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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  Filmtracks: Gladiator (Hans Zimmer/Lisa Gerrard)
Gladiator: (Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard, and Klaus Badelt) The sounds of the projects of Hans Zimmer have been becoming increasingly difficult to predict in the past few years.
The last three tracks on the Gladiator album are a gem of a suite, and interestingly, the only hint of Hans Zimmer in that suite is the bar of thematic material kindly lifted from his own Backdraft score.
Gladiator: (Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard) Hans Zimmer's collaboration with Lisa Gerrard is notable for the expansion of the texture of the music which, in Zimmer's case, is normally considerably more simplified.
www.filmtracks.com /titles/gladiator.html   (2753 words)

  Gladiator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gladiators (Latin gladiatōrēs, 'swordsmen', from gladius 'sword') were professional fighters in ancient Rome who fought against each other, wild animals, and condemned criminals, sometimes to the death, for the entertainment of spectators.
Further, since the victorious gladiator would often finish off the loser with a quick, lethal sword blow to the neck, it may be that the thumbs of the crowd would be turned to jab at their own necks, imitating this blow.
Gladiators who managed to win their freedom - often by request of the audience or sponsor - were given a rudis, a symbolic wooden sword, as a memento.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gladiator   (2266 words)

 Gladiator (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Actor Oliver Reed died in Malta during the filming of Gladiator; as a result, a body double and digitally altered outtake footage of the actor were used in his absence, at an estimated cost of $3 million.
While Commodus was the only Roman Emperor to fight as a gladiator (discounting reports of Caligula having done the same, as there is no record outside of Suetonius that he ever did so), he was killed by a gladiator, but not in the arena, as the film suggests.
Gladiator was nominated in 36 individual ceremonies, including the 73rd Academy Awards, the BAFTA Awards and the Golden Globe Awards.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gladiator_(2000_movie)   (1509 words)

 Gladiator (2000)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In Gladiator we can also the beautiful and popular Maltese TV Star and actress Ruth Frendo, who although has a small part, she is totally brilliant and outstanding.
The modern camera technique contrasts sharply to the brutality of the gladiators actions and blood shed during the movie; and I love the light contrasts thanks to the lenses which most definitely have been used to create a surreal feel to the entire movie.
"Gladiator" deserves all the awards and great reviews it has received, and for those of you who still haven't gone and watched it – I can assure you that it will be well worth your time and money.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0172495   (591 words)

 Jeep® Gladiator - Overview   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Gladiator is a lifestyle pickup with all of the rugged functionality of the famed Jeep Wrangler.
Gladiator is powered by the modern and efficient 2.8-liter, 4-cylinder common-rail turbo diesel engine that provides 295 lb-ft of torque and 163 hp.
On the interior, Gladiator is thoroughly contemporary with a utility theme.
www.jeep.com /autoshow/news   (558 words)

Russell Crowe's performance in Gladiator is in the shadow of the one by Joaquin Phoenix (Commodus) which shows the sexual ambiguity of his character as well as his moral weaknesses - although, he too, has to pay tribute to some weak lines.
Gladiator is impressive for its battle scenes shown in all their cruelty - and therefore largely attracts (at least at the cinema where I was) an audience keen on primal sensations.
German Ralf Moeller (Hagen, one of the gladiators) is a former Mr.
www.cosmopolis.ch /english/cosmo7/gladiator.htm   (1336 words)

Gladiators (from Latin gladiatores) were both professional and amateur fighters in ancient Rome who fought for the entertainment of its "civilized" spectators.
Gladiators were trained in special schools called ludi which could be found as commonly as ampitheatres throughout the empire.
Gladiators were expensive to maintain, train and replace in the event of death, and keeping the most popular of crowd pleasers alive was far more practical than the alternative.
www.unrv.com /culture/gladiator.php   (1538 words)

The exception is for a rush or retire move, where the gladiator can move one hex, if the hex he is supposed to move into (2 hexes away) is blocked.
The gladiator is reduced to a shambling, bloody relic of his former self.
In a turn that a gladiator has received a cut or wound there is a chance that he will fall to ground.
www.gladiator.clara.net /rules.htm   (2634 words)

 Gladiator   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Maximus, the gladiator, prays at a pagan shrine to a nameless god that is glossed with Christianity when he refers to it as "Blessed Father".
Gladiator's mythic vision of the past is dark and troubled, its relayed heroic gestures shadowed with fury and despair.
Both as a general and as a gladiator, he is ruthless in his pursuit of victory.
www.nottingham.ac.uk /film/journal/filmrev/gladiator.htm   (1827 words)

