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Topic: Ghoul

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  Warcraft III - Undead -> Units -> Ghoul   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Ghouls are ravenous cannibals who can regenerate their wounds by eating the flesh of fallen warriors.
Ghouls are best when combined with the Death Knight's Unholy Aura and the Dread Lord's Vampiric Aura.
Increases the armor of Ghouls, Abominations, Skeleton Warriors, and Skeletal Mages.
www.battle.net /war3/undead/units/ghoul.shtml   (413 words)

 Ghoul - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A ghoul is a monster from ancient Arabian folklore that dwells in graveyards and other uninhabited places.
Lovecraft, a ghoul is a member of a nocturnal, subterranean race.
In The Chronicles of Narnia, ghouls are creatures that serve the White Witch.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ghoul   (1270 words)

 PlanetSoldierOfFortune - A Member of the GameSpy Network
The GHOUL System is at the heart of SoF, responsible for most of its insane skills and location-based damage, which basically amounts to 26 "Gore Zones" on each opponent, allowing for some serious, disgustingly realistic violence.
GHOUL cooperates with Quake II in the areas of rendering, lighting and networking.
GHOUL draws specular maps on models to represent things like the shiny surface of a gun, glinting as light shines on it.
www.planetsoldier.com /sof/ghoul.shtml   (949 words)

 Ghoul (Ultraverse, Ultraforce, Exiles)
Ghoul was initially overwhelmed by the spirits of all the dead in the tank, but he regained his mind when Kort activated the incinerator unit.
Ghoul, the rest of Ultraforce, the X-Men, the Solution, and Quattro in opposing her, though the Phoenix was then drawn out of Amber and into the Entity.
Ghoul was especially hostile to Urich as a Shifter posing as Prime from the future had told him that Urich was going to cut him off into tiny pieces and force him to live out his existence in that form.
www.marvunapp.com /Appendix/ghoulult.htm   (2877 words)

 GHOULASH™ -- The Last Game On Earth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Ghouls - Each scenario has a specific number of Ghouls that are scattered throughout the buildings or rooms before the game.
Once a Ghoul has been defeated, that square is safe for the remainder of the game.
Every time you receive a wound, through Ghoul battles, debris or other means (other scenarios may contain obstacles not mentioned in these rules; these will be explained in the scenario Briefing), indicate the wound by marking a space on the current Wound Meter.
www.ghoulash.com /rules.shtml   (1094 words)

 Character Class: Ghoul -- Dead and Hungry
Ghouls lurk in the dark places of the world, feasting on the dead, but craving fresher prey.
Ghoul Fever: At 5th level, a ghoul's bite attack carries a disease that saps a foe's Constitution and Dexterity scores.
Ghoul characters also are destroyed when their hit points fall to 0 or less.
www.wizards.com /default.asp?x=dnd/cwc/20060613a   (2596 words)

 True Ghoul Template
True ghouls are created from victims who were either slain by true ghouls or were fatally infected by grave-rot.
The god of the ghouls is unknown to outsiders; often called the Lord of Rot and Shadow, or simply the Lord of All Ghouls, many scholars believe the creature is a demon prince, though others believe it is some form of greater yugoloth or demigod.
Ghouls are the only race whose worship he enjoys; more sensible races worship Nerull merely to placate him.
home.gwi.net /~rdorman/frilond/rul/dm/ghoul.htm   (1703 words)

 Ghoul :: d20srd.org
An afflicted humanoid who dies of ghoul fever rises as a ghoul at the next midnight.
It is not under the control of any other ghouls, but it hungers for the flesh of the living and behaves like a normal ghoul in all respects.
Those hit by a ghoul’s bite or claw attack must succeed on a DC 12 Fortitude save or be paralyzed for 1d4+1 rounds.
www.d20srd.org /srd/monsters/ghoul.htm   (516 words)

THE GHOUL ($15) is one of the few early Boris Karloff horror movies that I had never had the opportunity to see, so I was more than excited when I heard that MGM would be issuing this rare British genre outing on DVD.
Right up front, let me say that THE GHOUL is a bit creaky and there is a moment or two that will elicit an unintended laugh, but otherwise, I found this movie to be a whole lot of fun- and it will appeal to fans of vintage horror movies.
Since THE GHOUL was once considered a lost film, MGM has done a rather remarkable job with the DVD presentation- thus making the disc well worth acquiring.
www.thecinemalaser.com /dvd_2003/ghoul-dvd.htm   (642 words)

 Ghoul (World of Darkness) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Any kind of animal, including a human, can be turned into a ghoul by a process similar to that of the blood bond among vampires; that is, by drinking several times from the vitae of a vampire.
Human ghouls have been useful to vampires for a long time, working as servants, seneschals, and generally protecting their masters.
Whole families of ghouls and revenants were at the service of Tzimisce landlords in Eastern Europe during the Dark Ages.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ghoul_(World_of_Darkness)   (287 words)

