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Topic: Dead god

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In the News (Mon 24 Jun 19)

  God is dead - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
God is dead is perhaps one of the most commonly misunderstood phrases in all of 19th century literature.
"God is Dead" is a song by the thrash metal band Carnivore on their 1985 eponymous first album.
"God is dead" is then shouted by her neighbors and the rest of their group later in the movie.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/God_is_dead   (2475 words)

 God - Uncyclopedia
It should be noted that God has been under the investigation of the SEC several times, because of the attempted claiming of two dependents, a supposed "Holy Spirit" and a "Son", who have never been seen by authorities.
God is said to have been in the area on public relations tour of the area when the incident happened and it is believed that he tried to break up a scuffle between the victim and an attacker.
GOD is an acronym for Guaranteed Overnight Delivery, a bit of a misnomer at best, because while the bible does record that he occasionally delivered people, it wasn't guaranteed, but rather contingent on their obeying a number of strict commandments.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/God   (2166 words)

 An introduction to Kya Ishwar mar chuka hai (Is God Dead)?
I have maintained that since the word "god" is already being used in the language, we must not stipulate any arbitrary meaning of "god" from our side, but rather try to find out the public or lexical meaning of the term.
I have shown that the attitude of a believer towards god is similar to the attitude of a child towards its parents.
Thus, the idea of god cannot be ignored as a harmless superstition It is not possible for rationalists and humanists or for rational humanists, working in a god-dominated cultural atmosphere, to ignore this idea.
www.infidels.org /library/modern/ramendra_nath/god_dead.html   (3529 words)

 god is dead
hey now god is dead that is what mr.
god is dead was written on the wall and it was signed mr.
hey now god is dead thats what nietzsche said - he said
www.ntj.com /album/goddead.html   (246 words)

 Nietzsche, God and Doomsday by Henry Bayman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The formula: "God is dead" appears, to be sure, in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, but it makes its first appearance in Section 108 of The Joyous Science (1882), written two years before Zarathustra during Nietzsche's so-called positivist period.
For if we equate God with a certain man—granted, a great and wonderful man—then when that man dies, we are justified in saying that "God is dead (or crucified)." Thus when Nietzsche speaks about "the death of God," he is also talking about the death of Christ on the cross.
God, and God alone, can help against this merciless onslaught, and by taking refuge in God, by fixing one's attention, centering one's thoughts, on God, one can be saved from being drowned before the storm abates.
stjohns-chs.org /english/gothic/works/Nietzgodanddoomsday.html   (9882 words)

 GoD is dead - Graffë Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Ok, maybe not dead but the signs are there that this will evolve into an expansion for the elite of EQ, and not visited or discussed regularly by the common folk out there.
GoD is a high-end raiding expansion with a few spots for non-high-enders to get EXP and decent pickup loot.
It is good to have content to work towards, and with GoD it appears that the barrier to access isn't just some bottleneck or timesink (like bane weapon farming or backflagging), but is moreso the result of the difficulty of the encounters, and the gear and character advancement necessary to engage the content succesfully.
www.graffe.com /forums/showthread.php?t=15456   (2629 words)

 [No title]
The God of the Bible is not only related to the future by his promises, but he is himself the saving future that constitutes the core of the promises: "I shall be who I shall be" (Exodus 3:14).
God's omniscience surpasses the forms of our knowledge and is to be connected, rather, with his omnipresence.
Communion with the crucified and risen Christ, who according to the Christian faith at present already participates in God's rule of the universe, is sufficient for the Christian as basis of the hope in their future participation in the resurrection of the dead.
www.math.tulane.edu /~tipler/tipler/tipler3.html   (2190 words)

 Resurrection of the Dead
And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.
If God truly is not a God of the dead, then Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob must have been living in the eyes of God when He spoke this.
God had to do something with sin because the law said the penalty of that sin was death.
ourfathersheart.org /j/principles/resurrectiondead.htm   (10130 words)

 God is Dead
Already satisfied that we had got rid of God, we revived an assembly of lesser gods that would have confused the Greeks, embarrassed the Romans and are the envy of the Hindus.
With God passed away Heaven and Hell, and in their place we put the fantasy, never-never land of computer graphics and its fully-automated, centrally-heated, double-glazed, fast-food brothel which has unfortunately the terrifying potential to metamorphose into the Gulag Archipelago, genocidal massacres and state tyranny as a way of life.
There is no god, but THAT beyond all words, all definitions, all religions, all philosophies, beyond the Gita, beyond the Bible, beyond the Koran, beyond all mortal thought and human conception.
www.elexion.com /lakota/textos/texto24b.htm   (720 words)

