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In the News (Sat 15 Jun 19)

  Article: The Burka Band
If people in Afghanistan knew who the members of the Burka Band were, we could be attacked or killed because there are still a lot of religious fanatics here, says Nargiz, who hasn't told any of her friends that she has played in the Burka Band.
The band members have to wait for a European or American record label to help them if they are to make a whole album one day.
On the screen the first and only Afghan girl band plays on with their headphones on the burka-covered heads and the drumsticks swinging.
www.lnd.dk /burkaband_eng.htm   (818 words)

 Snickersnee Press - A Girl Band of WWII - Snickersnee Press   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The band was everywhere on the American map in the late war and the critical demobilization era.
The all women bands of the 1930s suffered the prejudice of the bad old days when women instrumentalists were considered a novelty, assumed to be third rate and marketed on their looks, attitudes that still apply to women brass players.
The tours were grueling and the skips between one-nighters sometimes unrealistic, especially those relying on their band's vehicles during tire rationing, gas rationing and state and county road conditions in the days before the construction of the interstate highways.
www.snickersneepress.bigstep.com /generic76.html   (2233 words)

 Freemuse: Afghanistan: Bittersweet success of secret girl band
However, the success of the first Afghan girl band is bittersweet because it remains too dangerous for the musicians and composers to reveal their real identities.
The three women were then joined to form the burka-clad girl band – well aware that Afghan women aren't supposed to play music or sing songs.
The lead singer of the Burka Band has moved to Pakistan because she can't live as a singer in Afghanistan, and the guitarist has a regular job.
www.freemuse.org /sw10902.asp   (1152 words)

During the "Riot Girl Summer" of 1991 Bratmobile along with Bikini Kill and Heavens To Betsy became something of overnight media sensations with everyone in the mainstream press trying to figure out what these girls were so angry about.
Molly pursued her band The PeeChees, and continued to record with her project The Frumpies.
In late 1998, the three former band mates decided it was time to try playing together again and see how it felt.
www.girlband.org /artists/bratmobile   (494 words)

 'Barbie Girl' Band Reportedly Will Disband
In 1997, the band soared up charts with its kitschy "Barbie Girl'' hit, sparking an unsuccessful legal action against its U.S. record company MCA Records by the doll's maker Mattel.
Mattel said the use of the name Barbie was unauthorized, while the lyrics were sexually suggestive and did not conform with the doll's image.
Long criticized for flagging inspiration, the band was having difficulty with production of a new album when it decided to cease activities.
www.dealmemo.com /Music/Barbie_Girl.htm   (196 words)

 Twelve Girls Band
The Twelve Girls Band takes 1500 years of Chinese musical tradition and weaves it into a rich tapestry of jazz, pop and classical, creating something no less powerful or significant than their auspicious number.
Already a sensation in Asia, the Twelve Girls Band now bring their unique and stunningly beautiful compositions to the West, where they will no doubt enchant and move audiences like no other music yet experienced.
The band cooperated with a Japanese company to debut their first album on July 24, 2003, which had already sold 1.8 million copies, winning a great honor for China’s national music.
www.12girls-band.com   (733 words)

 About Sunny Girl
Sunny Girl stayed with her teacher until he moved to Florida in '99 – she hasn't studied harmonica since.
Sunny Girl is currently playing alto saxophone in her school band, and just received a scholarship for voice and piano at the prestigious Marygrove College of Fine Arts, in Detroit Michigan.
But most of all, Sunny Girl LOVES playing in the "Sunny Girl Band", and singing in the church choir with her little 'sis' Rockyn' Robyn.
www.sunnygirl.us /about.html   (949 words)

 Brown Eyed Girl's Band links
Photos of the Jim Weider Band II at the Joyous Lake in Woodstock.
The Band - loads of material, including discography, sound samples and a long bio (in which Robbie changes name to Brian...).
Wooton 1969, Dyland and The Band, Isle of Wight.
theband.hiof.no /brown_eyed_girls_links.html   (4819 words)

 Girl Thing - Re-uniting the fans in 2006: Hear'Say Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Girl Thing say they're "disappointed" their new single Pure And Simple has been poached by the Popstars band.
The girl group were set to release the track this spring.
Girl Thing got to number eight in the UK with their single Last One Standing.
www.girlthing.uk.com /cat_hearsay.html   (747 words)

 Girl Trouble Members   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Denise is an original band member since Gene Pool's inception, and she also sings with the band Kicks.
Joe is an original band member since Gene Pool's inception, and he also plays with Mother Funk and Da Groove.
Marlon is an original band member since Gene Pool's inception, and you'll also find him in back of Mother Funk.
www.girltroubleband.com /bio.html   (388 words)

