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Topic: Go (game show)

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In the News (Mon 25 Jun 18)

  Dating game show at AllExperts
Dating game shows are television game shows, some say reality game shows, that incorporate a dating system in the form of a game with clear rules.
Like other games, the outcomes of this activities are open to rigging (analogous to match-fixing in football), leading to missed matches and possibly unhappiness in the participants.
Other shows focused on the conventional blind date, where two people were set up and then captured on video, sometimes with comments or subtitles that made fun of their dating behaviour.
en.allexperts.com /e/d/da/dating_game_show.htm   (1080 words)

 Link Five, the TV Game Show
The main goal of the game will be to win the match on the board, because the winner gets to keep what he/she has won during the show, the loser gets to go home with a tooth brush.
What makes the Game Show interesting, challenging and entertaining, is what goes on in the process of trying to win.
The beauty of the Game Show is that it appeals to different interest groups, because of the subject of the questions, such as music questions and to different parts of the world because we produce it in different countries.
www.linkfive.com /LinkFiveTVGameShow.html   (644 words)

 Go Game | Offerings
The game -- which costs about $20 to play for the monthly games -- is a scavenger hunt in which teams of four to six players race through a neighborhood answering trivia questions and working together to complete as many as 20 different missions as quickly and creatively as possible.
Fraser said a key element in the game is interacting with strangers -- whether it be inviting shoppers to the pub to help judge the final competition or having players act as ball boys for tennis players at the local park.
But whether eager Go Gamers keep pestering unsuspecting citizens depends on how successful Fraser and Kelly are in the next step of their business plan -- selling companies on using the Go Game for corporate team building.
www.thegogame.com /brownie/about/reuters.asp   (1122 words)

 SingaporeMoms - Parenting Encyclopedia - Game show
A game show is a radio or television program involving members of the public or celebrities, sometimes as part of a team, playing a game, perhaps involving answering quiz questions, for points or prizes.
In a reality show the competition usually lasts several days or even weeks and a competitor's progress through the game is based on some form of popularity contest, usually a kind of disapproval voting by their fellow competitors or members of the public.
Dating game shows, the original reality games, in which the prize is typically a well-funded dating opportunity that one can only pursue with the individual one has 'won' on the show.
www.singaporemoms.com /parenting/Game_show   (976 words)

 Game Show Wizard
The instructor has total control of the game situation, including game-saving, and like all the other Game Show Wizard games, Lower 48 can be played on computer stations, with a digital projector, or with a large monitor.
During the game, a team that has correctly answered a question has the option of taking cash from other teams, giving it to an allied team, adding it to their own score, or going "double-or-nothing." Imagine your questions and answers used in a purely interactive and music/sound-effects-laden educational gaming environment.
Moon Mogul allows up to five sets of Game Show Wizard questions (a possible total of 250 questions!) to be loaded into the same gaming session for the option of long-term play.
www.pathoslearning.com /gameshow.html   (1729 words)

 Game Show NewsNet - The Numbers Game
With "Show Me the Money", outside of the game and what it is, the only thing we know for certain is that, win or lose, William Shatner's going to be daffy to the point of comic...
I'm not going to say that it's was all roses and sunshine and cute little puppies with anime eyes.
Their success is highly dependent on how big the game shows that are already on the air are.
www.gameshownewsnet.com /numbersgame   (1430 words)

 Game show - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A game show involves members of the public or celebrities, sometimes as part of a team, playing a game, perhaps involving answering quiz questions, for points or prizes.
In a reality show the competition usually lasts several days or even weeks and a competitor's progress through the game is based on some form of popularity contest, usually a kind of disapproval voting by their fellow competitors or members of the public.
Dating game shows, the original reality games, in which the prize is typically a well-funded dating opportunity that one can only pursue with the individual one has 'won' on the show.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Game_show   (1816 words)

The Game Show Congress is in the process of becoming incorporated as a not-for-profit cooperative association, likely in the State of Nevada considering the streamlined corporate filing processes.
Annual Game Show Congress, Charter Memberships are being offered in order to defray some of the costs associated with the meeting venue, support materials, honorariums, media production, and website maintenance.
Game Show Congress are available for purchase – cost is $30 for the two tape set.
www.gameshowcongress.com /program7.htm   (2482 words)

 Monopoly (game show) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Monopoly was a game show loosely based on the board game of the same name which aired on ABC for thirteen weeks during the summer of 1990.
Go to Jail - Go To Jail sent the indicator to the In Jail space and cost the players a fine of $250 each to continue.
Before the Bonus Round, the player chose four spaces to be Go To Jail spaces (one on Second Street (the board side with the Maroon and Orange properties), one on Third Street (Red and Yellow side) and two spaces on Fourth Street (Green and Dark Blue Side)).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Monopoly_(game_show)   (1165 words)

