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 Northern Areas, Pakistan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The entire area including Gilgit and Baltistan was known as the Gilgit Agency till October, 1947.
The Northern Areas comprise the two districts of Baltistan and the three districts of Gilgit (where the capital is located).
Shina language with different accents or in different dialacts is the Language of over 40% of total population, spoken mainly in Gilgit, throughout Diamer, and most of the areas of Ghizr. /wiki/Northern_Areas,_Pakistan

 gilgit baltistan
Gilgit and Baltistan are situated in Pakistan  over which are strewn some of the world's highest mountains-the Karakoram Range and across which pour some of the longest glaciers outside the polar regions.At glance at the map will show that Gilgit and Baltistan is situated in the center of  the most mountainous  region of  the Himalayas.
The town of gilgit is dominated by the 25.550 foot(7,788) Rakaposhi  while Nanga par bat, 26,660 feet (8,125 meters) high, towers over nearby juglot.Gilgit itself stands on narrow,fertile plain entirely ringed around by mountains, and enjoys a generally pleasant climate except of about two months in the summer when it becomes oppressively hot.
Baltistan is the north east of Pakistan.Skardu, its capital, is the starting point for some of the best trekking and mountaineering in the world. /sheraz_ahd

South of it is the Jammu province, to the east is Ladakh, and north of it, Baltistan; farther north are the regions of Hunza and Nagir, and west of them, the Gilgit agency, composed of several political districts.
Before, 1947, Baltistan had always remained part of Ladakh Wazarat and therefore, whenever a plebiscite is arranged in the future in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, the regions of Baltistan and Ladakh should be united as one entity to determine their choice.
Baltistan is the divided part of Ladakh and we request Pakistan, India and the World Powers to strive for the reunification of Ladakh. /baltistan.html

Moreover, it cheated the UN so much at the time when the U.N. observers visited occupied Gilgit Baltistan in 1949, Sardar Alam, political agent, appointed by Pakistan, was presented in the disguise of head of local authority by giving him the cover of Gilgit cap and Chogha.
It is the discretion of the people of Jammu & Kashmir (including Gilgit Baltistan) that they vote in favour of Pakistan or India, through right of self-determination or they vote in favour of their independent state.
Baltistan was liberated by the Gilgit scout and local people in 1948. /balawaristani/backgb.html

 KASHMIR - LoveToKnow Article on KASHMIR
Its territories comprise the provinces of Jammu (including the jagir of Punch), Kashmir, Ladakh, Baltistan and Gilgit; the Shin states of Yaghistan, of which the most important are Chilas, Darel and Tangir, are nominally subordinate to it, and the two former pay a tribute of gold dust.
Finally, in Baltistan and the Ladakh range there is a broad zone composed chiefly of gneiss and schist of ancient date.
Women no longer are seen toiling in the fields, for their husbands are now at home to do the work, and the long journeys to Gilgit are a thing of the past. /K/KA/KASHMIR.htm

 Hunza - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is now ruled directly from Islamabad through the administration based in Gilgit, the regional capital of Gilgit-Baltistan.
Leitner, G. Dardistan in 1866, 1886 and 1893: Being An Account of the History, Religions, Customs, Legends, Fables and Songs of Gilgit, Chilas, Kandia (Gabrial) Yasin, Chitral, Hunza, Nagyr and other parts of the Hindukush, as also a supplement to the second edition of The Hunza and Nagyr Handbook.
Until 1974, Hunza was a princely state with its capital situated at Baltit (also known as Karimabad). /wiki/Hunza

 Voices from Pakistan Occupied Balawaristan
Is the Pakistan government's suppression of political activity in Gilgit and Baltistan responsible for this?
Shias and Ismailis are mostly Boohoo (Yashkoon) ethnically, the Shias of Baltistan belong to the Balti stock, and the Sunnis of Dardistan (Diamar) are mostly Sheen (Dard) ethnically.
Sunnis are in majority in Dardistan (Diamar), Shia in Baltistan and Nagir, Noor Buxi in Baltistan (Ghanchhe, Khapoolo) and Ismailia in Brooshaal (Yasen, Hunza, Pooyaal, Ishkomen and Goopes). /fisi_News_items/news249.htm

