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In the News (Sun 21 Oct 18)

  Glockenspiel - LoveToKnow 1911
The pyramid-shaped glockenspiel, formerly used in the orchestra for simple rhythmical effects, consists of an octave of semitone, hemispherical bells, placed one above the other and fastened to an iron rod which passes through the centre of each, the bells being of graduated sizes and diminishing in diameter as the pitch rises.
The lyre-shaped glockenspiel, or steel harmonica (Stahlharmonika), is a newer model, which has instead of bells twelve or more bars of steel, graduating in size according to their pitch.
Wagner has used the glockenspiel with exquisite judgment in the fire scene of the last act of Die Walkiire and in the peasants' waltz in the last scene of Die Meistersinger.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Glockenspiel   (446 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Glockenspiel
The glockenspiel (German, "play of bells", also known as orchestra bells and, in its portable form, bell lira or bell lyre) is a musical instrument in the percussion family.
A modern example of the glockenspiel is Steve Reich's 1974 composition Drumming, in which the glockenspiel becomes a major instrument in the 3rd and 4th movements.
The glockenspiel (German, "play of bells", also known as orchestra bells and (in its portable form) lyra) is a musical instrument in the percussion family.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Glockenspiel   (805 words)

 glockenspiel - Encyclopedia.com
The medieval glockenspiel was a sort of miniature carillon (see bell), sometimes played mechanically by means of a rotating cylinder with protruding pins.
The 18th-century glockenspiel had metal bars instead of bells, and in the 19th cent.
Back in (a new) business: Two decades after fire destroyed the Glockenspiel restaurant, the property near Kutztown is being redeveloped.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc.aspx?id=1E1:glockens   (963 words)

 Tuned percussion: the glockenspiel
THE GLOCKENSPIEL (which literally means 'playing bells') has tuned metal bars, usually made of steel, arranged in two rows like the fl and white notes on a piano keyboard.
Sometimes, such as when it’s used in military bands, the glockenspiel is carried on a special frame. The orchestral version of the instrument has a standing frame, or sits on a table top.
There are many instances of the glockenspiel being used in Western classical music, an early one being in the celebrated Dance of the Hours from the opera La Giaconda (1876) by Ponchielli.
www.soundjunction.org /tunedpercussiontheglockenspiel.aspa?NodeID=1   (275 words)

The glockenspiel (German, "play of bells", also known as orchestra bells and (in its portable form) lyra) is a musical instrument in the percussion family.
The glockenspiel's range is limited to the upper register, and usually covers about two and a half to three octaves.
In sheet music, the notes to be played by the glockenspiel are written two octaves lower than they will sound when played.
www.infoweb.co.nz /glockenspiel   (249 words)

  Kids.Net.Au - Encyclopedia > Glockenspiel   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The glockenspiel (German, "play of bells", also known as orchestra bells) is a musical instrument in the percussion family.
The glockenspiel, moreover, is much smaller and higher in pitch.
The glockenspiel's range is limited to the upper register, and usually covers about two and a half to three octaves.
www.kids.net.au /encyclopedia-wiki/gl/Glockenspiel   (249 words)

 Lyra Glockenspiel   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The glockenspiel makes use of the free bar modes.They are not a harmonic sequence, but the fundamental mode produces a clear, bell-like tone.
Sometimes called "orchestra bells", the glockenspiel has rectangular bars 1 in to 1 1/4 in wide and 5/16 to 3/8 thick.
The upper bar modes, which are not harmonics of the fundamental pitch, die away quickly.
hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu /hbase/music/glock.html   (99 words)

 Vienna Symphonic Library
The very first instruments to carry this name did indeed consist of a set of small bells which were played either by a group of musicians or struck by means of a complicated mechanism.
Lower-pitched glockenspiels have short resonators and are generally known as metallophones.
The stand of the open glockenspiel is partly enclosed in the case.
www.vsl.co.at /en-us/70/3196/3204/3208/5759.vsl   (217 words)

 Glochen Spiel, New Rathaus, Munich, Germany  -  Travel Photos by Galen R Frysinger, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
the Glockenspiel in the centre of the Neues Rathaus
On top of the dancers, figures hold a tournament, which was originally held in 1568 at the wedding of Wilhelm II and Renata von Lothringen in 1568.
The Glockenspiel exists since 1903, but the original clocks have been replaced by a music tape.
www.galenfrysinger.com /munich_glockenspiel.htm   (121 words)