 Game Show   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Game Shows are an exciting and fun way to entertain and involve the guests at your event.
We customize the show to your needs and you can select from a wide range of trivia topics or we can work with you to prepare a quiz that is specific to your event, your family, or your organization.
Our customized game show setup includes up to 4 player stations that can either be setup in a team format with two members per team, or in a 4 player configuration.
birdyproductions.com /gameshowmania.htm   (316 words)

 Go TV game show: From wheel of fortune to jeopardy. The Compendium. Old and new.
Go TV game show: From wheel of fortune to jeopardy.
If the guesser was correct, he or she got to move on down the line with host O'Connell yelling out "GO!", if not, they had to do it all again on another word.
The history of Tv game Go, and the secret for play Go, are here.
www.gaissa.com /Game_Show/Database/Go.htm   (627 words)

 Review - Star Trek: The Game Show   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Star Trek: The Game Show is hosted by the infamous Q (played by John de Lancie) and his sidekick (a Q in training).
Once you install the game on one computer, you'll play all of the quiz shows in the exact same order as you would if you installed it on another computer.
Although Star Trek: The Game Show keeps even the most avid Star Trek fan challenged, I found it to be somewhat uncompelling.
www.macgamer.com /reviews/startrek-gameshow/startrek-gameshow.html   (734 words)

 Go (game show) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The concept of Go was based on the bonus round of the two versions of the Bob Stewart Game Show Chain Reaction, in 1980 on NBC, and currently on GSN.
The first team to reach $1500 won the game, kept the money and won the right to play the bonus round.
As mentioned, if a team won the front game in three straight rounds, they play the bonus twice, for a possible $20,000.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Go_(game_show)   (720 words)

 GamersHell.com - gh3d.com:. PC, PS2, PS3, XBox, XBox 360, Gamecube, Wii / Revolution, PSP, NDS. News, Reviews, Cheats ...
The Game Factory released new PS2 screens from Legend of the Dragon, a game scheduled for Q2 2007 for the PlayStation 2, PSP and NDS.
The game is based on the new TV series with the same name created by Rick Ungar, also known for X-Men: Evolution and the classic Spider-Man series.
One of the innovative features of the game is the Real Combat engine, a new multi-point melee system which allows the players to swing their weapons where they direct it, in real-time.
www.gamershell.com /all/barbie_fashion_show   (2061 words)

 Game Show Detroit - Target Shooting   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Many games can be thought of as target shooting games, e.g.
Marbles is a particularly rich example of a target shooting game because the things used for hitting targets, the reward for hitting targets, obstacles that can be placed to keep players from hitting targets, as well as the targets themselves are all the same … the marbles.
Once the idea of constructing and manipulating targets, barriers to hitting targets, the ammunition for hitting targets is grasped, games of all sorts can be built.
www.gameshowdetroit.com /examples/targetshooting.html   (205 words)

 Game Show
Many variations of TV game shows, challenges (physical and mental), and questions pertaining to the business or industry or the contestants have been popular in many applications.
The show host can easily adjust the score by the push of a button because the controller automatically "selects" the player position for scoring when one of the contestants locks out (also known as the buzz-in).
The output for sound from the Game Show Controller is a standard line level output that is compatible with line, CD, or auxiliary inputs on any mixer or amplifier.
www.mr-music.com /gameshow.htm   (442 words)

 Tokyo Game Show 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The biggest batch of gaming news comes straight out of Tokyo, from the Tokyo Game Show 2001.
Held in the middle of October, it was packed with game demos, previews, new tech toys and the latest buzz from the biggest companies.
Sega's popular online action game is going to outlast the Dreamcast by a long shot.
www.kidzworld.com /article/1428-tokyo-game-show-2001   (261 words)

 Howie Mandel touts new game show - Boston.com
Comic Howie Mandel's first reaction when offered the chance to be host of a game show was to wonder whether it would be death for his career.
The show, on which contestants can win a million dollars but also leave with one dollar if they make a bad bet, will return to NBC's schedule in March.
Mandel liked that the game had elements of comedy and drama and lets him use the full range of his skills, he said.
www.boston.com /ae/celebrity/articles/2006/01/22/howie_mandel_touts_new_game_show?mode=PF   (244 words)

 AfterElton.com - Gay Game Show Mania
While many celebrities played the center square throughout the game show’s history, most fans firmly insist that the man who replied to that question--Paul Lynde, the “original center square” from the 1970s--is the one worth remembering.
But television executives are quick to notice that even though the ratings for reality TV is extremely high, straight-laced, syndicated game shows like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy routinely rake in 13 million viewers each episode.
The openly gay television veteran of 20 years stands firm in not divulging the name of the old TV show, or the network that is bankrolling the program’s pilot episode.
www.afterelton.com /TV/2005/3/gameshows.html   (419 words)

 Only A Game : Show rundown for Saturday, August 10, 2002
And since the coward won't show his or her true identity, Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky gave us his thoughts as well.
So we at "Only A Game" threw together a couple of ads you just might see during the next Super Bowl.
No retrospective of Only A Game comedy can be complete without the return of our most popular spoof.
www.onlyagame.org /shows/2002/08/20020810.asp   (346 words)