 Girl Thing - Re-uniting the fans in 2006   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Girl Thing continue to deliver their own brand of pop to Australia with the release of their new single 'Young, Free and Happy'.
Girl Thing have changed my life since the day I met them, and I have never been able to let their 'spirit' lie.
Five young stars were seeking to become the biggest band of the new millennium, but left a legacy of one great album and a huge financial loss for a record company.
www.girlthing.uk.com   (4899 words)

 CD Baby: TERAMI HIRSCH: all girl band - from collectedsounds
All Girl Band is one of those unique, spontaneous albums whose charm lies in its brutal confessional appeal.
All girl band, is one simple, yet subtle album that plays on this formula.
One might be compelled to compare "all girl band" with some of Tori Amos' earliest work, but this one has more inventivenes, intemacy, and uniqueness then you'll find in those big label releases.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/hirsch/from/collectedsounds   (1088 words)

 CD Baby: THE LITTLE WOMEN BAND: American Girl
Her writing for the band has earned her accolades and numerous invitations to showcase in songwriter circles around New York City.
She has single-handedly penned a body of quality work for the band that is dozens of songs deep and keeps their live shows fresh with the new and unexpected.
For the past five years, the girls have concentrated much of their efforts on appearing regularly at elementary and junior high schools in order to build a solid fan base of young people who will grow with their music, and to fulfill their goal to serve as a positive role model for their generation.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/littlewomenband   (519 words)

 Bring back pop girl band 'Girlthing'! Petition
They released 'Last One Standing' and 'Girls On Top' in the UK, and were shortly dropped by their record company afterwards.
The band recorded the song 'Pure and Simple' (Hear'says no1 hit) but Girlthing's rights to the song were stolen from them and given to Hear'say.
These girls had talent, I believe it's time for us all to witness a come back of those wonderful girls that make up the talent of 'Girlthing'.
www.petitiononline.com /jupepea/petition.html   (193 words)

 Sunny Girl - Official Web Site
Sunny Girl performed with Sir Mac and Detroit's own "Little Sonny", as they 'electrified the crowd', who were all dancing and singing along with "Mustang Sally"!
When Buddy saw Sunny Girl sitting in the third row, he acknowledged her, and she bolted over the fence, and jumped up on the main "New Center Stage" in front of a thousand plus fans!
Sunny Girl's debut CD is a mixture of Blues, R and B, Funk, and Country.
www.sunnygirl.us   (372 words)

 Gulfnews: Seeking a girl band
The name Danity Kane might not be particularly familiar to UAE record buyers, but the girl band have already had a number one hit album in their native United States — and now are gunning for success overseas.
The girls must have breathed a big sigh of relief at finally achieving success, as they had endured a gruelling and nerve-wracking selection process run by rapper Sean “P Diddy” Combs.
Before the band line-up was finalised, the girls — and their rivals for places in the group — had to perform in front of tens of thousands of fans at a Backstreet Boys concert.
archive.gulfnews.com /articles/06/12/17/10090428.html   (324 words)

 USATODAY.com - Beyonce needs girl band for upcoming tour   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Finalists from local auditions must be available to travel to New York to audition for Knowles later in the week and to begin working on the road by June 20, the record label said.
Aspiring band members must be 18 or older and must be prepared to play Knowles' Work It Out, as performed on the Beyonce: Live at Wembley DVD.
Grammy-winning R and B artist Beyonce Knowles is searching for an all-female band to tour in support of her second solo album, B'Day.
www.usatoday.com /life/music/news/2006-06-08-knowles-band_x.htm   (264 words)

 Amazon.com: Ivy Benson and Her All Girl Band: Music: Ivy Benson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The rise of "all-girl" bands in WWII-era America is pretty well documented, with the International Sweethearts of Rhythm being the iconic band of the genre.
Bandleader Ivy Benson was one of the most successful female musicians of her time, leading a pretty solid band right up through the 1960s, well after the big band era had collapsed back in the States.
These recordings, from 1943-49 singles and radio broadcasts, are not the most dazzling or top-flight dance band material, but they are charming and nostalgic, and capture a nice slice of sweet band history, which would otherwise have slid from memory long, long ago.
www.amazon.com /Ivy-Benson-Her-Girl-Band/dp/B0000509HV   (536 words)

 purevolume™ | That Girl Band
A unique band with a unique sound from Norfolk, Virginia.
That Girl Band hasn't posted a blog yet.
That Girl Band hasn't posted any shows yet.
www.purevolume.com /thatgirlband   (58 words)

 Shimmer 57 the band feel the music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
If you go to a show you can sing on stage to the single Super girl and be a part of the Rock experience with shimmer 57.
Better yet if you want to be a model for Shimmer girl clothing send in an email.
This I.E. Band will take off Strait out of Southern California or as we say So Cal, So put down your Good Charlotte, Finch Sublime and whatever punk or pop you have in your cd player and pick up the new album "Shimmer" with the hit single Super girl and Rock out to Shimmer 57.
www.shimmer57.com   (171 words)

