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Topic: Ginny Weasley

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In the News (Sat 26 May 18)

 HPL: Essays - Ginny Weasley, Why?
Rowling could easily allow Ginny, who is close in age to the trio, to simply join them and let them play Julian, Dick, George, and Anne at Kirrin Cottage (alias the Burrow), but she does not submit to this well-worn path.
Ginny is at one point possessed by Voldemort and then rescued by Harry, but we are never allowed to consider the consequences of this action.
We see Ginny at the start, then we are subsequently deliberately misled as to her personality and attitude with Harry.
www.hp-lexicon.org /essays/essay-harry-ginny.html   (1667 words)

 WeasleyNetwork.org : Ginny Weasley
Ginny separated from her summer group the moment they were back on the train toward school.
Ginny had arranged to meet with her boyfriend, Dean, and therefore declined to sit with Harry when Ron and Hermione (obviously) went off to the prefects compartment.
During the fight Ginny said some pretty harsh things about her brother's lack of experience and pointed out his two best friends had already managed to get kissed while he (with the mentality of a 12 year old) was still treating it as something dirty.
www.weasleynetwork.org /weasley/ginny.shtml   (2697 words)

 _redhair_ - Ginny Bloody Weasley - Pictures   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Ginny is outgoing, funny and bright; she does well in school and loves all of her friends and family.
Ginny is a sixth year Gryffindor and is going to be sent to The Italian School of Magic since Hogwarts was closed down.
Ginny tries to return the favors as well as she can, but loves them for trying so hard to help her feel better.
www.greatestjournal.com /userinfo.bml?user=_redhair_   (1029 words)

 Ginny Weasley -
Ginny is a descendant of the Weasley family, one of the oldest pure-blood wizarding families in existence, and is also a descendant of the Prewett and Black.
Weasley, Ginny Student Only daughter and youngest child of Molly and Arthur Weasley, she was saved by Harry when Tom Riddle took her into the Chamber.
Ginny is sweet and brave and used to have a crush on Harry.
orangw.pl /ginny/weasley-13079.html   (2398 words)

 HPL: Ginny Weasley
Ginny is very determined; since her brothers wouldn't let her play Quidditch with them when she was little, she broke into the family broom shed and took out each of their brooms in turn when they weren't looking, starting at the age of six.
Apparently Ginny was never exactly Neville's girlfriend; she accepted his invitation because she liked him, and because she couldn't go to the ball otherwise, being only in third year at the time.
Ginny met Ravenclaw Michael Corner at the Yule Ball, and at the end of the 1995 school year began dating him -- being careful not to let on to her brothers, particularly Ron, knowing that Ron, for one, would start hovering (OP16).
www.hp-lexicon.org /wizards/ginny.html   (1280 words)

 GROWL: Ginny Weasley   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Ginny's parents and brothers Bill and Charlie are part of the Order of the Phoenix.
In her 4th year, Ginny was Seeker for the Gryffindor house Quidditch team and a member of "Dumbledore's Army".
Ginny is also known to have quite a few powerful spells, such as her bat-bogey hex.
growl.8m.net /ginny.html   (220 words)

 Ginny Weasley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
And in the tradition of the Weasley family, she is brave and loyal.
Ginny is introduced in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
Ginny is played by Bonnie Wright in the film adaptations.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ginny_Weasley   (2625 words)

 MuggleNet | The Phoenix Files #9 -- Ginny Weasley
We know that Ginny was planned by JKR from before Book One was published, and it is possible that she had already picked a role or niche for young Miss Weasley very early on, perhaps larger than the avenue through which the Chamber of Secrets was to be opened again.
Weasley is a good mother (especially when it comes to being stern when teaching her children a lesson), and I do not doubt she loves Ginny very much, but it doesn’t seem she favors her simply because of her sex.
Ginny was also the last of a long line of Weasleys to go back to the Burrow when they were supposed to be on their way to King’s Cross (because she forgot her diary…how do we miss this stuff??).
www.mugglenet.com /editorials/thephoenixfiles/tpf9.shtml   (3686 words)

 Weasley family - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ginevra ("Ginny") is the first female Weasley to be born in several generations.
Mr Weasley is incredibly enthusiastic about all things involving Muggles, going so far as to declare his goal in life to be figuring out how aeroplanes stay in the air.
Soon to be the sister-in-law to Bill Weasley due to his impending marriage to her older sister, Fleur Delacour.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Weasley   (1610 words)

 Ginny Weasley. ron's sister, youngest weasley
Ginny is the youngest of the Weasley children and the only girl.
Even before she reached Hogwarts Ginny was a central character in the events of Harry's second year, having had Tom Riddle's diary slipped in amongst her books by Lucius Malfoy.
Since before Ginny started school she had a crush on Harry, and used to be almost incapable of speech in his presence.
www.harry-potter-games.com /Ginny_Weasley.htm   (291 words)

