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Topic: Glacier

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  Glacier National Park (U.S. National Park Service)
Glacier National Park is experimenting with new ways to bring the park experience to visitors.
Glacier's award winning eHikes provide yet another means for virtual visitors to see, hear, and experience parts of the park they may never see in person, or to relive memorable experiences again and again.
Glacier is a natural laboratory and students and scientists use its resources to learn more about the world we live in.
www.nps.gov /glac   (0 words)

  Glacier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Outlet glaciers are formed by the movement of ice from a polar ice cap, or an ice cap from mountainous regions, to the sea.
Glacial ice's distinctive blue tint, though often mistakenly attributed to Rayleigh scattering, is instead simply due to the fact that water itself is blue (owing to an overtone of an OH stretch which absorbs in the far red region of the visible spectrum).
Glacial erratics are rounded boulders that were left by a melting glacier and are often seen perched precariously on exposed rock faces after glacial retreat.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Glacier   (4556 words)

 glacier. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Piedmont glaciers, which occur only in high latitudes, are formed by the spreading of valley glaciers where they emerge from their valleys or by the confluence of several valley glaciers.
Glaciers are always in movement, but the extent of the apparent movement depends on the rate of advance and the rate of melting.
Important elements in glacial movement are melting under pressure followed by refreezing, which may push the mass in the direction of least resistance; sliding or shearing of layers of ice one on top of the other; and rearrangement of the granules when pressure causes melting.
www.bartleby.com /65/gl/glacier.html   (746 words)

 Ray Lloyd - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Glacier had very memorable ring entrances in WCW, which included blue laser lights streaming across the arena, snow falling from the ceiling and dramatic theme music; according to Lloyd in a July 2000 interview, production costs for his entrance amounted to half a million dollars, while his costume cost $35,000.
On June 29, 1998, Glacier suffered a knee injury at the hands of Goldberg during a match on WCW Monday Nitro and was out for several months.
The irony of this was, of course, that Glacier had received a push one-and-a-half years earlier at these two men's expenses; now Kanyon and Wrath were being mildly pushed at his expense.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ray_Lloyd   (864 words)

 Glacier - MSN Encarta
Glaciers form where the temperature is low enough to allow falling snow to accumulate and slowly transform into ice.
Glaciers are an intriguing part of Earth’s natural environment and their majestic beauty in wild and inaccessible mountain settings is unparalleled.
Glaciers occur in many different forms and locations, from the big ice sheet that covers the entire continent of Antarctica to the small valley glaciers that are present in many parts of the world.
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/RefArticle.aspx?refid=761574629   (789 words)

 Glacier Glossary
On snowfields and glaciers, if the relative humidity (moisture content) of a packet of air is high enough that the air reaches the dew point as it cools in contact with the snow or ice, condensation occurs, releasing nearly 600 calories/gram of latent heat.
Proglacial lakes form the angle of the land and the angle of the glacier are opposite or in the superglacial/englacial environment.
In glaciers, if the relative humidity of a packet of air is high enough that the air reaches the dew point as it cools in contact with the snow or ice, condensation occurs, releasing +AH4- 680 calories/gram of latent heat.
ebeltz.net /glacier/glacglos.html   (6055 words)

Glacier Bay is a collection of fjords and inlets, home to 16 active tidewater glaciers, all five species of Pacific Salmon and 25 percent of the total number of bird species in all North America.
Hubbard Glacier is the longest tidewater glacier in Alaska extending 76 miles from its source on Mt. Logan in the Yukon.
The smaller Turner Glacier adjacent to Hubbard is overshadowed by its neighbour.
www.susanmilne.com /glacier/glacier.htm   (1253 words)

 Glacier Retreat in the Pacific Northwest North Cascades National Park
This rapid glacier retreat is evident in the reduced stream flow and increased runoff in the area.
The increases in temperature is causing the retreat of the glaciers to increase at a rate that is effecting the streamflow and runoff in the area.
A glacier that illustrates the glacier retreat is the Lynch Glacier below which initially fills the lake basin in 1978, then retreats to the margin of the lake in 1985 and then retreats upslope from the lake by 1994.
www.nichols.edu /departments/Glacier/Bill.htm   (580 words)

