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In the News (Sat 23 Mar 19)

Goddess worship was gradually combined with worship of male Gods to produce a variety of Pagan polytheistic religions, among the Greeks, Romans, Celts, etc. Author Leonard Shlain offers a fascinating alternative explanation.
Leonard Shlain, "The Alphabet versus the Goddess," Viking, (1998).
Leonard Shlain, "The Alphabet versus the Goddess," at: http://www.alphabetvsgoddess.com/
www.religioustolerance.org /goddess.htm   (1599 words)

  Goddess - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A goddess is a female deity, in contrast with a male deity known as a "god".
Goddesses or demi-goddesses appear in sets of three in a number of ancient European pagan mythologies; these include the Greek Erinyes (Furies) and Moirae (Fates); the Norse Norns (Fates); Brighid and her two sisters, also called Brighid, from Irish or Keltoi mythology, and so on.
This might be a "Dark Goddess" or "Wisewoman", perhaps as suggested by the missing dark of the moon in the symbolism above, or it might be a specifically erotic goddess standing for a phase of life between Maiden (Virgin) and Mother, or a Warrior between Mother and Crone.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Goddess   (2059 words)

 Triple Goddess - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Triple Goddess symbol (probably originating as an adaptation of the Hathor headdress to Graves' lunar symbolism), representing the three aspects of the moon (waxing crescent, full moon, waning crescent) and womankind (maiden, mother, crone).
In ancient Indo-European mythologies, it is common for goddesses or demi-goddesses to appear as a trinity or triad, either as three separate beings who always appear as a group (the Greek Moirae, Charites, Erinnyes and the Norse Norns) or as a single deity who is commonly depicted in three aspects (The Greek Hecate).
The Goddess triad is as essential feature of the Shakti forms of Hinduism and a distinction is made between the separate goddesses Sarasvati, Lakshmi and Kali and their manifestation as three aspects of MahaDevi ("The Great Goddess") when they are named MahaSarasvati, MahaLaksmi, and MahaKali.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Triple_Goddess   (1584 words)

The Goddess is the substance of the universe, she is the womb from which we all have sprung.
Holda is a fierce Germanic goddess of the sky, whose nocturnal rides with the souls of the unbaptised dead led to the Christian association of her with the demonic aspects of the wild hunt.
Kali is the Hindu goddess of death, destruction, fear and terror, and is the wife-consort of Siva, the destroyer.
citadelofthedragons.tripod.com /goddess.html   (1903 words)

 The Goddess--I, Intorduction and History
She is the Great Mother, representing the fertility which brings forth all life; as Mother Nature she is the living biosphere of both the planets and the forces of the elements; she has roles of both creator and destroyer; she is the Queen of Heaven; and she is the moon.
Often within the worship of the Divine Force the Goddess, or the female principle, is emphasized to the exclusion of The Horned God, or the male principle.
Throughout the centuries the Goddess has acquired a thousand names and a thousand faces but most always she has represented nature, she is associated with both the sun and moon, the earth and the shy.
www.themystica.com /mystica/articles/g/goddess_1_intro_and_history.html   (1122 words)

 completelest   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This ancient Egyptian Snake Goddess was the protectress of the Pharaoh and Lower Egypt.
Amazonian Moon Goddess, Mother of all animals, Goddess of the Heart, Divine Huntress, Patroness of nurture, fertility and birth.
Goddess of Wisdom, totem the owl, Mother Goddess of the city of Athens, the Holy Virgin.
www.mothergoddess.com /completelist.htm   (5777 words)

The leading pioneer of the goddess movement is the archaeologist Marija Gimbutas, who has spent thirty years studying patterns and symbols of cult objects and also developed the field she refers to as "archeomythology," which embodies the fields of archaeology, comparative mythology, and folklore.
In support of the Goddess Revival, links to the Goddess cult can be traced to such artifacts as ornithomorphic female figurines with their fronts engraved as chevrons and their posteriors as meanders.
The Goddess as a symbol of death is represented as an owl as represented in Hungary and Lemnos by owl-shaped burial urns with umbilical cords or human vulva dating back to 3000 B.C. Death can also be seen in the form of the stiff nude.
uts.cc.utexas.edu /~gloria/Goddess.html   (2888 words)