God is dead in the lives of so many people.
When we imagine a vindictive god righteously damning his enemies to a hell inferno, we can very easily imagine that we too are no longer bound by the command to "love your enemies." We can self-righteously condemn our enemies to the death penalty or to weapons of mass destruction.
Make no mistake: God is not mocked, for a person will reap only what he sows, because the one who sows for his flesh will reap corruption from the flesh, but the one who sows for the spirit will reap eternal life from the spirit.
members.cox.net /jamesferguson/JF1/Links/God-is-Dead.htm   (878 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
We’ve read about Him bringing life to Lazarus after being dead for four days, or raising up a dead girl who was “sleeping”, or touching the coffin of widow’s only son and waking him, or even bringing life to a valley of dried bones.
But what is really outstanding to me is God’s ability to bring life to dead situations; dead marriages, dead relationships between parents and children, and other situations that seemingly have no hope.
Jesus proves this by stating, “God is the God of the living, not of the dead.” God will do whatever it takes to give life.
i.b5z.net /i/u/2002958/i/dev_give_life.doc   (459 words)

 Stet: God is dead, part II   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
God is dead, part II Well, not really.
I will refrain from suggesting that using Bayes's Theorem to prove God's existence is like using a bulldozer to catch a butterfly, or from asking whether this means that two-thirds of the Trinity definitely exists, since it seems that plenty of other philosophers have been using it for a while.
So, to be fair, I probably ought to read (say) Richard Swinburne's argument that there's a 97% chance that Christ really did rise from the dead before pronouncing the whole thing irredeemably silly.
stet.typepad.com /stet/2004/03/god_is_dead_par.html   (194 words)

 Is God Still Dead? by Claire Berlinski- Policy Review, No. 129   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
It is a distinct movement in intellectual, cultural, and political history and may be mapped to particular historic events — the arc of its rise and decline demarcated at either end by two tumbling edifices, the Bastille and the Berlin Wall.
This was not because the existence of God was specifically disproved in the late eighteenth century; nor did any scientific or philosophic innovation of the era suggest anything like a comprehensive answer to the questions posed by religious inquiry.
The movement, he claims, reached its zenith at the middle of the twentieth century, when nearly a third of the world was under the control of tyrannies that held the eradication of religious faith as key to their utopian political programs.
www.policyreview.org /feb05/berlinski.html   (2631 words)

 Nietzsche's "God is dead"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
So the "death of God" will lead, N says, not only to the rejection of a belief of cosmic/physical order but also a rejection of absolute values themselves--to the rejection of belief in an objective and universal moral law.
Positive possibilities for humans-without-God: Decay in the belief in God opens the way for human's creative abilities to fully develop; the Christian God with his commands and prohibitions no longer stands in the way; human beings might stop turning their eyes toward an unreal supernatural realm and turn instead toward this world.
The concept of God, in other words, is hostile to creative living and God's death is a release, at least potentially.
www.utexas.edu /courses/hilde/Phl_304/godisdead.html   (612 words)

Regardless of what is specifically understood in the story of the madman and the ambiguous statement, "God is dead," one thing is certain to Nietzsche: the Christian God is either dead; or, like other gods, does not exist.
In Gary Numan's and Nine Inch Nails' lyrics that reflect an influence of Nietzsche's "death of God" motif, the religious tone of the lyrics are sometimes simultaneously anti-religious.
When Reznor sings the line, "your god is dead and no one cares," although the "your" in relation to "god" is hardy noticeable in the actual song, the lyric is included in the liner notes to the album.
facweb.stvincent.edu /academics/religiousstu/writings/rodkey1.html   (1848 words)

 How To Raise The Dead
I knew if we held on, God would give her back, because I had prayed for God to give me both of my children, and I dedicated them to Him before they were born.
It was not hard for him to believe that God had answered the prayer of a wife for her unsaved husband, and that he was brought back in order that he might be saved.
They had already told the family she was dead, and since I wasn't there I am not sure what happened in the ER, but she was revived and around 6 am turned the corner out of the danger zone.
www.etpv.org /1998/hrd.html   (12916 words)

 Friedrich Nietzsche: God is dead quote
Friedrich Nietzsche is notable for having declared that God is dead and for having written several of his works in the presumption that man must find a new mode of being given the demise of God.
This same God however, before becoming dead in men's hearts and minds, had provided the foundation of a "Christian-moral" defining and uniting approach to life as a shared cultural set of belief fully within which people had lived their lives.
Nietzsche seems to be suggesting that the acceptance of the Death of God will also involve the ending of accepted standards of morality and of purpose.
oldweb.uwp.edu /academic/criminal.justice/goddead01bk.htm   (911 words)

 ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE YEAR 2000, GOD WILL DIE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
God has been around for a very long time.
Any calendar will tell you that one particular God has been around for 2000 years, give or take.
The God Will Die Board of Directors has been busy partying, taking part in multi-million-dollar corporate acquisitions, and failing to get dates with cute women.
www.eblong.com /xgod2000   (241 words)

 Nietzsche God is dead quote
  Friedrich Nietzsche is notable for having declared that God is dead and for having written several of his works in the presumption that man must find a new mode of being given the demise of God.
    What Nietzsche is concerned at in relating the above is that God is dead in the hearts of modern men - killed by rationalism and science.
Without the former and accepted faith based standards society is threatened by a nihilistic situation where peoples lives are not particularly constrained by considerations of morality or particularly guided by any faith related sense of purpose.
www.age-of-the-sage.org /philosophy/friedrich_nietzsche_quotes.html   (837 words)