 Gladiator DVD review on AudioRevolution.com
Gladiators dressed as minotaurs slam spiked balls into the heads of their opponents.
The story of 'Gladiator' extends from just prior to the death of the great emperor Marcus Aurelius to the death of his son and successor, the dissolute tyrant Commodus.
'Gladiator' was the biggest big-scale movie surprise of the year 2000: the first ancient epic in more than 30 years, a surprisingly thoughtful action movie that featured excellent performances.
www.avrev.com /dvd/revs/gladiator.shtml   (1457 words)

 AboutFilm.Com - Gladiator (2000)
Gladiator tells the story of Maximus (Russell Crowe), a Roman general whose leadership and dedication have helped expand the Roman Empire to Germany, where we meet him as he prepares to battle the barbarians.
Gladiator is full of attention to detail in many ways, but rarely takes the opportunity to provide the sorts of small moments that bring characters (even iconic ones) and ideals to full-blooded life.
I hate to think that the failures of Gladiator might boil down to the fact that it is simply too dignified for its own good, but a case could be made for that point.
www.aboutfilm.com /movies/g/gladiator.htm   (2130 words)

 Gladiator Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle
The Gladiator is designed primarily to support dismounted infantry during the performance of their mission across the spectrum of conflict and range of military operations.
The Gladiator TUGV is planned as a robust, compact, unmanned, tele-operated/semi-autonomous, multi-purpose ground RSTA vehicle system possessing a scouting and direct engagement capability.
The Gladiator must be supportable within the existing Department of the Navy three-level maintenance concept (organizational, intermediate, and depot) using common tools and general-purpose test equipment to the maximum extent possible.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/systems/ground/gladiator.htm   (1431 words)

 Review: Gladiator   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Gladiator is the kind of movie upon which Hollywood once built its reputation but rarely produces anymore: the spectacle.
Gladiator weds the heroic scope of movies like Ben-Hur, Spartacus, Braveheart, and Rob Roy with the serpentine political treachery of I, Claudius.
For New Zealand-born, Australian-bred actor Russell Crowe, Gladiator represents an opportunity to expand his reputation, which was heightened earlier this year by a Best Actor nomination for his portrayal of whistleblower Jeffrey Wigand in Michael Mann's The Insider.
movie-reviews.colossus.net /movies/g/gladiator.html   (1071 words)

 Gladiator Movie - Film, Weapons, Swords, Armor.
While not as fluid as the computer work done for, say, Titanic, it's an impressive achievement that will leave you marveling at the glory that was Rome, when you're not marveling at the glory that is Russell Crowe.
Starring as the heroic general Maximus, Crowe firmly cements his star status both in terms of screen presence and acting chops, carrying the film on his decidedly non-computer-generated shoulders as he goes from brave general to wounded fugitive to stoic slave to gladiator hero.
Gladiator's plot is a whirlwind of faux-Shakespearean machinations of death, betrayal, power plays, and secret identities (with lots of faux-Shakespearean dialogue ladled on to keep the proceedings appropriately "classical"), but it's all briskly shot, edited, and paced with a contemporary sensibility.
www.historicalweapons.com /gladiatormovie.html   (519 words)

 Gladiator robot looks to join Marine Corps - The Honolulu Advertiser - Hawaii's Newspaper
It's designed to be RoboMarine — technically the Gladiator Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle — and proponents say it would have come in handy in trouble spots ranging from Somalia, Kosovo and Bosnia to Afghanistan and Iraq.
The Camp Smith demonstration of the Gladiator was based on a scenario in which an angry mob of 600 activists in a desert city refuses to disperse.
The target cost for the Gladiator is $150,000, which Larry Hennebeck of the Unmanned Ground Vehicles Joint Project Office said is a big departure from million-dollar Army prototype attack systems.
the.honoluluadvertiser.com /article/2003/Jul/07/mn/mn01a.html   (775 words)

 Gladiator   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
I then realized that the degeneracy shown on screen—Emperor Commodus happily clapping his hands as a gladiator is decapitated, the crowd roaring its bloodlust—is too close to some forms of entertainment today, particularly professional wrestling.
The gladiators of Rome took on certain contrived personalities, and gladiatorial combat was intended to tell some sort of story, just like today’s equivalent of gladiatorial entertainment.
Gladiator serves as an object lesson as to what can happen to a society that proceeds down such a violent path.
www.pluggedinonline.com /movies/movies/a0000408.cfm   (1504 words)

 Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance for Xbox Review - Xbox Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance Review
Gladiator does have some shortcomings, as its simplistic and frequently flawed gameplay can prove to be problematic.
What Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance is essentially a simple hack-and-slash action game but with a great story, graphics, and sound.
Most of Gladiator's combat sequences pretty much consist of you mashing the two attack buttons until you've cleared the area of all your foes.
www.gamespot.com /xbox/action/igladiator/review.html   (991 words)