 Near-East Goddesses Realm Inanna and Ishtar
Hebrew scholars now feel that the goddess Ashtoreth mentioned so often in the Bible is a deliberate conflation of the Greek name Astarte and the Hebrew word boshet, "shame," indicating the Hebrew contempt for her cult.
Also spelled NINHURSAGA (Sumerian), Akkadian Belit-ili, in Mesopotamian religion, city goddess of Adab and of Kish in the northern herding regions; she was the goddess of the stony, rocky ground, the hursag.
As the sorrowing mother animal she appears in a lament for her son, a young colt, but as goddess of birth she is not only the goddess of animal birth but the Mother of All Children, a mother-goddess figure.
inanna.virtualave.net /neareast.html   (1611 words)

 Isis - Crystalinks
As the goddess of food which was offered to the gods, she was Tcheft, and lived in the Temple of Tchefau.
At a comparatively early period in Egyptian history Isis had absorbed the attributes of all the great primitive goddesses, and of all the local goddesses such as Nekhebet, Uatchet, Net, Bast, Hathor, etc., and she was even identified as the female counterpart of the primeval abyss of water from which sprang all life.
The prior goddess to hold the quadrupole roles of healer, protector of the canopic jars, protector of marriage, and goddess of magic, Serket, became considered an aspect of her.
www.crystalinks.com /isis.html   (3788 words)

 Spiral Goddess Page
Everytime you celebrate the Goddess, it is an affirmation of your life, the planet, your heritage, and the future.
For men, a connection with the Goddess allows them to accept and acknowledge their desire and need for nurturing, protection and the acceptance of a loving female presence.
For those who practice a Goddess religion today, the Goddess is the "Divine Creatrix of All Life", the "Queen of Heaven" and the center of their religious faith.
members.aol.com /ATOYA/Goddess.html   (1576 words)

 Site Map ~ Spiral Goddess Grove
Here at the Spiral Goddess Grove there is always something to experience that goes beyond the material magic of Cartier, Harry Winston, Chanel, Laugerfeld and Mira Lago.
The Goddess is known by many names, here are a few of them.
Spiral Goddess Grove tm, and Goddess Magazine.com tm are Trademarked (TM) by Abby Willowroot.
www.spiralgoddess.com   (500 words)

 Isis (goddess) - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Isis (goddess)
Principal goddess of ancient Egypt; the daughter of Geb and Nut (Earth and Sky); and the personification of the throne of her brother-husband Osiris.
Her son, the sky god Horus, defeated and captured Set, but beheaded his mother because she would not allow Set to be killed.
She was later identified with Hathor, and by the Greeks with Demeter, goddess of agriculture, and Zeus' lover Io.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Isis+(goddess)   (213 words)

 Some Critiques of the Feminist/New Age "Goddess" Claims
Both parts of this concept were shattered at the end of the 1960s, the notion of the Goddess in circumstances which will be described later, and the belief in a Mediterranean origin by the discovery of faults in the Carbon 14 dating process...
They have also found in the Goddess another opportunity for what might politely be called syncretism, but is really a kind of pseudo- mystical mixing and matching of symbols and ideas that have nothing in common with each other except the contemporary use to which they may be put....
Gimbutas' interpretations and conjectures on "the Goddess"; however, most of them were reluctant to speak out too strongly, out of sympathy for their ailing colleague, and for her feminist goals.
www.debunker.com /texts/goddess.html   (6973 words)

 Site Map ~ Spiral Goddess Grove
The Goddess is known by many names, here are a few of them.
Here at the Spiral Goddess Grove there is always something to experience that goes beyond the material magic of Cartier, Harry Winston, Chanel, Laugerfeld and Mira Lago.
Spiral Goddess Grove tm, and Goddess Magazine.com tm are Trademarked (TM) by Abby Willowroot.
www.spiralgoddess.com /SiteMap.html   (499 words)

 Ah My Goddess Annals @ OurLocalColor.com (Our Local Color)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
These are the names of the three Norns, the beings in charge of weaving the fate of the world.
This system is so important to the dimension inhabited by the goddesses that, when it breaks down after an attack by the Lord of Terror, the goddesses are not able to successfully fulfill their basic life functions.
The other Goddesses, Urd and Skuld, are introduced comparatively early (in the second and third episodes, respectively), and in the final two episodes, The Almighty begins working to separate the two, forcing Belldandy to return to Heaven and her duties.
www.ourlocalcolor.com /encyclopedia/Ah_My_Goddess   (1686 words)

 Goddess Flight Divination -- Guidance, Answers, Insight
Goddess Flight is the unique spiritual journey we are all embarking on.
Goddess Flight Divination has tons of readings, free information and divination tools to guide you on your life path journey.
Goddess Flight Divination first started in 2001 and is run by VisionSeer, an experienced professional intuitive empathic tarot reader.
www.goddessflight.com   (708 words)