 Dissecting a Glacier
The topmost portion of the Glacier, at its coldest portions, is known as the zone of accumulation.
Glaciers can be divided into 2 general types, Alpine or Mountain Glaciers, those Glaciers which originate on a mountain or in a mountain range, and the Continental Glaciers, the large masses of Glacial ice in Greenland and Antarctica.
A Cirque Glacier is a glacier in a depression, usually at the head of valleys.
members.aol.com /scipioiv/glacierparts.html   (929 words)

 Monitoring and Assessing Glacier Changes and Their Associated Hydrologic and Ecologic Effects in Glacier National Park
This warming is ongoing and the loss of the Park’s glaciers continues, with the park’s glaciers predicted to disappear by 2030.
In part this is because studies of glaciers in Glacier NP to date have focused on changes in the area of individual glaciers and the extent of glaciers in the park.
The height of the glacier surface is measured twice yearly, at the accumulation and ablation peaks (late spring and late summer).
www.nrmsc.usgs.gov /research/glaciers.htm   (1122 words)

 Glossary - Terms Glacier Types
A glacier formed below the terminus of a hanging glacier by the accumulation, and reconstitution by pressure melting (regelation), of ice blocks that have fallen and/or avalanched from the terminus of the hanging glacier.
A glacier with a or temperature-regime in which liquid water coexists with frozen water (glacier ice) during part or even all of the year.
A glacier with a terminus that ends in a body of water influenced by tides, such as the ocean or a large lake.
pubs.usgs.gov /of/2004/1216/glaciertypes/glaciertypes.html   (1013 words)

 Glaciers and Icefields
Ice flows down the valleys and slopes of the mountains to the lower elevations, and glaciers are born.
As glaciers carve U-shaped valleys, rocks plucked from the bedrock and frozen in the ice etch grooves and striations in the bedrock.
Glacial recession unmasks trimlines, slightly sloping changes in vegetation or weathered bedrock on the valley walls that indicate a glacier's height at its glacial maximum.
www.fs.fed.us /r10/tongass/forest_facts/resources/geology/icefields.htm   (1923 words)

 VIRTUAL TOUR OF TIERRA DEL FUEGO ~ WELCOME! ~ Charters, sailing adventures in Tierra Del Fuego and Cape Horn, Antarctic ...
While glaciers are of relatively minor importance today, evidence exists that the Earth's climate has undergone fluctuations in the past, and that the amount of the Earth's surface covered by glaciers has been much larger in the past than in the present.
A glacier is a permanent (on a human time scale, because nothing on the Earth is really permanent) body of ice, consisting largely of recrystallized snow, that shows evidence of downslope or outward movement due to the pull of gravity.
Glaciation: is the modification of the land surface by the action of glaciers.
www.victory-cruises.com /glaciers.html   (7649 words)

 Glacier Bay National Park: Glaciers   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Margerie Glacier is an excellent example of a tide-water glacier -- that is, a glacier that extends into a body of water.
Glaciers carry rocky debris mixed in with the ice.
This is because the ice in the glacier absorbs shorter red and green wavelengths.
www.lcss.net /glacierbay/Glacier_Bay_glaciers.htm   (385 words)

 Hubbard Glacier Photos
Although the glacier face shows little forward movement, the moraine appears to be thickening as more material is pushed into it by the glacier.
Glacier and land continue to form a narrow channel between Russell Fiord/Lake (background) and Disenchantment Bay (foreground).
The shaking from the advancing glacier settles the fine material to the bottom and brings the rocks (white specks in the picture) to the top of the pile.
www.fs.fed.us /r10/tongass/forest_facts/photogallery/hubbard_photos.html   (1284 words)

 Alaska's Portage Glacier
Burns Glacier, a hanging glacier, is visible in the middle distance; Portage Glacier is hidden behind the outcropping to the right of Burns Glacier.
Glaciers that reach the sea are called tidewater glaciers and glaciers that end in lakes are also called -- yes, freshwater glaciers.
To see the glacier though, it's necessary to drive further along the lake to a sightseeing boat dock and buy a ticket for a cruise through the lake that takes visitors close to the glacier face.
www.alaska.net /~design/scenes/portage/portage.html   (286 words)

