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 Contact (novel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some of Sagan's character traits are evident in the main character, Ellie Arroway, and the novel serves as an entertaining platform in which he encapsulates ideas surrounding many of his life's interests, especially the first contact with extraterrestrials.
Contact is a science fiction novel written by Carl Sagan and published in 1985.
Sagan's only novel allows the reader to plausibly experience, in the imagination, what he longed to experience in real life: the discovery of extra-terrestrial intelligence.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Contact_(novel)   (966 words)

 NOVEL - LoveToKnow Article on NOVEL
But the novel adapts itself to so large a range of readers, and covers so vast a ground in the imitation of life, that it is the unique branch of literature which may be cultivated without any real distinction or skill, and yet for the moment may exercise a powerful purpose.
The novel called The Twice-Flowering Plum-Trees, belonging to the 16th (or I7th) century, is a typical example of the moral Chinese novel, written with a virtuous purpose.
It was not, however, until about 1830 that the novel began to be one of the main channels of imaginative writing in France, and the development of this kind of fiction was one of the main features of the romantic revival.
8.1911encyclopedia.org /N/NO/NOVEL.htm   (7424 words)

 EUROPA - Food Safety - Novel Foods - Introduction
Novel foods or novel food ingredients may follow a simplified procedure, only requiring notifications from the company, when they are considered by a national food assessment body as "substantially equivalent" to existing foods or food ingredients (as regards their composition, nutritional value, metabolism, intended use and the level of undesirable substances contained therein).
Novel foods are foods and food ingredients that have not been used for human consumption to a significant degree within the Community before 15 May 1997.
Companies that want to place a novel food on the EU market need to submit their application in accordance with Commission Recommendation 97/618/EC that concerns the scientific information and the safety assessment report required.
europa.eu.int /comm/food/food/biotechnology/novelfood/index_en.htm   (310 words)

 Novel page
Studies of the novel as chronotope, another term coined by Bakhtin, have perhaps not been as important in the field as those focusing on issues of representation, identity, and heteroglossia, but it is an issue of large importance, especially in the work of more postmodern novelists like Salman Rushdie and critics like Homi Bhabha.
To some degree, this focus on the novel reflects a general shift of attention within literary studies away from poetry towards narrative, but we can further attribute the novel's predominance in postcolonial studies to three factors: the representational nature of the novel, its heteroglossic structure, and the function of the chronotope in the novel.
The representational power of the novel, its ability to give voice to a people in the assertion of their identity and their history, is of primary importance to postcolonial writers and scholars.
www.english.emory.edu /Bahri/Novel.html   (719 words)

 The UVic Writer's Guide: Novel
Other types of novel include: the social novel, in which the protagonist's difficulties arise from the social context (Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath [1939]); and the historical novel, in which a historical setting is treated in a detailed and realistic manner (Tolstoy's War and Peace [1869]).
Novels can take any of the generic forms (epic, tragedy, comedy, romance, and satire), but there are two main types: the novel proper and the prose romance.
The novel is a long fictional narrative written in prose, which arose in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries and overtook verse narratives in popularity, eventually replacing them.
web.uvic.ca /wguide/Pages/LTNovel.html   (214 words)

 Notes on the beginning of the English novel
The people who exist and the things that transpire in novels are recognizable as behaving and occurring in believable human ways -- things happen in the fictional world according to laws that are essentially like those governing the everyday world.
Readers of novels "identify" or "empathize" with the heroes and heroines of novels, suggesting a greater closeness between readers and novel characters than between readers and characters in other fictional forms.
Novels differ from earlier narrative fiction in a certain freedom from stereotypes in plot, character, and names.
www.lit-arts.net /Behn/novel.htm   (1117 words)

Novels consisted of stories that no longer fit into any other category existing in the literary genre of the time period.
Although there is no way to credit the ‘first’ novel, however there are at least three “groups of works” which can be designated as the novels “predecessors” (Stoddard 30).
The arrival of the novel was not a sudden process.
m.faculty.umkc.edu /mallinickd/romanticnovel/whipple/historya.html   (497 words)

 Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Feed Section - Novel Feeds
A novel trait is an intentional genetic change that results in a feed that is not substantially equivalent in terms of use and safety to a similar feed set out in Schedules IV or V of the Feeds Regulations.
Novel feeds are feeds composed of or derived from microorganisms, plants or animal sources that:
Novel feeds are feeds composed of or derived from one of these sources :
www.inspection.gc.ca /english/anima/feebet/bio/bfeebete.shtml   (430 words)

 Nicole Krauss (Bold Type Magazine)
His memory loss, like the desert setting of the novel, is an open expanse, "a tundra, a distance that could be crossed." A shimmering meditation on memory and personal history, solitude and intimacy, it is a compelling novel of ideas that also stirs the soul.
Though only her first novel, it is the work of an assured writer in full command of her craft.
It is the story of Samson Greene, a professor of English at Columbia University found wandering the Nevada desert with a cherry-sized tumor in his brain.
www.randomhouse.com /boldtype/0502/krauss   (318 words)

 www. novel. de, the leader of the pressure distribution measurement
emed, pedar, pliance, trublu, pedoport, pedoped and the colored foot are registered trademarks of novel.
novel pressure distribution measurement systems: emed, pedar, pliance clinical and research applications include
www.novel.de   (50 words)

 Saddam Husayn's Novel of Fear - Middle East Quarterly - Winter 2002
Saddam himself clashed with a succession of monarchs: the shah of Iran (in the novel Iran is represented by ancient Eilam), King Husayn of Jordan, and most importantly with the king of Saudi Arabia and the emir of Kuwait.
In the novel, the feudal lords (iqta‘iyyun) and the merchants are reviled as bloodsuckers of the people, and one need only remember the execution of forty-two merchants in 1992 to fathom Saddam’s animosity toward this group.
Two other contemptible figures, associated throughout the novel with churlish and brutal behavior, are the evil emir Hezkel and the merchant Shamil, readily identifiable to Iraqis as Israel and the Jews.
www.meforum.org /article/125   (4363 words)

 New York State Library: NOVEL Databases
NOVEL Databases is an electronic database access project that enables libraries across New York State to give their communities online access to the full text of hundreds of journals, newspapers and other references.
NOVEL Databases usage statistics are available for individual libraries, but the procedure for requesting them is different for each database.
The NOVEL Databases Program is supported by Federal Library Services and Technology Act funds, awarded to the New York State Library by the Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services.
www.nysl.nysed.gov /library/novel/database   (964 words)

 Novel: Return of the Legends
A thinking person's thriller, the novel strives for a verisimilitude based on extensive research and interviews with more than a hundred authorities and experts in the scientific, law enforcement and legal communities.
The novel was edited by Tom Jenks, former fiction editor of Esquire.
This novel makes reference to a number of real-life persons, places and situations.
jdlasica.com /novel/celebrity.html   (1725 words)

 eNovel:.Jangan Ada Dendam.:
Sengaja aku tidak baca novel ini sehingga ditandatangani oleh penulisnya Aida Adriani.
Untuk menunggu hari siang, aku membawa novel Cintamu Di Hati yang dihadiahkan oleh Pak Wattan lebih sebulan yang lalu.
'Oh, baca novel, saja-saja nak habiskan masa' ujar ku.
novel2u.blogspot.com   (653 words)

 rockslinga: Department of Cartwheels In the Clouds: my novel is getting published!
The novel, a profane and humorous bildungsroman, begins with the narrator's birth to failed artists and ends about 18 years later, but it also jumps back into the '60s and '70s.
I began the novel in San Marcos, TX, in 2000, and after a couple of false starts, moved to a trailer in Kyle and started over.
Many of the novel's chapters -- which include "You Are a 14-Year-Old Arab Chick..."--were written in the ten months that followed.
rockslinga.blogspot.com /2006/03/department-of-cartwheels-in-clouds-my.html   (547 words)

 Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind
But another friend, Lois Cole, discovered that a novel lay in disordered chunks throughout “the Dump.” Cole, who had left Atlanta and taken a job at Macmillan Publishing in New York City, told her boss, Harold Latham, that her witty Atlanta friend might be concealing a literary treasure.
It was the beginning of the most successful novel in history, published on June 30, 1936.
It seemed unlikely the novel would ever be published since Margaret was adamant about not revealing its existence to anyone.
www.gwtw.org /gonewiththewind.html   (782 words)

