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Topic: Global warming and agriculture

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  Global Warming
Global warming is the observed increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and oceans in recent decades and its projected continuation.
The prevailing scientific opinion on climate change is that "most of the observed increase in globally averaged temperatures since the mid-20th century is very likely due to the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations,"[1] which leads to warming of the surface and lower atmosphere by increasing the greenhouse effect.
Warming is expected to affect the number and magnitude of these events; however, it is difficult to connect particular events to global warming.
theglobalwarminginfo.com   (416 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Global warming and agriculture   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As global warming causes climate change, the issue of effects of global warming on agriculture due to the change in weather conditions is often invoked in arguments on the course of action involving prediction of climate events.
Global mean surface temperatures 1856 to 2004 Mean temperature anomalies during the period 1995 to 2004 with respect to the average temperatures from 1940 to 1980 Global warming describes an increase in the average temperature of the Earths atmosphere and oceans.
Global warming appears to be partially countering the improvements in the ozone layer caused by the reduction in the use of ozone-destroying chemicals achieved through the Montreal Protocol.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Global-warming-and-agriculture   (6758 words)

 Effects of global warming | Causes of Global Warming
Causes of Global Warming - The Green house gases are the main culprits of the global warming.
Another cause of global warming is deforestation that is caused by cutting and burning of forests for the purpose of residence and industrialization.
Global warming skeptics consider that the weather models used to establish global warming and to forecast its impacts are distorted.
www.globalwarming.org.in   (0 words)

 global warming - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about global warming   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As a result of global warming, sea levels are expected to rise, and London is likely to be at risk of severe flooding.
Global temperature has been highly variable in Earth history and many fluctuations in global temperature have occurred in historical times, but this most recent episode of warming coincides with the spread of industrialization, prompting the suggestion that it is the result of an accelerated greenhouse effect caused by atmospheric pollutants, especially carbon dioxide gas.
A UN conference on global warming held in November 2000 failed to produce agreement between the USA and European countries.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /global+warming   (1269 words)

 Learn more about Global warming and agriculture in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Hence, in the coming years, unless population size is stabilized as soon as possible, agriculture will have to face an increasing challenge in feeding the growing population of the world.
A forecasted climate change is global warming, induced by an increasing concentration of radiatively active greenhouse gases.
On the other hand, agricultural trade has grown in the recents years, and now provides significant national food amounts to major importing countries, as well as confortable income to exporting ones.
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /g/gl/global_warming_and_agriculture.html   (2207 words)

 Astrobiology: The Living Universe - Global Warming
Global warming is the rise in the Earth's average temperature as a result of the accumulation of greenhouse gases.
Global warming is caused by the build-up of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere, It was dubbed the ‘greenhouse effect’ because it is is similar to a greenhousein that the sun's rays are allowed into the greenhouse but the heat from these rays is unable to escape.
Global warming threatens to destroy the natural habitats of living organisms on Earth and disturb the stability of the Earth’s ecosystem.
library.thinkquest.org /C003763/index.php?page=planet05   (765 words)

 Consequences (vol. 1, No. 2) - Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture and Food Supply
Agricultural adaptation to climatic variation is not now and may never be perfect, and changes in how farmers operate or in what they produce may cause significant disruption for people in rural regions.
While global agricultural production may increase at the lower limit of the predicted range or decrease at the higher limit, global effects measured with current economic valuation techniques are generally predicted to be moderate.
Agriculture is not a wholly benign actor on the environment, as it causes accelerated soil erosion by water and wind, through cultivation, and often introduces nitrates and other chemicals into water supplies through the application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
www.gcrio.org /CONSEQUENCES/summer95/agriculture.html   (0 words)

 Agriculture to Suffer Little from Global Warming
Global warming skeptics have generally argued that the net effects will be positive, while believers have claimed that the effects could be disastrous.
For example, agriculture in the northern United States and Canada could benefit from warmer temperatures, while agriculture in the southern United States could be harmed.
The report also concedes that "currently available climate forecasts cannot resolve how extreme events and variability will change; however, both are potential risks to agriculture." This seems to be the tack taken by the Pew Center on each of the aspects relating to agriculture and global warming it discusses.
www.globalwarming.org /article.php?uid=532   (164 words)

