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Topic: Gladiator (2000 film)

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Filmtracks: Gladiator (Hans Zimmer/Lisa Gerrard)
Gladiator: (Hans Zimmer and Co.) Ridley Scott has often been credited with reviving the genre of historical epic films with his 2000 smash hit Gladiator, a film based very loosely on the Roman emperor Commodus, the deranged son of Marcus Aurelius.
Nevertheless, the Gladiator score, as controversial as it might be, ranks among Star Wars and Titanic as one of the most important in the modern age of soundtracks, bringing recognition to the genre of music from the masses.
The score for Gladiator is clearly divided between the world of Rome and that of the afterlife, and the film opens and closes with the spirit of the latter.
www.filmtracks.com /titles/gladiator.html   (5554 words)

  Gladiator (2000 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Actor Oliver Reed died in Malta during the filming of Gladiator; as a result, a body double and digitally altered outtake footage of the actor were used in his absence, at an estimated cost of $3 million.
The Germania battle scene early in the film was filmed in Surrey in England.
Gladiator was nominated in 36 individual ceremonies, including the 73rd Academy Awards, the BAFTA Awards and the Golden Globe Awards.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gladiator_(2000_film)   (2098 words)

 The Film Tribune - Gladiator (2000)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The story of "Gladiator", therefore, is really a patchwork of elements on a Roman theme used here and there: the political background of "The Fall of the Roman Empire" (1964), the fall into slavery of the protagonist of "Ben-Hur" (1925, 1959), and the gladiator themes of "Demetrius and the Gladiators" (1954) and "Spartacus" (1960).
Therefore, seeing "Gladiator" is not a substitute for reading Gibbon's masterpiece as a history lesson, and is also not a substitute for older films on the Roman Empire as an example of an galvanizing epic.
Even though in epic films, stars have a tendency to be upstaged by the scenery (for instance, "Lawrence of Arabia") or by the multitude of extras, the star of "Gladiator" is clearly intended to be Russell Crowe.
www.filmtribune.com /gladiator.html   (2009 words)

 DVD Review: Gladiator(2000)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The cinematography of the film is phenomenal, providing the look of the cold, crisp, outdoor scenes in the early shots to the golden light of some of the interiors to the bold look of the coliseums.
The film's audio in general is an immensely pleasing and well-done presentation that, while having some quiet moments that offer beautiful and detailed ambient sounds, also has moments of unbelievable intensity that are more than up to the task of bringing the viewer into the environment of that particular scene.
The sheer size of the sets and the scope of the film in general was something that I mentioned being amazed with in the film review, and again, you hear and see more here about how the filmmakers were able to handle and organize all of these elements.
www.currentfilm.com /dvdreviews2/gladiatordvd.html   (1874 words)

 Gladiator (2000)
When a Roman general is betrayed and his family murdered by a corrupt prince, he comes to Rome as a gladiator to seek revenge.
Despite this, Gladiator is one of the most powerful and moving films I've ever seen.
To some of you, this may sound a little barbaric, and believe me the film is VERY barbaric and brutual, however it teaches a very strong lesson of what happens when an economy turns as violent as Rome was.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0172495   (1001 words)

 Review of "Gladiator" (2000)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
With one fell swoop, this film has set the standard of entertainment that all other summer movies must live up to; it’s a loud, action-packed old-school Hollywood style adventure, and it’s hard to imagine that many other upcoming 2000 releases could even approach this level of entertainment.
The entire film is a spectacle to behold, from the flawless technical aspects of costume design and film editing to the more refined arts of acting and direction.
Gladiator is the kind of masterpiece that comes along every so often, where you forget you’re watching actors and set pieces and become so enveloped in the story that you feel as if you’re a part of it.
www.filmaholic.net /reviews_gladiator.html   (530 words)

 Gladiator (2000) Movie Review - The Hollywood News
Gladiator is beautiful to look at, the battle sequences are very dynamic and Crowe is more than your typical hero--lending dimension and humanity to Maximus that is lacking in most contemporary heroes.
Gladiator is a bit disjointed and falters here and there, but it's a solid film from one of our great directors.
Gladiator is a huge epic in the tradition of films like Ben Hur, and although it's not quite a classic, it is an exciting time at the movies.
www.thehollywoodnews.com /reviews/archive/2000/gladiator.php   (360 words)

 DC Film Society: Screenings
A sizable chunk of the film is devoted to the Maximus, the emperor's sister and others planning an insurrection against Commodus.
2000 was not a bad year for films.
It's easier to write off 2000 and to make a safe choice than to strive for something greater, something that stays with you when you leave the theater, something where the story is as finely crafted as the production.
www.dcfilmsociety.org /adamgladiator.htm   (1096 words)