 Ginny Weasley [eldiccionario.org]
Ginny sigue siendo muy tímida con Harry, pero se hace muy amiga de Hermione.
Ginny se fija en Dean Thomas en Junio de 1996.
Ginny es la primera niña que nace en la familia Weasley en varias generaciones.
www.eldiccionario.org /personajes/ginnyweasley.htm   (493 words)

 Harry Ginny FOREVER [ The Journey Continues . . . ] "A Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley Fan Site"   ver. 10 ...
Ginny is present or mentioned in Chapters 4-6, 9-11, 13-14, 16-19, 21-24, 26, 29, 31-36, 38 and is absent in Chapters 7-8, 12, 15, 20, 25, 27-28, 30, 37.
But that is punctuated by Harry and Ginny's second and third significant conversations in Chapter 26 (Quidditch) and Chapter 29 (Chocolate in the library), and JKR very cleverly fits Cho in around that.
In the meantime, Chapters 32-36 are back to Ginny again, with the invasions of Umbridge's office and the ministry in which she is a central character.
www.hgforever.com /HGessays/ginnyvscho2.php   (1405 words)

 Essence of Valor :: A Ginny Weasley Resource Site
For example, she begins the story with one character and by the end of the story she is with another.
Ginny Potter is a wife, a mother, and today she's 40 years old.
Ginny walks down memory lane as she faces the inevitable.
valor.soulsdream.com   (847 words)

 Ginny Weasley - Chamber of Secrets
Ginny was the seeker after harry got banned.
Ginny obviosly is made from the same stuff as Fred and George maybe not as potent though
We never knew too much about Ginny, which left her open to be developed the way JK wanted.
www.cosforums.com /showthread.php?p=388519   (1127 words)

 PORTKEY.ORG >> Hating, Dating, and Ginny Weasley - Chapter: 1
Ginny stormed down the hallway.  It seemed that fifth years and lower seemed to literally disappear from her path of destruction.  No one crosses Ginny Weasley when she’s mad.
Ginny yanked the astronomy tower door open.  There was a flened figure standing on the ledge, arms spread out.  Upon closer inspection, Ginny came to the conclusion that it was Draco Malfoy.
“A disinfecting charm.  I had Weasley germs,” he replied simply, sitting down in a chair Ginny assumed he had conjured.  Then, she realized that he was half-naked (in some sense of speaking).  All he had on was a pair of jeans and an unbuttoned crisp white shirt..
fanfiction.portkey.org /index.php?act=read&storyid=2973   (1716 words)

 Essence of Valor :: A Ginny Weasley Resource Site
The moment she saw Harry, Ginny accidentally knocked her porridge bowl to the floor with a loud clatter.
Ginny went scarlet as Ron and Hermione fought their way over, both clutching stacks of Lockhart's books.
Ginny, who was huddled in her corner looking nearly as bad as Harry felt, gave a small sob; Hermione went over and put a comforting arm around her.
valor.soulsdream.com /viewstory.php?sid=23   (1395 words)

 Madam Pince's Potter Pages: Ginny Weasley   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Notes: She named 'Dumbledore’s Army;' Ginny is the only person Harry knows (now, besides himself) who has been possessed by Voldemort and lived to tell the tale.
Ginny is "a fairly forceful personality (and she always has been...)" [WBD]
Ginny Weasley, whose full name is Ginevra, is the first girl to be born into the Weasley family for several generations.
www.mutabilisdesign.com /pince/ginny.htm   (707 words)

 Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Ginny's supposed to be one of the most charismatic and desireable girls at Hogwart's by Harry's fifth year.
Ginny is cute in a bit of a mousy way, but what makes Harry attracted to her in the first place is when she stops obsessing over him and actually develops an outgoing personality.
ginny is supposed to be feisty, charming, and to have a certain gravitas.
www.aintitcool.com /talkback_display/22363   (5810 words)

 stolen_weasley - Ginny Weasley - Pictures
Six children later, Ginny graced the family as the first Weasley girl born in centuries.
The only two people that have caused Ginny to lose her nerve are Harry Potter and Voldemort.
Now that Ginny is on the run and amongst family and friends she is returning to her old self, slowly yet surely.
www.greatestjournal.com /userinfo.bml?user=stolen_weasley   (1632 words)

