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Topic: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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  Gettysburg, Pennsylvania - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gettysburg is a borough 38 miles (68 km) south by southwest of Harrisburg in Adams County, Pennsylvania, USA, of which it is the county seat
Gettysburg was incorporated as a borough in 1806.
Gettysburg is a thriving farm community, and Gettysburg College is among the nation's excellent private educational institutions.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gettysburg,_Pennsylvania   (1271 words)

 Battle of Gettysburg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
By June 29, Lee's army was strung out in an arc from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, 28 miles (45 km) northwest of Gettysburg, to Carlisle, 30 miles (48 km) north of Gettysburg, to near Harrisburg and Wrightsville on the Susquehanna River.
The terrain of Gettysburg and vicinity is described in Gettysburg Battlefield.
Today, the Gettysburg National Cemetery and Gettysburg National Military Park are maintained by the U.S. National Park Service as two of the nation's most revered historical landmarks.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Battle_of_Gettysburg   (4419 words)

 Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Chartered in 1832 to provide education for the residents of south-central Pennsylvania, the College was a neighbor to fighting between Union and Confederate troops in July 1863.
Pennsylvania Hall, the College’s first building, served during and after the Civil War battle as a hospital for the wounded, treating more than 700 Union and Confederate soldiers.
Gettysburg’s founding principles embrace a rigorous liberal arts education that fosters a global perspective, a spirit of collaboration, a dedication to public service and an enriching campus life.
www.elca.org /colleges/institutions/gettysburg.html   (283 words)

 GETTYSBURG   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Gettysburg has several small manufacturing establishments and is the seat of Pennsylvania College (opened in 1832, and the oldest Lutheran college in America), which had 312 students (68 in the preparatory department) 1fl 1907—1908, and of a Lutheran theological seminary, opened in
Gettysburg was settled about 1740, was laid out in 1787, was made the county-seat in 1800, and was incorporated as a borough in 1806.
On the 1st of July the leading troops of General A. Hill’s Confederate corps approached Gettysburg from the west to meet Ewell’s corps, which was to the N. of the town, whilst Longstreet’s corps followed Hill.
www.memberbbb.com /gettys-burg.html   (1623 words)

 Gettysburg National Military Park (National Park Service)
Fought in the first three days of July 1863, the Battle of Gettysburg resulted in a hallmark victory for the Union "Army of the Potomac" and successfully ended the second invasion of the North by General Robert E. Lee's "Army of Northern Virginia".
On February 11, 1895, congressional legislation was signed to establish Gettysburg National Military Park as a memorial dedicated to the armies that fought this great battle.
Gettysburg National Military Park incorporates nearly 6,000 acres, with 26 miles of park roads and over 1,400 monuments, markers, and memorials.
www.nps.gov /gett   (234 words)

 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Evidence of the fighting was everywhere, especially on farms that lay in the path of the armies.
Gettysburg National Cemetery is across the street from the visitor center.
The Gettysburg Cyclorama portraying "The High Tide of the Confederacy" on July 3, 1863, is one of the outstanding paintings of battle scenes in existence.
home.earthlink.net /~sampson.bh/OurTrip13.htm   (880 words)

 boro1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Gettysburg is a municipality (Borough) in South-central Pennsylvania with approximately 7,300 permanent inhabitants.
Gettysburg also experiences a significant transient population which includes: visitors to the Gettysburg Battlefield, Eisenhower site, and other special events; college and seminary students; migrant agricultural workers (10,000); and others who come to Gettysburg temporarily for social services or because of its central geographical location.
The Borough of Gettysburg has the largest concentration of population in Adams County and serves as the county seat.
www.gettysburg.com /communit/gov/boro1.htm   (256 words)

 Gettysburg College - Homepage
GETTYSBURG, Pa. - Gettysburg College men's lacrosse goalie Pat Vaughan, of Cockeysville, Md., and women's lacrosse midfielder Katie Ceglarski, of Darien, Conn., were named first-team All-Americans by the United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association and Intercollegiate Women's Lacrosse Coaches Association/U.S. Lacrosse, respectively.
Gettysburg students benefit from close collaboration with professors, often resulting in joint publications in scientific journals.
Gettysburg College has fielded one of the most successful NCAA Division III athletic programs in the region for many years.
www.gettysburg.edu   (676 words)

 Destination Gettysburg Pennsylvania Civil War Battle ground PA History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Gettysburg Battlefield is the most visited, most written about, and most intensely studied battle ever recorded.
Gettysburg is a fascinating blend of the past and the present.
Gettysburg is a destination any time of year with the beauty of all four seasons.
www.virtualcities.com /ons/pa/g/as/paga6a1.htm   (310 words)

