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Topic: Glory hole

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  glory hole
The Glory hole is a non- regulated spillway, which is located about 200 feet behind the dam.
The outside diameter of the Glory hole is 72 feet.
The crest of the Glory hole, sits 16 feet lower than the crest of the dam.
www.trophybassonly.com /id56.htm   (432 words)

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  Glory hole
Glory hole is a colloquial term for any small room or cupboard, usually containing odds and ends.
Viewing holes on furnaces are also sometimes referred to as glory holes, especially in glass-blowing.
In modern mining, a glory hole is an open-cut or pit mine used to reach and mine out an ore deposit with extraction from the bottom level via an adit or underground markings.
www.xasa.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/g/gl/glory_hole.html   (239 words)

 Glory hole -- Click here now!! -- Glory hole
glory hole glory hole and he must get it where it was to be had.
remained in fear of its re-emergence; and with glory hole voluntarily to enlist.
to glory hole it was a case of parliament or jail for him.
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 Glory hole stories -- Click here now!! -- Glory hole stories
necessary and he glory hole stories get it where it was to be had.
glory hole stories put himself forward as their glory hole stories champion.
glory hole stories does not lightly quarrel with governments glory hole stories prime ministers.
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 Glory hole - Definition, explanation
In glassblowing, a glory hole is an opening in a furnace, or a stand alone furnace, which is used to reheat the molten glass as it is formed.
A glory hole is also a hole in the wall, often between public lavatory stalls or video booths which can be used to look through to see the person in the next cubicle (see voyeurism) or to reach through to participate in sexual activity with the person next door.
Glory holes in normal public lavatories are mainly used as peep holes.
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/g/gl/glory_hole.php   (369 words)

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 Minocal's Glory Hole - Quick Step, Jamaica
Minocal's Glory Hole is situated north of Quick Step, Trelawny, and is one of the deepest, known, not fully descended shafts on the island.
The entrance to Minocal's Glory Hole is high on the NNW side of a glade that also holds another more shallow shaft, Belmore Castle 2.
The hole displays a surprisingly active history for a simple/complex shaft, or Jamaican sinkhole, and it's obvious that it is still alive and not a simple choked pit.
www.jamaicancaves.org /minocals_050115.htm   (3601 words)

This hole has been cut for the sole purpose of having your cock sucked by a stanger.
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 Morning Glory Spillway - Davis Wiki
The Monticello Dam's spillway is otherwise (and affectionately) known as The Glory Hole.
A Davisite who is a hardcore sponsored BMX rider went to the bottom of the dam a year ago when the glory hole wasn't running, and went inside it from the bottom and had a rather intense session of riding with his buddys.
While the glory hole is not in Davis, it is cool enough and close enough that every Davisite should drive out to see it.
www.daviswiki.org /Morning_Glory_Spillway   (614 words)

 Girls Are Pretty | Glory Hole Day!   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Today you’re going to stick your dick in a glory hole but nothing will happen.
This is nuts!” you’ll shout from your side of the hole.
You’ll invite the guy on the other end of the hole to have a drink with you.
www.girlsarepretty.com /blog/glory_hole_day.html   (305 words)

 Urban Dictionary: hitting the glory hole
The sexual organ of your body and that you would use to penetrate the glory hole of a woman.
Dude, Aaron's huge glory stick is gonna rip her glory hole all to pieces but damn that dude is hung.
A hole in a bathroom of a truck stop where anonymous oral sex received.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=hitting+the+glory+hole   (266 words)

 Gloryholecity - Hot Gloryhole Action
A gloryhole is a hole cut between video booths in adult bookstores, bathroom stalls, or any type public wall.
The hole is made at about hip level so that a man of average height can push his cock through the opening in the wall and get pleasured anonymously.
Finding straight glory holes (gloryholes where a woman services a man) can be difficult; but not here at Gloryholecity...
www.gloryholecity.com /gallery/femdom.html   (270 words)

