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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Ghostwriter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ghostwriters are often employed by celebrities to write autobiographies in situations in which the celebrities themselves may not be talented writers, or are too busy doing other work.
A ghostwriter is distinct from a speechwriter, who writes public remarks for an official, although both jobs may be done by a single person.
The opposite, however, is also often true: the estate of romance novelist Virginia C. Andrews hired a ghostwriter to continue writing novels after her death, under her name and in a similar style to her original works.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ghostwriter   (689 words)

 Ghostwriter Interview
Ghostwriter's dark Americana further proves the notion that the one-man band is the purest form of musical expression.
Ghostwriter:: I opened for Dex in Chapel Hill in May of ‘03 and he was really supportive of me. I’ve listened to Dexter’s music for a decade now so it was hard for me to believe that we would tour together.
Ghostwriter:: I was invited to open for T-Model Ford in London as part of a series of shows called “Not The Same Old Blues Crap.” The guys who put it together also included me on a compilation called “This is Punk Rock Blues.“ It sounded like a great opportunity, so that instigated the trip.
www.rocknrollpurgatory.com /ghostwriterinterview.html   (2058 words)

 What is a Ghostwriter?
Ghostwriters, for their part, are usually well-established writers already, and are selected on that basis.
Ghostwriters are hired to write many types of documents, from autobiographies for famous personalities to e-books for internet marketing gurus, and even letters for politicians.
The ghostwriter is a professional consultant providing expertise in the area of bringing together all the information, organizing it, and writing it up in a way that will produce a marketable and readable masterpiece.
www.worldwidefreelance.com /articles/what-is-a-ghostwriter.htm   (768 words)

 Linux.com | GhostWriter: A Linux distro for writers
GhostWriter is a live CD that provides a small number of tools for writers of short stories, novels, and screenplays.
GhostWriter is based on Slax, a variant of Slackware that was specially developed for use with live CD distributions.
GhostWriter comes bundled with only four major applications: LyX, for writing and typesetting documents; The GIMP, for creating illustrations; gv, for viewing the PostScript and PDF files that LyX produces; and the Dillo Web browser, which is used to view the GhostWriter online help.
distrocenter.linux.com /distrocenter/06/01/09/2054240.shtml?tid=127   (1893 words)

 The Ghostwriter Agreement
A ghostwriter who has successfully written as a “ghost” before (with or without credit) is in a bargaining position to obtain contract provisions that a newer writer might not.
If the ghostwriter is being asked to give up all of the ghostwriter’s rights, there may be a lump sum payment made to the writer, generally at various milestones of deliverables.
However, even if the ghostwriter is giving up all of the rights, the ghostwriter can also negotiate for a royalty and percentages of all revenues derived from the work as well as an advance against the same and so on.
www.ivanhoffman.com /ghost.html   (1048 words)

 Ghostwriter TV Show
Ghostwriter was critically acclaimed and honored for presenting a realistic, racially diverse world in its two-hour mystery stories.
By the end of its third season, Ghostwriter ranked in the top five of all childrens' shows on American television.
Ghostwriter has been broadcast in 24 countries worldwide, and generated a number of foreign-language adaptations, including the top-rated program on Discovery Kids Latin America (Fantasma Escritor).
www.retrojunk.com /details_tvshows/238-ghostwriter   (298 words)

 How to Hire a Ghostwriter to Pen Your Memoirs - eHow.com
Ghostwriters will often lay out the structure of a book and provide you with a sample chapter for a partial fee.
Bringing in a ghostwriter during the early stages of a project often shortens the process.
Ghostwriters not only write, they also edit, collaborate and research on behalf of the client.
www.ehow.com /how_110847_hire-ghostwriter-pen.html   (649 words)

 GhostWriter - FreeWX History Web Page Generation
GhostWriter is a textual substitution program to simplify the repetitive task of regenerating web pages or text files to reflect the latest changes in information that is stored in data files.
GhostWriter needs the relevant version of the Visual Basic V6 runtime files to be present on your computer.
GhostWriter is freeware for non-commercial use and may be used free of charge with no time limitation.
ghostwriter.mykoala.net   (391 words)

 Ghostwriter FAQ
Ghostwriting Your Book The Ghostwriter's Biography Other Ghostwriting Services The Ghostwriter's References Ghostwriting FAQ Ghostwriting Glossary Ghostwriting Fees Contacting The Ghostwriter The Ghostwriter's
The ghostwriter’s fee does not include travel or lodging, although travel time is included.
Ghostwriting a life story, a novel, or an inspirational work can take from 4 to 6 months.
www.theghostwriter.net /faq.html   (507 words)

 Ghostwriter (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the pilot, it is hinted that Ghostwriter is Jamal's late grandfather; however, these clues could be a red herring.
Jamal (portrayed by Sheldon Turnipseed) is a level-headed, intelligent African American boy; the first person Ghostwriter reveals himself to and the de facto leader of the Ghostwriter team.
Although Vietnamese American Tina (portrayed by Tram-Anh Tran) is present in the first mystery arc of the series, she does not "see" Ghostwriter until the second arc.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ghostwriter_(television_series)   (2295 words)