 Glockenspiel - Munich
The Glockenspiel is a mechanical thingy located on the front of the Rathaus on Marienplatz in Munich, Germany.
Because the Glockenspiel is, in fact, actually exceedingly dull.
The Glockenspiel celebrates two separate events from Munich's past with two levels of mundane clockwork action.
www.toytowngermany.com /wiki/Glockenspiel   (304 words)

 Anyone play the glockenspiel ????
i also play the glockenspiel and mine is also lyer-shaped and stands on a pole...
I prefer clarinet, glockenspiel was easy compared to the clarinet...
I think the lyre shaped glockenspiels are for marching.
www.8notes.com /f/37_20445.asp   (419 words)

 Glockenspiel - Alles über Pfingsten von A - Z verständlich erklärt.
Glockenspiel - Alles über Pfingsten von A - Z verständlich erklärt.
Beiern ist eine besondere Form des Glockenspiels, die sehr viel Kraftarbeit und auch viel Gefühl verlangt.
Die Glockenspieler schlagen mit Hilfe von Seilen zentnerschwere Klöppel gegen die ruhig hängenden Kirchenglocken.
www.pfingstseiten.de /brauchtum/glockenspiel   (447 words)

 glockenspiel   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Military and marching bands use a portable form called a bell lyre, in which the bars are mounted on an upright frame shaped like a lyre.
The orchestral glockenspiel is played horizontally and can be equipped with a keyboard, allowing the player to produce chords.
Our glockenspiel is housed in the clock tower and makes the art of telling time a lot more fun.
www.schnitzelbank.com /glockenspiel.htm   (183 words)

Glockenspiel is a German word and means "to play the bells".
The glockenspiel is made of steel bars; and is played with mallets.
The CB 25 note glockenspiel has a 2 octave range and produces high tones that are bright and penetrating.
artdrum.com /GLOCKENSPIEL.HTM   (220 words)

 Glockenspiel at the New Town Hall - Munich Tourist Traps - VirtualTourist.com
Glockenspiel at the New Town Hall: The town's best-known and...
The town's best-known and most-visited 'tourist trap' is, of course, the Glockenspiel on the facade of the Rathaus.
Glockenspiel at the New Town Hall: Actually this is not a tourist...
www.virtualtourist.com /travel/Europe/Germany/Bavaria/Munich-36623/Tourist_Traps-Munich-Glockenspiel_at_the_New_Town_Hall-BR-1.html   (734 words)

 Ore. town to build tallest glockenspiel - Boston.com
The 49-foot glockenspiel -- a clock tower with animated figures that sing and tell stories -- will be the tallest in the United States and an appropriate centerpiece for the town's famous Oktoberfest, supporters say.
The glockenspiel will be ready as early as September, just in time for Oktoberfest.
On the glockenspiel's lower level, 5-foot-tall basswood statues representing Mount Angel's past will move on a platform accompanied by music and will tell their story.
www.boston.com /news/odd/articles/2006/03/16/ore_town_to_build_tallest_glockenspiel?mode=PF   (207 words)

 Glockenspiel Letterbox
Normally, glockenspiels are similar to xylophones, except in that they use metal bars.
New Ulm's Glockenspiel is different from a normal glockenspiel not only in its size, but also that it includes 37 bells of various sizes to play its chimes.
Glockenspiel, from the corner the Glockenspiel is on, walk one block to the northeast.
www.geocities.com /the_lb_dragon/MN_boxes/glockspiel.htm   (392 words)

 Encyclopedia of Organ Stops   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It is formed of dish-shaped bells, spiral rods, bars, or tubes made from steel, copper or bronze, and struck by hammers actuated by a pneumatic or electric mechanism.
According to Maclean, on theatre organs the Glockenspiel sounds a single stroke each time a key is pressed, and Bells is the same stop with a reiterating action.
Osiris contains 70 examples of Glockenspiel, of which nearly all are of the percussion variety, two examples of Campanella, both of which are mixtures, two examples of Campanelli, one of which is a mixture and the other of which appears to be a percussion stop, and one example of Stahlspiel.
www.organstops.org /g/Glockenspiel.html   (295 words)

 Glockenspiel Module Students Guide - ACEPT
A guitar string is clamped at both ends, whereas a glockenspiel bar is not.
A vibrating glockenspiel bar must have a fundamentally different way of resonating than a guitar string.
Discuss the similarities and important differences between the vibration of a guitar string and the vibration of a glockenspiel bar.
acept.la.asu.edu /workshops/summer97/mods/exp11/Exp11student.html   (489 words)

