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Topic: Glycerine

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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

  Glycerin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Glycerin is used in glycerin soap, in cosmetics and creams, in foods, in chemistry, and in glycerin Fog machine mist.
Glycerin is produced from dihydroxyacetone phosphate (DHAP) by the enzyme glycerol three-phosphate dehydrogenase (Gpd p) in the mitochondrion of the eukaryotic cell during glycolysis.
Glycerin is a component of glycerin soap, which is made from denatured alcohol, glycerin, sodium castorate (from castor), sodium cocoate, sodium tallowate, sucrose, water and parfum (fragrance).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Glycerine   (984 words)

 Acme-Hardesty Glycerine 99.5% Details
Glycerine has many other uses, such as in antifreeze fluids for automatic sprinkler systems, defrosting for glass, de-icing, and in electrolytic fluids for making galvanized cloth and lightning arrestors.
Glycerine is found in cleansing materials such as soaps and synthetic detergents.
Glycerine is used in cough medicines and anesthetics, for ear treatments, and in bacteriological media.
www.acme-hardesty.com /productdetails.cfm?PID=28   (543 words)

 Why Glycerine USP?
The terms glycerin, glycerine, and glycerol are often used interchangeably in the literature.
Glycerin is one of the most versatile and valuable chemical substances known to man. It possesses a unique combination of physical and chemical properties that are utilized in myriad products.
Glycerin is used in many consumer products such as personal care preparations, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and foods because of its contribution to product properties, stability and compatibility with a wide variety of chemicals, and relative non-toxicity.
www.cleaning101.com /oleo/whygly2.html   (529 words)

 DOW Glycerine
Glycerine is a 1,2,3 Trihydroxy propane, a trihydric alcohol.
Glycerine is also commonly referred to as glycerol and glycerin.
Fat and oil-based glycerines are derived as by-products from a variety of industrial processes including soap making, fatty acids and alcohols, and methyl fatty acid esters.
www.dow.com /glycerine/faq_1.htm   (489 words)

 Article: Nutrition Bars: Good or Bad for You?
Glycerine and glycerol are one in the same and represent the chemical backbone to which one, two, or three fatty acid side chains are attached to create what we commonly know as fat.
Glycerine is generally used to make a bar stay soft, in the face of ever increasing amounts of protein, by trapping water within the bar.
Glycerine's water binding ability helps keep bars soft and also may be of benefit to endurance athletes and bodybuilders alike.
www.getbig.com /articles/nutritionbars.htm   (3381 words)

 Glycerine: Journey to Forever
Glycerine moisturizes the skin, but commercial soap manufacturers remove the glycerine for use in lotions and creams, which are more profitable.
Saponified glycerine by-product is a great cleaner, we use it for all cleaning jobs, whether to clean old machine parts filthy with dirt and grease, or as an effective and economical dishwasher, or an excellent hand-cleaner.
Glycerine is also a source of lecithin (used in foods as a fat emulsifier, and a vital component of all cell membrances in the body) and of tocopherols (vitamin E).
journeytoforever.org /biodiesel_glycerin.html   (4258 words)

 Vegetable Glycerine Profile
This variety of Glycerine is suitable for food and cosmetic use and is USP standard 99.7% (the rest is water) with no added stabilizers, preservatives and other ingredients.
Vegetable glycerine comes to us through a very complex and sophisticated method of extraction known as Hydrolysis, and the end product that we refer to as "Vegetable Glycerine" is usually the by-product of another oils production.
Vegetable Glycerine is a clear, colorless, and odorless liquid with an incredibly sweet taste having the consistency of thick syrup.
www.botanical.com /products/learn/vegetable-glycerine.html   (381 words)

 Absolute alcohol using glycerine
The alcohol vapor thus obtained passes through column G, which is fed glycerine by a float chamber I and a flow meter J. The dehydrating liquid is contained in a feeder tank shown in the drawing, and can be readily heated or cooled by a serpentine heat exchanger coil.
For glycerine that is carbonated by the addition of potassium carbonate, the correct temperature is approximately 160 to 170 degrees.
The regeneration of the glycerine is obtained in two stages: 1st, alcohol stripping in column M; 2nd, complete dehydration in column O which operates under vacuum.
journeytoforever.org /biofuel_library/Mariller.html   (2606 words)