 SoundClick artist: JiSSM - JiSSM are an All Girl band, with Sexy, Powerful Songs. We call it Spunk Rock !!!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The girls plan to begin gigging at some point, although at the moment are simply writing and recording new material, (not to mention partying).
Melanie was also working with Shelley playing bass and writing songs for their other band "Pretty In Pink", a feminist punk band (which Mel has since left).
The girls eventually formed JiSSM when they found Stef, who was taken into the fold to be the girls' drummer and general slave.
www.soundclick.com /jissm   (494 words)

 WOW Report: Unlikely Girl Band Special
Pictured above are two new girl bands, both currently splashed across very different sides of the British press.
There are many bands on the air today who would not have been allowed on the radio 20 years ago.
I think it's funny how BUST thinks their readers are so stupid that they have to tell them that my girls are "revolting." Apparently they don't trust their subscribers to know they are supposed to hate my kids for their beliefs -- so they tell them outright.
worldofwonder.net /archives/2005/Nov/10/unlikely_girl_band_special.wow   (558 words)

 That Girl Band - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Download.com Music
The girls, and the one guy drummer (go figure), currently perform anywhere between four to twelve shows a month, all over the place with their rock to rap, hip-hop to pop style.
On January 11, 2003, That Girl Band headlined their first big show at The NorVA, which is primarily known for booking big acts.
They sold over 700 tickets, now making them the biggest "local" act to have ever played at that venue and were invited back to perform anytime.
music.download.com /thatgirlband/3600-8689_32-100250778.html   (203 words)

 Beyonce Knowles Wants Girl Band For Tour - The Deadbolt
Beyonce Knowles, the one time Destiny's Child singer, needs a new girl band for her upcoming tour.
The only problem is that the tour is slated to start June 20th.
reports that, in an effort to find the back-up band, "Auditions will be held Monday in Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, Houston, Texas, Burbank, California, and Weehawken, New Jersey." CNN also reports Beyonce Knowles has a lot of holes to fill.
www.thedeadbolt.com /news/111200/beyonceneedsgirlband.php   (399 words)

 About Girl Player   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
I'm the vocalist and guitarist for an all girl band called Slink.
When there are tons of bands listed, you'd better make yourself sound really interesting (if you even get to put in a description of your band), or people may not check you out.
Girl Player staff includes Melina, my Chihuahua, who's usually sitting on my lap when I'm working on my computer, the anonymous hard rock girl player and hip girl player writers, and some outside reviewers.
www.girlplayer.com /aboutgirlplayer.html   (313 words)

They also play for corporate party events and in the show rooms at The Venetian, The Hondah, The Orleans, Buffalo Bills, Prima Donna, Nevada Landing, Avi, The Riveria and the Trump Plaza.
They are the perfect party band, delivering tons of memory rattling oldies that help cross the generation gap, so that listeners and dancers of all age groups are entertained.
and host of other hit acts, proving that as a party band, they can deliver.
thecaliforniagirls.com   (104 words)

 Too Many Shoes - All Girl Rock Band
The band covers hit songs from the 60's right on through to todays current hits.
Too Many Shoes, an energetic group of talented musicians, has opened for Lynyrd Skynyrd at a 1996 appearance in Savannah, performed at many festivals, local nightclubs, private parties and produced a CD of their originals First Pair.
On the following pages you can meet the band, hear clips of original songs, and find out where they are playing next.
www.toomanyshoesrock.com   (125 words)

 Punklist All Girl Bands and Groups
CATSPAW - All female rock n roll/rockabilly band from New York City.
the Varve: Memories of a Girl Group with the Right Boots - The story of the Varve from Boulder to San Francisco.
Doubble The Troubble - This is a all girl punk rock band...
www.punklist.com /Bands_and_Groups/All_Girl/index.shtml   (171 words)

 Recent Updates of The Band WWW pages
Someone is trying to arrange a get-together for the internet Band community in Woodstock in 2007.
Our boys were at #50 (50?!), the comments on The Band were written by the lovely Lucinda Williams.
A TV film with The Band doing "Slippin' and Slidin'" live at the Paris Olympia on May 25, 1971, is available from the ina.fr TV and radio archive site.
theband.hiof.no /updates.html   (798 words)

 GIRL - Dallas Texas Band
GIRL is the power-pop punk rock band from Dallas, Texas featuring some of the region's most celebrated musicians.
GIRL - Listen to GIRL and Psalm 69
Liquid Velvet was Judy's all girl band in the 1990's
www.girlthefans.net /blog   (309 words)

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