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Topic: Gibborim

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In the News (Fri 20 Apr 18)

 Gibborim (biblical) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Gibborim, whose Hebrew name translates as "Mighty Men of Renown," are mentioned in chapter six, verse four of Genesis, the first book of the Bible, as offspring of angels and human women:
There were giants in the Earth in those days; and after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.
Modern biblical scholarship suggests that the Gibborim are a remnant of pre-Jewish polytheistic religious beliefs.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gebers   (140 words)

 Cloning laws in Japan to allow human-animal mix
The Gibborim are the 'Mighty Men of Renown' created by the Watchers when they left their heavenly abode and came down to the daughters of men and produced the 'Mighty Men of Renown' as recorded in Genesis Chapter 6:4 of the Old Testament.
In addition to giantism, the Gibborim had powerful psychic abilities like out of body experiences, levitation, mind control, time travel, mind reading, remote viewing, the power of placing curses and diseases, the power of removing curses and diseases, and ways of knowing and predicting the future.
The aberrant genetic tendencies of the Gibborim were unfortunately cloned into the D.N.A. of mankind.
www.theforbiddenknowledge.com /hardtruth/cloning_animal_human_mix.htm   (651 words)

 MYSTERIOUS WORLD: Spring 2003: Giants in the Earth Part I: Giants of the Ancient Near East
There is a prima facie case for supposing both the nephilim and gibborim of verse 4) are to be regarded as the offspring of such unions, though it has been argued that the structure of verse 4 deliberately affirms the existence of the Nephilim before the unions of verse 2).
The "Gibborim" were the "heroes of old, men of renown" mentioned in Genesis 6, who were the offspring of the Nephilim.
The "sons of Anak", the Anakim were the next generation of Gibborim giants produced by the Rephaim in the land of Canaan.
www.mysteriousworld.com /journal/2003/spring/Giants   (13067 words)

 Gibborim (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
To obtain their goal the Gibborim enlisted six couples in the Los Angeles area to carry out their plans.
Eventually, the result was to be the annihilation of humanity with the Gibborim promising six surving positions to those among the Pride who served them best.
In response, the Gibborim presumably killed all the members of the Pride.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gibborim_(comics)   (237 words)

 Runaways #13 Review - Silver Bullet Comics
The initial reaction that is offered up when the Gibborim tell the group they are being called upon to save the world also made me smile, as did Molly's contribution to this issue as she offers up her opinion of the story.
I know it's not an important detail, and it's entirely possible that the book is simply a court reporter style transcript of the conversations that the pride had during their annual meetings, but frankly I found these the scenes where we jumped back to the past to be awkwardly handled.
The issue also has the parents adjusting to the idea of the Gibborim a little quicker than one would expect them to, as only moments after the creatures make their arrival the group is dishing out the one-liners.
www.silverbulletcomicbooks.com /reviews/108074037753813.htm   (683 words)

 [No title]
These Gibborim were of great stature, and were the heroes, the mighty and renown, of ancient days.
And Michael declared unto me that the greatest crime had been committed by laying with the daughters of Man, to enjoy a carnal life and children, for such is not Angels and Sons of God.
Even your Final Judgement after this Deluge is witness to your inability to keep quenched the Spark within Man, and the spirits of Nephilim and Gibborim and Watchers shall return to inspire Man lest he again become as the beasts of the field.
www.phoenixgrp.com /nightshade/samyaza.html   (1855 words)

 JUDGES INTRODUCTION   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The gibborim are stronger, braver, more bloodthirsty, more wise, and more clever than the ordinary run of human being.
They are, unlike the Greek hero, utterly dependent on their status as gibborim on Yahweh, so self-determination is a vice rather than a virtue in these heroes.
Although you are probably more familiar with the story of Samson, a failed gibbor, the story of Gideon in Judges 6-8 displays much more prominently the Hebrew idea of the hero and the potential and limitations of human action.
www.wsu.edu:8000 /~dee/HEBREWS/JUDGEINT.HTM   (615 words)

 Return of the Gibborim   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The Gibborim were known as the mighty ones because they were human angelic or demonic hybrids.
The Gibborim were the offspring of alien or god like beings.
They were created when the beings or the "old ones" came from the sky and mated with human women and introduced their seed in order to somehow thwart the plan of God.
www.clydelewis.com /dis/gibborim/gibborim.htm   (2777 words)

The Shiltei Gibborim extends the Rosh's approach; according to him, one may not light in a windy place where the candle will definitely go out in less than a half hour.
This is along the lines of the Rosh who requires that the wick be immersed in the proper amount of oil initially at the time of lighting, and the Shiltei Gibborim who extends this to invalidate lighting in a windy place where the candles will definitely go out.
The Rosh ruled that there must be a half hour's amount of oil at the time of the lighting, and the Shiltei Gibborim extends it to invalidate lighting in a windy place.
www.vbm-torah.org /chanuka/07chansl.htm   (2109 words)

