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Topic: Gluten

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  Gluten - LoveToKnow 1911   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
GLUTEN, a tough, tenacious, ductile, somewhat elastic, nearly tasteless and greyish-yellow albuminous substance, obtained from the flour of wheat by washing in water, in which it is insoluble.
Gluten is employed in the manufacture of gluten bread and biscuits for the diabetic, and of chocolate, and also in the adulteration of tea and coffee.
Granulated gluten is a kind of vermicelli, made in some starch manufactories by mixing fresh gluten with twice its weight of flour, and granulating by means of a cylinder and contained stirrer, each armed with spikes, and revolving in opposite directions.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Gluten   (394 words)

 Coeliac disease (coeliac sprue or gluten allergy)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Gluten, a substance found in wheat, barley and rye, reacts with the small bowel, causing damage by activating the immune system to attack the delicate lining of the bowel, which is responsible for absorbing nutrients and vitamins.
Gluten occurs in bread, biscuits, cakes and pastries, pasta, breakfast cereals and is also used in some manufactured soups and sauces.
Gluten is also 'hidden' in some foods such as crisps and similar snacks, as well as chips in restaurants.
www.netdoctor.co.uk /diseases/facts/glutenallergy.htm   (1926 words)

 Celiac Disease - Gluten Free Diet Information Center   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Celiac Disease (also known as coeliac, nontropical sprue, celiac sprue, gluten intolerant enteropathy, or gluten sensitive enteropathy) is a digestive disease that damages the small intestine and interferes with absorption of nutrients from food.
Gluten is found mainly in foods, but is also found in products we use every day, such as stamp and envelope adhesive, medicines, and vitamins.
It can develop from infancy (as soon as gluten associated foods are consumed) or at any time after that in later life (even though you may not have experienced any previous effects through consuming wheat and gluten).
www.gluten-free-online.com /Articles.htm   (1847 words)

 Gluten in Chinese Herbs: Addressing the Concerns of Those with Celiac Sprue
For those attempting a gluten free diet, foods made with rye and barley must be avoided, and especially if they make up any significant part of a meal (thus, one can't replace wheat bread or breakfast cereal with a similar product made from these other grains).
For those whose condition is diagnosed relatively early, the gluten free or nearly gluten free diet allows for complete recovery; for those who have had the disease for decades and just now reduce their gluten intake, the extent of recovery of the intestinal lining may be limited.
For those who are seeking to avoid any exposure to gluten, the wheat and barley ingredients would be entirely avoided, while for those who wish to simply keep exposure to a minimum, these substances might be used if the quantity can be limited (i.e., they represent a small fraction of the formulation).
www.itmonline.org /arts/gluten.htm   (2262 words)

 DrKalish.com: Gluten Sensitivity
With sub-clinical gluten intolerance you can also safely eat any type of meat, poultry or fish, including chicken, turkey, beef, pork, lamb, tuna, salmon, etc. All vegetables and any type of fruit is o.k., as are all beans, except in some cases soybeans may be a problem.
Sub-clinical gluten intolerance is often confused with a medical condition called celiac disease, celiac sprue or non-tropical sprue, sometimes referred to as gluten enteropathy or gluten intolerance.
The reaction to gluten in celiac disease is similar to sub-clinical gluten intolerance, except as to the degree of intensity.
www.drkalish.com /info/gluten/article1.htm   (4391 words)

 SEITAN--THE VEGETARIAN WHEAT MEAT -- The Vegetarian Resource Group
I have had the most luck using high gluten flour or vital wheat gluten, although I have found that until you become familiar with the texture you are aiming for during the mixing and kneading process, the results will vary somewhat.
The added benefit of using this method is that you can flavor the gluten during the kneading process by adding herbs and spices of your choosing other than the traditional ginger and garlic.
If you choose to deep-fry the gluten, the fat content will jump from virtually zero to the number of grams in whatever oil is absorbed (at 4.5 grams per teaspoon).
www.vrg.org /recipes/vjseitan.htm   (1822 words)

 Gluten-Free Diet Information Sheet
A gluten-free diet is essential for people who have coeliac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis (a gluten induced skin sensitivity).
Gluten is a mixture of proteins found in some cereals, particularly wheat.
It is the gliadin component of gluten which is responsible for coeliac disease.
www.vegsoc.org /info/gluten.html   (1036 words)