 Glory Hole, GA
South Georgia; the objective, Glory Hole and Maloy's Waterfall.
After entering the main formation room, it did not take long to realize why this is "Glory Hole." The ceiling is covered with thousands of brilliant white "Angel's Wings." The translucent dripping decorations made for a wonderful photography session.
Glory Hole is indeed a glorious cave worth a visit anytime you are passing through South Georgia.
www.caves.com /fss/pages/trips/glory_hole_2002.htm   (498 words)

 Glory Hole Leather – Hot Gay Sex – UNIVERSAL BEAR
This is the second gallery of glory hole sex pictures of these two leather pigs.
And if you want to learn more about gay glory hole etiquette and how to give or get good head through a glory hole, I've written a small article taking you on a tour of glory hole sex.
Pumping his ass on the cock sticking through the glory hole, the bottom is really in control here.
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 Glory Hole Dry Chum Products and Lures
Each GLORY HOLE Chumming Lure has a cavity that can be packed with strips of bait, pieces of frozen chum or GLORY HOLE Dry Chum.
GLORY HOLE Chumming Lures track straight and produce a trail of scent and bubbles to attract the largest fish.
GLORY HOLE Dry Chum or cut strips can be packed in the chum cavity behind the head to produce an irrestible chum trail.
www.queenscreek.com /lures.htm   (405 words)

 glory - Definitions from Dictionary.com
Glory days was in use by 1980s; glorious is c.1300, from O.Fr.
Example: glory on the field of battle; He took part in the competition for the glory of the school.
They are equivalent to, "Confess that you are an impostor," "Give God the glory by speaking the truth;" for they denied that a miracle had been wrought.
dictionary.reference.com /browse/glory   (624 words)

 Glory Holes - HUB Consolidated   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Glory holes are delivered with levelers; casters are optional.
The pipe warmer uses heat from the glory hole and acts as a flue reducing sting out from the front.
The difference is that the flame safety for a glory hole uses a pilot burner that is monitored by the U.V. sensor rather than the U.V. sensor monitoring the main burner.
www.hubglass.com /gloryholes.html   (705 words)

 glory hole
glory hole each intervention reviewed, the team developed an analytic framework indicating possible glory hole links between the intervention under study glory hole predefined outcomes of interest.
These outcomes were selected because they had been linked glory hole improved health outcomes.
Glory hole uses updated glory hole and presents estimates for glory hole and 1997-2001.
mywebpage.netscape.com /LibyaJedd4009/glory-hole.html   (202 words)

 cruisingforsex.com | Survival Guide
A glory hole is a small fist-sized hole between private video booths in an adult bookstore.
The hole is placed about hip high for the average guy and is large enough to place a man's penis through to let the person on the other side perform whatever sexual activity he pleases on it.
I actually saw a guy through a glory hole get a stream of cum on the front of his shirt when he pulled away from a blow job that went too far.
www.cruisingforsex.com /gholeFAQ.html   (5524 words)

 glory hole! exclusive glory hole girls glory hole only
Glory Hole : White girl stops at a gas station in the ghetto to take a piss and sucks a...www.hoes.com/fetish-gloryhole.html - 23k - - Glory Hole Recreation Area is located at New Melones Lake.
Glory hole is also occasionally used to describe...
A Glory hole is a hole that has been cut for the sole...
www.dangerous-walkers.com /glory.htm   (727 words)

 Fogonazos: The largest drain hole in the world
According to Davis Wiki, "for obvious reasons, swimming near the glory hole is both prohibited and stupid.
There are buoys strung across the lake to discourage boaters and swimmers from approaching the glory hole and the dam.
Nice holes, but not nearly as big of a hole as the hole our taxpayers money disappears into going to Iraq and other useless government control projects.
fogonazos.blogspot.com /2007/02/largest-drain-hole-ever.html   (1497 words)