 The Online Headquarters of Game Show Man!
Game Show Man Meets the Sexiest Woman in the World!
I was up in the area for the NBA All-Star Jam Session and discovered she was doing a show that evening, and I couldn't resist.
If I only had been host of my own game show, I would be able to die happy.
www.geocities.com /gameshowmanone   (252 words)

This goes on until five correct answers are given (going down the line both times).
The first team to 1500 points won the game and went to the bonus game.
is the shortest title for a game show in history.
www.gameshow-galaxy.net /go.htm   (520 words)

 Game Show Main Page with Show Links
After four successful seasons, the Powerball television game show will end this fall.
The last entry deadline for "Powerball Instant Millionaire" was May 11, 2004; the final drawing date was May 13, 2004; and the final air date was Sept. 25, 2004.
View weekly game show results including the on-air contestant's story and picture, the list of at-home winners and all prizes won by selecting from the show dates below:
www.ialottery.com /GameShow/GameShow_main.html   (82 words)

 Game show - The TV IV   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
A game show is a type of show in which two or more contestants strive towards the same goal—usually a cash prize or some other type of reward—while performing the same task.
It is distinguished from sports in that the task and the goal are created for the purposes of the TV show—in other words, there is no external league offering a trophy or contract.
or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, in which contestants are tested on and rewarded for their knowledge of trivia, although other game show tasks may be guessing the price of various consumer products (The Price Is Right) or solving word puzzles (Wheel of Fortune).
tviv.org /Game_show   (164 words)

 Only A Game : Show rundown for Saturday, July 20, 2002
Anyone who watched the World Cup can tell you that in Brazil, soccer is not simply a game, but a part of that nation's culture.
Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: Baseball's problems, "Tiger who?" and octogenarians make better bowlers, at least one.
Only A Game's Karen Given takes a closer look at the sport that combines hand-eye coordination, agility, style and, believe it or not, dogs.
www.onlyagame.org /shows/2002/07/20020720.asp   (264 words)

 Game Show Marathon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Game Show Marathon - a primetime show featuring your favorite vintage sets and games, played by celebrity contestants!
Ricki Lake hosted the Game Show Marathon, in which celebrities compete as contestants in recreations of classic formats of the past and present.
The "Let's Make a Deal" segment was taped at CBS Television City in Hollywood on March 23 and was broadcast on June 1, 2006.
www.letsmakeadeal.com /game_show.htm   (113 words)

 CNN - Game show lets you 'Win Ben Stein's Money' - August 4, 1997
HOLLYWOOD (CNN) -- Here's the gig: You're on a game show hosted by lawyer and actor Ben Stein -- the guy who played the clueless economics teacher in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." You're also playing against Ben Stein.
It's not a bizarre dream -- it's an actual brand-new game show on Comedy Central called "Win Ben Stein's Money." The show has a dry sense of humor and a razor wit, characteristics that Stein, a former Nixon speechwriter, modestly suggests he shares.
Both Stein and Kimmel are quick to point out that their show is no Jeopardy.
www.cnn.com /SHOWBIZ/9708/04/win.steins.money   (383 words)

 Training Games - How to order Game Show Presenter software   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The new PLUS Edition of Game Show Presenter is the top-of-the-line for fast, fun and flexible presentation game shows.
The bundle is a specialized version of the software designed for trade show and other exhibit situations.
It includes a Kiosk Player version of Game Show Presenter software, an Exhibitor's Edition similar to the Presentation Edition, and a starter quiz so you can also use it for booth staff training games.
www.gameshowpresenter.com   (762 words)

 Kikizo Games: Features: GameLife Show: The Kikizo Interview
The GameLife Show (not to be confused with Chris Kohler's industry blog GameLife) launched in February 2006, and in the words of the show's founder Andrew Rosenblum, "people just thought it was so horrible and so bad, that we decided we wanted to make it better".
Three months later, and the show's five presenters and a friendly PR chaperone were all flown out to the E3 show in Los Angeles courtesy of magazine publishing giant Ziff Davis, which was evidently not the only outfit with its eye on the youngsters.
We thought these guys were onto something as soon as their second or third episode was released, proving that they weren't going to quit so easily.
games.kikizo.com /features/gamelifeshow_interview.asp   (399 words)

 Apple - Games - Game Show Madness
With new questions and puzzles, as well as plenty of fun extras, these games are sure to satisfy any game show junkie, and they’re playable in either Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X.
According to Hayashi, the computer opponents in the game, whose skill level can be changed, had their A.I. (artificial intelligence) tweaked to account for the fact that the ability to buzz in quickly is a major factor in the game.
Just like in the TV show, the contestants spin the wheel and try to solve the puzzle in front of them, which can be a word or phrase.
www.apple.com /games/articles/2001/08/gameshow   (562 words)

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