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Topic: Germ cell tumour

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  Germ cell tumour
Germ cell tumours are neoplasms derived from germ cells.
In younger women germ cell lesions are more common, thus in patients under the age of 21, 60% of ovarian tumours are of the germ cell type, and up to one-third are malignant.
In males, germ cell tumours occur typically after puberty and are malignant (testicular cancer).
www.mrsci.com /Oncology/Germ_cell_tumour.php   (121 words)

 Germ cell tumours of the ovary (ovarian teratoma) : Cancerbackup
Germ cell tumours of the ovary (ovarian teratoma) : Cancerbackup
Germ cell tumours of the ovary (ovarian teratoma)
The cause of germ cell tumours is unknown.
www.cancerbacup.org.uk /info/germ-cell-ovary.htm   (1610 words)

 Biomedical Imaging and Intervention Journal - Malignant ovarian mixed germ cell tumour: a rare combination
Ovarian germ cell tumours comprise approximately 15% to 20% of all ovarian neoplasms.
The incidence of malignant ovarian germ cell tumours range from 1 to 6 percent as reported in the West and from 8 to 19 percent in Asia [1].
It is distinguished from a choriocarcinoma by the absence of syncytiotrophoblastic and cytotrophoblastic cells [6].
www.biij.org /2005/2/e10   (1908 words)

 CANCER - Childhood Extracranial Germ Cell Tumour
Germ cells are reproductive cells that develop into testicles in males and ovaries in females.
Ovarian germ cell tumour, a rare type of cancer that affects teenage girls and young women, is a disease in which cancer (malignant) cells are found in egg-making cells in an ovary.
Germ cell tumours form in developing cells and usually contain tissues that are foreign to the location of the tumour.
www.medic8.com /cancer/childhood-extracranial-germ-cell-tumour.htm   (1760 words)

 HON Mother & Child Glossary, Childhood Cancers: Germ Cell Cancer
Germ cell tumours of early childhood have biological characteristics which are different than those that occur in adolescents and young adults.
These germ cell tumours are usually located in the sacrum (a triangular-shaped section of fused bone located between the hip bones at the base of the spine) and the coccyx (the fused bones located on the end of the sacrum; also called the tailbone).
Treatment for extracranial germ cell tumour depends upon the location of the tumour, the stage of the tumour, and the type of tumour.
www.hon.ch /Dossier/MotherChild/child_cancer/cancer_germcell.html   (441 words)

 Med-Lib - Medical Online Library - English Articles - Oxford Textbook of Surgery - Pineal tumours
Microscopically, the cells are large and rounded with vesicular nuclei, prominent nucleoli, and abundant cytoplasm.
Because germ cell tumours are frequently of mixed cell type, it is not possible to predict their histology on the basis of these biochemical markers; however, elevated levels of either indicate the presence of a germ cell tumour which is unlikely to be a pure germinoma.
Tumour from other sites may metastasize to the pineal gland in older individuals; their clinical presentation is indistinguishable from that of primary pineal neoplasms.
med-lib.ru /english/oxford/pineal_tumours.shtml   (858 words)

 CANCER - Ovarian Germ Cell Tumours
Ovarian germ cell tumour is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the germ (egg) cells of the ovary.
Germ cell tumours begin in the reproductive cells (egg or sperm) of the body.
Ovarian germ cell tumour is a general name that is used to describe several different types of cancer.
www.medic8.com /cancer/ovarian-germ-cell-tumour.htm   (2813 words)

 Bioline International Official Site (site up-dated regularly)
The pleura overlying the tumour was markedly thickened, opacified and adherent to the parietal pericardium.
The impression was of an embryonal carcinoma with yolk-sac tumour of the lung.
Extragonadal malignant germ cell tumor of the lung.
www.bioline.org.br /request?jp02008   (1169 words)

 Germ cell ovarian cancer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Germ cell ovarian cancer is a rare form of ovarian cancer: approximately 5% of ovarian cancers are classified as germ cell.
Germ cell tumors are derived from the primordial germ cells of the ovary.
For young women with a germ cell neoplasm of the ovary, removal of the involved adnexa with preservation of the normal-appearing contralateral adnexa and uterus is generally advocated.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Germ_cell_ovarian_cancer   (1033 words)

 JPMA :::   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Germ cell tumors are primarily treated with Cisplatin based chemotherapy and the surgical resection is reserved for residual masses.
Extragonadal germ cell tumours, which are a less common variant (5%), have been hypothesized to arise from migration of the germ cells along the urogenital ridge and most of them being the non-seminomatous variant.2 However, primary mediastinal germ cell tumours remain a relatively rare clinical entity.
Cases of co-existing primary gonadal and extra-gonadal germ cell tumours have also been cited.3 Workup of mediastinal mass consists of CT imaging of the chest, a biochemical assessment of tumour markers and fine needle aspiration or core biopsy.
jpma.org.pk /jpma/4apr06/fulltex13.htm   (1037 words)

 sBMJ | Susceptibility gene for germ cell testicular cancer localised
Testicular germ cell tumours are the most prevalent form of cancer in men aged 15-40 years in western Europe.
Testicular germ cell tumours are particularly susceptible to chemotherapy, and an early diagnosis in people at higher risk because of genetic susceptibility would therefore be beneficial.
It has also been established that the risk to brothers of patients with testicular germ cell tumour of also developing such a tumour is higher (eightfold) than the risk to fathers or sons of patients (fourfold).
www.studentbmj.com /issues/00/03/news/52b.php   (410 words)