 Ghostwriter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Ghostwriter was one of my favorite shows and i too watched it like I was brainwashed.
Ghostwriter managed to be both entertaining and informative without getting too heavy-handed or preachy.
And Frank always said "hah-cha-cha!" and Ghostwriter almost died or something because he/she/it was so tired from time-traveling...that was one of the best ones, I think.
www.jumptheshark.com /g/ghostwriter.htm   (4284 words)

 How to Hire a Ghostwriter
Another thing to know about before hiring a ghostwriter is the term "writing on spec." This is short for "writing on speculation." In short, if you're asking a writer to work for you for a percentage of profits from the book, you're asking him to write on spec.
While a ghostwriter may be able to help you turn your life story into a solidly-written item, you should be aware that this is a VERY crowded market to break into.
That said, it is certainly implied that a ghostwriter needs to provide you with a finished draft that you're happy with, and since that's not likely to happen in one draft, a certain number of revisions are implied as well.
www.squidoo.com /hireaghostwriter   (4156 words)

 Ghost Writer Service: Hire A Top Ghostwriter For Your Book Or Screenplay
The Penn Group begins the ghostwriting process by sorting through its pool of distinguished authors to find the most qualified ghostwriter for your project.
You are then "introduced" to several ghostwriters and asked to choose the best fit for your personality.
Ghostwriting projects generally take five to seven months, depending on the length of the work.
www.pegr.com /ghostwriter.html   (223 words)

 The Ghostwriter - Synopsis - Moviefone
Ghostwriter was based on the 1979 Philip Roth novel, part of his unofficial "Zuckerman trilogy".
Later, during a visit to the New England farm of his idol, author E. Lonoff (Sam Wanamaker), Nathan meets a gamin-like stranger (Paulette Smit) whom he imagines to be Anne Frank in the flesh.
Originally slated for telecast over the BBC, the film eventually became a coproduction of the BBC and America's Public Broadcasting System, and had its American debut on PBS' American Playhouse on January 17, 1984.
movies.aol.com /movie/the-ghostwriter/1013612/synopsis   (197 words)

Horror seemed appropriate because librarians and teachers report that ghost and horror stories are extremely popular with children between the ages of eight and sixteen, and both the familiarity and popularity of the genre would be motivating.
At the end of the scene, the teacher would lead a debriefing discussion in which the group members exchange their experiences of ``being'' their character, how it felt, and how it could be used in a story.
GhostWriter could be used to create a whole play with several scenes in successive sessions with the same group, or it could be used on one off occasions to create just one scene.
www.cogsci.ed.ac.uk /~judyr/ghostwriter/music/paper/node3.html   (716 words)

 Ghostwriter - Texte auf Bestellung
Ghostwriter sind professionelle Autoren, die für andere Reden und Briefe, manchmal auch Gedichte oder ganze Bücher schreiben.
Weiterhin bietet Ghostwriter Hilfe bei der Herausgabe Ihrer eigenen Publikation an, von der Unternehmenskommunikation über Veranstaltungsprospelte und Festschriften bis zur Hochzeitszeitung.
Ghostwriter writes dedicated German language texts on demand for scientific, technical, economic, business, and personal applications.
www.ghostwriter-media.de   (523 words)

 Ghostwriter Bob Olson Reveals How Ghostwriting Can Get Your Autobiography Written This Year
As a ghostwriter, I write books for people who want to be authors but don't have the time, talent, discipline or know-how.
Interview On Ghostwriting: A must-read for anyone interested in hiring a ghostwriter.
This is an interview I gave about ghostwriting that teaches what ghostwriting is, how it works and why I chose to become a professional ghostwriter.
www.bobolson.com   (722 words)

 Ghostwriting Services -- Ghostwriter Referrals, Book Proposal Ghostwriter, Ghostwriting Contract, How to Choose a ...
In other words, I believe a good ghostwriter won't just take a paycheck to put some words on a page, but that the ghostwriter will help to get his or her client published.
Because a ghostwriter can only take on so many projects, I have typically been limited on how many people I can help, even though I want to see everyone end up with good writing and a good chance of being published.
By having a network of quality ghostwriters, each with their own specialties, I find that I'm also able to help clients end up with the ghost who's probably best suited to their project.
www.writerforyou.com   (568 words)

 Andrew Crofts - Ghostwriter
This site contains everything you need to know about ghostwriters; how to hire one, how to become one and what it is, exactly, that we do.
Ghostwriting is no longer the sector of publishing that dare not speak its name; it looks a lot like the future of the book trade...
So immersed is he in the life of the ghostwriter that he has just written a comic novel about one called "Maisie's Amazing Maids".
www.ghostwriting.co.uk   (385 words)

