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 GILGIT - LoveToKnow Article on GILGIT
But the ethnography of Dardistan, or the Gilgit agency (for the two are, roughly speaking, synonymous), requires further investigation, and it would be premature to attempt to frame anything like an ethnographical history of these regions until the neighboring provinces of Tangir and Darel have been more fully examined.
Within the wider limits of the former Gilgit agency are many mixed races, speaking different languages, which have all been usually classed together under the name Dard.
Gilgit is also the headquarters of a British political agent, who exercises some supervision over the wazir, and is directly responsible to the government of India for the administration of the outlying districts or petty states of Hunza, Nagar, Ashkuman, Yasin and Ghizar, the little republic of Chilas, andc. /G/GI/GILGIT.htm

 Gilgit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gilgit came under British rule in 1889, when it was unified with neighboring Hunza in the Gilgit Agency.
Gilgit is a region in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, bordering the Chinese region of Xinjiang.
Gilgit town is the chief town of the Northern Areas. /wiki/Gilgit

 HUNZA - LoveToKnow Article on HUNZA
This led to the establishment of the Gilgit agency, the occupation of Chitral, and the Hunza expedition of 1891, which asserted British authority over Hunza and Nagar.
The Hunza-Nagar Expedition of 1891, under Colonel A. Durand, was due to the defiant attitude of the Hunza and Nagar chiefs towards the British agent at Gilgit.
For a description of the people see GILGIT. /H/HU/HUNZA.htm

 GILGIT: Scouts accused of expanding encroachments -DAWN - Local; 23 June, 2004
Mr Shah also cited the correspondence between the then political agent of Gilgit Agency, Lt-Col Durand, with the British government in Shimla (India) in 1892-93, wherein Shandur was mentioned as the boundary between Chitral and Gilgit.
The NALC member said: "In 1949 the then political agent of Gilgit Agency, Maj Kalf, used to play polo at Shandur in the moonlight which is locally known as 'Masjinari' (a polo ground named after the moonlight) and Chitralis are now bent to deface this historic Masjinari."
GILGIT, June 22: Shepherds and the Chitral Scouts have been accused of expanding their encroachments into the limits of 13,000-ft high Shandur valley ignoring the fact the valley is owned by Ghizer district of the Northern Areas. /2004/06/23/local29.htm

 A. DURAND, The Making of a Frontier (1899)
Gilgit, which is roughly its centre, lies four hundred miles from the line of railway at Rawal Pindi in the Punjab, and the only road leading to it, over which we have permanent control, runs over high passes closed for six months of the year by snow.
A fortnight at Gilgit put me in full possession of the leading facts bearing on the existing difficulties, which may be summarised as follows:----Hunza was extremely difficult of attack, and practically could have but little pressure brought to bear on it, having exits to the north on to the Pamirs.
The next three marches to Gilgit were at that time 55 horrible, through a howling wilderness; for nearly twenty miles there was not a drop of water, except when the road dipped right down to the bank of the Gilgit river, and that was running thick and slab like gritty cocoa. /rpearse/scanned/durand.htm

A few years later, the Gilgit Wazarat, the Gilgit Agency and Baltistan (the part of Ladakh under Pakistani administration) were transformed into one administrative unit known as the Northern Areas.
South of it is the Jammu province, to the east is Ladakh, and north of it, Baltistan; farther north are the regions of Hunza and Nagir, and west of them, the Gilgit agency, composed of several political districts.
It contained the responsibilities of the government of Pakistan in respect of all affairs of Gilgit and Ladakh, the area, at the relevant time (Baltistan under present circumstances, as the rest of Ladakh is under control of the Union of India), under the control of Political Agent, at Gilgit". /baltistan.html

 KASHMIR: The Storm Center of the World
A local force called "Gilgit Scouts" on the model of Frontier Guides, led by British officers had been raised and a British Political Agent was posted at Gilgit to control the administered area and the States of Gilgit Agency whose rulers continued to owe allegiance to the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir as well.
Gilgit, the western most part of trans-Himalayan frontier region of the State being directly continuous to Pakistan and approachable from Peshawar was the first to be attacked and occupied.
The "Samadhis" of thousands of Dogra soldiers who had laid down their lives in the various Gilgit campaigns between 1859 and 1895 which finally brought the entire Gilgit area including the Gilgit states like Hunza, Nagar, Ishkuman, Koh and Gizar under Dogra rule, are still a grim reminder of their adventurous spirit and patriotic fervour. /Storm/chapter7.html

