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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

 German Americans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
German Americans represent 16% of the total U.S. population and 24% of the non-Hispanic white population.
Of the four major U.S. regions, German was the most-reported ancestry in the Midwest, second in the West, and third in the Northeast and South regions.
[13] The war evoked complex reactions among German Americans at the time, many of whom severed relationships with relatives in Europe and downplayed their ethnic heritage to blend with prevailing American culture. /wiki/German_American   (2329 words)

German Americans, the societies members insisted, were neither "mongrels with a divided allegiance" nor "hyphenates." In keeping with this goal, they named their organization after Baron Friedrich von Steuben, a hero of the War of Independence.
Many of the more prominent German Americans, including most of the forty-eighters, spoke out against slavery, antagonizing slave owners and their supporters.
But other German Americans overlooked Bismarck's failings, which they felt were exaggerated by the English-language press, and emphasized instead his leadership in the defeat of the French in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71 and the creation of a united Germany. /German.htm   (13046 words)

 German-American Bund - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The German-American Bund, or "German American Federation," was an American Nazi organization established in the 1930s.
The first was a Jewish boycott of German goods in the heavily German neighborhood of Yorkville on the Upper East Side of New York City.
However, its influence is still felt on a number of American neo-Nazi groups. /wiki/German-American_Bund   (551 words)

 Germany Info: German-Ameicans
Germans were among the new immigrants who helped put this oasis on the world map, and today Germans and German-Americans continue to impress cinemagoers.
This InFocus takes a look at the colorful history of German immigration through the centuries, the contributions of some influential German immigrants, the vibrant US communities that continue to nurture their German-American heritage, and the exemplary stories of some Germans and German-Americans in Hollywood.
From the East Coast, where the first German settlers arrived in the 1600s, to the West Coast and in all the states in between, German-Americans have been realizing the American dream for more than 300 years. /relaunch/culture/ger_americans/ger_americans.html   (448 words)

 German Life: German-American Travel Favorites
American cigarettes were the currency; black market barter boomed; food was severely rationed and tens of thousands of Germans depended on CARE packages from the United States; stores were empty and factories not producing.
The frontier town was founded in 1814 by 800 German Swabian communalists, one of the Pietist sects that arose in the ferment of the Protestant Reformation.
The German baroque architectural influence is visible in the dark colors and gold ornamentation of the interior decoration. /Archives/1999/9906_01.html   (9974 words)

 German American Contributions to Mainstream Culture
Announce that the topic today is German-Americans and their contributions to the American mainstream culture.
The German language in North America lost significant ground as a "heritage language" during World War I, when speaking German in public was prohibited and German church and civic groups were asked not to use German.
If there are students from German and mixed German background in the class, it would be interesting to ask them how many generations ago their ancestors emigrated and from which German-speaking country and region they came. /kade/nameword/nameword.html   (2287 words)

 American Kennel Club - German Shepherd Dog
A German Shepherd Dog is a trotting dog, and its structure has been developed to meet the requirements of its work.
The first impression of a good German Shepherd Dog is that of a strong, agile, well muscled animal, alert and full of life.
The German Shepherd Dog is longer than tall, with the most desirable proportion as 10 to 8½. /breeds/recbreeds/germshep.cfm   (1773 words)

 The German American Bund
At this time the American flag and the German swastika were flying side by side at the Camp and at least one building displayed the swastika in the shingles of the roof.
Ernst Mueller, head of the German American Settlement League sent a flyer to all members of the League and to German- American Bundists to register to vote at the Yaphank precinct and to vote Republican, against Judge Neuss.
Ernst Mueller, head of the German American Settlement League, upon completion of the property transfer prepared a letter that was sent to members of the League, the German American Bund and other organizations of German Americans, inviting all to visit this beautiful lakeside property. /history/yaphank/german_american_bund.htm   (3607 words)