 Pennsylvania Battle Gettysburg American Civil War
Gettysburg park licensed guides say that this is the one book they consider the foundation of their knowledge and essential to passing their licensing exam.
An excellent in-depth accounting the Gettysburg campaign The events leading up to the battle of Gettysburg, and the battle itself, stand as one of the most significant points in American history.
Disc One covers the Battle of Gettysburg with episodes such as: Colonel Strong Vincent's defense of Little Round Top; the "hallowed ground" of Gettysburg National Cemetery including the grave of President Nixon's great-grandfather; the mysterious Devil's Den photographs; General Winfield Scott Hancock's injury and presidential campaign;and Confederate General Lewis Armistead's secret distress call.
americancivilwar.com /statepic/pa/pa002.html   (1037 words)

 Gettysburg Fire Department
The Gettysburg Fire Department, located in Adams County Pennsylvania, has a long and proud history of public service to the community of Gettysburg and the surrounding areas.
The first fire protection in Gettysburg was provided by a bucket brigade in accordance with mandatory action by town council in 1806.
Gettysburg's first "non-hand power" engine, a Silsby Steam Fire Engine, arrived in 1886.
www.gettysburgfd.com   (200 words)

 Gettysburg Convention & Visitors Bureau - a gateway to battle info, attractions, dining, hotel and lodging, bed and ...
Gettysburg Convention & Visitors Bureau - a gateway to battle info, attractions, dining, hotel and lodging, bed and breakfast, maps, and more.
We invite you to visit us and to learn for yourself why the Gettysburg Battlefield is the most visited, most written about, and most intensely studied battle ever recorded.
Gettysburg Convention & Visitors Bureau may be coming to a city near you.
www.gettysburgcvb.org   (371 words)

 The Battle of Gettysburg Pennsylvania Americn Civil War PA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Although the Battle of Gettysburg did not end the war, not attain any major war aim for the North or the South, it remains the great battle of the war.
The climax of the Battle of Gettysburg came when Major General George E. Pickett, in a desperate attempt to recapture the partial success of the preceding day, spearheaded a massed infantry of some 12,000 Confederate troops across the open field toward the Union center on Cemetery Ridge.
Additionally, an estimated 567 tons of ammunition was expended and, when the battle had ended, 5,000 dead horses and the other wreckage of war presented a scene of terrible devastation.
www.virtualcities.com /ons/pa/g/as/paga6a16.htm   (652 words)

 The Gettysburg Campaign Description
By June 30, both armies were converging upon Gettysburg and the battle, which would be the turning point of the war, was set to commence.
After the discovery on June 30 that Gettysburg was occupied by Brigadier General John Buford's division of Federal cavalry, the Confederates on July 1 sent the divisions of Major General Henry Heth and Major General William Pender of Hill's Corps, down the Chambersburg Road to drive Buford away and occupy Gettysburg.
He had initially hoped to avoid a general engagement since the strength of the enemy was unknown, and the terrain in the Gettysburg area unfamiliar.
www.civilwarhome.com /gettyscampaign.htm   (1595 words)

 Eisenhower Hotels, Conference Center, Resort, Inn, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, PA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Eisenhower Hotels, Conference Center, Resort, Inn, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, PA Gettysburg is a national treasure and the Eisenhower Hotels, Conference Center, and Resort offer a perfect vantage point for your next visit.
Located just south of Gettysburg in a rural setting, the Eisenhower is within close proximity to the historical battlefields and the visitor center.
This is south central Pennsylvania's largest facility of this kind offering major convention, meeting, and training facilities.
www.eisenhower.com   (177 words)

 Getaway Guides: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: Diversions
Gettysburg is virtually surrounded by 25 square miles of battlefields, where the Civil War's bloodiest battles were fought on the first three days of July 1863.
The Gettysburg Convention and Visitors Bureau details a Scenic Valley Tour covering 36 miles through the rolling orchard country of the west and north sides of Adams County.
Gettysburg is full of stores specializing in Civil War memorabilia (the best is Fields of Glory) and tacky souvenirs.
www.getawayguides.com /pennsylvania/gettysburg/diversions.htm   (1109 words)

 Amazon.com: Gettysburg Battlefield, Gettysburg Pennsylvania, 1863 (A Civil War Watercolor Map Series): Books: Earl ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The First Day's Battlefield Gettysburg Battlefield, Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1863 The stage is set for the greatest battle ever fought on the North American continent.
The Second and Third Day's Battlefield, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 1863 The classic battle of the Civil War and the sight of the most famous charge in history.
Eight maps of Gettysburg from the Paine collection in the National Archives are reproduced probably for the first time.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1885294077?v=glance   (1161 words)

 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Welcome Center   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Welcome to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where the turning point of the Civil War occurred from July 1 - 3, 1863.
Travel to the Gettysburg National Military Park, with over 1,000 monuments and cannon along over 40 miles of scenic roads, a battlefield shrine to the Union and Confederate soldiers who fought here.
In Gettysburg, you can eat authentic Civil War era foods, sleep in a restored historic inn, and discover over 25 museums and resort attractions -- some unlike any in the world.
www.gettysbg.com   (244 words)