 An enclave on the boil
Thereafter large numbers of Sunnis were brought in from Punjab and the NWFP to settle down in Gilgit, radically altering the demographic profile of the area.
The N.A.'s 2.8 million residents, spread across Gilgit, Diamir, Baltistan, Ghizer and Ghanche districts, which cover 44,800 square kilometres, are the only people in Pakistan whose status remains unspecified.
But pro-Islamic zeal and incitement by the British commander of the Gilgit Scouts led to the region breaking away from Kashmir to form the independent People's Republic of Baltistan and Gilgit. /fl2111/stories/20040604000406400.htm

 Gilgit Pakistan travel information Online hotels & tours reservation.
Gilgit is a located at an altitude of Aprox 1500 Meters (4800 Feet) in the North east of Pakistan.
Gilgit is the administrative and commercial capital of Northern areas.
The moon soon winds are blocked by the massive of Nanga Parbat and clouds can not reach Gilgit which makes it dry and rugged but the labor of the strong and willing local population has even claimed the hard mountains for cultivation's. /pakistan/gilgit.shtml

 Geo-Strategic Importance
The Gilgit Agency is at the northern tip of the country, the Baltistan Agency to its southeast and along the cease-fire line.
It is neither a province nor an agency but has a government of its own that is regarded by Pakistan as independent.
In the far north and the northeast of the country a number of small feudatory states in the Jammu and Kashmir region acceded to Pakistan at the time of independence and were held in whole or in part during the subsequent hostilities. /Info/GeoStrategic.html

 Dir, Swat & Chitral
In May 1893, the mission returned to Gilgit, but a political officer, Capt. Younghusband, with a small escort, was left in the country for the purpose of supplying the government of India with trustworthy information as to the events on that part of the frontier and giving encouragement to the Mehtar.
Aman-ul-Mulk invaded Gilgit in 1860 because of increasing influence of Maharaja of Kashmir in that area after the death of its ruler, Gohar Aman.
Meanwhile, the political agent at Gilgit, Surgeon Major George Robertson, had been sent to Chitral by the government to report on the situation with his escort of 400 men, 300 being Kashmir state forces. /AboutPashtuns/HistoryDirChitral.htm

 The Official Website of Jammu & Kashmir Government, India
Lalitaditya (595-732 A.D) in Gilgit and its adjoining territories.
Gilgit is situated in some of the most dense and lofty mountain ranges of the world.
Gilgit has from times immemorial remained a part and parcel of Indian sub-continent and has been within the ambit of its political, religious and cultural influence. /profile/cntit10.htm

 "Improving Accessibility for Mountain Development: Role of Transport Networks and Urban Settlements" -Mtn-Forum On-Line Library Document
This route followed a mule track built in colonial times to support the British administration and the garrisons in the Gilgit Agency.
After the inception of Pakistan's first Village Aid Five-Year Plan in 1956, development efforts paid for by public funds reached the mountains and were made available to the Gilgit Agency.
Air transport from the plains to Gilgit increased the cost of a sack of chemical fertiliser by a factor of twelve from five to 60 rupees (Clark 1960). /resources/library/mfasi02a.htm

 K P S Gill: The Northern Areas of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir -- Islamist Extremism & Terrorism in South Asia
This includes a portion of Hunza territory of the erstwhile Gilgit Agency of the State of Jammu and Kashmir.
In the Gilgit and Skardu areas, large tracts of land have been allotted to non-locals, violating the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan (UNCIP) resolutions and the J and K State Subject Rule.
Later on, the Shia population was further alarmed when large numbers of Sunnis were brought in from Punjab and the NWFP to settle down in Gilgit, radically altering the demographic profile of the area. /satporgtp/kpsgill/2003/chapter3.htm

