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Topic: Glenn Hoddle

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  Glenn Hoddle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Glenn Hoddle (born October 27, 1957 in Hayes, London) is a football manager and former player for Tottenham Hotspur and England.
Hoddle came under fire after a disappointing start to the Euro 2000 qualifying campaign, and was sacked in February 1999 after he appeared in an interview with The Times newspaper where he suggested that disabled people were being punished for sins in a previous life.
Hoddle was back in football within a year as Southampton manager, succeeding Dave Jones, who had been suspended in order to concentrate on clearing his name in connection with child abuse charges.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Glenn_Hoddle   (1379 words)

 Born Is the King of White Hart Lane - Glenn Hoddle
Hoddle’s private life had begun to appear more and more interesting as his career grew, and his admission of adultery and subsequent divorce from wife Anne, in January 1998, was manna to the Press.
Hoddle’s decision to keep Sheringham in the squad, a direct opposite to his treatment of Gascoigne, was highlighted as inconsistency and Hoddle World Cup campaign began under utmost pressure.
Glenn had remained a fans favourite throughout his absence (from the North London outfit) and was always at the forefront of the managerial race every time the job became available throughout the nineties.
www.mehstg.com /born_is.htm   (3353 words)

 Glenn Hoddle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Hoddle rang Jez Moxey to inform him of his decision while the Chief Executive was relaxing in World Cup-mode with his family in Weston Park on Saturday afternoon.
Hoddle, whose own salary was cut from £600,000 to £400,000 as a result of the promotion failure, gave an unconvincing performance at a press conference the day after that session with the directors.
Hoddle walked away from it and that, more than anything, is the saddest indictment of his reign and his character.
www.londonwolves.com /html/glenn_hoddle.html   (2327 words)

 Glenn Hoddle Tottenham Hotspur Player Profile from 4thegame.com
Hoddle was a huge favourite with the Spurs supporters during his 12 years there as a player and he always seemed destined to return to the club where his hugely successful playing career began.
Glenn Hoddle was, of course, known as one of England's truly great players before his foray into football management, playing with distinction for Spurs and Monaco - as well as Swindon and Chelsea during his spells there as manager.
Hoddle retired as a top-level player in 1990, but when Swindon Town approached him to take over as their player/manager a year later he jumped at the chance to test his ideas on the game and relished the challenge of turning the lowly club into a Premiership outfit.
www.4thegame.com /club/thfc/manager-profile/921/glenn_hoddle.html   (1574 words)

 The Observer | Sport | Andrew Anthony on the downfall of Glenn Hoddle
Glenn Hoddle was the outstanding player of his generation, an artist of rare touch and vision.
In his final season, 1986-7, Hoddle was the midfield architect of a triple challenge for the league (finishing third), the FA Cup (finalists) and the League Cup (semi-finalists).
Hoddle would have needed to do a lot if he was to live up to his own estimation of himself, let alone that of the fans.
observer.guardian.co.uk /osm/story/0,6903,1053332,00.html   (4654 words)

 [No title]
Before his arrival in the big time at The Dell, Hoddle had cut his teeth on management with Swindon, Chelsea and England where it was a case of two out of three not being bad.
Hoddle's England reign was more checquered than Harold I's except for the fatal shot being self-inflicted through the foot.
Finally, Hoddle's view that disability was down to karma, a heretical view shared by only a handful of adherents, 800 million Indians, Buddha and countless millions of people in the Far East too, was too much for the English FA and his services were rejected.
members.lycos.co.uk /SaintsPreserveUs/GlennHoddle.htm   (288 words)

 It's Up For Grabs Now : Glenn Hoddle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Glenn Hoddle's main problem in his last turbulent 12 months was that, having got the 'football' side of his game sorted, he would bring the 'spiritual' side into it, but no-one would mind because, well, England were at the top of their game, weren't they?
Hoddle reciprocated by saying that his major mistake during the World Cup was not taking her to France.
Glenn Hoddle's main problem is his fastidiousness - he comes across as very strong-willed, determined to get his way at all costs, hence his aversion to silencing Drewery, his constant battles with clubs and critics and his attitude towards the media - the very people that sway public opinion on him.
www.btinternet.com /~upforgrabsnow/hoddle.html   (524 words)

