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In the News (Tue 19 Feb 19)

  Allen Ginsberg - Biography - AOL Music
Ginsberg made sporadic recordings of his work, both formal and otherwise, starting in his heyday of the late '50s and continuing into the '90s.
Ginsberg moved to San Francisco in 1954, and that year met artist's model Peter Orlovsky, who became his lover; their relationship, though nonmonogamous and marked by periods of separation, would prove to be lifelong.
Ginsberg's next album was William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience, which set the works of one of his favorite poets to jazzy musical backing; it was issued by Verve in 1970.
music.aol.com /artist/allen-ginsberg/2447/biography   (932 words)

 Allen Ginsberg - MSN Encarta
Howl and Ginsberg’s subsequent poetry show the influence of English poet William Blake (who Ginsberg claimed once spoke to him in a vision) and American poets Walt Whitman and William Carlos Williams.
Ginsberg’s poetry is informal, discursive, and often repetitive.
In the United States young people looked to Ginsberg as a guide through the turbulent 1960s, and although some of his early poems were written under the influence of drugs, in the early 1960s Ginsberg renounced drug use as a form of inspiration.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761553419/Allen_Ginsberg.html   (397 words)

 American Masters . Allen Ginsberg | PBS
llen Ginsberg, the visionary poet and founding father of the Beat generation inspired the American counterculture of the second half of the 20th century with groundbreaking poems such as "Howl" and "Kaddish." Among the avant-garde he was considered a spiritual and sexually liberated ambassador for tolerance and enlightenment.
To many, their shabby dress and "hip" language seemed irresponsible, but in their actions could be found the seeds of a revolution that was meant to cast off the shackles of the calm and boring social life of the post-war era.
Ginsberg’s use of a gritty vernacular and an improvisational rhythmical style created a poetry which seemed haphazard and amateur to many of the traditional poets of the time.
www.pbs.org /wnet/americanmasters/database/ginsberg_a.html   (853 words)

 LitKicks: Allen Ginsberg   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Ginsberg followed 'Howl' with several other important new poems, such as 'Sunflower Sutra.' Now at a critical stage in his career, he was somehow able to avoid the 'fame burnout' that would soon engulf Kerouac.
Ginsberg can be seen standing in the alley in the background of Dylan's 1965 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' video, and would later play a major part in Dylan's 1977 film 'Renaldo and Clara.' Ginsberg, Gary Snyder and Michael McClure led the crowd in chanting 'OM' at the San Fransisco Be-In in 1967.
Ginsberg, Burroughs, Jean Genet and Terry Southern were key figures at the Chicago Democratic Convention antiwar protests in 1968.
www.litkicks.com /People/AllenGinsberg.html   (1700 words)

 Allen Ginsberg
Walt Whitman: "Unscrew the locks from the doors!/Unscrew the doors themselves from their jambs!" Announcing his intentions with this ringing motto, Allen Ginsberg published a volume of poetry which broke so many social taboos that copies were impounded as obscene, and the publisher, poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, was arrested.
Allen Ginsberg was born in 1926 in Newark, New Jersey, a son of Naomi Ginsberg and lyric poet Louis Ginsberg.
Ginsberg's bardic rage against material values, however, was in a voice very different from Eliot's scholarly mourning for the loss of the spirit.
www.queertheory.com /histories/g/ginsberg_allen.htm   (1094 words)

 Allen Ginsberg's Life
Ginsberg, Allen (3 June 1926-6 Apr. 1997), poet, was born in Newark, New Jersey, the younger son of Louis Ginsberg, a high school English teacher and poet, and Naomi Levy Ginsberg.
As an alternative to a jail sentence, Ginsberg's professors Van Doren and Trilling arranged with the Columbia dean for a plea of psychological disability, on condition that Ginsberg was admitted to the Columbia Presbyterian Psychiatric Institute.
Ginsberg's courage, his humanitarian political views and support of homosexuality, his engagement in Eastern meditation practices, and his charismatic personality made him one of the favorite spokesmen chosen by a younger generation of radicalized Americans known as "hippies" during the end of this turbulent decade.
www.english.uiuc.edu /maps/poets/g_l/ginsberg/life.htm   (3664 words)