 Articles - Mansehra (district)
Clockwise from the south, the Mansehra district is bordered by Abbottabad district to its south, Haripur district to its southwest, Buner district to its west, Shangla district to its northwest, Batagram district to its north-northwest, Kohistan district to its north, the Gilgit agency to its northeast, and Muzaffarabad district to its southeast. /articles/Mansehra_District?mySession=d0f64e271c4943b4c04c8c77429af007

In 1889 the Gilgit Agency was made permanent.
A British political agent was stationed in Gilgit in 1876 to report on Russian activities as well as on developments in the nearby states of Hunza and Nagar.
A formal protectorate was declared over Chitral and Gilgit in 1893. /Kamran_Alam/016.htm

 Ethnologue: Pakistan
Chitral; Shandur Pass to Fupis in Ghizr Valley, Yasin and Ishkhoman valleys in Gilgit Agency, Ushu in northern Swat Valley, and large communities in Peshawar and Rawalpindi.
Different second languages used in different areas: Pashto in the south, Shina and Burushaski in the Gilgit Agency, Kalami and some Pashto in Swat, Urdu and English among the educated.
Gilgit District, Northern Areas, mainly in Hunza Valley, Mominabad village, a few households in Big Nagar, Shishkat (Gojal), Dumial in Gilgit, Oshkandas (east of Gilgit), and Bakor village in Punyal. /www1/pater/ethno/Pakn.html

The entire area including Gilgit, Hunza and Baltistan was known as the Gilgit Agency till October, 1947.
In 1951, the Imam formed 64 local councils in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, and the Mir of Hunza executed as the President of H.R.H. Prince Aga Khan Ismailia Supreme Council for Hunza State, Gilgit Agency, Chitral State and Central Asia and also acted as the Personal Representative of the Imam in Central Asia.
The Ismailis of Gilgit and Hunza were submerged in the ocean of immense mirth and joy when they had seen Hazar Imam for first time in their territory on October, 1960. /Source/mumtaz/Heroes1/hero077.html

 Legal Documents No 30--Kashmir under the British Administartion
and the establishment of the Gilgit Agency was formally announced.
A Darbar was held by the British Agent, with whom were the Governor of Gilgit and the General Commanding the Kashmir troops.
And lastly, the building of the Gilgit Residency which being vigorously pushed on, is a costly affair. /LegalDocs/30.html

 Socialist Party Archive - History: Kashmir: The Roots of the Crisis
It was for this reason that it leased the border areas of the Gilgit Agency from the maharaja to allow British influence over trade, communication, defence and 'foreign affairs'.
At the end of October, soldiers of the Gilgit Scouts - British imperialism's fighting force in the Gilgit Agency - rose up.
By the late 1850s, the Dogra dynasty controlled hill kingdoms in Gilgit, Baltistan (with a Tibetan Shia Muslim population) and Ladakh (with a majority Tibetan Buddhist population) to the north and east of Kashmir. /pub/archive/histkashmir.htm

 Home / Headlines / After 56 years of freedom for "the Northern Areas" - Media Monitors Network (MMN)
Gilgit Agency is at times shown in the Survey of Pakistan maps as part of Pakistan while at other occasions it is clubbed with the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir.
About Gilgit Agency in particular, the interior and foreign ministries have been thinking on different lines since the day one.
The former argues that the Agency has not been under administrative control of Maharajah Kashmir as the British held and administered it like other political agencies of the tribal areas. /content/view/full/2294

 Wrench - Wheel of Health - Ch9b
The agriculture of the valleys of the Gilgit Agency are cultivated by means of terraced fields and irrigation, as were the valleys of ancient Peru.
Returning to the Gilgit Agency, one would expect similarities between the conditions of the Andes and north-western Himalaya, both ranges of exceeding loftiness, well sunned and without excessive rainfall.
Further, the area of the Gilgit Agency and its neighbour, the mountainous parts of Afghanistan, once formed an agricultural centre in the same way as Peru. /farm_library/Wrench_WoH/WoH7.html

 Strategic Affairs - Special Report
In addition, there is Burushaski, unrelated, as far as is known, to any other language in the world and spoken in the Gilgit Agency areas of Hunza and Nagar and the adjacent areas of Ishkoman and Yasin, in the northern part of the Northern Areas (ibid.).
According to an agency representative regularly interacting with the Government: "The administration is functioning only 5% and many from the administration are involved in fighting." Ministers and deputy ministers also regularly fight in the jihad.
People in Gilgit and Baltistan have in the past repeatedly protested against the withholding of their civil and political rights, especially the right to democratic representation (ibid.). /issueOct-1/kargil.htm