 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania hotel near Gettysburg College - Comfort Inn 17325, PA120   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Nestled away in the hills of south central Pennsylvania, Gettysburg is where history comes alive.
Gettysburg is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway or vacation.
The Battle of Gettysburg was the largest battle in the American Civil War.
www.choicehotels.com /ires/en-us/html/HotelInfo?hotel=PA120   (417 words)

In the borough are Gettysburg Lutheran Theological Seminary and Gettysburg College.
Lincoln's Gettysburg Address - The Battle of Gettysburg, one of the most noted battles of the Civil War, was fought on July...
Lincoln: The Story of the Gettysburg Address - Distributor: Scholastic Age Level: 6 and older President Lincoln was a busy man with many family...
www.factmonster.com /id/A0820682   (216 words)

 Gettysburg Hospital
Located in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg Hospital has been serving the communities of Adams county and northern Maryland for more than 80 years.
As a WellSpan Health hospital, Gettysburg Hospital and all of its facilities serve the community with the highest quality of care, compassion, and excellence.
The Gettysburg Hospital is a privately incorporated, tax exempt organization dedicated to providing high quality health care services for the people who live, work, travel through and vacation in Adams County, Pennsylvania and northern Maryland.
www.wellspan.org /AboutUs/gettysburg.htm   (206 words)

 The Battle of Gettysburg - Gettysburg Welcome Center
Although the Battle of Gettysburg did not end the war, nor did it attain any major war aim for the North or the South, it remains the great battle of the war.
Towns across southern Pennsylvania were being "explored" for much needed supplies to continue the Southern offensive.
The Battle of Gettysburg began on July 1 with Confederate troops attacking that Union cavalry division on McPherson Ridge, west of town.
www.gettysbg.com /battle.shtml   (895 words)

 The Battle of Gettysburg Official Records and Battle Description
Even though this letter was never sent, it is very informative as to Lincoln's feelings toward Meade's actions after the battle.
This is the series of ORs, mostly between Hooker, Halleck, and Lincoln, that led up to his being relieved right before the battle of Gettysburg.
From the Official Records, Lee's General Orders No. 74, detailing how his retreat from Gettysburg would be made.
www.civilwarhome.com /gettysbu.htm   (386 words)

 Gettysburg Bed and Breakfast at Battlefield Bed and Breakfast Inn in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Gettysburg Bed and Breakfast at Battlefield Bed and Breakfast Inn in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
A Gettysburg Pennsylvania bed and breakfast with a Civil War theme.
For you city folks, this is a home away from home--a visit to Grandma's with a little romance on the side and a taste of the Gettysburg adventure.
www.gettysburgbattlefield.com   (904 words)

 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania area Bed and Breakfasts and Country Inns on Bed & Breakfast Inns ONLINE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Keystone Inn Bed and Breakfast in Gettysburg, PA is a peaceful respite only minutes from the National Battlefield.
The Inns of the Gettysburg Area, Pennsylvania is an association of twenty inns located in the greater Gettysburg Area.
Bed and Breakfasts INNside Gettysburg is a group of seven bed and breakfast inns in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
www.bbonline.com /pa/gettysburg.html   (508 words)

 Gettysburg Campground - Family Camping & RV Resort, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Gettysburg Campground - Family Camping and RV Resort, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
We are a family campground located on 26 acres in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
Just 3 miles from the center of town, Gettysburg Campground is bordered by beautiful Marsh Creek, with both shady or sunny RV sites, and a primitive tent area along the creek.
www.gettysburgcampground.com   (407 words)

 Gettysburg and Adams County, Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania has hundreds of colleges and universities to choose from...
Pennsylvania has hundreds of Bed and Breakfasts scattered across all of our regions and 67 counties.
The Pennsylvania - Visitors Network® is proud to feature its PA Bed and Breakfast Association members here.
pavisnet.com /adams   (429 words)

 The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln
Photograph of Lincoln at Gettysburg (Library of Congress)
Hoch, Bradley R. and Boritt, Gabor S. The Lincoln Trail in Pennsylvania.
Lincoln at Gettysburg: The Words That Remade America.
showcase.netins.net /web/creative/lincoln/speeches/gettysburg.htm   (323 words)

 Amazon.com: Retreat from Gettysburg: Lee, Logistics, and the Pennsylvania Campaign (Civil War America): Books: Kent ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The books on the Battle of Gettysburg by Sears and Trudeau, for example, explain the Pennsylvania campaign as an attempt by Lee to win a major victory, to fight a battle for the annihilation of the Army of the Potomac, and thus to bring the war to an end.
For Brown, the Battle of Gettysburg was a serious tactical loss for the Confederacy, resulting in a defeat and in the loss of men that could not be replaced.
His army spent much of the summer in Pennsylvania and took the food, the beef, the horses, and the supplies that were a prime objective of the campaign.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0807829218?v=glance   (2981 words)

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