 Rpgcastle -> Ginny Weasley
The resemblance between the Weasley family members is extremely obvious, but Ginny seems to be the younger feminine replica of the twins.
Sighing gently, Ginny sat up from where she had previously been lying and observed the night sky from the stable’s tiny and rather old window.
That way, she would have the time to hide while he was making sure nothing was abnormal and then, when the guy was gone, she would only have to unlock the wooden door from inside to leave with her favourite fl horse.
z3.invisionfree.com /RPGCastle/index.php?showtopic=9180   (1102 words)

 Harry Potter Lexicon Forum - + Ginny Weasley
Ginny rescued by Harry (Arthur), when she was taken to the CoS (fortress) by TMR/LV (King Melwas); after a year in TMR/LV control (capture).
There was some fanfic I was reading about Ginny being the 7th child of a 7th child, making her a very powerful witch.
The only thing I recall JKR saying is that Ginny was the first girl born into the family in quite a long while.
wc6.worldcrossing.com /webx?1@@.1dddf7ee   (1490 words)

 Harry Potter | Who's Who | Ginny Weasley   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Ron's little sister Ginny embarks on her first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
However, her role in the second film is absolutely central to the plot as her screen character battles with a crush on Harry, the powers of a secret diary and her tormented conscience.
She is a talented footballer and enjoys a variety of sports including swimming, tennis, riding, ice-skating, cycling and surfing.
harrypotter.warnerbros.com /whos_who/Ginny_Weasley.html   (178 words)

 Essence of Valor :: A Ginny Weasley Resource Site
Ginny has grown into a multifaceted character in JK Rowling’s world of Harry Potter.
Ginny also shows her determination and competitive spirit when it’s learned that at the age of six she stole her brothers’ brooms and taught herself Quidditch despite the fact her brothers wouldn’t let her play with them.
Ginny’s friendships know no house boundaries as she becomes friends with Luna Lovegood and secretly dates Michael Corner, both of Ravenclaw.
valor.soulsdream.com /viewstory.php?sid=24   (901 words)

 Ginny weasley and harry potter - PointAsk Question   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Also, when i was reading some stuff about the next book, she said that something is going to happen to Ginny and it involves Harry, or something like that.
Harry sees Ginny as a "kid sister" in the Weasley family, exactly as all the Weasley brothers do.
Ginny will have to do something that would make Harry do a mental reassessment of her.
www.pointask.com /pointask/f_q.php3?qid=9661   (499 words)

 gin_n_sin - Ginny Weasley - Pictures
Well, technically it's Ginevra Weasley, but only my Mum calls me that and even then it's only when she's brassed at me for something.
Everyone else calls me Ginny and that's all well and good because if they'd like to call me Ginevra then they'd also enjoy a very lovely Bat-Bogey Hex.
Ginny Weasley and everything else related to Harry Potter belong, of course, to the brilliant J.K. Rowling.
www.greatestjournal.com /userinfo.bml?user=gin_n_sin   (934 words)

 The Temptation of Ginny Weasley
Ginny!” as if I were somehow different, as if beneath my hooded cloak lurked some sort of trapped, innocent soul.
“Ginny,” she whispers, her hand warm between my legs and voice seductive in my ear, as if in apology.
Switching candies and exploding wands and Weasley Whizbangs… I realize the magic that’s gone into them, what they’d been learning while skiving off their schoolwork.
brushbroom.twinners.org /fic/temptationofgw.html   (1706 words)

 Bonnie Wright as Ginny Weasley - Chamber of Secrets
She's portrayed as one of the most popular girls in Hogwarts, every boy seems to be after her, and yet...well, don't get me wrong, Bonnie Wright is a cute girl, but it seems Emma Watson is blowing her away at this point.
As the books go, we really start getting a sense of who Ginny is in Order of the Phoenix when she tosses dungbombs at the kitchen door and easily lies to her mom about it.
I think she does a good job, but my one concern is that she looks more grown up for HBP because at the moment I think she still looks imature and we can't have that for her big scene with Daniel.
www.cosforums.com /showthread.php?t=78112   (2571 words)

        FOREVER [ The Journey Continues . . . ] "A Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley Fan ...
Rating: PG Summary: Harry is minding his own business planning a birthday party for Ginny when she invites him out to play in the snow.
Rating: PG Summary: Ginny Weasley hears the story of Harry Potter and draws a picture of him in her favorite place.
Rating: PG Summary: Ginny Weasley is tired of Harry wallowing in his misery after they come back from St. Mungo's, so she goes to tell him what being posessed is really like.
www.hgforever.com /Writers.php   (1228 words)

 WeasleyNetwork.org : Your Source for all things Weasley   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Muggle known for playing Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films has come of age.
Happy 30th Birthday to Weasley Character Percy Weasley, third born son of the Weasley Clan.
Happy 25th Birthday to the character Ginny Weasley, youngest of the Weasley kids.
www.weasleynetwork.org   (251 words)

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