 Agriculture vs. Global Warming   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Agriculture is worried that this treaty, aimed at slowing global warming, could sharply increase the cost for everything from farm equipment to fuel to fertilizer and chemicals.
A large concern in the agriculture sector is that higher costs and lower incomes would hit smaller family farms the hardest and force some with high debts to sell to large producers.
Scientists have not reached consensus on whether or not there is global warming and they have not agreed on the extent to which human enterprise is affecting climate change.
www.umac.org /climate/Papers/pg66-69.html   (1750 words)

 Environmental Defense - Challenge: Combat Climate Change
In turn, this warming is likely to cause sea levels to rise and flood many coastal areas, harm many ecosystems, increase droughts and floods in unpredictable ways and areas, spur disease, and generally impose hundreds of billions of dollars in economic costs.
But half of the global warming emissions from American agriculture are nitrous oxide, and methane is another 30 percent.
And because soils and plant growth remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, agriculture may also have the ability limit global warming in that way if systems can be developed to assure that this removal is permanent and not merely temporary.
www.environmentaldefense.org /article.cfm?ContentID=650   (658 words)

 Industrial Agriculture and Global Warming
And if you think a bit of global warming might be nice for those of us who live in Northern Europe, I'd just remind you that one expected consequence would be the switching off of the Gulf Stream, which is what keeps us as warm as we are.
Industrial agriculture means you use large fields, you don't intercrop, and you grow a single variety of rice throughout a large region.
Industrial agriculture contributes significantly to climate change and it depends on a resource that won't always be there.
www.indsp.org /IAGW.php   (1788 words)

 GlobalWarming Awareness
Global warming is caused by an increase in the greenhouse effect.
Global warming was once an uncommon term used by a few scientists who were growing concerned over the effects of decades of pollution on long-term weather patterns.
Global warming is a significant increase in the Earth’s climatic temperature over a relatively short period of time as a result of the activities of humans.
www.whatis-globalwarming-awareness2007.org   (0 words)

 Global Warming >> Facts about global warming >> Globalwarming myths and facts
Letting global warming continue until we are forced to address it on an emergency basis could disrupt and severely damage our economy.
This is actually in line with climate model predictions that global warming would lead to a short-term accumulation of ice in the cold interior due to heavier snowfall.
Global warming, on the other hand, is the increase in the earth's average temperature due to the buildup of CO and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere from human activities.
a-globalwarmingawareness2007.com /article16.html   (0 words)

 08.07.2001 - Impact of global warming on U.S. agriculture larger and more negative than expected, say UC Berkeley ...
Berkeley - The impact of global warming on U.S. agriculture appears to be much larger and more negative than has been recognized, according to a new analysis by agricultural experts at the University of California, Berkeley.
By analyzing agricultural values in non-irrigated, rural areas of the country, the UC Berkeley team reached quite different, more certain conclusions, about the damage from global warming, he said.
The analysis was based on the 1982 and 1987 agricultural censuses of 3,000 U.S. counties which contain an estimation of the relationship between farmland values, climate and other variables.
www.berkeley.edu /news/media/releases/2001/08/07_warm.html   (580 words)

 The Seattle Times: Local News: Global warming hitting Northwest hard, researchers warn   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In the past 100 years, the consensus among scientists is that the Earth has warmed 1.1 degree Fahrenheit, with accelerated warming during the past two decades, according to the National Academy of Sciences, which advises the federal government on scientific matters.
In the Northwest, that warming is closer to 1.5 degrees.
Warming produced increased rains in the desert areas of Arizona, New Mexico, southern Colorado and southern Utah, which compensated for the loss of snowpack.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/localnews/2001857961_warming14m.html   (938 words)

 Global Warming, Global Warming News, Effects Of Global Warming at LiveScience.com
Global warming is the term used to describe a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and its oceans, a change that is believed to be permanently changing the Earth’s climate forever.
While many view the effects of global warming to be more substantial and more rapidly occurring than others do, the scientific consensus on climatic changes related to global warming is that the average temperature of the Earth has risen between 0.4 and 0.8 °C over the past 100 years.
The increased volumes of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases released by the burning of fossil fuels, land clearing, agriculture, and other human activities, are believed to be the primary sources of the global warming that has occurred over the past 50 years.
www.livescience.com /globalwarming   (0 words)

 EarthSave International
Global warming poses one of the most serious threats to the global environment ever faced in human history.
The environmental community rightly recognizes global warming as one of the gravest threats to the planet.
Global temperatures are already higher than they’ve ever been in at least the past millennium, and the increase is accelerating even faster than scientists had predicted.
www.earthsave.org /globalwarming.htm   (1454 words)

