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Topic: Ghazni

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  The City Of Ghazni
Capital of Ghazni province with a population of 35,900 on the Lora River.
Ghazni's strong fortress was taken by the British in 1839 and 1842 during the Afghan Wars.
Ghazni's early history is obscure; it has probably existed at least since the 7th century.
www.afghan-network.net /Culture/ghazni.html   (372 words)

  Ghazni - LoveToKnow 1911
Ghazni stands on the high tableland of central Afghanistan, in 68° 18' E. long., 33° 44 N. lat., at a height of 7280 ft. above the sea, and on the direct road between Kandahar and Kabul, 221 m.
The death of Muizuddin was followed by struggle and anarchy, ending for a time in the annexation of Ghazni to the empire of Khwarizm by Mahommed Shah, who conferred it on his famous son, Jelaluddin, and Ghazni became the headquarters of the latter.
Ghazni remained in the hands of Baber's descendants, reigning at Delhi and Agra, till the invasion of Nadir Shah (1738), and became after Nadir's death a part of the new kingdom of the Afghans under Ahmad Shah Durani.
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 [No title]
Ghazni province is one of the very historical areas of our country and has been an important center of literatures and arts in our country throughout the ages unto the present.
With the introduction of more periodicals and magazines, the scholars of Ghazni were brought out of insecurity and anonymity and they worked their best to further increase the cultural and literary treasures of the land.
These organizations are a backdrop of the golden past of Ghazni and are trying to keep alive the names of the hundreds of as yet unknown scholars of the this land and the history of Afghanistan.
www.ghazni.org   (5540 words)

Ghazni (Ğazni, Ghazna, locally: غزنی) is a city in eastern Afghanistan, situated on a plateau at 7280 feet (2219 m) above sea level, on a river with the same name.
According to inscriptions, the towers were constructed by the Mahmud of Ghazni and his son.
Ghazni is also famous for its minarets built on a stellar plan.
www.oobdoo.com /wikipedia/?title=Ghazni   (350 words)

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