 BBC - Food - Recipes - Gluten-free food
Gluten is the protein that is found in a number of grains including wheat, barley, rye and oats.
The reason eating gluten makes coeliacs ill has to do with the villi, which are finger-like projections in the small intestine.
Coeliac disease, on the other hand, is known as an autoimmune disease because the presence of gluten in a coeliac's diet causes an immune reaction.
www.bbc.co.uk /food/recipes/mostof_coeliac1.shtml   (965 words)

They claim that gluten sensitivity (GS) is at the root of a proportion of cases of cancer, auto-immune disorders, neurological and psychiatric conditions and liver disease.
Ingestion of gluten proteins, from the common food grains wheat, rye, and barley, by coeliac patients results in the flattening of the epithelial villous lining of the small intestine, which leads to malabsorption of nutrients, weight loss and a whole host of other symptoms, including intestinal malignancies.
Gluten is like a poison to people with celiac disease, because it damages their intestines.
www.vaccinetruth.org /gluten.htm   (8701 words)

 Gluten & Casein - Peptides from Casomorphin & Gliadorphin
Gliadorphin (or gluteomorphin) is a peptide derived from the wheat protein gluten.
We suspect that these peptides may also be elevated in other disorders such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and depression based on anecdotal reports of symptom remission after exclusion of wheat and dairy.
The peptides from gluten and casein are important because the react with opiate receptors in the brain, thus mimicking the effects of opiate drugs like heroin and morphine.
www.greatplainslaboratory.com /gluten-casein.html   (496 words)

 Gluten Sensitivity
Gluten is a protein found in grains such as: Wheat, Rye, Barley, and Oats*
Celiac Disease, or "CD", is a chronic, inherited trait that results in an immune-mediated response the intake of gluten (from wheat, rye and barley).
Gluten Sensitivity should NOT be self-diagnosed, since other medical problems could cause similar symptoms.
www.wegmans.com /eatWellLiveWell/foodAllergies/gluten.asp   (444 words)

 Celiac Disease   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The length of time a person is breastfed, the age a person started eating gluten-containing foods, and the amount of gluten containing foods one eats are three factors thought to play a role in when and how celiac appears.
Since gluten is also sometimes used as an additive in unexpected products, it is important to read all labels.
In addition, researchers are studying the substances found in gluten that are believed to be responsible for the destruction of the immune system function, as happens in celiac disease.
digestive.niddk.nih.gov /ddiseases/pubs/celiac   (3244 words)

 Gluten-Free Diet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Gluten is wheat gum, the insoluble component of grains (such as wheat,
Gluten allergies can often start in childhood as a result of early feeding of grains; consider breast-feeding your child for the first six months.
Gluten challenge in children with dermatitis herpetiformis: a clinical, morphological and immunohistological study.
www.kroger.com /hn/Diet/Gluten_Free_Diet.htm   (1360 words)

 Gluten & Disease
Allergy to gluten is a common cause of eczema, hives and asthma.
Gluten Free: The exclusion of wheat, rye, barley are the initial steps when gluten intolerance is suspected.
Gluten restriction should be part of a more comprehensive dietary study, preferably in the form outlined in the Alpha Nutrition Program.
www.nutramed.com /celiac   (692 words)

 Wheat gluten (food) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wheat gluten, although not as well known, is an alternative to soy-based meat substitutes such as tofu; some types may taste even more like meat than tofu due to their chewy and/or stringy texture.
As prepared in macrobiotic practice, seitan consists of powdered wheat gluten, which is extracted from whole wheat flour by washing the flour and rinsing away the starch.
The gluten powder (also called vital wheat gluten or gluten flour) is then mixed with just enough water to form a stiff paste, which is then kneaded in order to produce a firm, stringy texture.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Wheat_gluten_(food)   (1585 words)

 Turf: Corn Gluten Meal
Since corn gluten kills only the roots of sprouting seeds, it can be used around transplants and established vegetables, flowers, fruit, shrubs and lawns.
Corn gluten is a fine yellow powder, usually pelletized for easier application.
Corn gluten sold as a preemergent herbicide may indeed contain GMO corn, but it has not yet been tested.
www.uwex.edu /ces/wihort/turf/CornGluten.htm   (785 words)

