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In the News (Mon 27 May 19)

  Germany.info : German-Ameicans
American Dream: Many Germans were encouraged to immigrate through idealized depictions of life in the new world, like this illustration of happy farming life in Missouri.
Before 1820, as many as half of all German immigrants were indentured servants, people who paid for their trip by indebting themselves to the ship owners before meeting family in America, and in many cases, paying their debt in full on arrival.
Germans saw prohibition attempts as an attack on their freedom and as an encroachment on their traditional leisure activities: evenings in bars and Sundays in the beer garden.
www.germany.info /relaunch/culture/ger_americans/paper.html   (1610 words)

  German American - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
German Americans represent 16% of the total U.S. population and 24% of the non-Hispanic white population.
Of the four major U.S. regions, German was the most-reported ancestry in the Midwest, second in the West, and third in the Northeast and South regions.
German was the top reported ancestry in 23 states, and it was one of the top five reported ancestries in every state except Maine and Rhode Island.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/German-American   (2956 words)

 Germany Info: German-Ameicans
American Dream: Many Germans were encouraged to immigrate through idealized depictions of life in the new world, like this illustration of happy farming life in Missouri.
Germans, like other immigrant groups, settled with other speakers of their language from the area of their birth, where they felt at home away from home.
Germans saw prohibition attempts as an attack on their freedom and as an encroachment on their traditional leisure activities: evenings in bars and Sundays in the beer garden.
www.germany-info.org /relaunch/culture/ger_americans/paper.html   (1610 words)

Germans contributed substantially to its growth: By 1841, 28 percent of the total population was German; 10 years earlier the figure was only 5 percent, By 1850, when Cincinnati was known as the "Queen City of the West," the German community (including those born in America) made up half its population.
German involvement in the labor movement did not sit well with nativists, who, in the last decades of the 19th century, were again seeking support for anti-immigration laws.
German Americans, the societies members insisted, were neither "mongrels with a divided allegiance" nor "hyphenates." In keeping with this goal, they named their organization after Baron Friedrich von Steuben, a hero of the War of Independence.
www.theseverts.net /German.htm   (13046 words)

Course outline w/links: German Immigrant Culture in America and The DAAD Syllabi Database.
German was nearly adopted as the official language of the USA: fact or fiction?
German names of towns and families to learn origins and original meanings.
www.serve.com /shea/germusa/germusa.htm   (611 words)

 German Life: German-American Travel Favorites
The frontier town was founded in 1814 by 800 German Swabian communalists, one of the Pietist sects that arose in the ferment of the Protestant Reformation.
The German baroque architectural influence is visible in the dark colors and gold ornamentation of the interior decoration.
American cigarettes were the currency; fl market barter boomed; food was severely rationed and tens of thousands of Germans depended on CARE packages from the United States; stores were empty and factories not producing.
www.germanlife.com /Archives/1999/9906_01.html   (9974 words)

 All-American Barbecue has German roots   (Site not responding. Last check: )
German immigrants settling in Wisconsin in the 1800's were also the first to begin making Bratwurst sausages according to German recipes they brought with them from their homeland.
German immigrants completely changed the American brewing industry during the 19 th Century and their influence is still seen today in names such as Pabst, Schlitz, Busch and Coors.
While many Americans consider potatoes coated in mayonnaise to be potato salad, the original potato salad was brought to America by German immigrants in the 19 th century who made their version with a hot vinegar and bacon dressing.
www.germanfoods.org /consumer/All-AmericanBarbecuehasGermanroots.cfm   (683 words)

 German-American Bund - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The German-American Bund or German American Federation was an American Nazi organization established in the 1930s.
The first was a Jewish boycott of German goods in the heavily German neighborhood of Yorkville on the Upper East Side of New York City.
On March 19, 1936, Hitler placed an American citizen, Fritz Kuhn, at the head of the party, hoping to gain some degree of American favor.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/German-American_Bund   (776 words)

 German American Day
The German American National Congress (D.A.N.K.) and it's chapters mounted the first national campaign in 1987 urging all German Americans, their organizations and friends, to write or phone their senators and congressmen, and ask them to vote for the Joint Congressional Resolution establishing German American Day.
German American Day honors 300+ years of German immigration to the USA, beginning with the arrival of the first 13 Mennonite immigrant families from Krefeld on October 6, 1683, who subsequently founded Germantown, Pennsylvania.
German unification became reality in 1990, and the President especially emphasized "a new, united Germany that stands in friendship with the United States also stands as our partner in leadership" and said that Germany not only symbolizes a new Europe but is a partner with, and stands in friendship with the United States.
www.dank.org /german_american_day.htm   (983 words)