 Sydney Gynaecological Oncology Group
Sixty percent of ovarian tumours in patients < 20 are germ cell tumours and 25% of these are malignant.
Are the most common malignant germ cell tumour representing 1-3% of all ovarian cancers, but represent as many as 5-10% of ovarian cancers in patients younger than 20 years of age.
A rare tumor of the ovary, characterized by germ cells intimately mixed with indifferent sex cord elements resembling immature granulosa and Sertoli cells.
www.cs.nsw.gov.au /cancer/sgog/GermCell_Guide.htm   (722 words)

 Children's Cancer Centre : Germ Cells Tumours
Germ cells are the cells that become an embryo, which develops into a child in the womb.
The most common sites for germ cell tumours to develop are the testes, ovaries, in the middle of the brain, chest and abdomen and the area at the bottom of the spine (sacrococcygeal region).
To diagnose a germ cell tumour a biopsy of the tumour is done.
www.rch.org.au /ccc/diagnosis.cfm?doc_id=5328   (327 words)

 Ovarian Germ Cell
They arise from the germ cells or egg-making cells of the ovary and usually occur in young women under the age of 40 years; they are most common in teenagers or women in their twenties.
Ovarian germ cell tumours of the ovary whether they are benign or malignant, are not easy to diagnose.
However, with modern day chemotherapy the results for the treatment of ovarian germ cell cancers is very good with some young women retaining their fertility and going on to later have babies.
www.igcs.com.au /ovarian.htm   (1130 words)

 brain-tumour.net (teratoid and rhabdoid)
Determining the spread of the tumour is done with MRI and tests of the fluid itself.
Patients with pineal region tumours often recur what is known as a 'shunt' to reduce the effect of pressure.
As well as names, tumours are also given a Grade, which is an indicator of the malignancy of the tumour.
www.brain-tumour.net /tumours/terat.htm   (196 words)

 Germ Cell Tumours in Children and Young Adults
In the developing embryo germ cells migrate to the ovaries or testicles and form the ova (egg cells) or sperm cells.
Germ cell tumours are most common in children and young adults, there are different sub-types including endodermal tumours (mostly found in children), dysgerminoma, teratoma, and seminoma (young men).
Rescorla FJ, Breitfeld PP Pediatric germ cell tumors.
www.cancerindex.org /ccw/guide2u.htm   (355 words)

 eMedicine - Extragonadal Germ Cell Tumors : Article Excerpt by: Issam Makhoul, MD
According to this theory, the differences in phenotypes expressed by mediastinal germ cell tumors (MGCTs) and gonadal GCTs may be explained by differences in the cellular environment between the gonad and the anterior mediastinum.
The cell carrying this abnormality is relatively protected against apoptotic death because of the oncogenic effect of CCND2, leading to re-initiation of cell cycle and genomic instability.
Embryologically, hematopoietic stem cells arise in the yolk sac.
www.emedicine.com /med/byname/extragonadal-germ-cell-tumors.htm   (630 words)

 Cancer Cells -- Recommendations and Resources   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Germ cell ovarian cancer is a rare form of ovarian cancer: approximately 5 percent of ovarian cancers are classified as germ cell.
Germ cell tumors: this type from the cells that produce the ova.
The opinion stated that pluripotent stem cells are not and cannot develop into an organism, as defined in the statute.
www.becomingapediatrician.com /health/26/cancer-cells.html   (908 words)

 Extra-gonadal Germ Cell Tumors
Fine-needle aspiration biopsy of nonteratomatous germ cell tumors of the mediastinum.
We assessed the usefulness of fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) in the diagnosis of mediastinal germ cell tumors (GCTs).
Lymphoma was present in 55%, neurogenic malignancies in 23%, malignant germ cell tumors in 18%, and sarcoma in 5%.
www.thedoctorsdoctor.com /diseases/gct_extragonadal.htm   (9625 words)

 Transient regression of an intracranial germ cell tumour after intravenous steroid administration: a case report -- ...
Intracranial germ cell tumours are neoplasms of children and young adults, histologically identical to those seen in the gonads.
Intracranial germ cell tumours are multiple in up to 45% of cases.
Intracranial germ cell tumor: pathobiological and immunohistochemical aspects of 70 cases.
jnnp.bmjjournals.com /cgi/content/full/64/5/670   (1131 words)