 Allen Ginsberg: The Biography Project
Ginsberg is suspended from Columbia in the Spring of 1945 for allowing a distraught Kerouac to sleep in his room, and for writing "Butler has no Balls" (for the president of Columbia, Nicholas Butler) on his window.
Ginsberg is arrested in April of 1949 while riding in a car stolen by some of Huncke's friends.
Edgar Hoover to the Secret Service in 1965, Ginsberg was cited as an "Internal Security--Cuba" case, and a potential threat to the president of the United States.
www.popsubculture.com /pop/bio_project/allen_ginsberg.html   (1233 words)

 CNN - Poet Allen Ginsberg dead at 70 - April 5, 1997
Ginsberg and the other "beat" writers are credited with starting a genre of American prose and poetry in the late 1940s that celebrated free-wheeling Bohemians skeptical of moral codes and political power.
Ginsberg along with writers such as Jack Kerouac, Gregory Corso, William Burroughs, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Lucien Carr came to embody the anti-establishment, non-conformist literary movement that experimented heavily with hallucinogenic drugs.
Ginsberg became a celebrant of the counterculture movement of the 1960s, a ubiquitous figure at poetry readings on college campuses, a strident critic of the war in Vietnam and an advocate for gay rights.
www.cnn.com /US/9704/05/ginsberg/index.html   (470 words)

 Allen Ginsberg - Poetry Archive
Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) is cherished as the pivotal figure between the 50s Beat Generation and the counter-cultural revolution of the 1960s.
Ginsberg's first book of poems, the extraordinary Howl and other poems was published by Lawrence Ferlinghetti's City Lights press in 1955 and was subject to a famous obscenity trial due to its frank treatment of his homosexuality and explicit content.
Ginsberg's poetry with its exhilarating openness of subject and form and visionary qualities owes much to a tradition stretching back through Walt Whitman to William Blake.
www.poetryarchive.org /poetryarchive/singlePoet.do?poetId=1547   (597 words)

 Allen Ginsberg
Ginsberg's performances on stage and the emotion he gave off during these readings, was similar to the way in which he saw Trilling and Van Doren conduct their lectures to the class.
Ginsberg however took his performances to another, higher degree in that he didn't just try to enlighten the audience with his beliefs/thoughts/opinions in literary form but attempted to "convert" his listeners to them.
While Ginsberg was harshly criticized for this inclusion we come to see in the years to come (beginning in the 1960's) violence as an accepted part of society.
www.wam.umd.edu /~molouns/amst450/cu/ginsberg.html   (1013 words)

 Bob Dylan Who's Who
Ginsberg used the machine to tape a Dylan concert (thus becoming one of the pioneer bootleggers), but primarily to record his own stream-of-consciousness observations as he and Peter Orlovsky travelled across America in their Volkswagen van.
Ginsberg was a continual fount of ideas for the film (not all of them used), and he appears in some of its most memorable sequences (not least the homage to the grave of Jack Kerouac).
Ginsberg was almost compulsively open, laying himself bare (sometimes quite literally), making himself vulnerable to all sorts of attacks, allowing himself to appear foolish or naive, but always, with heroic honesty, bearing witness to his beliefs and convictions.
www.expectingrain.com /dok/who/g/ginsbergallen.html   (1534 words)

 Amazon.com: Selected Poems: 1947-1995: Books: Allen Ginsberg   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Allen Ginsberg made his mark, along with Jack Kerouac, Gary Snyder and others, in the Beat movement, a poetry of social protest that refused perceived elitist boundaries.
Ginsberg died in 1997, of the complications of Hepatitis C, the same year I discovered that I was suffering from the same disease.
Ginsberg is often perceived as a political or social poet, voicing first the concerns of the Beats and then the Anti-War movement.
www.amazon.com /Selected-Poems-1947-1995-Allen-Ginsberg/dp/0060928549   (1844 words)

 SULAIR: AmLitStudies: Allen Ginsberg Papers
Irwin Allen Ginberg was born in Newark, New Jersey, in 1926 to Louis and Naomi Ginsberg.
Ginsberg's photographs were also represented in a groundbreaking exhibit organized in 1995 by the Whitney Museum of Art, "Beat Culture and the New America: 1950 - 1965." Ginsberg was a visiting professor at Columbia University in 1986-87, and he taught at Brooklyn College from the fall of 1987 until his death.
Allen Ginsberg died at the age of 70 on April 6, 1997 of a heart attack.
www-sul.stanford.edu /depts/hasrg/ablit/amerlit/ginsberg.html   (1112 words)