 Amazon.com: Ghoul: Books: Michael Slade   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Ghoul is the second in the Special X series from the mind of bestselling author Michael Slade, and introduces us to Inspector Zinc Chandler; a tough as nails cop who could make Mike Hammer cry like a little girl with a skinned knee.
Ghoul is a page turner that will make you wince with every new revelation, and Michael Slade is a master craftsman at bringing his characters and situations to life in ways that will keep you awake at night either reading the book, or wondering what that noise in the other room was.
Ghoul is is a fantastic introduction to Zinc Chandler who becomes a main character from there on.
www.amazon.com /Ghoul-Michael-Slade/dp/0451159594   (1924 words)

 East of the River
Ghouls allow vampires to do things during the day that they would have no way of accomplishing at night.
Ghouls are considered to be 14th generation for discipline effects.
Ghouls are limited from taking certain disciplines such as Earth Meld because they are not vampires.
www.eotr.org /ghoulcreation.html   (655 words)

 IFEX ::   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Ghoul is the daily "El-Youm"'s correspondent in Djelfa (270 km south of Algiers) and heads the Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights' (Ligue algérienne de défense des droits de l'homme, LADDH) regional office.
On 24 November, Ghoul was transferred from Ourgla prison to Djelfa prison and then was released the next day without explanation.
His offence was reporting on the alleged abuse of authority by the prefect and the fact that 13 babies were found dead in Djelfa hospital.
www.ifex.org /en/content/view/full/62894   (775 words)

 Elysium Ghoul Supplement - On the Interactions Between Ghouls
The ghoul, to the degree that he is Bound to you, does exist for you.
A ghoul, being bound to his master, and performing regular duties for his master, does not have much time to form mortal friendships, nor can he speak of much that he does without being destroyed for breach of the Masquerade.
The majority of ghouls are journeymen, who have served their masters for a number of years but have not reached the "exalted" position of the sages.
www.gweep.net /~inquiry/Blood/ghoul5.html   (1021 words)

 Kantolin's Ghoul Analysis
Ghoul definitely hurt in the HP department, this is felt even more strongly as it’s impossible to heal ghoul with anything besides Chakra, and impossible to revive them with anything besides possibly the porky-class’s oink.
Ghoul had a range from 74-80, Revenant seemed to range from 85-90, with Gusts again in the middle.
When I was using 5 ghoul, I had to first put every enemy to sleep, then have 4 of my ghoul throw spirit a single enemy, the fifth putting them back to sleep.
www2.hawaii.edu /~nurbert/Webpagejunk/Kantolinghoulanalysis.htm   (2182 words)

 Ghoul House Rules - Dark Gift
After the second drink, the Ghoul is considered to be under an effect equivalent to a Vinculum score of 5 (From the PG to the Sabbat: "You respect the individual and help her whenever you can, even if it involves minor risks.").
All Ghouls gain Potence 1 upon first tasting vampire blood but they may spend XP to gain others given time and training by their master (though no training is required for Potence, Fortitude and Celerity).
A ghoul temporarily looses the use of their Disciplines if they de-ghoul, however, but they return once the ghoul drinks more vampire blood (though they will loose a dot permanently after 6 months without a drink and an additional dot each month thereafter).
members.fortunecity.com /hecates_crossroads/ghoul.html   (2042 words)

 worldofdarkness.com Thursday, July 29, 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
In the world of the Kindred, though, ghouls are an essential resource – mortals caught in the thrall of the power of the blood, alive yet sharing the essence of the undead.
The difference between a simple mortal Vitae addict and a ghoul is that the vampire must devote not only Vitae to her subject, but must devote a point of Willpower to the drinker, as well.
Ghouls can use the Vitae in their system just like a vampire can to supernaturally heal or increase Attributes, and can learn the physical Disciplines of their regnants.
www.worldofdarkness.com /dailies/ThuJul29-2004.html   (211 words)

 What's a Ghoul to do? (Metro Times Detroit)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The Ghoul and Froggy in a Cleveland dumpster.
At 51, the Ghoul is once again turning blue, scratching glass and terrorizing late-night television in his native land, continuing to horror-host those unbearable B-movies.
You’re right, OK, the Ghoul’s secret is he smokes a good kielbasi before the show and I’ll tell ya’, you do a couple big drags on a kielbasi, it’ll take you places that Steppenwolf could never re-create on a magic carpet ride.
www.metrotimes.com /editorial/story.asp?id=2251   (4216 words)

 photon ghoul - space noise freakout
this will be a test-run of the new photon ghoul bureau of sonic discource mobile unit suitcase.
the end of an ear record store has photos of the in-store performance by photon ghoul and spagirus on october 10th.
new mp3 of the boron jive leper vs photon ghoul collaboration, "audilisk is upon us".
www.photonghoul.com   (314 words)