 Alana Ecology Use of Glycerine Jelly
A small piece of glycerine jelly will melt in the microwave after only a few seconds - or in a test tube placed in a small bath of water above 80 degrees C. Placing the finished slide in the fridge for a few minutes will hasten the setting process.
Glycerine jelly mounted slides will dry back over time and the coverslips may eventually fall off the slide.
Glycerine jelly is particularly ideal for temporary mounts needed for a few weeks or so. They can be used immediately the mountant has cooled, whereas aqueous mountant preparations are not robust for a number of days.
www.alanaecology.com /acatalog/Use_of_Glycerine_Jelly.html   (141 words)

 [No title]
Glycerine is a naturally occuring organic molecule that is manufactured by all animals.
Glycerine itself is a molecule made of three connected carbon atoms, with an OH or hydroxl group at one end.
A few drops of glycerine added to low proof moonshine would cause the moonshine to form "beads" around the edge of the jar like those created when high proof liquor is shaken.
homedistiller.org /aging.htm   (10581 words)

 NOW Foods Vegetable Glycerine
Glycerine is often used in low "net carb" products to retain moisture and sweetness.
Glycerine is commonly used for this purpose in most protein bars so that the bars stay moist and chewy.
Although glycerine is a carbohydrate, it has a different metabolic effect on the body.
www.netrition.com /now_glycerine_page.html   (531 words)

 Glycerine by Bush Songfacts
Glycerine is a chemical used in perfumes and medicines and also to preserve food.
The title comes from the explosive applications of glycerine to stabilize nitro: in an interview Rossdale said the song was about how love was like a bomb.
I think this was the perfect simile in summarising the relationship he was in with his girlfriend at the time: one second everything was fine...perfume, the next it was war...
www.songfacts.com /detail.php?id=1085   (1757 words)

 Clear Glycerine Glycerin Soap Base Web-Site, Resource And Results
Soap base, glycerin melt and pour glycerin soap microwave it.
Pillar candles handmade glycerin soaps made from translucent, vegetable base glycerin, a natural product of traditional soap making.
Pour pure glycerine soap making base kit, ends aug pure glycerine soap making base kit, ends aug 4 2 29 pm pdt.
www.mysoapsandlotions.com /clear-glycerine-glycerin-soap-base.html   (1044 words)

 Glycerine recovery through process improvements   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Glycerine is a valuable product, and unrecovered glycerine contributes to high chemical oxygen demand (COD) of wastewater.
Through constant monitoring, Philipinas Kao was able to optimize operating conditions of the glycerine process, which involved the reaction of crude coconut oil with methanol, to produce methyl ester and glycerine, using sulfuric acid as a catalyst.
PKI reduced glycerine loss by 32 per cent, thus increasing the daily glycerine yield by 5 per cent that is, an additional 6 kilograms.
www.emcentre.com /unepweb/tec_case/chemical_24/process/p2.htm   (333 words)

The colour of foliage preserved in glycerine is usually brown, but different types of plant material will glycerine to different shades of brown, from straw colour, through olive, to tan to nearly fl, and every shade in between!
For example, Beech leaves will preserve to a different brown when glycerined in July, than they will in August, and if they are kept in the dark whilst being preserved, they will turn a deep olive colour, but if done in light, they will turn tan colour.
It is important to condition your plant material before glycerining to be sure they are drinking, as the glycerine solution is thicker than water, and will often clog stems, resulting in wilting.
www.thegardener.btinternet.co.uk /preserving.html   (2288 words)

 Making glycerine soap   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Glycerin was first observed by the Swedish chemist Scheele in 1779,...
All the glycerin naturally produced during the soap making process is retained in all Sappo Hill soap.
Glycerin (Vegetable Derived) - Use this in your transparent soaps and...
www.integralphotography.com /making-glycerine-soap.html   (1077 words)

 GLYCERIN, GLYCERINE - Online Information article about GLYCERIN, GLYCERINE
property, these natural fatty bodies and various artificial derivatives of glycerin, which behave in the same way when treated with alkalis, are known as glycerides.
soap-making the glycerin remains dissolved in the aqueous liquors from which the soap is separated.
Glycerin was discovered in 1779 by K. See also:
encyclopedia.jrank.org /GEO_GNU/GLYCERIN_GLYCERINE.html   (265 words)