 GOD IS DEAD -- Christians and Atheists
Re: GOD IS DEAD -- DR ATHEIST, 11:36:46 04/29/04 Thu
Re: GOD IS DEAD -- ur dumb, 15:31:30 08/12/04 Thu
Re: GOD IS DEAD -- lucy, 17:15:24 11/21/04 Sun
www.voy.com /132289/82.html   (140 words)

 Byte and Switch - God is Dead - Telecom
The idea behind God boxes is certainly a logical one: By building disparate functions that would usually be supported using different devices into one chassis, service providers should save money on capex, and service, and support.
The curse of the God box, perhaps?) Cyras won the marketing battle, at the same time as its founders were giving the real (pure Sonet) pitch to Ciena Corp. (Nasdaq: CIEN - message board) — which bought the startup for $2.3 billion.
As for the God boxes: When it comes to optical networking, God is dead.
www.byteandswitch.com /document.asp?doc_id=4419   (1342 words)

 Amazon.com: Scarred Lands (Forsaken: Dead God Trilogy, Book 1): Books: Richard Lee Byers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The Divine War, the great conflict between gods and titans, shattered the world of Scarn and transformed it into the Scarred Lands.
He struggles to return his people to greatness in the only way he knows how: by bringing their god back from the dead.
Now, Vladawen's only chance to secure his fledgling religion is to find the lost relics of his god-and forsake those he loves the most.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1588468097?v=glance   (1015 words)

 Skeptic: Dr. Michael Shermer’s Curriculum Vitae
“God and the Ghost Dance: Farrakhan, Wovoka, and Jesus: The Eternal Return of the Messiah Myth.” Vol.
God Against the Gods: Monotheism, Polytheism, and the Roots of Religious Violence.
Richard Abanes, Religious Studies Institute, The God Question From a Believer’s Perspective Milbrae Burch, Associate Director of the Storytelling Project, Storytelling as Mythmaking James Randi’s Solved Mysteries Workshop.
www.skeptic.com /about_us/shermers_cv.html   (5567 words)

 My Inaugural Address at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead, and God Against Us: Alien Spaceman Jesus, the ...
My Inaugural Address at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead, and God Against Us: Alien Spaceman Jesus, the World Trade Center Attack and More
My Inaugural Address at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead, after I have raptured out billions!
God Against Us: Alien Spaceman Jesus, the World Trade Center Attack and More (1986).
www.angelfire.com /crazy/spaceman   (122 words)

 God is Dead
For all practical purposes western men and women have destroyed their faith in God,they have killed God.To them God is dead.
2 Intellectuals first reject this worldview,they no longer believe in God.
3 As the intellectual arguements fillter down to the masses,man and women begin to live their lives as if there were no God.
groups.msn.com /GodisDead   (130 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
You my nigga for life, forever You're always gonna be with a nigga No matter what, don't forget that I pray before I go to sleep "Dear God save my place before I start to eat, cause times is hard So I'm covered to my knees, oh why?
Why you had to take my nigga with the rock I buy?
clique, yeah God bless the dead God bless the dead God bless the dead God bless the dead
hem2.passagen.se /tlp/gh_hits/04_god_bless_the_dead.txt   (93 words)

 if god is dead grace thrillers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Corona Clipper GT3090 Extendable Handle 3-Tine Hoe [ if god is dead grace thrillers ]
Motorola HS820 Bluetooth Headset - Hematite Gray [ if god is dead grace thrillers ]
Motorola H700 Bluetooth Headset [ if god is dead grace thrillers ]
www.books-shoppe.com /kwp/if_god_is_dead_grace_thrillers.html   (496 words)

 Amazon.com: Who Says God Is Dead!: Music: Loretta Lynn   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Amazon.com: Who Says God Is Dead!: Music: Loretta Lynn
Being a Loretta Lynn fan, this religious CD is my second favorite of the 4 she has recorded during her career.
The CD opens up with the uptempo title "Who Says God Is Dead" and will have you in tears before it ends.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000009NWQ?v=glance   (800 words)

 Sean Gleeson » The Case of the Misbegotten Memos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Comment by Jay Tea — Wed 8 Dec 2004 @ 3:05 am
Dead-on PERFECT take-off on Encyclopedia Brown, right down to the primitive line-art illustrations and Bugs Meany NOT being behind the badness.
I do feel a little icky about the quarter in Sally’s bicycle pants, however…
sean.gleeson.us /2004/12/07/brown   (1257 words)

 Mohandas Gandhi Quotes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
You may pluck out my eyes, but that cannot kill me. You may chop off my nose but that will not kill me. But blast my belief in God, and I am dead.
Air, Am, Belief, Blast, Cannot, Chop, Dead, Eyes, God, Him, Kill, Live, May, Me, My, Nose, Off, Out, Pluck, Water, Will, Without
Air, Am, And, Belief, Blast, But, Cannot, Chop, Dead, God, Him, I, In, Kill, Live, May, Me, My, Nose, Not, Off, Out, Pluck, That, Water, Will, Without, You
www.brainyquote.com /quotes/quotes/m/mohandasga160842.html   (155 words)

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