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The conflicts of capital and labou - George Howell
Britannia, the roman occupation of Britai - George Patrick Welch
Racial and cultural minorities, an analysis to prejudice and discriminatio - George Eaton Simpson J. Milton Yinger
www.kennys.ie /stock/itemsearch219.shtml   (5990 words)

 Julia Ward Howe, 1819-1910, Vol. II.
During his first winter in Boston he thought of going on the stage as a singer, and studied singing with Georg Henschel.
I dined with George William Curtis yesterday at Mrs.
George William was one of Tom Appleton's pall-bearers, – so were Dr. Holmes and Mr.
digital.library.upenn.edu /women/richards/howe/howe-II.html   (19285 words)

 Story of My Life by Helen Keller
I am very glad that Frank and Clarence and Robbie and Eddie and Charles and George were not very shy.
I read pretty stories in the book you sent me, about Charles and his boat, and Arthur and his dream, and Rosa and the sheep.
Rodocanachi and many other friends went to Plymouth to see many old things.
www.4literature.net /Helen_Keller/Story_of_My_Life/31.html   (1149 words)

 EJANZH: Articles:
George, Physician and Surgeon, latc Surgeon to the Burraga Copper Mine; also Assist Surgeon to the N.S.W. Contingent ".
States he had four years medical study in Edinburgh, and six months at St. George's Hospital, London.
In practice at Greta for about five years.
www.h-net.org /~anzau/journal/articles/bruck3.htm   (1839 words)

 User:Skysmith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Abubakar Hamza - Bre-X Minerals - Cecil Jacobson - Charles Redheffer - Civil War gold hoax - David Begelman - David Rorvik - Diamond hoax of 1872 - Edmund Backhouse - Elizabeth Canning - George Dupre - Giovanni Vigliotto - Gregor MacGregor - Henri Lemoine - Impostor - J.
Aboulia - Agnosia - Alopecia areata - Georges Gilles de la Tourette - James Morison - Samuel Jean de Pozzi - Theodore de Mayerne - Theriac -
Chiune Sugihara - Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz - Hannah Szenes - Hugh O'Flaherty - Jan Zwartendijk - Janusz Korczak - Kate ter Horst (stub) - Poon Lim - Sabine Zlatin -
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/User:Skysmith   (817 words)

 Multi Language Bibliography - 6   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
7286 Mendenhall, George E.: The relation of the individual to political society in ancient Israel.
7370 Braulik, Georg.: Das Deuteronomium und die Menschenrechte.
7688 Fohrer, Georg: Der Vertrag zwischen Konig und Volk in Israel.
www.mishpativri.org.il /english/mult6.htm   (10630 words)

 Gig Tracker
Scott Robinson has joined Consumer Broadcast Group, a Los Angeles online complaint-resolution service for television stations, as president and CEO.
George Wiedemann, chairman and CEO of direct marketing firm Grey Direct Worldwide, is now president and CEO of Responsys.com, an online direct-marketing company in Palo Alto, Calif. Wiedemann founded New York's Grey Direct in 1979 and expanded it into 28 countries.
Also noteworthy: Jean-Emmanuel Rodocanachi of Zilkha Capital Partners joins Amsterdam-based incubator GorillaPark's new Paris office.
www.thestandard.com /article/0,1902,19161,00.html   (401 words)

 Tomfolio.com: Antiques, Silver, Antique
There are company markings and comments on some of the pages.
James, George B., Jr Souvenir Spoons: Containing Descriptions and llustrations of the Principal Designs Produced in the United States Publisher: Boston, A.W. Fuller, 1891 / [Castro Valley, CA., Louise Cirillo, 1956].
The original edition appears to have been published by the Gorham Manufacturing Company as all the spoons were made by Gorham.
www.tomfolio.com /bookssub.asp?subid=1471&lo=3   (2773 words)

 Swans Commentary: Letters to the Editor - letter20
At least the demonstrations show America is starting to get off its butt to challenge these reptilian hominids.
Gilles d'Aymery gives a very nice tour of around-the-world snacks ready for George W. Bush, but overlooks what I think is the biggest of all.
Bush will gain control of a bombed-out Persian Gulf just as oil production begins to decline.
www.swans.com /library/art9/letter20.html   (772 words)

 Civil War Naval Officers
Acting Master's Mates, Charles C. Chamberlain, L. Rodocanachi, Benj.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Gad Lyman; Acting Second Assistants, James M. Flinn, John Jordan, Robert M. Weir, and J. Bloomsburg; Acting Third Assistants, Chester O. Wood, Charles L. Groves, and George B. Boggs.
Acting Ensigns, E. Dayton, George M. Smith, and George Anderson.
www.history.navy.mil /wars/cw/special.htm   (364 words)

 [No title]
Emmanuel Rodocanachi, Rome au temps de Jules II et de Leon X, Paris 1912;
Steffi Roettgen, Fresques italiennes de la Renaissance, 1400-1470, Paris 1996, pp.464 folio; and the succeeding volume for frescoes 1470-1510, Paris 1997, pp.
George & Linda Bauer, "Bernini's organ-case for SM del Popolo", in AB LXII/1 March 1980 pp.115-123; organ case in form of a gilded tree, which reprises Renaissance ideas of regenerating plant life to become an emblem of Christian renovatio Romae;
rubens.anu.edu.au /htdocs/bycountry/italy/rome/popolo/midjpg/text/bibliography.html   (5316 words)

 Beacon Press. Books, 1866- , bMS 1037   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Williams, George H. - Rethinking the Unitarian Relationship with Protestantism - (paper)
Marshall, George N. - The Church of the Pilgrim Fathers - (paper)
Rodocanachi, C. - Athens and the Greek Miracle - (cloth)
www.hds.harvard.edu /library/bms/bms01037.html   (15062 words)

 Antiques Unique - Books by Title
Fisher McCutcheon, George Barr 1905 Nevada Grey, Zane 1928 Never the Twain Shall Meet Kyne, Peter B. New Boy at Hilltop Barbour, Ralph H. New Chronicles of Rebecca Wiggin, Kate Douglas 1907 Nixie Bunny in Holiday Land Bechley, Sindelar 1915 No Cooke, Rose Terry 1886 Now or Never Optic, Oliver N/D
Pardners Beach, Rex E. Paris Underground Shiber, Etta 1942 Parnassus on Wheels Morley, Christopher 1917 Passin'-on Party Graham, Effie 1912 Passing Throng Guest, Edgar A. Password to Larkspur Lane (The) Keene, Carolyn 1933 Password to Larkspur Lane/N. Drew Keene, Carolyn 1933 Patriot Chiefs (The) Josephy, Alvin M. Jr.
ed Cohan, George M. Twisted Claw (The) Dixon, Franklin 1939 Two Saps and Other Stories Clark, James W. Two Women & a Fool -Ill. Gibson, CD Chatfield-Taylor, H. Typee - Schaeffer, Mead Illust.
members.cox.net /antiquesunique/books/bookst.html   (557 words)

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