 Ghostwriter Book Reviews
Ghostwriter is a ghost in the form of a little round ball that changes color.
Ghostwriter remembers being a person but does not remember where he came from or how long ago it was.
Ghostwriter is a blob that changes colors and it can't talk so it goes into Jamal's computer and writes the message or leaves a clue to help the team.
www.mcn.org /ed/CUR/liv/ind/dz/reviews.html   (806 words)

 Ghostwriter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Ghostwriter does both, inviting participants to experience transformation and indulge in catharsis.
Each participant in the Ghostwriter madness does hereby solemnly promise not only to keep our camp/project area clean and thoroughly scour our area -- twice -- after we dismantle the camp, but also to haul out two full bags of detritus from elsewhere on the Playa.
Ghostwriter artists and those camping with them will not be burning toxic crap like carpets and old cushions, plastic wrappers and polyester.
www.corporatecollapse.com /ghostwriter   (5179 words)

 A GhostWriter on campus - Features   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The original GhostWriter ran from 1992 to 1995 and centered around a group of middle-school detectives solving mysteries with the help of an invisible friend.
For instance, the actual character GhostWriter, was portrayed on the show by a blue circle that floated around.
As for people's general memory of GhostWriter, when she tells someone she was on the show, Tien gets one of two responses.
www.bcheights.com /home/news/2006/10/16/Features/A.Ghostwriter.On.Campus-2351714.shtml   (1280 words)

 Laura's Journal
He often used it to type messages to Ghostwriter; a sage decision on his part, as, unlike the childrens' usual written notes, it left no trace of a strange, one-sided dialogue that could surely be used as evidence against his sanity if opportunity arose.
Speculation: If Ghostwriter was a child at time of death (and hence, presumably, a child in the hereafter), it would make sense that it would want to socialize with children today.
Speculation: It's possible that Ghostwriter especially attracted to messages that begin with "Ghostwriter" (as in "Ghostwriter, I need your help."), as the children often seem to waste precious show seconds by slowly writing out the letters to his name preceding the body of his message.
www.lanceandeskimo.com /journal/ghostwriter.shtml   (1949 words)

 GhostWriter FreeWX Tutorial 1, Page 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
GhostWriter interprets data contained between [ and ] as instructions to be carried out.
GhostWriter and [#DATE] operates on a normal day, while FreeWX and [@DATE] operate on days depending upon when the daily rollover occurs: Midnight or 9am.
This tutorial has been written by Ian Evans to assist FreeWX and GhostWriter users to be able to create their own Scripts.
ghostwriter.mykoala.net /Tutorial1-2.html   (326 words)

 "Ghostwriter" (1992)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
But I haven't seen this one episode of Ghostwriter, "What's up with Alex?" This show, in the year 2001, is shown on the network "Noggin".
The members of the team are: Jamal Jenkins, Lenni Frasier, Alex Fernandez, Gaby Fernandez, Tina Nguyen, Rob Baker, Hector Carrero, and Casey Austin.
The team list is shown in the order they saw Ghostwriter.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0108787   (287 words)

 CD Baby: THE GHOSTWRITER: Five Loaves and Two Fish
The Ghostwriter's music style a mix of the old and new school hip-hop.
The Ghostwriter's music project is complete in the spirit of excellence while containing creativity, authenticity, truth, and potent lyrical content over ear-grabbing, soul stirring hip-hop tracks.
I have been blessed to DJ at Ghostwriter's CD release party and His stage presence is simply amazing.
cdbaby.com /cd/ghostwriter   (414 words)

 A Good Ghostwriter - How to decide
The person or company gets the credit and the ghostwriter is paid, making a win-win situation for both the writer and the company.
You should also seek a writer who is knowledgeable on the topic at hand and possesses the ability to organize and write it specifically for your target audience.
Additionally, he or she should be flexible and available to you for the entire period of your project.
www.alumbo.com /article/17165-A-Good-Ghostwriter-How-to-decide.html   (629 words)

 Ghostwriter Owen Platt - Ghostwriting, editing and publishing services for authors
Perhaps a better approach is to decide upon your budget for the work.
In general, the more complete your proposal, the less work for the ghostwriter and hence a lower cost.
Having figured the amount you can afford to spend, we can then decide upon the best way to complete the work for you.
www.ghostwriter.org.uk /p6.htm   (225 words)

As a Chicago native, raised on the South-side of the city, Glen was greatly influenced by the hip-hop culture.
The Ghostwriter provides a taste of Chicago from a divine perspective with a combination of his very own Chicago south-side Hip-hop production style and the Chicago north-side production style of E. Heyn.
The Ghostwriter's music is sure to be recognized as an impetus for spiritual edification and transformation through dropping kingdom themes in both the popular and underground hip-hop cultures.
www.myspace.com /iamtheghostwriter   (926 words)

 A Good Ghostwriter - How to decide
A ghostwriter is a writer who creates an article or other publication for another company or person, essentially not getting credit for the creation.
When searching for a good ghostwriter there is a few things to keep in mind.
Finally, go with your instincts, communicate well with the ghostwriter, and then decide if they are the proper writer for your project.
www.jogena.com /articles/articles0604/art0604r.htm   (502 words)

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