 Towards a Sociolinguistic Profile of the Khowar Language
Khowar is also spoken in western Gilgit Agency, in Yasin and in the Ghizar River Valley from the area of Gupis west to Shandur Pass, and in the Ushu Valley of Kalam (primarily in the village of Mathiltan) in Swat District of the N.W.F.P. (Stahl, 1988:40) (see Map 2 and 4).
In Gilgit Agency the languages to test would be Shina and Urdu and, perhaps, Werchikwar (the dialect of Burushaski spoken by the indigenous population of Yasin).
Emily Lorimer writes that her husband D. Lorimer "collected texts, notes, vocabulary, and all the data for a scientific grammar (in Yasin, Gilgit Agency) to supplement his considerable material from Chitral, noting how very trivial were the differences between the two varieties of Khowar" (Lorimer, 1939:19). /munnings.htm Arvind Lavakare on the Freudian fixation for peace with Pakistan
Hence, the de facto administration of the Gilgit frontier passed into the hands of the British in 1889 through the political agency called the Gilgit Agency.
In pursuit of the British government's announcement that the control and administration of Gilgit would be returned to J&K State, the Maharaja deputed one of his men as governor of Gilgit in July 1947.
But under the direction of certain British and Muslim officers of the military outfit known as Gilgit Scouts there was a revolt by which the governor was arrested on October 31, 1947 and a provisional government was formed under one Major Brown. /news/2001/jun/27arvind.htm

In the Gilgit Agency, to which he was appointed surgeon 1904-I911, another experiment on a grand scale in disease, not health, was being carried out by nature, in a manner that excited his keen interest.
This is the more interesting, for Schomberg visited a number of other populated valleys of the Gilgit Agency, and, though mountainous conditions and climate were the same, the people did not compare, on the whole, in physique and quality with the Hunza.
Nevertheless, many travellers have left their impressions of Hunza, and the officials of the Gilgit Agency to which Hunza is now attached have to visit the valley on their official rounds. /02/0203CAT/020301wrench/020301intro-3.html

 Printer Friendly Version
Termed by the British as the ‘‘Gilgit Agency’’, this region — it included the towns of Gilgit, Skardu and Hunza— was controlled by a British-led militia, the Gilgit Scouts.
Truckloads of Pathan tribesmen and Sunni Lashkars were brought into Gilgit by the Pakistan army to put down the rebellion.
On his part, the British commander of the Gilgit Scouts refused to recognise a local declaration of independence and. /print.php?content_id=32174

Maj Brown of the Gilgit Scouts and his associates were not the Chief conspirators but were mere pawns in the hands of British army and civil officers who had opted to serve Pakistan after it came into beeing.
The Rajas of Gilgit, Mir of Hanza and Chiefs of Punial, Darel, Yasin and Mehtar of Chitral in NWFP were at war with each other, one plundering and trying to dominate each other and often changing sides among themselves and great power rivals i.e.
British were alarmed and executed an agreement with Maharaja Hari Singh and took Gilgit on 60 years lease by which the administration and defence of Gilgit because sole responsibility of the British who raised an irregular corps of Gilgit Scouts. /01nov20/mail.htm

 Northern Area of Pakistsan
The Political Agency of Gilgit was established during 1877 under the charge of a British agent.
In 1935 the British acquired the Gilgit Wazarat on lease for a 60 year period from the Maharaja of Kashmir.
Just before Independence in 1947 the lease over Gilgit was terminated and it was handed back to the Maharaja of Kashmir terminated and it was handed back to the Maharaja of Kashmir who appointed Brigadier Gansara Singh as Governor of Gilgit. /~sfpd/peona.htm

 adoption agency in punjab
increasingly to be that of simply a clearing agency for unsustainable and destructive economic and...
A State Implementing Agency (SIA) is to be designated by...
May 14, 2005 Adoption agency sends kidnapped kids to foreign shores The... /adoptionagencyinpunjab

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