 Eternal Vigilance Is The Price Of Civilization!!!: Unrest in Gilgit-Baltistan by B Raman
According to an agreement dated 28th April 1949, with the government of the POK, the subjects of defence, foreign affairs, security, currency and the control of Gilgit and Baltistan were transferred to the Government of Pakistan.
Ziauddin succumbed to his injuries subsequently leading to more violence all over Gilgit and Baltistan and the imposition of a curfew for nearly a fortnight.
It was clear to the Gilgit civil administration that the raiders, who were tribals and mujahideen elements, could not have reached this remote place from Peshawar without someone’s blessing. /2005/02/unrest-in-gilgit-baltistan-by-b-raman.html -> News -> India -> Gilgit, Baltistan demand end to Pak rule
The chairman of Gilgit Thinkers Forum has also written a letter to the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan stating that Pakistani rulers, with the help of their stooges in Gilgit and Baltistan, were indulging in all sort of atrocities against the locals.
New Delhi: Resentment is growing in Gilgit and Baltistan, originally a part of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) but annexed illegally by Pakistan, as a major forum comprising various political parties has demanded complete independence from Islamabad in order to protect their fundamental rights.
"The Pakistani rule cannot be spread over Gilgit and Baltistan and these areas ought to be treated as a foreign country," chairman of the Gilgit-Baltistan Thinkers Forum Wajahat Hassan said in a statement here. /2000/09/10/10gilgit.html

The Kargil war is proof of the loyalty of people of Gilgit Baltistan, where the soldiers of NLI fought bravely for the country of Pakistan.
The History of Gilgit Baltistan is evidence of the fact that Col. Mirza Hassan Khan, Maj. Raja Muhammad Babar Khan, Col. Shah Khan, Maj. Ehsan Ali, Raja Shah Rais Khan and many other officers fought courageously for the liberation of Gilgit Baltistan.
The people of Millat-e-Jafaria Gilgit Baltistan have started thinking that the government is not sincere in solving their problems. /msogilgit/tm04.htm

Besides, GilgitBaltistan is a significant strategic crossroad country of the world, spreading over twenty eight thousand square miles of area situated in the midst of four nuclear powers of the world.
There is no doubt that 20 lac deprived masses of Gilgit and Baltistan are restless to come out from the dark nights of 56 years of slavery and injustice to the bright day because new generation doesn't wants to repeat old historical folly again.
In this context, initially the speculations of an Agha Khan Ismaili State consisting of areas of Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral, American Colony and of an Independent State have attracted attention of the people interested in Gilgit-Baltistan and thus are enhancing their curiosity. /StateofGB.html

 Gilgit-Baltistan Definition / Gilgit-Baltistan Research
[click for more] and Baltistan was known as the Gilgit Agency Gilgit-Baltistan or the Northern Areas of Pakistan was an occupied province of the Maharaja of Kashmir before November 1, 1947 and was known as the Gilgit Agency.
After a revolt of the local people against the Kashmiri regime, Gilgit-Baltistan was liberated and Brigadier Ghansara Singh, the last Kashmiri governor in the provincial capital, Gilgit, was arrested.
The entire area including Gilgit Gilgit is a region in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, bordering the Chinese region of Xinjiang. /Gilgit-Baltistan

 Hampshire Legislators Visit to PoK
Secondly, we the indigenous people of Balawaristan (Pakistan Occupied Gilgit Baltistan) were extremely disappointed by the one sided visit and one sided views of your delegation by ignoring the big (7 times bigger than PoK) portion of disputed part of J and K, Balawaristan (Pakistan Occupied Gilgit Baltistan).
Hyder Shah Rezvi an ex student and prominent political leader of Baltistan, Balawaristan (Pakistan Occupied Gilgit Baltistan) was arrested, tortured and then sent to a torture cell in Chilas, when he peacefully protested against the occupation of Pakistan on 1st Nov. 2002.
Finally, I appeal to you as well as to US Senators/Congressmen and other democratic people of the civilized world to concentrate and study all parts of J and K conflict particularly Balawaristan (Pakistan Occupied Gilgit Baltistan), which has been facing the agony of SLAVERY at the hands of Pakistani fundamentalist Army/establishment. /articles/0303/245.html

The newspaper quoted Naqi as saying in a meeting in Gilgit that "the Pakistani establishment kept Gilgit and Baltistan without any constitutional status with a pledge that if a plebiscite were held on the Kashmir issue they (Pakistanis) would use the votes of Gilgit-Baltistan in their favour".
The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) is reported to have formally set up its core group in Gilgit, the headquarters of Pakistan's Northern Areas, a part of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.
The Daily Times reported on Monday that the HRCP has set up its Gilgit group to "keep an eye on the violation of human rights in that region". /print.php?newsid=22829

 Center for Justpeace in Asia - Urgent Issues
GILGIT, Pakistan-administered Kashmir - Surrounded by three famous mountain ranges, the Himalayas, the Karokorams and the Hindukush, Gilgit Valley is perhaps the most fascinating and spectacular part of Pakistan-administered Kashmir.
A large number of protest rallies were organized in Gilgit and hundreds of primary and secondary school students boycotted classes.
In their interaction with local journalists in Gilgit, Indian media asked about the level of freedom of the press in the NA. /justpeace/urgent/kashmir/divideidentity.html