 [No title]
GLADIATOR by David Franzoni Revised by John Logan SECOND DRAFT October 22, 1998 "While stands the Colosseum, Rome shall stand.
Soon all the gladiators are pounding on their tables.
a gladiator is dragged between a chariot and the side wall of the arena...
www.hundland.com /scripts/Gladiator_SecondDraft.txt   (13827 words)

 Classic Science Fiction Reviews
The parallels are obvious: Both Hugo Danner and Clark Kent grow up in rural small-town America, possessing powers far beyond the common mortal; both are imbued, from an early age, with a profound sense of fairness and justice; and they hide their respective secrets from the world at large.
Gladiator is a brave novel that unflinchingly portrays people at their ugliest and pettiest, all the while reflecting on the better worlds that could be were it not for humanity's relentless failings.
Gladiator itself, though, is a powerful, visionary work—and it spawned an entire subgenre of fantastic fiction.
www.scifi.com /sfw/issue372/classic.html   (612 words)

 Jeep Gladiator concept car
The Gladiator looks like the shape of Wranglers to come, and rumor has it that's exactly what it is: a first try at getting the dimensions and shape of the next-generation Wrangler, due around 2006 (partly to meet new safety standards).
We've been told that the Gladiator retains the classic Jeep live axles, with a similar 4x4 system and length, but with more width for better stability and comfort (the Gladiator is ten inches wider, but we suspect the actual increase will be half that).
The Gladiator, like the Wrangler, was designed to be produced with either right or left hand drive; the spare is on the side rather than the gate or underneath to help keep a high departure angle for off-roading.
www.allpar.com /model/jeep/gladiator.html   (1213 words)

 [No title]
Proximo sits behind his 'desk' which is a slab of thick rose volcanic rock polished to a high luster, its corners supported by salvaged marble BUSTS painted in the original garish Greek style: faces pink, hair brown or blond, eyes white with brown or blue irises.
GLADIATOR AREA As Dala jabbers on, the PRISONERS are rushed up from the depths of the Colosseum.
GLADIATOR WAGON - LATE AFTERNOON Silence, all the gladiators focused on Narcissus who couches in the corner, face on his folded arms as if he were asleep.
www.hundland.com /scripts/Gladiator_FirstDraft.txt   (16641 words)

Gladiator officially kicks off the summer 2000 movie battle in an intense way.
Of course, the story takes its cues from historical events, but the large part of Gladiator is fiction, and does not pretend to be anything else.
Gladiator is a movie where the viewer can shut down his/her mind and let the sensory overload take over, all the way to the end of the film.
www.haro-online.com /movies/gladiator.html   (573 words)

 Gladiator   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Gladiator is a tribute to manhood and an action spectacle, bound together as one.
The performances are emotional and engaging, especially for Russell Crowe, who plays gladiator Tad Studwell in the film.
I predict Gladiator will be the biggest movie of the summer, based on the reaction of the audience I saw it with.
www.pointlesswasteoftime.com /film/gladiator.html   (324 words)

 Gladiator (2002) - A Hollywood Jesus Visual Film Review.
At one point, again, just like in Gladiator, the action slows down, the noise fades, and the music swells as the viewer is thrown back from observing the fighting in detail to feeling the sadness of the desperate scene.
Throughout Gladiator, Maximus is seen to bend down, pick up some of the soil and meditively fold it in his hands before fighting.
What separates Gladiator from being simply a movie about violence and revenge (in the same way that American Beauty is not just a movie about sex and midlife crisis) is that Maximus is being led by a commitment to something that is of greater substance than a desire to avenge the deaths of his family.
www.hollywoodjesus.com /gladiator.htm   (3517 words)

Maximus is now a broken man, captured by soldiers who make him a slave only to have the privilege of dying as a gladiator.
Juba (Djimon Hounsou) is also a gladiator with character traits similar to Maximus.
Gladiator will without doubt be a major movie for this spring with its fresh characters and scenery.
www.reelmoviecritic.com /2000/id97.htm   (719 words)

 Military machine: Defense robot developed at CMU makes its debut   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
But instead of sand, it was a tidy asphalt surface in Uniontown yesterday, where a military-green robot resembling a large all-terrain vehicle climbed and tumbled over makeshift stacks of wood planks and piles of stone-filled dirt, preening before a crowd uttering "ohs" and "ahs".
The goal is to build big remote-controlled reconnaissance robots capable of carrying out search-and-discovery missions in potentially hostile areas, to warn soldiers of the dangers ahead, and to protect them from mine fields, craters, trenches, hidden enemies or even greater threats such as chemical, biological or nuclear traps.
A joint team of CMU researchers, consultants with military-experience and BAE engineers are now tweaking the Gladiator to a "bible-like" set of military requirements and expect to deliver the six prototypes to the Marine Corps by May 2007.
www.post-gazette.com /pg/05217/548931.stm   (707 words)

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