 Association of German-American Societies
German American Heritage Society of Greater Washington, DC - preserving and fostering the Heritage in the Washington Metropolitan area
American Association of Teachers of German, Maryland/DC Metropolitan Chapter - a professional organization for teachers of German at all levels.
German European American Society of Virginia- a club in the Norfolk, Virginia area /agas_dc   (769 words)

Americans of German descent have contributed much to the growth, strength and vitality of the Hoosier state.
WHEREAS Public Law 100-104 designated October 6, 1987, as "German- American Day" and a proclamation was issued by the President October 2, 1987; and
In the 1990 Census 1 out of 4 Americans reported German ancestry. /shea/germusa/usafrg.htm   (992 words)

 German American Studies
It aims to familiarize students with all aspects of the history and heritage of the German immigration to the U.S., German-American culture, and the immigrants' contributions to the American way of life.
The Certificate in German-American Studies is open to all students who meet the admission requirements for the College of Arts and Sciences, as described in the "College Outline" and in the University's Undergraduate General Information Bulletin.
German-American Studies is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program in the McMicken College of Arts and Science leading to the awarding of a certificate. /german/about/GermanAmerican   (348 words)

 German American Law Journal :: American Edition
The German American law firms of the contributors are not involved in the GALJ.
A forum for information sharing in the areas of German and American law, mainly where the two intersect, vary or intrigue.
This site does not provide legal advice on German law even if lawyers with German and American degrees and admission contribute opinions. /amlaw   (1183 words)

 Encyclopedia of German-American Genealogical Research : Genealogical Publishing Company
Where possible, findings published in obscure German publications have been included in the conviction that unless special effort is made to bring these findings to the attention of American researchers, they are unlikely ever to receive the attention they deserve.
Since there are more Americans of German descent than any other nationality, the long-awaited reprint of this 1976 publication should be warmly welcomed.
The emphasis of the work is on German genealogical research in America, with special focus on immigration records, German ethnic religious bodies in America, and manuscript and published source materials, both in America and Germany. /item_detail.asp?ID=5442   (397 words)

 German American Heritage Society of Saint Louis        Call
The GAHS is actively involved in exploring and preserving German heritage with other German American organizations in the St. Louis region, the state of Missouri, the United States of America and the Federal Republic of Germany.
It provided an opportunity to introduce more of St. Louis to the German American Heritage Society, its events, as well as support of area organizations and programs through grants made possible from donations made at its annual “A Taste of Germany” benefit dinner and auctions.
The German American Heritage Society of Saint Louis will hold their 16th Annual Diplomatic Reception and Dinner, also known as the founder's banquet, on Saturday, March 11 at The Racquet Club -   (1139 words)

Teaching units on "German-Americans and Their Contributions to the American Mainstream Culture: German Names and Words".
A German-American Chronology and chronology of Germans in America - Library of Congress.
Course outline w/links: German Immigrant Culture in America and The DAAD Syllabi Database. /shea/germusa/germusa.htm   (599 words)

 United German-American Committee
We're dedicated to promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of almost 45 million Americans of German-speaking ancestry in the United States...
With almost 18,000 members nationwide, the United German-American Committee is the only national German-American umbrella organization representing Americans of German-speaking ancestry in the Nation's Capital.   (126 words)

 German / American Societies and Culture Richmond Virginia
German / American Societies and Culture Richmond Virginia
This is Richmond's annual German/American Oktoberfest complete with German food, beverages, entertainment, souvenir, etc..
Check out the largest German Bavarian Oktoberfest event in the State of Virginia by clicking on Richmond Oktoberfest. /gasc   (268 words)

 German Corner: German American Magazine and Business Guide
German American Corner, German Corner and their logos are trademarks of German Corner.
German Corner: German American Magazine and Business Guide
Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of German Corner is prohibited.   (86 words)

 The German-American Tradition
A conference on "German-American history and literature in the context of American multilingualism" will be held at Harvard University from September 17 to 19, 1998.
Further proposals and self-nominations of scholars and students interested in participating in this project are invited. /~lowinus/german.html   (127 words)