 Allen Ginsberg Collection
Allen Ginsberg, American poet and one of the founders of the Beat movement, was born in 1926, the second son of Louis and Naomi Ginsberg.
The issue of homosexuality was not brought up at his disciplinary hearing with the Dean, rather he was fined for having an unregistered overnight guest and for the obscenities, and expelled for one year in the hope that he might mature enough to continue his education.
Ginsberg promptly moved in with William Burroughs, who became his mentor, exposing him to readings far outside the narrow scope of Columbia's conservative literature department.
www.hrc.utexas.edu /research/fa/ginsberg.html   (1410 words)

 CNN.com - Bush-Cheney lawyer resigns over veterans flap - Aug 25, 2004
A campaign official told CNN that Benjamin Ginsberg advised the group a few months ago at the same time he was working with the Bush-Cheney campaign.
Ginsberg is the second Bush-Cheney adviser to separate himself from the campaign over the group, which has accused Kerry of lying to get his three Purple Hearts, Silver Star and Bronze Star during his Vietnam service.
Ginsberg served Bush-Cheney as national counsel in 2000 and was a key player in the recount of the 2000 Florida vote recount, according to a biography on his Washington firm's Web site.
www.cnn.com /2004/ALLPOLITICS/08/25/ginsberg.swiftboat/index.html   (903 words)

 Allen Ginsberg
Ginsberg was born 3 June 1926, Newark, New Jersey, of Louis Ginsberg, a poet and teacher, and Naomi, a radical Communist who went tragically insane in her early life.
Ginsberg was a fully fledged member of the Beat Generation.
Ginsberg never moved away from his humble apartment in the streets of New York City's Lower East Side, and was often seen at local readings and multi-cultural gatherings, either on stage or part of the crowd.
www.heureka.clara.net /art/ginsberg.htm   (894 words)

 NPR : Revisiting Allen Ginsberg's 'Howl' at 50
Ginsberg, seen here in 1973, read "Howl" in public for the first time at the Six Gallery in San Francisco.
Ginsberg, who had studied at Columbia University, sent a poem called "Dream Record, 1955" to poet and essayist Kenneth Rexroth.
Allen Ginsberg died in 1997 at the age of 70.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=5419033   (416 words)

 PAL: Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997)
Ginsberg was a satirist, a humorist, and an idealist; he cared passionately for these United States.
Like the sweeping vision, lyricism, and embrace of his chief inspiration, Walt Whitman, Ginsberg attacked the formalism of the post WWII conventions to create works which gave voice to the disenfranchised, the ostracized, and the suppressed.
Allen Ginsberg's use of long lines was a deliberate experiment for him, the "long clanky statement" that permits "not the way you would say it, a thought, but the way you would think it-i.e., we think rapidly in visual images as well as words, and if each successive thought were transcribed in its confusion.
web.csustan.edu /english/reuben/pal/chap10/ginsberg.html   (384 words)

 Online NewsHour: Allen Ginsberg - In Memorian -- April 7, 1997
Allen Ginsberg -- leader of the Beat movement, poet, anti-war activist, award winning author and buddhist -- passed away this weekend at the age of 70.
ELIZABETH FARNSWORTH: Those are the opening lines of Allen Ginsberg's 1956 poem "Howl," a work of anger, politics, irony, humor, and passion that shocked people at the time but also served as a kind of warning bell that something new--a "counterculture"--was being born.
Ginsberg had joined with Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, and others in New York in the ‘40's to form the nucleus of a group that later became known as the Beatniks.
www.pbs.org /newshour/bb/entertainment/april97/ginsberg_4-7.html   (587 words)

 Allen Ginsberg
Ginsberg's poem HOWL (1956) is considered to be one of the most significant products of that movement.
Naomi Ginsberg died in an asylum in 1956.
Ginsberg died in 1997 of liver cancer at the age of 70.
www.kirjasto.sci.fi /ginsberg.htm   (1463 words)

 Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997)
Ginsberg suffered from chronic hepatitis for years, which eventually led to cirrhosis of the liver.
Ginsberg became America's most popular and recognizable poet, his balding, bearded visage one of the enduring images of the 1950s beatnik explosion of Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs and Neal Cassady.
Irwin Allen Ginsberg was born June 3, 1926, in Newark, N.J., the second son of poet Louis Ginsberg and his wife, Naomi.
wings.buffalo.edu /epc/documents/obits/ginsberg.html   (4802 words)