Baltistan; especially in wake of the troubled state of affairs of the state and fact that out of a total of nine Battalions of the state Army, almost one Battalion was already looking after the peaceful Northern regions.
Baltistan, his anti establishment stance and his later involvement/imprisonment in Rawalpindi conspiracy case; provided an opportunity to the establishment as well as his enemies and opportunists to belittle his achievements through a tangled web of lies.
About Gilgit Scouts; to whom the book is accredited, he rates them as a polo pony with broken leg as compared with 6 J & K Battalion and maintains it to be height of folly to use the Scouts in direct confrontation with Indian regular troops and away fro m the Agency. /GB.html

 cars - Northern Light Infantry
Lalak Jan of NLI is the first native of Gilgit-Baltistan to receive the highest millitry award, Nishan-i-Haider, for bravery.
Its Regimental Centre is located at Bunji near Gilgit, in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.
The majority of this regiment's personnel come from the native Gilgitis, Baltis, Brushos, Wakhis and Khuwars etc. It was formed in 1973 with the amalgamation of the Northern Scouts along with its Scout wings: the Karakoram Scouts, Northern Scouts and Gilgit Scouts. /cars/NLI

 Gilgit & Baltistan, China & North Korea
"Gilgit and Baltistan, which lie to the north of India, were part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir (JandK) before 1947.
Gilgit had seen similar unrest in 1988, but one of the causes of the unrest then was the demand of the Shias for an independent Karakoram State.
Thousands of protesting activists of the Ahle Sunnah blocked the roads in Gilgit City and Kohistan to prevent the movement of reinforcements, which were then rushed to the affected areas by helicopters, The Army then forcibly removed the demonstrators from the roads and used bulldozers to remove the barricades erected by them. /papers3/paper289.html

 The Hindu : PoK forum demands freedom for Gilgit, Baltistan
Resentment is growing in Gilgit and Baltistan, originally a part of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, but now illegally annexed by Pakistan, even as a major forum comprising various political parties has demanded complete independence from Islamabad in order to protect their fundamental rights.
Hassan said Pakistan never trusted the people of Gilgit and Baltistan ``though they (Islamabad) have been exploiting the areas time and again.'' He alleged that the Government was ``engineering'' blasts in Gilgit and arresting innocent citizens.
``Pakistani rule cannot be spread over Gilgit and Baltistan and these areas ought to be treated as a foreign country,'' the chairman of the Gilgit-Baltistan Thinkers Forum, Mr. /thehindu/2000/09/11/stories/0211000h.htm

 Question of Gilgit And Baltistan at the UN
It is unfortunate that this vast area of Gilgit and Baltistan which is more than 72 thousand Sq Kilometres with population of around 2 million is administratively cut off from the other Kashmiri area under the Pakistan control known as Azad Kashmir.
The area known, as Northern area of Pakistan is not a Pakistani territory, it is part of the State of Jammu and Kashmir and its real name is Gilgit and Baltistan.
Kashmiri leaders hold press conferences, give interviews, and write in newspapers, hold public meetings and demonstrations; but the same is not allowed in Gilgit and Baltistan, area under Pakistani control. /articles/0803/130.html

 Feature Articles: A Letter From Balwaristan
China should be asked to handover the 2500 square mile area of Shimshaal to Hunza, Gilgit, and the 14000 square mile area of Aksai Chin to Ladakh, so that a new agreement could be signed between China and the new government of Balawaristan (Gilgit Baltistan) and Ladakh to decide the future of the occupied areas.
Re-establish of administration in Gilgit Baltistan from the local indigenous people consisting of all the ethnic groups in accordance with their population.
The Pakistan-Occupied areas are divided into 2: a) Pakistan-Occupied Gilgit Baltistan, which is 28,000 square miles in area and has a mixed population of Shias, Sunnis, Ismailis and Nurbakshi Muslims dominated area) and b) Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir, with an area of 4000 square miles and dominated by Sunni Muslims. /archives/000209.html

 Al-Qaeda active in Gilgit, Baltistan: BNF to Annan :
"Al-Qaeda is operative in Gilgit and Baltistan on the direction of ISI and have been involved in ruthless killings in the region," Chairman of the Balwaristan Nationalist Front (BNF) Abdul Hamid Khan said in a letter to the United Nations General Secretary Kofi Annan.
Pakistan's ISI has roped in the banned Al-Qaeda to weaken the "nationalist movement" for freedom against Pakistan in Gilgit and Baltistan and have been targeting respected leaders to foment trouble in this region, claims a local organisation.
The Gilgit area was on fire recently after suspected terrorists of Al-Qaeda gunned down a prominent Shia leader Agha Zia-ud-din. /news/181_1200803,000600010001.htm --- Organization Info
Within Northern Areas, Baltistan is the least developed part of the region as Gilgit being the capital of Northern Areas and a conduit between china and Pakistan through the Karakorum highway has become the commercial hub of the region.
Recent statistics indicate that Baltistan trail behind the rest of Pakistan in terms of all human development indicators - literacy rate being the lowest.
The people of Baltistan (Baltis) are of the Tibetan origin. /directory/display.asp?ID=234