 Germany.info : German-Ameicans
This InFocus takes a look at the colorful history of German immigration through the centuries, the contributions of some influential German immigrants, the vibrant US communities that continue to nurture their German-American heritage, and the exemplary stories of some Germans and German-Americans in Hollywood.
Germans were among the new immigrants who helped put this oasis on the world map, and today Germans and German-Americans continue to impress cinemagoers.
The German Embassy in Washington is sponsoring a private sneak preview of the exhibition on October 6 with the exhibition opening to the public at Georgetown University on October 18.
www.germany.info /relaunch/culture/ger_americans/ger_americans.html   (492 words)

 USS Clueless - German American Relations
And so, Schröder's party wins the German elections, after a rancorous campaign in which Schröder and his ally Fischer of the Greens faced a challenge from the right, and in order to win had to play every leftist card they had, including the Anti-American card.
To wait until after the election to do it is to try to play both sides; he wanted to be seen as supporting her insult of Bush in the run up to the election, but will fire her afterwards to try to prove to us that he's repudiating her statement.
German analysts suggested that the United States should nonetheless ask itself why Schroeder's anti-war message went over so well in a country that traditionally has valued close relations with the United States.
www.denbeste.nu /cd_log_entries/2002/09/GermanAmericanRelations.shtml   (1194 words)

 The German American Bund
Ernst Mueller, head of the German American Settlement League, upon completion of the property transfer prepared a letter that was sent to members of the League, the German American Bund and other organizations of German Americans, inviting all to visit this beautiful lakeside property.
At this time the American flag and the German swastika were flying side by side at the Camp and at least one building displayed the swastika in the shingles of the roof.
Ernst Mueller, head of the German American Settlement League sent a flyer to all members of the League and to German- American Bundists to register to vote at the Yaphank precinct and to vote Republican, against Judge Neuss.
www.longwood.k12.ny.us /history/yaphank/german_american_bund.htm   (3607 words)

 President Proclaims German-American Day
From the first German immigrants who accompanied Captain John Smith to Jamestown more than 300 years ago to the more than 7 million Germans who have since followed them to our shores, Americans of German descent have played a vital role in establishing the strength of our country's democratic spirit.
German Americans advanced our civic liberties through their strong support for freedom of the press.
German Americans have influenced our history, strengthened our ideals, and enriched our culture, and, in the years ahead, they will continue their noble role in helping to ensure the vitality of our democracy.
www.whitehouse.gov /news/releases/2001/10/20011005-15.html   (455 words)

 Louis Lochner
Although they were instructed not to accept German citizens in their organization, they were not about to turn down anyone interested and many immigrants joined.
Many German Americans were indifferent towards politics and polls taken at the time showed that German Americans were not much more sympathetic to Nazi Germany than traditional Americans.
Most Americans, including most German Americans, saw Kuhn and the Bund as Nazi-supported presences at Hitler’s command, even though this was true only in Kuhn’s convoluted perceptions.
www.traces.org /americanbund.html   (1635 words)

 German American Bund
The German American Bund, an organization of ethnic Germans living in the United States, was marked by a pro-Nazi stance.
Public opinion surveys of 1939 show that Fritz Kuhn, the leader of the German American Bund, was seen by the U.S. public as the leading antisemite in the country.
The activities of the German American Bund led both Jewish and non-Jewish congressional representatives to demand that it be investigated by the House Un-American Activities Committee chaired by Martin Dies.
www.ushmm.org /wlc/article.php?lang=en&ModuleId=10005684   (321 words)

 Internment of German Americans in the United States during World War II
The World War II experience of thousands of German Americans, to most, is an unknown.
By the end of the war, 11,000 persons of German ancestry, including many American-born children, were interned.
At least 2,000 Germans, German Americans and Latin American internees were later exchanged for Americans and Latin Americans held by the Third Reich in
www.foitimes.com /internment   (297 words)