 Poets.org - Poetry, Poems, Bios & More - Allen Ginsberg   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The son of Louis and Naomi Ginsberg, two Jewish members of the New York literary counter-culture of the 1920s, Ginsberg was raised among several progressive political perspectives.
The group led Ginsberg to a "New Vision," which he defined in his journal: "Since art is merely and ultimately self-expressive, we conclude that the fullest art, the most individual, uninfluenced, unrepressed, uninhibited expression of art is true expression and the true art."
While Ginsberg claimed that no drugs were involved, he later stated that he used various drugs in an attempt to recapture the feelings inspired by the vision.
www.poets.org /poet.php/prmPID/8   (797 words)

 Allen Ginsberg - bio and links
Ginsberg entered a 'straight' phase: he renounced Burroughs, immersed himself in psychoanalytic treatment, and even began dating a woman named Helen Parker.
Ginsberg, Burroughs, Jean Genet and Terry Southern were key figures at the Chicago Democratic Convention anti-war protests in 1968.
Ginsberg carried on an active social schedule until his death in April 1997.
www.beatmuseum.org /ginsberg/allenginsberg.html   (1639 words)

 Matthew L. Ginsberg   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Ginsberg's continuing interest in artificial intelligence brought him to Stanford in late 1983, where he remained for nine years before founding CIRL, which he directed until July, 1996.
He is the author of numerous publications in these areas, the editor of "Readings in Nonmonotonic Reasoning", and the author of "Essentials of Artificial Intelligence", both published by Morgan Kaufmann.
Ginsberg is also the author of GIB, the world's first expert-level bridge-playing program.
www.cirl.uoregon.edu /ginsberg/index.html   (314 words)

 Books by Allen Ginsberg
Ginsberg was a tenacious man who was driven by ambition and curiosity; he was plagued by self-doubt and always longed for acceptance and recognition.
This annotated version of Ginsberg's classic is the poet's own re-creation of the revolutionary work's composition process-as well as a treasure trove of anecdotes, an intimate look at the poet's writing techniques, and a veritable social history of the 1950s.
Ginsberg's journals--so candid he insisted they be published only after his death--also document his relationships with such notable figures of Beat lore as Carl Solomon, Lucien Carr, and Herbert Huncke.
www.citylights.com /beat/CLag.html   (1214 words)

 For Allen Ginsberg
Allen Ginsberg was, and is, a shining light that illuminates the world with a relentless spirit of truth and love.
after twenty minutes, the firecrackers had stopped, and ginsberg and the kid were sitting on the stoop next to the peace eye, still singing, with a smiling audiencethirty puerto ricans and poets passing around beer.
Ginsberg suffered for many years from hepatitis C, which led to cirrhosis of the liver that was diagnosed in 1988.
www.beatmuseum.org /ginsberg/GinsbergTribute.html   (4768 words)

 Howl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ginsberg was inspired to write Part II during a period of peyote-induced visionary consciousness in which he saw a hotel façade as a monstrous and horrible visage which he identified with that of Moloch.
Ginsberg intends that the characters he portrays in Part I be understood to have been sacrificed to this idol.
Though "Howl" may seem formless, and this is perhaps a purposeful effect of the style, Ginsberg claimed it was written in a concept of measure adapted from Williams' idea of breath, the measure of lines in a poem being based on the breath in reading.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Howl   (3398 words)

 Allen Ginsberg - Holy Soul Jelly Roll: Poems and Songs 1949-1993
The fact is Allen Ginsberg is an outspoken dissident who helped shape our consciousness in the 1960s, whose "Howl" and "Kaddish" embody both the outspoken and tender sides of the Ginsberg persona.
Ginsberg is both tragic and dynamic, a lyrical genius, con man extraordinaire, and probably the single greatest influence on American poetical voice since Whitman.
On two occasions, we ventured to the Ginsberg Deposit at Columbia University, where a treasure trove of memorabilia is stored, including a tape of Jack Kerouac whistling "A Foggy Day In London Town" and, in a plastic baggie, Allen's beard, which was shaved off in the early '70s.
www.glasspages.org /holysoul.html   (9916 words)

 South Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers, Camden, Cherry Hill, Moorestown, Voorhees NJ Attorneys
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