 SUSE Linux from Novell
Novell has the Linux expertise to provide you with the confidence and peace of mind that you are being assisted by the industry's finest, if technical issues arise.
Companies of all sizes and in all industries around the world have successfully worked with Novell to improve business, realize significant ROI and create competitive advantage.
Novell has thousands of partners who deliver hardware and software solutions.
www.novell.com /linux   (529 words)

 Independent Novel Project
Do a review of another novel with the same theme or subject and write a review of it explaining why it is similar to your novel.
As the name implies, independent study will involve you in reading a novel and then selecting a series of activities to be completed during the class time devoted to independent study.
Any other comments that you would like to make, such as whether the novel is part of a series or is it the only one by the author, and whether you will read any more by this author.
www.ed.uri.edu /mci/king/images/IndBkPrj.html   (962 words)

 Oliver Twist
The novel was well received but not with the adulation of Pickwick.
Published in monthly parts in Bentley's Miscellany, partly concurrent with Pickwick and Nicholas Nickleby, the novel was illustrated by George Cruikshank.
Dickens' second novel tells the story of the orphan Oliver set against the seamy underside of the London criminal world.
www.fidnet.com /~dap1955/dickens/twist.html   (1964 words)

 MadInkBeard - The Novel Encyclopedia
The novel is made up of alphabetically organized sections, most less than a page in length, cross-referenced, and written in a dry, informative style.
Horn, through his "particular knowledge" concept, has made his novel, contentually (pardon the neologism), fit into an encyclopedic rubric, albeit an unusual one, while retaining the form and style of a conventional encyclopedia.
Certainly, many novels feel encyclopedic in different ways, the first example that comes to mind being Moby Dick and the encyclopedic nature of the whaling knowledge contained within (another great example is Bouvard et Pecuchet (my favorite Flaubert)).
www.madinkbeard.com /archives/thenovelency.html   (758 words)

 www. novel. de
All data are fully compatible with novel analysis software, and can be exported to ASCII format.
The pictures can also be printed in the original size to allow the user to find the locations of high pressure and relate them exactly to the horse's anatomical landmarks or to the saddle.
With the help of the pliance system and its powerful software one can not only analyze the quality of the saddle but also obtain a better understanding of the interaction between the rider, saddle and horse.
www.novel.de /old/nav2/nav_215.htm   (378 words)

 Novel: A Forum on Fiction
NOVEL is interested in articles on the following topics: theory of the novel, narratives of race and ethnicity, the novel in an international context, the novel and the history of sexuality, the novel and mass visuality, the novel's place in cultural studies, agency in or of the novel.
NOVEL: A FORUM ON FICTION, is published thrice yearly, in Spring, Summer, and Fall at Brown University.
NOVEL reserves the right to return submissions that do not meet these specifications.
www.brown.edu /Departments/English/publications/index.php   (259 words)

 NOVEL: New York Online Virtual Electronic Library
NOVEL is a collection of electronic databases that provide access from library, home, school, or office to thousands of full-text national and international newspapers and magazines, health and medical resources, business collections, Spanish language materials, and age-appropriate materials for youngsters.
NOVEL is New York's first statewide online virtual library.
The NOVEL Databases Program is supported by Federal
www.nysl.nysed.gov /library/novel   (124 words)

 Pride and Prejudice -- Jane Austen
It is also possible to find the individual sentences in the text of all six Jane Austen novels that contain a search string, or to search all the HTML pages in this Jane Austen info page site.
The origin of the phrase "Pride and Prejudice" is the fifth volume of Fanny Burney's 1782 novel
A Novel in Three Volumes by the Author of "
www.pemberley.com /janeinfo/pridprej.html   (1583 words)

 Study Guide for Philip K. Dick: Blade Runner (1968)
He was too prolific for his own good, churning out dozens of novels for cheap paperback publication, often in such haste that their conclusions tend to be their weakest part.
The first sentence speaks of "baroque, ornamented spires; complicated and m odern." At the time the novel was written, the "international style" of rigid geometrical shapes shorn of all decoration was triumphant.
1982 film based loosely on the novel he eliminated the electric sheep (along with much else), and Dick's title no longer made sense (nor would it have been very effective on a marquee).
www.wsu.edu:8080 /~brians/science_fiction/bladerunner.html   (1847 words)

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