Yasin Gupis, Punial and Ishkoman, 6 elected members from Baltistan Agency, five official members from Federal Government to be nominated by the then Resident in Gilgit and Baltistan Agencies as Chairman of the Council and two official members one each from Agency department of Gilgit and Skardu respectively.
The Northern Areas of Pakistan is the official name of "Gilgit-Baltistan" comprising the five districts of Baltistan (Skardu), Baltistan (Ganche), Diamer, Ghizer and Gilgit.
The Council had six seats each for Gilgit and Baltistan districts and four for Diamer districts. /nalc.htm

 IMC India - Pakistani police shot Chairman of BNF in Gilgit Baltistan
A senior political leader and the acting chairman of the Balwaristan National Front (BNF) (Gilgit Baltistan) Mr.Nawaz Khan Naji was seriously injured when three local policemen fired on him while he was travelling in the Gakuch area of the Ghezer district in the northern areas.
The anomalous position of the northern areas, which comprise the five districts of Skardu, Gilgit, Ghizer, Ghanche and Diamer, and are inhabited by diverse ethnic groups is at the root of the problem.
Abdul Hamid Khan, Mohammad Rafiq and Engineer Shujaat Ali accepted his proposal of new nationalist party and thus BNF was born on 30th July 1992 in Gilgit. /en/2003/07/5618.shtml

 Southasia Talk
Gilgit, Baltistan and all Azad Kashmir must be free of Pakistan control.
Gilgit, Baltistan and Azad Kashmir will opt for Azadi from Pakistan.
Azadi is the only motto for Gilgit, Baltistan and Azad Kashmir from Pakistan. /talk/messages/8/1464.html

 !! Welcome to the Voice of Millions !!
Sir, I, Shafqat Ali Inqalabi Ex-Chairman Karakorum Students Organization in Pakistan occupied Gilgit Baltistan there are only two nationalist who are struggling for the freedom of the mother land Gilgit Baltistan and we also support independent Kashmir for valley Jammu and Poonch.
Sir, Gilgit Baltistan is facing more problems then other disputed regions.
Bhim Singh on the issue of election of real representatives of Gilgit, Baltistan for talks. /VOM-9-2003/gilgit_student.htm

 Significance Of Nov. 1 For Gilgit-Baltistan
It would be appreciated that under the prevailing circumstances the government cannot hold back the decision on the political future of Gilgit- Baltistan in abeyance forever on the face of the uncertain Kashmir imbroglio and due to growing resentment against the existing method of governance.
A televised discussion programme focused on the political, judicial and related issues of Gilgit-Baltistan, comprising of two episodes, 50 minutes with Geo on October 18 and 25, filmed at the sprawling lawns of Serena Hotel Gilgit, brought out the gut sentiments of the people belonging to various segments of the political divide of the area.
The liberation of the Northern Areas including substantial part of AK in 1947 by the people of NAs after eliminating Dogra rule from their land and the voluntary accession to Pakistan against all odds speaks volumes about their patriotism. /archives/archives2003/kashmir20031101b.html

 World Affairs Board - Why don't people get banned for thread crapping?
The ISI and Pakistan army were very grieved due to non-participation of youths of Jammu, Ladakh, Kargil, Astor, Baltistan and Gilgit in the so-called freedom war and Jehad (crusade) on ISI's instigation.
(2) To punish the people of Gilgit Baltistan and Ladakh, Kargil and Drass for not joining the terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir (because this is not a freedom movement but a conspiracy for earning dollars and making Jammu and Kashmir and occupied Gilgit Baltistan the slave of Pakistan (on ISI's instructions).
I, however, firmly believe that Gilgit based BBC representative Saadat Ali Mujahid will have not turned a blank-eye to the incidents of arrival of dead bodies of NLI troops in the region, from the Kargil battle, in a large number, like Pakistani journalists. /showthread.php?p=106386#post106386

 Rediff On The NeT: Pak says Gilgit, Baltistan are not part of its territory
The Pakistan government has agreed that Gilgit and Baltistan are not part of its territory.
Pak says Gilgit, Baltistan are not part of its territory
Making this startling disclosure to the country's supreme court in the wake of a constitutional petition, the government said, ''The court has no jurisdiction to hear the petition as Gilgit and Baltistan (called Northern Areas) do not fall within the country's territory as defined by the Constitution.'' /news/sep/04pak.htm

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