 Dietary autism treatment through a gluten-free, casein-free diet.
Gluten is a protein fraction found in all wheat, rye, barley, and most oat products.
Gluten is virtually everywhere, hidden in thousands of foods you would never think of: soups, sauces, candy, cereals, breads, pastas, cookies, etc. Likewise, casein is present in ALL forms of dairy, including but not limited to, cheese, creams, many sauces, butter, yogurt, ice cream, anything with whey, caseinate, etc.
However, we at Gluten Solutions are absolutely convinced that the GFCF diet helps a majority of Autistic children, many of them quite dramatically and within a couple of weeks.
www.glutensolutions.com /autism.htm   (1582 words)

 What is Gluten?
Gluten is the name of the insoluble protein in wheat.
If you use a flour which contains less gluten, your bread may not rise as high, as it may not be able to hold as many gas bubbles.
A rough guideline for adding gluten to a recipe is to add 1 teaspoon of vital gluten per cup of whole grain flour in your recipes.
breaddaily.tripod.com /id465.htm   (482 words)

 Corn gluten meal and corn gluten hydrolysate for weed control
Studies with corn gluten meal have shown increased crabgrass control in the second year of a study on the same plot (Bingaman et al., 1998), and CGH likely has a similar effect in the second year of a study.
The results of these studies suggest that corn gluten meal may be used to control weeds in a vegetable transplant system, and that corn gluten hydrolysate may be used to control crabgrass and improve visual quality in turfgrass.
Corn gluten hydrolysate has an advantage with regard to its solubility, and it could be tested with other carriers that may improve its herbicidal activity in the field.
www.gluten.iastate.edu /mcdade.html   (8950 words)

 Gluten   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Gluten damages the lining of the small intestine, reducing its ability to absorb adequate nutrients from food, resulting in illness which may resemble malnutrition, The treatment for Coeliac Disease is a strict gluten-free diet for life.
Gluten is also contained in manufactured and processed foods where wheat flour is commonly used as a processing aid, a binder, a filler or as a carrier for favourings and spices.
Years ago it was believed that all the protein could be removed, It is now recognised that it is technically impossible to remove all traces of protein and a small amount remains.
www.internethealthlibrary.com /DietandNutrition/gluten.htm   (792 words)

 Corn Gluten Meal Research Page
The second patent was on 5 dipeptides extracted from the hydrolyzed corn gluten meal.
These dipeptides were shown to have the same type of biological activity observed when the corn gluten meal and the hydrolyzed meal are applied to the soil.
Isolation and Identification of Root-Inhibiting Compounds from Corn Gluten Hydrolysate, J Plant Growth Regul (1994) 13:227-230.
www.gluten.iastate.edu   (453 words)

Sugar tenderizes (and of course makes it sweet) because it prevents the flour from forming gluten (gluten is formed when wheat flour is mixed with water or moisture).
Water and milk enhance the development of gluten and/or gelatinization of starch in the flour or the setting of the structure (baking) and thus serve as a toughener.
They also shorten the length of the gluten strands when the flour is stirred with that moisture (that's why they're called "shorteners"), preventing a tough baked good or tenderize.
www.baking911.com /howto/how_baking_works.htm   (6190 words)

 Gluten-Free Diet - www.Vitacost.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Gluten is wheat gum, the insoluble component of grains (such as wheat, barley, and rye).
In people with celiac disease, eating gluten causes inflammation in and damage to the lining of the small intestine, resulting in diarrhea, malabsorption, fat in the stool, and nutritional and vitamin deficiencies.
However, oats may be contaminated with gluten from other grains during processing; therefore only useing only oat products tested and guaranteed to be free of gluten is recommended.
www.vitacost.com /science/hn/Diet/Gluten_Free_Diet.htm   (2068 words)

 Glutenfreeda : Cooking Naturally Gluten-free
A croissant is a croissant because of gluten.
The elimination of gluten means the elimination of a lot of other things your body doesn’t need like fast food, preservatives, etc. We also know that breads and wheat and other cereal grains do supply nutrients — so how do we make sure we get these nutrients without eating wheat?
By choosing foods that are high in the nutrients usually supplied by gluten breads and other cereal grains.
www.glutenfreeda.com /aug03_naturallygf.asp   (1319 words)

 Gluten-Free Diet
Gluten is the protein part of wheat, rye, barley, and other related grains.
This condition is known as celiac disease (sometimes called non-tropical sprue or gluten sensitive enteropathy).
When patients totally eliminate gluten from the diet, the lining of the intestine has a chance to heal.
www.gicare.com /pated/edtgs06.htm   (1250 words)

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