 ScienceDaily: Alaska's Columbia Glacier Continues On Disintegration Course
The tidewater glacier -- which has its terminus, or end, in the waters of the Prince William Sound -- is expected to retreat an additional 9 miles in the next 15 years to 20 years before reaching an equilibrium point in shallow water near sea level, he said.
The Columbia Glacier is now the single largest glacial contributor to sea level in North America, producing about 10 percent of the water volume entering the sea from all Alaskan glaciers each year, said Pfeffer.
The glacier's retreat appears to be due to a combination of complex physical processes, he said.
www.sciencedaily.com /releases/2005/12/051210120437.htm   (1130 words)

 TIME Europe :: European Journey 2005 :: Aletsch Glacier
The shrinkage was apparent as we trekked down from the Eggishorn to Märjelensee, a glacial lake in a valley on the left bank of the glacier.
The glacier's fate determines all else in the valley.
As the glacier swelled, it mowed down trees and smothered alpine grazing ranges that had been in use for centuries; the valley below would be inundated by flash floods when the waters of the Märjelensee suddenly drained through a crevice.
www.time.com /time/europe/wonder/glacier.html   (2282 words)

 Glacier National Park Information Page
Glacier National Park was established to protect the area's spectacular scenic values, as characterized by the geologic features of the Rocky Mountains and valleys and the native plant and animal life.
Glacier National Park is a land of high-mountain adventure, a land that sets the senses soaring and the spirits winging.
Glaciers carved the Upper Waterton Valley, which lies in both nations; the native plants and animals are similar; and the massive Rocky Mountains span the two countries.
www.glacier.national-park.com /info.htm   (3475 words)

 The Living Edens "Patagonia"--Teacher Resources: Glacier Maker
There are several types of glaciers such as the Outlet valley glacier, a Cirque glacier, and Alpine valley glacier and a Piedmont glacier.
Glaciers that are found in valleys and flow down old or current river valleys and move via gravity are called Outlet valley glaciers.
Have students hold the frozen glacier material and reflect on unusual density of the glacier and record in student science journals.
www.pbs.org /edens/patagonia/tglacier.htm   (533 words)

 glacier - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Glacier, an enduring accumulation of ice, snow, water, rock, and sediment that moves under the influence of gravity.
Most geologists believe that fjords were formed when glaciers carved deep grooves in the coastline.
ice floe, iceberg, ice field, icecap, ice sheet, glacier
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/search.aspx?q=glacier   (129 words)

 Glacier National Park Information Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park covers 1.2 million acres of mountain ranges, deep valleys, and lakes formed by sixty glaciers that remain in the area.
Glaciers, (rivers of ice) sculpted these pristine mountains, and while the remaining glaciers are smaller in size, geologically they still do the same work as the original giants that formed this magnificent park.
Glacier National joins Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta Canada and is the third largest national park in the lower forty-eight states.
www.glacierparkinformation.com   (0 words)

 Alaska Glaciers: Columbia, Portage, Matanuska and others
Icefields and an estimated 100,000 glaciers cover 5 percent of Alaska's surface and they are easily viewed by visitors to Juneau, Valdez, Whittier, Seward, Anchorage or the Matanuska Valley.
Its tidewater glaciers can be viewed from tour boats that depart from Seward's small boat harbor.The face of an inland glacier, Exit Glacier, can be approached on trails from a parking lot at the end of Exit Glacier Road, which intersects the Seward Highway just north of Seward.
One of the glaciers in Glacier Bay National Park receded 65 miles between 1794 and 1916.
www.alaskascenes.com /alaskaglaciers.html   (714 words)

 Glacier National Park and Waterton National Park | GORP
Glacier also is home to wolves, mountain lions, and mountain goats.
Going-to-the-Sun Road is the marquee drive in Glacier and perhaps the most scenic stretch of tarmac in all of North America.
Glacier National Park boasts some of the most remote backcountry hiking in the Lower 48 and nearly 700 miles of maintained trails.
gorp.away.com /gorp/resource/us_national_park/mt_glaci.htm   (731 words)

 Monster Rabbits Found in Glacier National Park
Check out this new big story about really big monster rabbits in Glacier Park.
I guess the largest one to be 50 pounds or better.
A farmer has a bunch of these "Monster Rabbits" running around his homestead up in Glacier National Park.
www.mybunnyfarm.com /monsterrabbits   (430 words)

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