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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  GILD Instructional Technology for First Year Computer Science - University of Victoria
UVic, GILD (Groupware enabled Integrated Learning and Development) seeks to rectify this lack by creating an integrated learning and development plug-in for
This version of Gild is intended for use with Eclipse version 3.1 and Java SDK version 1.4.* or 1.5.*.
This version of Gild is intended for use with Eclipse version 3.0.2 and Java SDK version 1.4.* or 1.5.*.
gild.cs.uvic.ca   (200 words)

  Gild Merchant Documents
And when the gild shall sit, the alderman is to have, each night, so long as the gild sits, two gallons of wine and two candles, and the steward the same; and the four skevins and the chaplain, each of them one gallon of wine and one candle, and the usher one gallon of wine.
No one of the gild nor of the franchise shall avow another's goods for his by which the custom of the city shall be injured And if any one does so and is convicted, he shall lose the gild and the franchise; and the merchandise so avowed shall be forfeited to the king.
The alderman and skevins of the said gild are by duty obliged to visit four times a year all the infirm, all that are in want, need or poverty, and to minister to and relieve all such, out of the alms of the said gild.
www.shsu.edu /~his_ncp/Gildmerc.html   (2690 words)

  The Rune Gild Intro
The Outer Hall of the Gild is made up of those who are now working on the curriculum of the Nine Doors of Midgard and who want to be in close contact with the Gild and its Hall-Workings.
Among the most important goals of the Gild are the continued development of traditional and transformational Runelore and the dissemination of that system to those who are inspired by the quest for the Runes.
To this end the foundation of the first permanent Hall of the Gild - the Yrmin-Hall - was laid in late 1993 and it was fully erected in the early part of 1994.
www.runegild.org /intro.html   (1496 words)

 Lectures: the Gild system
Commercial and craft gilds began to become common in France, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and Sweden in the eleventh century.The oldest known ordinances, as the written laws for the government of a gild were called, occur in England in the eleventh century.
The gild system in general had two grand periods of development, the first of which culminated in the merchant gilds, as were called those associations formed in all the towns (save a few, among which was London) for the purpose of managing and controlling trading and commerce.
Such a gild included all engaged in a given kind of commerce, including wage-earners as well as proprietors, and the object was to enable the merchants to maintain a monopoly of, and an efficient organization of, all the merchandising in a given community.
www.geocities.com /lodge34/torrione_ldg.guild.html   (2631 words)

 Medieval Sourcebook: Southampton Guild Organization, 14th Century
And when the gild shall sit, the lepers of La Madeleine shall have of the alms of the gild, two sesters (approximately eight gallons) of ale, and the sick of God's House and of St. Julian shall have two sesters of ale.
And when the gild sits, and any gildsman is outside of the city so that he does not know when it will happen, he shall have a gallon of wine, if his servants come to get it.
No one of the gild nor of the franchise shall avow another's goods for his by which the custom of the city shall be injured.
www.fordham.edu /halsall/source/guild-sthhmptn.html   (993 words)

 Leicester City Council - Gild of Merchants and the Portmanmoot
Working alongside the Portmanmoot was the Gild of Merchants, a group which existed for the protection and regulation of trade in Leicester.
From the grant of a Charter in 1599 by Queen Elizabeth I to 'The Mayor, Bailiffs and Burgesses of the Borough of Leicester' the Merchant Gild ceased to function actively and the corporation assumed the government of the borough.
The distinction between the Gild and Portmanmoot became unclear, and by the 15th Century all commercial and civic functions were governed by a combination of the two, known as the Mayor's Sessions.
www.leicester.gov.uk /index.asp?pgid=667   (377 words)

 gild - definition by dict.die.net   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
gild n : a formal association of people with similar interests; "he joined a golf club"; "they formed a small lunch society"; "men from the fraternal order will staff the soup kitchen today" [syn: club, society, guild, lodge, order] v : decorate with, or as if with, gold leaf or liquid gold [syn: begild, engild]
Let oft good humor, mild and gay, Gild the calm evening of your day.
To give a fair but deceptive outward appearance to; to embellish; as, to gild a lie.
dict.die.net /gild   (122 words)