 German-American Teaching Resources and Units
German Immigrants: Their Contributions to the Upper Midwest The Library of Congress, American Memory Fellows Program
German-Americans and Their Contributions to the American Mainstream Culture:
zur Oeveste Letters (German ed.), letters with historical context from a German-American, Indiana farmer to his relatives in Germany. /kade/teaching.html   (519 words) German-American Cultural Center
German American Society of Trenton, NJ Click on Events Calendar for more fun activities.
Music from the three distinct cultures of Burgenland - German, Croatian and Hungarian - will be featured along with songs that are popular to American Burgenlanders.
German Heritage Council of NJ 44th Grand Masquerade Ball March 4th, 2006 at 7 P.M. Plattdeutsche Park in Franklin Square, New York   (583 words)

 German-American School Association
The Association is dedicated to the teaching of the German language.
Our schools promote German literature, music, culture and the traditional festivals of German speaking countries.
110 million people worldwide speak German as their native language.   (111 words)

 American German Club of Lantana
Welcome to the American German Club of the Palm Beaches, located in the Lantana-Lake
American German Club Phone 561 967-6464 Oktoberfest information
Bands from Germany, ethnic entertainment, authentic German food and imported German beer and wine along with arts and crafts, souvenirs and a carnival for kids and adults welcome 30.000 guests over two weekends.   (238 words)

 Deutsch Amerikanischer National Kongress
These were the primary reasons that the German American National Congress was founded in 1959, and they are still among the organization's primary objectives today.
is the largest organization of Americans of German descent.
The organization seeks to bring together Americans of German descent in   (153 words) German-American Cultural Center
United German American Societies of the East Bay PMB 407, 484 Lake Park Ave.
German American Cultural Center 38000 Utica Rd. Sterling Heights MI 48312 Woods 586.978.0070 Mr.
German American Society of Portland Oregon 7901 SE Division Portland OR 97206 503-775-1585 /gaclub/USclubs.htm   (8487 words)

 Germanic-American Institute - Herzlich Willkommen!
The Germanic-American Institute is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the exploration and enjoyment of Germanic culture and language.
Kinderstube German Immersion Preschool is accepting registrations at our two locations in the metro area for summer and school year
Each session will revolve around a different theme, with children participating in activities according to their age and ability level in German.   (633 words)

 Welcome to the German American School of Portland
At the German American School of Portland we have a knack for teaching children a second language.
Welcome to the German American School of Portland
Not only will your child learn a second language, they'll be immersed in German culture through music, art, books and conversation with everyone around them.   (108 words)

Midsummer Solstice is the point at which the sun reaches its greatest declination south.
The Year of the Sun: Nature and Germanic Culture.
Please send us descriptions and/or images of your own German holiday customs and traditions. /shea/germusa/customs.htm   (384 words)

 Germany Info: German-Ameicans
Since 1987, every U.S. president has proclaimed German-American Day on October 6 to recognize the substantial contributions that German immigrants have made to the United States.
The day stands as both a celebration of German heritage and as a reminder of the pioneering people from Germany who sought a better life for themselves and their children in America, and in doing so, helped shape that life dramatically.
Germans saw prohibition attempts as an attack on their freedom and as an encroachment on their traditional leisure activities: evenings in bars and Sundays in the beer garden. /relaunch/info/publications/infocus/german-americans/g-a_history.html   (1618 words)

 German American National Congress: German Day
German American Day honors 300+ years of German immigration to the USA, beginning with the arrival of the first 13 Mennonite immigrant families from Krefeld on October 6, 1683, who subsequently founded Germantown, Pennsylvania.
The German American National Congress (D.A.N.K.) and it's chapters mounted the first national campaign in 1987 urging all GermanAmericans, their organizations and friends, to write or phone their senators and congressmen, and ask them to vote for the Joint Congressional Resolution establishing German American Day.
GAJAC has subsequently petitioned the Congress and Government leaders to issue resolutions and proclamations for the annual German American Day, and has effected all necessary contact with the German-American community and enlisted nationwide support. /german/home/dank/german_day.html   (1093 words)

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