 Goddess Gift: Meet the Goddesses Here
Explore the myths and symbols of the goddesses.
to use the knowledge of your personal goddess type to connect with your inner goddess to enhance your growth and give you the freedom to be the person you were truly meant to be.
Meditations, affirmations and mantras to invoke the goddesses and activities designed to activate the goddesses within.
www.goddessgift.com   (267 words)

 Goddess Gift: The goddess archetypes (personality type). Discovering your goddess within.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Archetypes are also a source of spiritual wisdom and authenticity that, when activated, give us a sense of meaning in our lives.
The results of your quiz that are presented in your Goddess Report will tell you which goddess is your archetype (personality type) and how your archetypes can be used to guide your personal growth.
The more you function within the strengths of your inherent goddess archetype, the stronger and more confident you will become, the more control you have over your life, and the better prepared you are to make the choices that create the life you want.
www.goddessgift.com /archetypes.htm   (181 words)

 Kali, Durga, Parvati, et al
Each of these goddess is seen by some of her devotees as the supreme god-head, by others as a mere battle-born "aspect" of another female supreme god-head (e.g.
Kali is typically shown as a deranged or wrathful half naked woman, and is often depicted dancing upon the corpse of her consort, the god Siva.
Parvati is an ancient mountain goddess, assocated with the Himalayas.
www.luckymojo.com /kalidurga.html   (1444 words)

 Hill casino protesters put faith in 'Dr. Goddess'   (Site not responding. Last check: )
At least for now, she's the queen of the Hill District, a diva with a Ph.D, the Dr. Goddess who uses hip-hop, satirical e-mails and a dogged determination to tell a casino developer to stay away from her neighborhood.
She calls herself Dr. Goddess, also the name of her one-woman show and Web site www.drgoddess.com, where she describes herself as an artist, a scholar and an activist.
Her next play is "Dr. Goddess Goes to Jail," a musical, spoken-word comedy that begins when she is arrested for lying in front of a bulldozer as a company begins development in the Hill.
www.post-gazette.com /pg/06350/746651-336.stm   (886 words)

 Goddess Bras, Full Figure & Maternity - Goddess at Freshpair.com
Goddess bras and Goddess shapewear cater to the full-figured and plus size woman.
The designers of Goddess bras take great pride in their ability to design bras that are both intensely supportive and contemporary feminine styled bras.
All Goddess bra styles are generous and accommodate average to full figured women with ease.
www.freshpair.com /catalog_section_women_brand_11.html   (173 words)

 Da Goddess - Friends are like bras, a good one never lets you down
The current monetary damage total is estimated at $36 million thus far.
Thank you, Laughing Wolf, for the phone call to check up on me and mine and for catching me up on all your recent travels and experiences.
Driving up the 15 freeway on an urgent errand, we passed by the backside of the development where I used to live.
www.dagoddess.com   (3829 words)

 Reconnect with your inner Goddess- Goddesses, Mantras, Affirmations, chakra-balancing essential oils, inspirational ...
Your natural-born attributes can be attributed to an ancient goddess whose energy prevailed at the time of your birth.
Just like astrology, goddess energy defines who you are and what your life purpose may be.
For some fun, read if these CELEBRITIES live up to their Goddess Birth Sign, or check which GODDESS WORKOUT is best for you.
www.goddess.com.au /home.htm   (493 words)

 the Keitai Goddess
Decreed by the goddess on 11/10 at 07:15 PM
Decreed by the goddess on 11/09 at 10:24 PM
Decreed by the goddess on 10/28 at 06:21 PM
www.keitaigoddess.com   (207 words)

 Covenant of the Goddess Home Page
Welcome to the CoGWeb, the home page of the Covenant of the Goddess, an international organization of cooperating, autonomous Wiccan congregations and solitary practitioners.
Here, you'll find information about the CoG organization and activities, as well as the religious beliefs and practices which comprise Wicca.
We do this for the sake of our shared love of the Earth and all living things that dwell upon it.
www.cog.org   (177 words)

 Technorati Blog Finder: goddess
A Christ follower andamp; writer looks into goddess spirituality, including neo-paganism, feminism, eco-spirituality, wicca/witchcraft, the sacred feminine or feminine divine, andamp; New Age spirituality.
Domesticated Bloggage - why are the best things in life either immoral,
Adventures and observations of an everyday goddess in La La Land.
www.technorati.com /blogs/goddess   (144 words)

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