 Become.com - Shop results for glycerine
Glycerin is a humectant which, through its hydro-scopic action, draws moisture into the skin naturally.
This Men's Glycerin Cleansing Bar by Anthony Logistics is safe for all skin types and is allergy tested.
Glycerine and Rosewater Satin Shower Body Wash combines rosewater, chamomile, comfrey and oils of sunflower, apricot and vitamin E to insure a...
www.become.com /shop?q=glycerine   (241 words)

 Wholesome Sweeteners | Honey, Muscovado Sugar, Vegetable Glycerine, Stevia
Vegetable Glycerine is a clear, colorless, thick liquid with a natural, moderately sweet taste.
100% food grade vegetable glycerine is comprised of 99.7% fatty esters, made from either coconut or palm oil.
The remaining 0.3% of vegetable glycerine is water.
www.wildernessfamilynaturals.com /wholesome_sweeteners.htm   (724 words)

 Lycos Search: Bush Glycerine
Compare Glycerin Prices at Bizrate - Welcome to Bizrate.co.uk - one of the Web's most powerful and easy-to-use shopping search engines.
Glycerine NET CD Single by Bush at eil.com new, rare, promo and collectable vinyl records, CDs and memorabilia...
Glycerine by Bush - guitar chords, guitar tabs and lyrics -...
search.lycos.co.uk /cgi-bin/pursuit?query=Bush+Glycerine&...&enc=utf-8   (227 words)

 Methods of Preserving Flowers
Drying flowers is a rewarding experience because it is easy to do, the flowers usually dry remarkably well, and they last for many years.
Flowers can be preserved in different ways: hanging and pressing, with glycerine, or using various drying agents such as sand, homemade mixtures, or silica gel.
Use two parts of water to one part of glycerine, making sure the water is luke warm for better mixing and faster absorption.
www.ext.nodak.edu /extpubs/plantsci/landscap/h1037w.htm   (1576 words)

 Aromatherapy, Glycerine Soap, Goats Milk Soap, Incense, Spa Products
Glycerine soaps, goats milk soap, aromatherapy products, spa products & a wide variety of incense sticks and cones are just a few of the great products you'll find here at Mystick Scents!!
All the bath & body products and glycerine soaps are available in over 15 wonderful scents.
No images, illustrations, text or design work from this website may be copied without the written consent of the website owner.
www.mystickscents.com   (398 words)

 Glycerine Instructions Making Soap   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Melt and pour glycerine soap base is a great...
Glycerine Soap Base - Standard melt and pour glycerine soap.
Your soap is high in glycerine content which softens the skin...
www.soapmakinginstructions.info /vendedor/glycerine-instructions-making-soap.html   (427 words)

 Glycerine Nirvana News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Glycerine markets are renowned for their complexity and unpredictability … hundreds of end uses for glycerine.
Glycerine 99.5% Our refined glycerine is a clear, colorless liquid with a slightly sweet taste.
Glycerine and Rosewater Hand and Body Lotion Glycerine and Rosewater Hand and Body Lotion 8 oz.
www.kellysfindithere26.info   (763 words)

 Soap - Glycerine Soap   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Glycerine soap with energizing ginger and lime essential oils...
This Glycerine soap was made using raw ingredients of the highest purity and contains absolutely no animal...
all information about handmade glycerine soap, where to find all answers about handmade glycerine soap, some details...
www.soapgateway.com /links/glycerine-soap.html   (758 words)

 Glycerine Soap Making   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The source for glycerine soap - Life of the Party- The number one glycerine soap supplier in America - Life of the Party.
Melt and pour glycerine soap base is a great way to make soap, and unlike traditional soap making - it is...
Aloe vera, sunflower oil, glycerine are all good moisturisers and should be present in the ingredients list of your product.
www.soapmakinginstructions.info /vendedor/glycerine-soap-making.html   (334 words)

 30% Off Clearly Natural Glycerine Soap - C
Clearly Natural uses only vegetable-based glycerine to create their ever popular original glycerine bar, and now a full line of affordable specialty and designer soaps.
Glycerine, a humectant, draws moisture to the skin naturally and never leaves skin feeling dry or taut.
Their high glycerine content can be seen in the clarity of their bars, you can actually see and feel the quality.
www.myvitanet.com /clearnatsoap.html   (610 words)

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