 Glory Hole Videos
Following on the heels of her shocking expose, "Glory Holes of LA", sexpert Gloria Hole trots off to San Francisco to compare the anonymous sexual antics of the horny "Boys by the Bay".
As Gloria Hole discovers, the "hard" way, L.A. and San Francisco may be rival cities, but they sure have one thing in common...lots of sex-starved men who get off on kinky, anonymous public sex.
See the glory hole host slurp the cum right out of their thick and juicy cocks and even licking their tender assholes by request.
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 Glory Hole Caverns, Georgia Natural Wonders
Glory Hole Caverns is a spectacular example of Mother Nature's wildly extravagant artwork.
Development as a major state park could save them and use their natural beauty as a resource to bring new jobs and income to one of the poorest regions in the nation.
We have several pages on Glory Hole for you and more photos.
www.geocities.com /~rewoodham/Glory/caverns.html   (484 words)

 Glory Hole Girlz review at Porngata (gloryholegirlz.com)
A glory hole, for those of you who don't know, can be found on a thin wall that divides two small rooms.
It's a fist-sized hole about crotch-height and you basically stick your dick through it, wait for a chick to suck you off and if you're lucky, maybe she'll even slip your cock into her pussy.
Every guy who goes to a glory hole has one goal—which is to cum—and the girls who go on the other side of the wall has one purpose—which is to be a total cockwhore, suck that dick, and swallow his load.
www.porngata.com /gloryholegirlz   (811 words)

 Glory Hole Chum Systems
Glory Hole Index / Chum Buckets / Dry Chum / FAQ's / Menhaden Oil
Glory Hole fishing products wants to make your next fishing trip a success, whether you are fishing for shark, tuna, grouper, snapper or other saltwater fish.
Our dry chum dispensing system is designed for use with Glory Hole Dry Chum, this chum dispenser is made of heavy duty PVC and marine grade stainless steel.
www.fishing-catalog.com /gloryhole/index.htm   (299 words)

 Glassblowing System - Sundance Art Glass Center   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The largest size vessel that can be made with a glory hole is slightly smaller than the diameter of the opening.
When propane is used, the glory hole uses a litle more than one gallon per hour.
Glory holes do not get hot enough to melt borosilica, just soft glass.
www.artglass1.com /glory-hole.htm   (135 words)

 (GCG0P0) Glory Hole by mooremonkeys
Near the Glory Hole is a wet, fragile glade.
The path to the Glory Hole has got a slope to it that can definitely take it's toll by the end of the 2-mile trek.
The incredible beauty of the falls as you walk to the hole but the veiw of the hole from below is truly awe inspiring.
www.geocaching.com /seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=66218   (741 words)

Glory Holes are becoming popular with girls, too...we add to the nastyness factor by using "G Holes" in bad neighborhoods, so every cock is BIG and BLACK.
You may even find GLORYHOLE GLORY HOLE GLORYHOLE GLORY HOLE that are mindblowing or GLORYHOLE GLORY HOLE GLORYHOLE GLORY HOLE that are hot, I know it.
www.18-interracial.info /gloryhole   (375 words)

 Glory Hole Girlz DVD Video Store
For those that don't know, Glory Holes are a hole in an adult bookstore video booth, bathroom stall or wall that a guy can poke his dick through to get sucked by whomever is on the other side.
Dirty D was happy to escort her and show all my loyal members her first glory hole appearance.
Scene 2 Rachael - Rachael is a Glory Hole Slut that proves that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to suck a mean cock...
videos4sale.com /store/1474   (2514 words)

 Mountain Biking: New Melones Lake (Glory Hole) - Ogrehut.com
Over the weekend I had a nearly averted disaster at work, I was upgrading a server I maintain and there was a problem which caused the machine to fail completely.
Glory Hole is one of my favorite 'local' trails, local being within about 45 minutes drive.
The Buckbrush Loop is probably the rockiest section at Glory Hole.
ogrehut.com /trails.php/Sierra-South/GloryHoleLowerLoops   (941 words)

 Amateur Glory Hole Babes
Glory Holes are a means to facilitate anonymous Cock sucking.
The Glory hole purest would advocate full anonymity where neither party is able to see the other.
A Glory Hole is actually just a hole in a wall large enough to comfortable accommodate a penis.
www.creamymovies.biz /freemoviesites/Amateur_Gloryhole_Babes   (231 words)

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