 4thletter! » Blog Archive » Comics with SCIENCE! Runaways - The Good Die Young
The original deal was for half of the original Pride to accompany the Gibborim into their Eden, with the most loyal of the original twelve making the cut.
He also learned that a third of the Pride was planning on betraying the others, which would’ve led to the death of not only his parents, but himself as well.
The Gibborim arrive shortly after this and demand to know who ruined their sacrifice.
www.4thletter.net /?p=26   (2072 words)

 The Gibborim (Runaway foes)
(Runaways I#1 - BTS) - The Pride killed a teenaged prostitute in sacrifice to the Gibborim.
 Of course, the Gibborim may not necessarily have any relationship to the old gods of the Levant--they could just as easily be related to some older group of gods (such as the Elder Gods or the Hyborian deities) or even be sorcery-using extraterrestrials, rather like
Exactly when their reign on Earth was, and how it affected other races claiming to have ruled it at one time or another, is unknown.
www.marvunapp.com /Appendix3/gibborimrnwys.htm   (224 words)

   The historical narratives of the Hebrews often involve individuals that are described as gibborim (the singular is gibbor).
Loosely translated, the gibbor is a "man of might" or "hero," but the two concepts are worlds apart.
As the original and most important of the gibborim, Moses' qualities may serve to illustrate the alien nature of this concept.
www.wsu.edu:8080 /~dee/HEBREWS/GIBBOR.HTM   (1500 words)

 Logos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The Fallen Watchers that made love to the daughters of men and produced the Gibborim were sentenced here until the judgment.
The spirits of the giants (Gibborim) shall be like clouds, which shall oppress, corrupt, fall, contend, and bruise (Man) upon the earth.
No food shall they eat; and they shall be thirsty; they shall be concealed (invisible), and those spirits shall rise up against the sons of men (test), and against women; for they come forth (from women) during the days of slaughter and destruction.
www.thekingofkings.org /angelicrankin.html   (2993 words)

 Click Here: UFOs Aliens Abductions and the Bible
The Old Testament is filled with references to the nephilim and the gibborim (Giants/mighty ones).
Jesus said,"But as the days of Noah were, so also shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of man." Matthew 24: 37.
Note: By this statement in Matthew, Jesus meant that just as the fallen angels came and took the daughters of men for wives in the days of Noah and produced the Gibborim (Giants), that this tweaking of human DNA would happen again in the last days.
www.logoschristian.org /ufobible.html   (916 words)

 Giants in the Middle East, Page 6
From the earliest times, a three-mile-long vale that begins at the top of the valley of Hinnom and stretches south along the road to Bethlehem was known as the "Valley of the Rephaim," or "Valley of the Giants." Today it is called the Baqa’.
The Gibeonites, who tricked Israel into signing a treaty with them at the time of the conquest (Joshua 9:3-27), are classified mainly as Amorites and Hivites, but, according to the Septuagint, they are identified also with the giant Horim, who had formerly lived in Edom.
So the Gibborim, the huge, hellish children born of such marriages, once more appeared on earth.
www.stevequayle.com /Giants/Mid.East/Giants.Mid.East6.html   (1539 words)

 Giants - Smith's Bible Dictionary on StudyLight.org
They are first spoken of in (Genesis 6:4) under the name Nephilim.
We are told in (Genesis 6:1-4) that "there were Nephilim in the earth," and that afterwards the "sons of God" mingling with the beautiful "daughters of mens produced a race of violent and insolent Gibborim (Authorized Version "mighty men").
The earliest mention of them is the record of their defeat by Chedorlaomer and some allied kings at Ashteroth Karnaim.
www.studylight.org /dic/sbd/view.cgi?number=T1671   (143 words)

 Clarke's Commentary - 2 Samuel 1
Even an English reader may be convinced of this, from the following specimen in European characters:- 19.
Hatstsebi Yishrael al bamotheycha chalal; Eych naphelu gibborim; 20.
Middam chalalim, mecheleb gibborim, Kesheth Yehonathan lo nashog achor; Vechereb Shaul lo thashub reykam.
www.godrules.net /library/clarke/clarke2sam1.htm   (1220 words)