 TheMovieBoy Review: Gladiator (2000)
In fact, the film has been made on such an enormous scale (with a price tag of $103-million) that it's difficult not to be completely swept away in its high-style effectiveness and technical grandeur.
Despite the sparkling presences of the film's three lead actors, as well as the many rousing battle set-pieces, "Gladiator" is a flawed motion picture, and one that, for all its flashiness, comes off as a mild disappointment.
Where "Gladiator" loses some of its luster is in its overlong running time, which could have easily been nipped and tucked here and there without losing anything substantial with its characters or the story, at hand.
www.themovieboy.com /reviews/g/00_gladiator.htm   (715 words)

 Guardian Unlimited Film | Reviews | Gladiator (2000)
Great film, not one of the greats though, I think it will be forgotten about in a year or too, not like the great films of the past that everyone remembers.
The only disturbing thing in the film is the incestuous relationship Commodus has with his sister, who is flmailed into staying with him for the sake of her son.
From the beginning of the film, where the battle in Germania is reaching its conclusion, until the final bloody glory in the Coliseum, Gladiator is utterly spellbinding.
film.guardian.co.uk /Reader_Review/0,,-83550,00.html   (6136 words)

 Scifilm -- Reviews, GLADIATOR (2000)
All of the battles are filmed replete with quick cuts and a frenetic filming process; it's disorienting but not so much that we can't keep track of who's who and what each participant is doing in said battle.
The film uses that bloody backdrop to make a point and rather than sanitize the action to appeal to a broader audience, they went ahead and showed us a more realistic and believable vision of what happened on the sands of the Colosseum.
Ridley Scott often praises the economy of certain filming techniques in his commentary and this is actually one film where he's not just defending a cheap-looking effect.
www.scifilm.org /reviews3/gladiator.html   (3377 words)

 Hans ZIMMER and Lisa GERRARD The Gladiator : Film Music CD Reviews-June 2000   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Anyway the opening shot, of the film, of a hand brushing over wheat is accompanied by this type of music with the voice of Lisa Gerrard, before the scene dissolves to reveal Maximus daydreaming of home in a wintry forest landscape just before the battle with the northern barbarians.
Gladiator might be regarded as a flawed minor masterpiece in the Zimmer canon.
Film and film music does not begin and end with Hollywood and America, and there are many ways of doing things.
www.musicweb.uk.net /film/2000/june00/gladiator.htm   (2096 words)

 Gladiator : film review
Gladiator has been applauded by practically every reviewer in Britain, with hardly a bad thing said against it.
Unfortunately, all the film's better points are let down by a leaden script, a very predictable story, and every cliche that Hollywood has ever come up with.
It is said that Curtis Hanson chose Crowe to play a cop in LA Confidential, because at the time he was an unknown face, and audiences would not know whether to think of him as a good or bad guy.
www.musicomh.com /films/gladiator.htm   (304 words)

 5/8/00: Gladiator x 2
There is something about the films of Ridley Scott that make them compelling regardless of their subject matter, and it doesn't take someone who has spent too many hours in film school to understand why: the man is a master of filmmaking technique and camera-work.
GLADIATOR is certainly entertaining and is worth a look on the big screen for those interested in seeing it, but in the great realm of cinema (or even summer-time blockbusters), it's far from the best work that Ridley Scott or the actors have produced elsewhere.
Where GLADIATOR is a case of a comic-book plot masquerading as a historical epic, CONAN acknowledges its origins and is elevated by production design, cinematography, score and direction into being a marvelous adventure picture, filled with elements from past gladiator epics and other sources (including Japanese fantasy) infused into its narrative.
www.filmscoremonthly.com /articles/2000/08_May---Gladiator_x_2.asp   (2286 words)

 "Gladiator" / a review from Christian Spotlight on the Movies
The film also provides a nice insight into what true power is. The emperor longs for power and the love of the people, but can't seem to grasp it, while Maximus' integrity (along with some pretty nifty swordplay) make him a great leader.
It never becomes quite clear whether it is the masses who rule the gladiators or the gladiators who rule the masses.
The film was a treat with a lot of accuracy in the background (the story is totally fictional).
www.christiananswers.net /spotlight/movies/2000/gladiator.html   (3042 words)

 Gladiator - reviewed. So many movies, so little time - The Dead Projectionist   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This "Gladiator" is set in a more historic arena, and is headlined by the weary, but dangerous Maximus (Crowe) who pines for family above war.
The initial brawls in "Gladiator" (set in ancient Germania versus of one the few lingering barbarian tribes scrapping with Rome) lie somewhere between "great" and "confused." On one hand, crisp and gorgeously shot, but with frantic editing and--one could say--jerky camera by Mr.
Here "Gladiator" rolls into a familiar fl hat-white hat scenario: pitting Maximus-- democratic superhero and avenging family man--against Commodus as the symbol of state corruption due a karmic ass kicking.
www.dead-projectionist.com /reviewDetail.asp?ID=55   (656 words)

 Gladiator (2000): Reviews
Gladiator has its creaky moments, but it delivers a particular kind of visceral historical spectacle that movie audiences haven't seen in decades.
The soul of Gladiator is made sluggish by a maddening lack of suspense.
For all its grandeur, Gladiator is a canned experience, a film that flails around awkwardly trying to find a reason to exist, or at least a compelling story to tell.
www.metacritic.com /video/titles/gladiator   (1078 words)