 Ghoul Detail - Band page with free MP3 music downloads on SoundClick
Ghoul Detail is the sound of dirt, mixing layered drones and looped distortion into ambient sonic landscapes.
Ghoul Detail is an entirely synthetic musical form that doesn't exist in the world outside the studio.
Ghoul Detail continued as a 2 man outfit for a while and then OxIdE and myself reached a fork in the road and parted company.
www.soundclick.com /ghouldetail   (3426 words)

 Ghoul Immunities and Factions
As far as i can remember from printed accounts, Ghouls usually attack humans to defend their territory (or to avert the risk of being discovered), but not as a direct means of finding food.
Ghouls may be immune to nearly all human diseases, but that doesn't mean they'll want to eat the remains of those humans who died of certain diseases.
I always thought that the Ghoul Civil-War was a matter of the Orthodox Mordiggian Preisthood against Ghouls who were recruited from, or follow the teachings of violent and aggressive human cults that worshipped Nyarlathotep and Hastur (like the Ghoulie Boyz, gangbangers from GURPS CthulhuPunk).
www.fortunecity.com /tattooine/leiber/50/dgghoulf.htm   (2554 words)

In Muslim folklore, the ghoul is a demon of the desert that is able to assume the shape of an animal.
The Arabic ghoul of the wasteland seems to be a personification of the terror of the desert.
Article "Ghoul" created on 03 March 1997; last modified on 12 May 2001 (Revision 2).
www.pantheon.org /articles/g/ghoul.html   (91 words)

 A Prisoner of Ghoul Island   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
In 2002 he received a New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) fellowship in the category of fiction for the graphic novel A Prisoner of Ghoul Island.
He is also a fellow of the MacDowell Colony, where much of A Prisoner of Ghoul Island was written.
It's the story of a man pursued by mysterious demons from a forgotten abyss—an abyss known to some as the second grade.
www.ghoulisland.com /index.htm   (150 words)

 Ghoul   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The Ghoul was an evil spirit that robbed graves and feed upon the corpses of humans.
Some occultists believe that the Ghoul superstition comes from wild animals that disturb graves at night.
In Hinduhism the counterpart to the Ghoul is the Vetala.
www.paralumun.com /ghoul.htm   (64 words)

Ghoul Detail is the sound of dirt, mixing layered drones and looped distortion into bleak sonic landscapes.
The Ghoul Detail sound could be described as experimental, industrial, ambient, or noise, but blurs the boundaries between them so as to annoy those that feel the need to pigeonhole everything they listen to
Ghoul Detail continued as a 2 man outfit for a while and then we reached a fork in the road and parted company.
www.roilnoise.com /ghouldetail.htm   (350 words)

 ghoul a go-go
Vlad & Creighton of Ghoul A Go-Go on:
Ghoul A Go-Go OK, Creighton can't count that high, but that didn't stop these rockin' ladies from Japan playing on our show.
Ghoul A Go-Go were asked to play host for the festivities.
www.ghoulagogo.com /pagetwo.html   (1052 words)

 Utter Trash--The Ghoul
The Ghoul (aka Ron Swede), broke into show business at an early age, working as an assistant to legendary Cleveland horror host Ghoulardi (aka Ernie Anderson) in the mid sixties.
I caught up with The Ghoul at April’s Cinema Wasteland convention, and he spoke candidly about his past, present, and future.
The Ghoul: It was probably a mutual disdain for one another.
www.uttertrash.net /theghoul.htm   (1500 words)

 Utter Trash--Son of Ghoul
Like many a horror host, Son of Ghoul (aka Kevin Scarpino) is clearly inspired by the legacy of the late, great Ghoulardi.
Son of Ghoul: Well, naturally I grew up watching Ghoulardi, like anyone living in the Cleveland area at the time.
The Ghoul, Ron Swede, had a look-alike contest at one point, and I was the grand prize winner and was named “son of Ghoul” back around 1982.
www.uttertrash.net /sonofghoul.htm   (1832 words)

 Ghoul Skool 2002 Curriculum Guide
We at Ghoul Skool seek to provide our students with the best faculty available, with the best course of curriculum and widest expanse of degree options.While our subjects may not be mainstream, forgoing the usual prerequisites of academic snobbery, we strive to offer the finest courses that your parent’s money can buy.
Campus life may be dark, dreary and frightening, but what did you expect from a faculty of ghouls, vampires, monsters and specters.
We at Ghoul Skool recognize the educational void that existed in the Halloween related fields before our University was chartered therefore we accept transfer of Life Long Learning credits towards degree requirements.
www.ghoulskool.com /gsucatalog.htm   (825 words)

 old news
We put on our hip waders and went trolling for Ghoul A Go-Go references in the mud-swamp that is the internet.
We're not saying whose flesh we'll be using, but Ghoul A Go-Go will be gallumping around the grounds at the ICON Convention.
Ghoul A Go-Go will be the Masters of Ceremoney at the talent cabaret.
www.ghoulagogo.com /oldnews.html   (1250 words)

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