 Antediluvian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.unc.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
There were Gibborim (giants) in the earth in those days as well as Nephilim, some translations identify the two as one and the same.
These giants were the offspring of the "sons of God" (Hebrew Bnai Ha-elohim which also means "sons of judges") (See Gen. 6:2), sometimes interpreted as angels, who descended from the heavens to beget them with mortal women.
The Gibborim were unusually powerful; Genesis calls them "heroes of old, men of renown;" (Enoshi Ha Shem).
en.wikipedia.org.cob-web.org:8888 /wiki/Antediluvian   (440 words)

 Avengers 2000 Presents: The Defenders
Soon, the Gibborim would be summoned to devour the one called the Black Knight.
No one really knew what was going to happen when the Gibborim, their “Masters”, appeared.
The Gibborim roared a challenge of their own… and stepping discs of light appeared.
www.ironrodstudio.com /av2000/issue.asp?issueid=1804   (3172 words)

 » General Thoughts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Those are two creatures of traditional fantasy which I’ve never been big on, and I’d thought to leave them out, but this angle on them is interesting and the bigger the cast of creatures the better.
The way he presents it, which may or may not be an accepted view (seems like a fringe view), there’s a progression from one kind of creature to another, from Nephilim giving birth to Rephaim, and Rephaim giving birth to Gibborim.
Elsewhere the names seem synonymous with each other, but I think the idea of a creature who’s form is not entirely stable has value in the context of Thera.
www.artofthera.com /wordpress/?p=30   (387 words)

 pride_(comics)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The Pride debuted in Runaways #1, published by Marvel Comics in 2002, and were created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona.
Frank and Leslie Dean, alien exiles from "Majesdane", the homeworld of their race, who posed as Hollywood actors and New Age enthusiasts.
Robert and Tina Minoru, dark wizards who posed as an average, church-going, middle-class couple.
www.bestrealtravel.com /wiki/?title=Pride_(comics)   (1104 words)

 The Nephilim   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Genesis 6:4 There were Nephilim in the earth in those days and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.
These mighty men of old were the Gibborim or Gibbowrim.
If we look at Green’s Interlinear Bible it says (reading the literal words): the giants were on the earth in days those and even afterwards when came in the sons of God (the word for God there is haElohim, i.e.
home.earthlink.net /~davidmichalak/alwaysfollowthetruth/id9.html   (6160 words)

 Runaways (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.unc.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The Pride - The Pride are a group of archetypical supervillains who keep their crimes secret from their children, the runaways.
Molly successfully frees the sacrificed girl's soul, and the Gibborim destroy Alex for his failure.
Unfortunately, Lotus' soul is not innocent, and Chase departs the Gibborim's dimension, though they take care to repeat their offer: one innocent soul for Gert's resurrection.
en.wikipedia.org.cob-web.org:8888 /wiki/Runaways_(comics)   (2075 words)

 This Lamp: Blog/Home
The root meaning of the word nep̄lîm is "to fall." However in Genesis 6:4 the nep̄lîm are associated with the term gibbôrîm.
The word gibbôrîm comes from gibbôrîm, meaning "a mighty man of valor, strength, wealth or power." Nimrod, in Genesis 10:8, was such a gibbôrîm.
He also was clearly a king in the land of Shinar.
homepage.mac.com /rmansfield/thislamp/files/20070727_the_fallen.html   (1866 words)

 :::. Demons .:::. Black Art .:::. CODE 10 .:::. Myth and Mystery .:::   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
There were giants (Nephilim) on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them.
Those were the mighty men of old (Gibborim), men of renown." (Genesis 6:1-4).
If these were the sons of Seth why did they produce only Giants?
www11.brinkster.com /code10v2/black/main/demons/demons.html   (1301 words)

 Runaways #16
There so much you want to know from last issue, the anticipation to find out what happens just takes over.
Relationships are turned on there head along with the statues-quo and the Gibborim haven't even showed up yet.
That's how bananas this issue is. And everything is gelled together with superb, witty, subtle writing that reflects such great characterisation.
www.comicbookbin.com /reviews117.html   (240 words)

 Giants   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Giants are first spoken of in Genesis 6:4, under the name Nephilim.
We are told in Genesis 6:1-4 that "there were Nephilim in the earth," and that afterward the "sons of God" mingling with the beautiful "daughters of men" produced a race of violent and insolent Gibborim or "mighty men".
Some speculate that these were the giants such as Goliath who taunted the Israelites and fought with David.
www.mustardseed.net /html/pegiants.html   (92 words)

This is what the Holy Zohar (1, 25-26) says about the types of Erev Rav: There are five types among the Erev Rav "mixed multitude", Nefilim, Gibborim,
The Gibborim (mighty ones) are those of whom it is written: “They are the mighty ones…men of name” (Genesis 6, 4).
www.israel613.com /SHUL1.htm   (1572 words)

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