 Mast Cell Disease
Mast cells with bilobed or multilobed nuclei in a nodular lesion of a patient with urticaria pigmentosa.
Although the nodular lesion with atypical mast cells did not appear to be cytologically malignant, the occurrence of atypical mast cells in a nodular lesion but not in a papular lesion might denote progression of the disease as suggested by the emergence of cells positive for p53.
To determine the mechanism of release of large granules from mast cells, we studied by immunohistochemistry the presence of STG I in mast cells in normal human tissues simultaneously with the mast cell markers mast cell tryptase (tryptase) and c-kit.
www.thedoctorsdoctor.com /diseases/mast_cell_disease.htm   (11683 words)

 brain-tumour.net (germinoma)
The germinoma is the most common type of germ cell tumour in the brain.
The fluid itself is tested for the presence of tumours cells, and MRI scanning is used on the brain.
If the tumour is in the suprasellar location (rather than the pineal region), the symptoms are different - diabetes insipidus, vision changes and signs of hormonal dysfunction (fatigue, poor appetite, vomiting, development problems).
www.brain-tumour.net /tumours/germ2.htm   (207 words)

 Dysgerminoma -
Dysgerminomas are one of the germ cell tumour ovarian neoplasms.
They are the most common malignant germ cell ovarian carcinoma.
Dysgerminomas present as bilateral tumours in 10% of patients and, in a further 10%, there is microscopic tumour in the other ovary.
www.medicalgeo.com /Med-Diseases-D/Dysgerminoma.html   (258 words)

 Amazon.com: Germ Cell Tumours: Books: W. G. Jones   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Germ cell tumours are rare, but efforts on many fronts over the last two decades have led to high curative sucess rates - to the extent that they have been described as 'a model for a curable solid tumour'.
Aspects of the clinical management of seminoma and nonseminomatous tumours of the testis will be examined, expecially radiotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy, imaging, morbidity of therapy and quality of life issues.
St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital treats Germ Cell Tumors, tumors that arise from primitive germinal cells in the ovaries, testicles, brain, chest, or tailbone.
www.amazon.com /Germ-Cell-Tumours-W-Jones/dp/0861965671   (665 words)

 Blood cells with fetal haemoglobin (F-cells) detected by immunohistochemistry as indicators of solid tumours -- Wolk et ...
Blood cells with fetal haemoglobin (F-cells) detected by immunohistochemistry as indicators of solid tumours -- Wolk et al.
Immunohistochemical demonstration of hitherto undescribed localization of hemoglobin A and F in endodermal cells of normal human yolk sac and endodermal sinus tumor.
Nonseminomatous germ cell tumors of the testicle: does extensive staging of the primary tumor predict the likelihood of metastatic disease?
jcp.bmjjournals.com /cgi/content/full/57/7/740   (2916 words)

 Scrotal calcification: ultrasound appearances, distribution and aetiology -- Bushby et al. 75 (891): 283 -- The British ...
The distinction between focal infarction and tumour may be difficult.
(b) A large germ cell tumour in a different patient (arrowheads), with peripheral calcification (arrow).
derived from the Sertoli and Leydig cells of the seminiferous
bjr.birjournals.org /cgi/content/full/75/891/283   (1088 words)

 Amazon.com: Germ Cell Tumours V: Books: P. Harnden,J. K. Joffe,W. G. Jones   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The International Germ Cell Tumour Conference V brings together the leading clinicians and scientists in the field and covers all aspects of the disease from basic tumour biology, genetics, pathology through to clinical management.
As well as including the most up-to-date information on optimum treatment and trial results, this book on the Germ Cell Tumour Conference V provides a forum for the interaction of basic scientists and clinicians to address the current issues.
Proceedings of the Fifth Germ Cell Tumour Conference, held at the University of Leeds, UK, on September 13-15, 2001.
www.amazon.com /Germ-Cell-Tumours-P-Harnden/dp/1852335637   (605 words)

 Promotion of Seminomatous Tumors by Targeted Overexpression of Glial Cell Line-derived Neurotrophic Factor in Mouse ...
The tumor cells are uniform; they have clear cytoplasm, well-defined cell margins, and a central nucleus with clumped chromatin.
Yellow peaks, cells with a hypodiploid DNA content; red peak, the diploid cells; green peak, a triploid cell population.
Mostofi F. Pathology of germ cell tumours of testis.
cancerres.aacrjournals.org /cgi/content/full/61/8/3267   (3411 words)

 Germ Cell Tumour and Preventive Irradiation - Message 1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
MRI revealed a pineal gland tumour and hydrocephalus.
Because the tumour is deep inside the brain and some blood veins around it, it is too dangerous to do any biopsy.
According to the sensitivity to the irradiation the Dr made the diagnosis of the germ cell tumour.
www.cancercompass.com /message-board/message/single,2572,1.htm   (324 words)

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