 CD Baby: GILD: Moodring
Gild hails from the port-town of Duluth, but piloted by the sultry Jennifer Jones, the band continues to rocket into an atmosphere of rhythm and melody far from the decaying industry on the shores of Lake Superior.
She is propelled competently by a beautiful chaos created by the lanky guitar slinger Tim Nelson, oft engaged in textural battle with the multi-talented DJ Baby Judy, armed with his turntables & psychedelic rhymes, and a tight rhythm section featuring Dicky Brooks on bass and drummer James Hagstrom.
In the fall of '97, Gild had played the club scene long enough to meet producer/musician Bernie Larsen who invited them to record in his Suburban Exchange Studio in Houghton, Michigan.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/gild3   (541 words)

 SourceForge.net: Gild
Gild is an Eclipse plugin that supports the teaching and learning of programming.
Gild currently enables teachers to integrate course materials with code examples.
Older Versions of Gild and another Eclipse 3.1 RC
sourceforge.net /projects/gild   (141 words)

 Gild 2.0.3
There used to be a problem with the Gild Web browser when Active HTML was enable that caused the browser to not resolve relative paths to files unless a tag was present in the portion of the HTML.
The Gild web browser now automatically inserts tags when appropriate so that image files can be properly resolved.
There was a problem with the Gild Problem view which caused the workbench to throw errors after the Problem View was closed.
gild.cs.uvic.ca /gild_2.0.3   (536 words)

 GILD - About GILD
Welcome to GILD, the Global Insolvency Law Database: a resource dedicated to all aspects of credit and debt, including debtor and creditor rights, the creation and enforcement of security interests, corporate restructuring, bankruptcy, reorganization and liquidation.
At the heart of the World Bank's Insolvency Initiative, GILD is designed to promote understanding and awareness of best practices by presenting information on the latest developments and systems adopted or proposed in countries and regions throughout the world.
GILD contains reports on cutting edge innovations, the World Bank Principles and Guidelines for Effective Insolvency and Creditor Rights Systems, explanatory overviews by experts in the field, and excerpts from relevant legislation.
web.worldbank.org /WBSITE/EXTERNAL/TOPICS/LAWANDJUSTICE/GILD/0,,contentMDK:20252025~menuPK:147305~pagePK:64065425~piPK:162156~theSitePK:215006,00.html   (160 words)

Gild is dedicated to finding and promoting the freshest art out there.
Gild you are the best!....just wanted to post some of my newer art
gild is the love of my life, well ice cream comes first...
www.myspace.com /gildnyc   (303 words)

 Gild the lily   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
After all, 'to gild' is to cover with a thin layer of gold, so 'gilding refined gold' is obviously unnecessary.
As the quotation above shows, 'gild the lily' doesn't appear in the original.
The term 'paint the lily' was used in the 20th century, with the same meaning we now apply to 'gild the lily'.
www.phrases.org.uk /meanings/gild-the-lily.html   (245 words)

 GILD Money on the Table - GILD Covered Call Strategy - GILD Covered Call Positions
The exact strike prices for these positions and further interpretation of the strategy can be obtained by email.
When you decide to trade this stock as a Covered Call, you could receive a $850 premium just for making it available, no matter what happens to the stock.
When you decide to trade this stock as a Covered Call, you could receive a $1,900 premium just for making it available, no matter what happens to the stock.
www.poweropt.com /mot.asp?sym=GILD&sh=1000&co=MOT   (298 words)

 gild - Definitions from Dictionary.com
–verb (used with object), gild·ed or gilt, gild·ing.
gild the lily, to add unnecessary ornamentation, a special feature, etc., in an attempt to improve something that is already complete, satisfactory, or ideal: After that wonderful meal, serving a fancy dessert would be gilding the lily.
The quote ("King John," iv.2) is, "To gild refined gold, to paint the lily."
dictionary.reference.com /browse/gild   (435 words)

 Dinner Gild in Arden, Delaware
While this is the end of the dinner season, the Dinner Gild will be in action at the Arden Fair with the corn and wine booths.
The Gild will return in full force with the opening dinner on the first Saturday in October.
Parking is limited and is shared with patrons attending events in the Gild Hall and the Buzz Ware Village Center across the street.
www.ardenclub.com /dinnergild.htm   (434 words)

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