 Some Assembly Required: November 10, 2006: Glockenspiel
I first played Glockenspiel on the 6th episode of Some Assembly Required (in February, 1999).
Read on for the SAR Q&A with Glockenspiel's David Jordan, who of course has done much more than just those two tracks as Glockenspiel.
That group is known for lots of experimental projects, including the three he was involved with, Glockenspiel, Beatless and Polycarp, not to mention Silica Gel, Laso Halo, Magwheels, Buttfinger and plenty of others like Catnip, Friend Side Monkey, Banana Twins, Renelvis and A/V Geeks.
www.some-assembly-required.net /blog/2006/11/november-10-2006-glockenspiel.html   (765 words)

 Glockenspiel, Percussion Instrument
Also called orchestra bells, the glockenspiel resembles a small xylophone, but it is made of steel bars.
The glockenspiel is typically played with wooden or plastic mallets, producing a high tuned sound that is bright and penetrating.
The name glockenspiel comes from the German language and means "to play the bells."
www.dsokids.com /2001/dso.asp?PageID=256   (214 words)

 Fall Creek Marimbas – K-100 Series Glockenspiel
Since their inception in 1985, the Fall Creek K-100 Glockenspiels have become the choice of artist-percussionists throughout the world...the standard by which to judge all others.
Since their inception in 1985, the Fall Creek Glockenspiels have become the choice of artist-percussionists throughout the world...the standard by which to judge all others.
As the original "deep box" design in glockenspiels, the idea is an outgrowth of the Orff xylophone "boxes" which are simple but magnificent resonators.
www.marimbas.com /glocks.php   (556 words)

 Das Glockenspiel
Wenn Kantor Ulrich Leykam in den Sommermonaten zu den Grafenberger Glockenspielkonzerten einlädt, kommen Besucher von nah und fern und lassen sich von den archaischen Klängen in den Bann ziehen.
Das Glockenspiel an Melanchthon existiert bereits seit 1964 und ist an der Außenseite des Kirchturms installiert.
Und auch vor jedem Gottesdienst tritt das Glockenspiel in Aktion: mit Melodien, die auf das Kirchenjahr abgestimmt sind, begleitet es die Besucher auf den Weg zur Kirche und stimmt sie auf den Gottesdienst ein.
www.glocken-forum.de /glockenspiel   (256 words)

 Building and Playing a Tubular Glockenspiel by Phil & Sarah Tulga
So take a couple of minutes, play the virtual glockenspiel, learn how to make your instrument, and discover all of the great songs your homemade glockenspiel can play.
Our Virtual Glockenspiel plays the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th notes of the Major Scale.
The pipe lengths are tuned and calibrated to an "A-440", and the frequencies they produce are precisely based on the “12 tone tempered scale.” Additionally, you will learn exactly which pipes to play for the required “C Major Scale between (C4 to C5)”, as well as the formula for equal tempered tuning.
www.philtulga.com /glock.html   (778 words)

 Cory's Web LOG
For those not in the know, Bruce's Born to Run record is littered with glockenspiel.
For example, the famous melody from the song Born to Run is actually a guitar DOUBLED by a glockenspiel.
For this project, I decided to create an addendum to the original and compose, play, and record glockenspiel parts for the songs on Born to Run that do not already feature the instrument (Tenth Avenue Freeze Out, Backstreets, She's the One, Meeting Across the River and Jungleland).
beigerecords.com /cory/Things_I_Made_in_2006/the_born_to_run_glockenspiel_addendum.html   (360 words)

 "Glockenspiel" Funniest Word In English Language
A survey of over 5,000 American linguists revealed that scientifically speaking, "Glockenspiel" is the most humourous word found in the English language, a recently-published paper by esteemed linguist Dr. James Poldrop states.
Though there were "strong contenders" such as "cutlery" and "bona-fide", glockenspiel -- which is simply a percussion instrument consisting of a set of graduated metal bars mounted on a frame and played with small hammers -- ultimately won out as the most consistently funny word.
Poldrop added that the fact that the sentence does not make any sense with glockenspiel implemented is "perfectly fine", and in fact "increases the humour by tenfold".
www.enduringvision.com /archives/glockenspiel.htm   (550 words)

 MySpace.com - glockenspiel - Gothenburg - Melodramatic Popular Song - www.myspace.com/glockenspielband
One out of every fifth member of Glockenspiel is inspired by Formula 1-racing, popcorn, crosswordpuzzles and cowboy-hats.
Formed in the fall of 2005 glockenspiel is a five-piece consisting of members from not every, but some corners of Sweden who for the time happen to live in Gothenburg were we recide and rehearse.
Ser fram emot att spela med er den 26:e.
www.myspace.com /glockenspielband   (632 words)

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