 GLENN HODDLE -  Player.  Manager.
In Holland too, many players cite Glenn as a major influence on their careers and said if he had been born a Dutchman, he would have had a national side built around him.
Hoddle has mastered the defensive tactics needed and despite his side's 7-2 defeat at Spurs last season, his teams rarely get tonked.
Hoddle started off what Chelsea have become today by introducing top players and that has been taken on by those who have followed (to varying degrees).
www.mehstg.com /hod_p-m.htm   (1298 words)

 Spurs Odyssey - Heroes of Tottenham - Glenn Hoddle
Glenn Hoddle was born at Hayes, Middlesex, on 27th October 1957.
Hoddle was the genius behind the team in what was destined to be his final season at Tottenham.
Hoddle was not manager of Chelsea for long as he was appointed Manager of England after Venables had resigned the position to fight more litigation in the courts.
www.spursodyssey.com /articles/hoddle.html   (1954 words)

 Glenn Hoddle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
A concerted media campaign against Glenn Hoddle and his methods ended with his careless comments about reincarnation and now the search is on for the man to replace him-or, more accurately, the next victim.
Glenn Hoddle said that people who were disabled were paying now in this life for sins that they had commited in a previous life.
Glenn Hoddle annoyed the public by asking David Beckham to speak in front of the media when he was not chosen to play for England during the World Cup.
free1.freeway.org /issue6/Sports/Hoddle01.html   (312 words)

 Lifestartsat Sport - Glenn Hoddle
Glenn Hoddle's agent has confirmed the former England and Tottenham coach's interest in succeeding Jacques Santini as boss of the French national team.
If successful, Hoddle would become just the second foreigner to lead 'Les Bleus', but he is believed to be an outsider for the job, with Jean Tigana and Laurent Blanc currying strong favour from within the French Football Federation.
Hoddle bossed England from 1996 to 1999, with his team being knocked out on penalties by Argentina in the second round at the 1998 World Cup, which hosts France won.
www.lifestartsat.com /sport/glenn_hoddle.php   (273 words)

 ::::::::::::::: danger here! :::::::::::::::::
Not only is he convinced he was the great misunderstood talent of his time, Glenn knows for sure that we desperately crave the unique philosophical and religious insights that he regularly imparts.
With that in mind, it's all the funnier when Hoddle opens his mouth to reveal that all may not be running smoothly in his stylishly coiffured noggin.
If Glenn Hoddle said one word to his team at half time, it was concentration and focus.
dangerhere.com /issues/issue9-300401/hoddle.htm   (462 words)

 RTÉ.ie Sport - Hoddle in talks with Spurs
Southampton manager Glenn Hoddle is in talks with Tottenham as the White Hart Lane club seek a successor to sacked boss George Graham.
Hoddle is believed to have an escape clause in his contract at The Dell, allowing him to leave at any time if an interested party paid the Saints £800,000.
Hoddle scored 110 goals in 494 appearances for Spurs between 1975 and 1987, guiding them to FA Cup glory in 1981 and 1982.
www.rte.ie /sport/2001/0327/spurs.html   (202 words)

 Guardian Unlimited Football | News | The great underachiever
It's February 1999 and Glenn Hoddle, England manager, is about to utter a sentence that will cost him his job.
It wasn't Hoddle's comments about the disabled that cost him the England job, it was the colossal ill-will he sowed among the players during France 98 and in the subsequent Euro 2000 qualifiers.
Hoddle has now been a manager for 13 years, yet he still hasn't learned the humility or communication skills needed to succeed at the top level.
football.guardian.co.uk /comment/story/0,9753,1368372,00.html   (722 words)

 England's Coaches/Managers - Glenn Hoddle
Glenn Hoddle still had formidable ball skills when he took over the England team, which gained him an extra measure of respect among the players.
In the World Cup 1998 competition, Hoddle led England to first place in their qualifying group and to the round-of-16-teams at the final tournament, where they were eliminated on penalty kicks following a 2-2 extra-time draw against Argentina.
Midfielder; Tottenham Hotspur FC April 1975; transferred to AS Monaco June 1987, released because of knee injury November 1990; Swindon Town FC (player/manager) August 1991 to June 1993; Chelsea FC (player/manager) June 1993 to 1995.
www.englandfootballonline.com /TeamMgr/Mgr_Hoddle.html   (386 words)

 ipedia.com: Glenn Hoddle Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Glenn Hoddle is a football manager and former player for Tottenham Hotspur and England.
As a player, Hoddle was a highly skillful central midfielder, notable for his ability to score spectacular long...
As a player, Hoddle was a highly skillful central midfielder, notable for his ability to score spectacular long range goals.
www.ipedia.com /glenn_hoddle.html   (305 words)