 "Gladiator" - Salon   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In the words of film historian David Thomson, Scott is a decorator, a borrower and a synthesist who absorbs and reprocesses many different elements and influences.
Maximus is meant to be a man of simple tastes whose pain is all on the surface, and it's a credit to Crowe that the dullest and simplest character of his career still seems to have clouds and shadows swimming behind his eyes.
The film begins with Maximus leading his legions to a glorious victory over the German barbarians in a stunningly successful mud 'n' blood 'n' arrows battle sequence.
dir.salon.com /ent/movies/review/2000/05/05/gladiator/index.html   (791 words)

 At-A-Glance Film Reviews: Gladiator (2000)
It bears the visage of a Roman epic, but take away the costumes and the (surprisingly poor) computer-generated sets, and it's a classic B-movie formula, where a creepy badguy shafts a tragedy-ridden goodguy, and the goodguy spends the rest of the movie trying to survive long enough to get his revenge.
It's understandable, given the subject matter, but the film is not purposeful enough to justify it.
I wonder with regret why modern mindless entertainment must be so violent in entertaining the masses, but I suppose today's society is still a lot better in that regard than the times Gladiator portrays, during which actual death and gore in the arena were how the masses got their mindless entertainment.
rinkworks.com /movies/m/gladiator.2000.shtml   (248 words)

 Mediajonez.com: FILM - Review: Gladiator (2000)
Violence is at a height as he leads his group of gladiators under the amused eye of Commodus.
His gladiator is a deep, complex man, who is torn by his loyalty to his city, and his loyalty to his family.
His film has quite a scope, set amid the background of the height of the Roman Empire.
www.mediajonez.com /film/review-gladiator0201.html   (442 words)

 Gladiator (2000)
And then adhering to good Biblical/literary form, it is not until he hits absolute rock bottom that the heroic paradigm reinvents himself as a peerless gladiator, beloved by the masses and primed to challenge Aurelius' despotic son, Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix).
A less egalitarian film critic, unconcerned with being labelled a chauvinist, might even dub Gladiator a men's film; albeit one that can still be enjoyed by the women who love them.
Constructing an homage to the film phylum that is Rome while providing viably exciting entertainment not only for seasoned viewers, but for an entire generation that probably never saw Ben-Hur, director Ridley Scott achieves just the right balance of the old and the new.
www.film.u-net.com /Movies/Reviews/Gladiator.html   (903 words)

 Gladiator Movie Review (2000) from Channel 4 Film
After being sold to gladiator trainer Proximo (Reed, serving up his final role with brute nobility), the experienced soldier fights his way up the gladiatorial league charts until he's the darling of the Colosseum.
Although it's essentially cobbled together from 19th century neoclassical paintings, Spartacus and The Fall Of The Roman Empire, Gladiator is given added oomph with judiciously-applied CGI, a solid script from David Franzoni (Amistad), John Logan (The Aviator) and William Nicholson (Shadowlands).
Meaty and satisfying, Gladiator is a modern classic and worthy of its awards.
www.channel4.com /film/reviews/film.jsp?id=103822   (275 words)

 The Gladiators
The gladiators who fought in these games were mostly prisoners, slaves and criminals who trained long and hard in schools like the one Caesar built; although a few such fighters were paid volunteers.
A third kind of gladiator, the murmillo, or "fishman" (after the fish-shaped crest on his helmet), was apparently similar to a Samnite but less heavily armed.
Finally, the gladiators soberly raised their weapons toward the highest-ranking official present (usually either the emperor or munerarius, the magistrate in charge of the spectacle) all recited the phrase, "Morituri te salutamus!" ("We who are about to die salute you!") After that, the first pairing began.
www.murphsplace.com /gladiator/glads.html   (1316 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Gladiator: Music: Lisa Gerrard,Lyndhurst Orchestra,Hans Zimmer   (Site not responding. Last check: )
But if you know the film Gladiator, then this is a wonderful compilation and very evocative of the film.
Sadly it reminds me of the early death of Oliver Reed during the filming of the movie, but it is a truely inspriring section of music.
when i first saw the film i thought that it wouldnt be a film without the soundtrack and now havin bought the soundtrack i agree with what i hav just said even more.
www.amazon.co.uk /Gladiator-Lisa-Gerrard/dp/B00004STPT   (1068 words)

 Gladiator   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Would've made for an extremely marvelous picture were it not for the fact that it falls victim to a worn storyline.
One of those movies 'they don't make anymore,' Gladiator is a guts and glory epic with swords and sandals, spectacular action sequences, a seriously good hero and a cast of (digitally enhanced) thousands.
Even when Gladiator turns nonsensical, and even when its effects shots aren't persuasive, it's hard to look away, and its 154 minutes flew by.
www.rottentomatoes.com /m/gladiator   (784 words)

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