 John Quiggin - Journal Articles 1999 - The Impact of Global Warming on Agriculture - Comment
For this calculation to be made, however, it is necessary that the implied technology have the concavity properties required for the existence of a global optimum.
Agriculture is possible under a wide range of climate conditions, and the United States contains both regions where low temperatures are the main limiting factor and regions where high temperatures are the main limiting factor.
In summary, an economic analysis of global warming should focus on the rate of temperature change, not temperature level.
www.uq.edu.au /economics/johnquiggin/JournalArticles99/GWMNSAER00.html   (1057 words)

 Global Warming Impacts on Agriculture in Michigan
There are likely to be some positive impacts for agriculture resulting from a warmer climate, although current evidence suggests that the negative consequences could outweigh the positive.
Shifts in the distribution of agriculture, however, may be constrained by thin and acidic soils.
Warming will increase the rate of insect development and the number of generations that can be completed each year, contributing to a build-up of pest populations.
go.ucsusa.org /greatlakes/glregionmic_agr.html   (534 words)

 Global Warming Facts and Our Future - Impacts of Change - Agriculture
Agriculture in the United States is relatively well positioned to adapt to climate change, due in part to the advanced technologies available to U.S. farmers.
Global warming may have positive as well as negative impacts.
African agriculture was already unable to keep pace with population growth during the last decades of the 20th century.
www.koshland-science-museum.org /exhibitgcc/impacts09.jsp?PF=1   (260 words)

 Global Warming and Agriculture
Leading scientists believe that global warming will have a profound effect on agriculture.
The increase in temperature may cause a pole-ward shift of agricultural zones and a shift in growing seasons.
Scientists expect the expansion of agricultural zones for regions in the northern hemisphere like the United States, Canada, and Russia.
www.mongabay.com /09agriculture.htm   (146 words)

 Global Warming and Mexican Agriculture: Some Preliminary Results
The possible impacts of global warming on Mexican crop production are being explored with the CERES-MAIZE crop-yield model as part of the EPA study on the international agricultural impacts of global warming.
For export-oriented agriculture and price incentives to producers, it will be Mexico's comparative advantages and disadvantages in agricultural production in a warmer world that may determine the national and regional economic impacts of climate changes.
Again, despite differences between the climate-model results, the general direction of changes in Mexican corn yields with global warming is a decrease, whatever the model, and whether irrigation is used or not.
www.ciesin.columbia.edu /docs/004-039b/004-039b.html   (4564 words)

 Impacts: Agriculture
Global warming threatens California's multibillion-dollar agriculture and forestry industries—and the livelihoods of the more than one million people who work in them.
Global warming is expected to have widespread effects on the productivity and health of California's forests.
To learn more about the effects of global warming on California under different emissions scenarios, see the Impacts Overview.
www.climatechoices.org /impacts_agriculture/index.html   (498 words)

 Global Warming - Agriculture
One of the major causes of global warming is an increase in CO2.
When global warming occurs there will be no fringe lands, therefore making the deserts larger.
Florida is near the equator, and is already very hot, so when global warming occurs it will be even hotter.
library.thinkquest.org /J003411/ag.htm   (531 words)

 global warming writing global warming research student global and warming > global
WWF US: Global Warming and Climate Change Progr am: World Wildlife Fund's Climate Change Sectio n provides information on the causes and im pact of global warming with a focus on resou rces and actions you can take to help stop t he problem.
A statement on Global Warming (P. Barret t): A statement by Professor Peter Barrett (Vi ctoria University, Wellington, New Zealand) o n the reality of global warming from the viewpo int of an e arth scientist.
Tiempo Climate Cyberlibrary: Global Warm ing and the Third World: Electronic inform ation source covering global warming, climat e change and sea level rise with particular refe rence to developi ng nations.
www.jonstor.com /said.htm   (1638 words)

 Global warming to hurt Australian agriculture   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The 187,240 proprietors and partners and 311,148 employees in agriculture are on the frontline, facing the adverse effects of rising temperatures, reduced access to water, higher salinity and frequent and intense droughts and floods.
A reduction of another six to 23 percent is expected in the agricultural economy of the Macquarie River Basin.
Berz predicts that the global insurance bill for extreme weather events and rising sea levels may rise tenfold to $290 billion a year by 2050.  Frequent extreme weather events, such as the hailstorm which devastated Sydney in April 1999, are likely to make some parts of the country uninsurable, he warns.
www.twnside.org.sg /title/hurt.htm   (944 words)

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