 Swindon-Town-FC.co.uk - Glenn HODDLE
Hoddle had just eight games to put things right, and he succeeded - their Second Division place being assured after a convincing 5-2 win over Leicester at the County Ground at the end of April.
Hoddle proved to be a shrewd tactician, with many future Town greats, such as Shaun Taylor and John Moncur, signed for small fees - and his first full season in charge saw the Town narrowly miss out on a play-off place.
Hoddle refused to confirm or deny the rumours, and it came as no surprise when, just days after the Wembley triumph, he resigned.
www.swindon-town-fc.co.uk /Person.asp?PersonID=HODDLEGL   (469 words)

 MORI - Supporters Attitudes Towards Glenn Hoddle
Hoddle has maintained that he is the target of an increasingly hysterical campaign from sections of the media, and support for him is delicately poised.
Hoddle has not been dismissed as an expendable failure but the balance of public opinion is wavering and the fans remain to be convinced that he is the right man to lead the national side in the long term.
If Hoddle does go, the name most cited by fans as their chosen replacement is former England boss Terry Venables.
www.mori.com /polls/1998/ms981015.shtml   (416 words)

 Wolverhampton Wanderers: Could Glenn Hoddle ever be England manager again?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Wolves were probably one of very few sides outside the top-flight that Hoddle would have taken on but after some initial caution about whether to extend his short-term deal with the club he appears to be enjoying himself again and getting the best out of a team that is responding to his methods.
Hoddle is still extremely ambitious, confident in his own ability and reasonably young in managerial terms.
Whether a second chance for Glenn Hoddle as England manager would be a step too far for people within the game is an interesting question that may yet have to be answered.
www.squarefootball.net /article/article.asp?aid=2357   (1026 words)

 OfficialPlayerSites.com: It's official!
Hoddle was recently named as Totenham's greatest ever player and won FA Cup and Uefa Cup honours with the North London side, making some 500 appearances between 1975 and 1987.
Tottenham boss Glenn Hoddle and Millwall's Dennis Wise are among those set to feature in a testimonial for former QPR and Chelsea midfielder Gavin Peacock.
GLENN HODDLE is among the favourites to become the new manager of France after being interviewed by the French Football Federation in Paris yesterday.
www.officialplayersites.com /managers/manager.php?id=20   (1053 words)

 GLENN HODDLE - for news on Glenn Hoddle Click Here   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Glenn Hoddle's Wolves are to visit his former club Southampton on the opening day of the season on 6 August.
Glenn Hoddle targets promotion to the Premiership after signing a new one-year rolling contract with Wolves.
Glenn Hoddle ends the speculation about his future by signing a new deal with Wolves.
www.newsbyname.co.uk /G/Glenn-Hoddle.php   (568 words)

 ESPN.com Soccernet Columnists: Glenn Hoddle
Glenn Hoddle names his team of Euro 2000 and explains why the retiring Laurent Blanc is the key for France.
Former England coach Glenn Hoddle names his team of Euro 2000 and explains why retiring Laurent Blanc is the key for France.
Glenn Hoddle makes a plea to his former employers to think long term for the national team.
www.soccernet.com /columns/columnists/glennhoddle.html   (297 words)

 Wolves: Glenn Hoddle is rebuilding his reputation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Hoddle is acknowledged as a good coach with only this supposed problem of relating to players holding him back from true greatness.
Hoddle's successes and failures with the national team have been well documented elsewhere but back in club management he again looked to be on the right track at Southampton before the move back ‘home’ to Tottenham.
That may not appeal to Hoddle’s ambitions but realistically he is not going to land one of the big jobs in English football in the present climate while a return to London to West Ham for example carries with it the baggage of being a former Chelsea manager and a Tottenham legend.
www.squarefootball.net /article/article.asp?aid=1871   (975 words)

 Glenn Hoddle - Oranje 11   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Je zoekopdracht naar Glenn Hoddle was succesvol (er zijn 26029 documenten doorzocht):
glenn hoddle raakte de lat na een vrij trap in...
glenn hoddle insult was added to injury recently...
www.oranje11.nl /net/Glenn_Hoddle.html   (77 words)

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