 German-American Tricentennial
There had been other persons of German origin* who lived in one or another of the American colonies during the preceding half-century, but they came as individuals and did not form a distinctive settlement, as did the Krefelders of 1683.
The German colonists settled chiefly in Pennsylvania and in neighboring New York, Maryland, and Virginia.
Most significantly, however, the Germans were as diverse* as American society itself, with its rich and poor, educated and uneducated, urban and rural* populations, and its varieties of religious belief.
usa.usembassy.de /etexts/ga-asn0983Luebke.htm   (1745 words)

 Welcome to German American Technologies
German American Technologies has developed over the past 10 years to emerge as one of the superior sports and fitness establishments in the world today.
German American Technologies can be seen in gyms, exclusive health food stores and chains, U.S. Military bases, General Nutrition Centers (GNC) and fitness centers all over the world
German American Technologies must be accompanied by its Certificate of
www.germanamericantechnologies.com /about_.shtml   (183 words)

 German American Studies
It aims to familiarize students with all aspects of the history and heritage of the German immigration to the U.S., German-American culture, and the immigrants' contributions to the American way of life.
The Certificate in German-American Studies is open to all students who meet the admission requirements for the College of Arts and Sciences, as described in the "College Outline" and in the University's Undergraduate General Information Bulletin.
It is especially strong for materials pertaining to history, literature, and culture of the German influence in the Midwestern states.
asweb.artsci.uc.edu /german/about/GermanAmerican   (359 words)

 United German-American Societies of Greater Chicago: German American Day Commemoration
Chicago, the heartland of the nation has one of the major German American communities that observes German American Day in a festive way.
The German American Day Commemoration is celebrated with a solemn service at St. Benedict’s Church in the presence of a forest of club flags and regalia.
The “Deutsche Tag Vereinigung” which comprises most German American societies congregates at the city’s St. Benedict’s Church for a 2 hour program that features, a musical program presented by the various choirs as well as speeches by personalities from the local community.
www.germanday.com /german_american_day_commemorat.html   (129 words)

 German vs. American Bloodlines
The German Shepherd Dog Club of America is as much to blame as the AKC for the downfall of the working ability in the American breed.
You can occasionally find an American bloodline breeder who will brag about having some of his dogs on a police department some place, but the sad truth is that if the dog is working as a patrol dog it does not belong there.
Smith's defense of American bred German Shepherds and that AKC organization that is the registering body for them, is.......well, indefensible.
www.leerburg.com /germblod.htm   (4725 words)

 German-North American Resources Partnership
The German-North American Resources Partnership is a long-term project focusing on improving the effective acquisition, sharing, and use of German-language materials among North American libraries, in addition to fostering closer collaboration with German research libraries.
The goals of all four groups, which are composed of librarians from participating institutions, is to make full use of new technologies in exploring and developing the means for effective collaboration and resource sharing.
The action agenda includes creating a formal system of document delivery between German and North American libraries, harmonizing cataloging rules, coordinating standards for metadata development, providing collection development tools, fostering collaborative digital library projects, and providing knowledge resources through studies and reports pertinent to national-level collection development practices.
www.crl.edu /grn/gnarp/index.asp   (186 words)

Please send us descriptions and/or images of your own German holiday customs and traditions.
The Year of the Sun: Nature and Germanic Culture.
Midsummer Solstice is the point at which the sun reaches its greatest declination south.
www.serve.com /shea/germusa/customs.htm   (396 words)

 Cazoo.org: German-American Cultural Center
Country Western Dance German American Society of Trenton, NJ New Generation German-American Club, Plattdeutsche Park, Franklin Square, NY Friday 10/27/06
The New German American Club Promises An Oktoberfest Blast with die Schlauberger on Friday, Oct 27, 2006.
German Language on Long Island: NYS Public Schools is in Crisis!
cazoo.org /index.shtml   (763 words)

 German American Heritage   (Site not responding. Last check: )
These links are for German American and German Canadian web sites as well as those in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and other lands.
Visit great german castles, learn German folksongs, improve your German, visit the Black Forest, research your German roots.
Cover the fundaments of German wine: labels, regions and their leading producers, grape variaties, vintages, history and more.
www.germanways.com /Heritage.htm   (197 words)

 German-American Internet Scavenger Hunt
An early group of German settlers arrived in the American colonies in
was among the Germans who immigrated to the US after the revolution of 1848.
The teaching of the German language was even banned in some states.
www.cloudnet.com /~edrbsass/Germ-Am.htm   (712 words)

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