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Topic: Gold Flake

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  edible gold leaf, gourmet gold edible leaf, silver edible leaf and edible gold dust bakers confectioniers, beverages. ...
edible gold leaf, gourmet gold edible leaf, silver edible leaf and edible gold dust bakers confectioniers, beverages.
Edible Gold flakes and Silver Flake are now available in an pre-packaged acrylic-cube-shaker!
For Gold specifications and detailed information on Genuine Gold products visit the Gold Leaf Basics resource center.
www.ediblegold.com   (241 words)

  Gold Flake
Wills' Gold Flake is possibly the best known, but there was also a Bacons' Gold Flake, Hignett's Golden Flaked Honey Dew, Salmon and Gulckstein's Gold Flake, plus half a dozen others.
Unlike 'navy cut', which refers to how tobacco leaves are allowed to mature while tightly compressed, gold flake cigarettes were neither a blend nor a special style of tobacco.
'Gold flake' was simply a phrase that referred to a cigarette made from a bright, rich, golden tobacco.
www.wclynx.com /burntofferings/adsgoldflake.html   (145 words)

 Dining: Gold Flake Chopsticks Make Your Yaki Udon Glittery, Wasteful
And while eating gold won't give you any nutritional benefits, for the relatively reasonable price of $40 for two sets of five chopsticks, you can feel just like a deplorably wasteful rich person in the comfort of your own home.
BY LASTVIGILANTE AT Apparantly, sprinkling gold flakes on food is common among the Richie Rich types.
My sister had an internship with a big accounting firm, they flew her down to Florida for training with all the other interns, and during one of the dinners she said that the ice cream desserts was topped with gold flakes.
gizmodo.com /gadgets/dining/gold-flake-chopsticks-make-your-yaki-udon-glittery-wasteful-300020.php   (601 words)

  24 kt Gold Flake Necklace w Earrings Custom Parure   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Real 24 kt Gold Leaf Necklace w Earrings ~ Gold Flakes Suspended in Crystal Clear Lucite ~ Vintage late 1940s or early 1950s custom made necklace and earrings parure ~ looking at this pendant and earrings, you will most certainly think they are glass.
The real 24kt gold flake is suspended in crystal clear Lexan, a cousin to Lucite but Lexan is clearer and harder like glass.
The delicate gold necklace chain is 24" long and is probably gold filled but not signed.
www.trocadero.com /moradaridge/items/577103/item577103store.html   (271 words)

  Gold - Properties and Applications of Gold
Green gold is an alloy of gold, silver and copper, and is graded from 14 to 18 karats.
Gold flake is used for a radiation-control coating for spacecraft
Gold is used for dental applications and is rightly termed dental gold, where gold is alloyed with silver, platinum and on occasion palladium.
www.azom.com /details.asp?ArticleID=598   (435 words)

 World Gold Council > discover > science and industry > industrial applications > decorative
Rolled gold is used in the manufacture of products clad with gold such as high class jewellery, pens, lighters etc. The material has a sandwich structure comprised of a base of copper or nickel alloy topped by one or more gold alloy layers.
Liquid gold was first manufactured by the technical manager of the Royal Porcelain Factory at Meissen in Saxony in the early 1830s but the formula for mixing gold powder in suspension with natural oils and chemicals was kept secret until 1851 when a patent was taken out.
Gold leaf is generally produced by hand beating (thicknesses of only 0.1 microns are possible) and is widely used as a decorative layer by builders, glass makers, printers and artists.
www.gold.org /discover/sci_indu/indust_app/decorative_apps.html   (687 words)

 Gold - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gold is a chemical element in the periodic table with the symbol Au (from the Latin aurum) and atomic number 79.
Gold alloys are used in restorative dentistry especially in tooth restorations such as crowns and permanent bridges as their slight malleability makes a superior molar mating surface with other teeth, unlike a harder ceramic crown.
Economic gold extraction can be achieved from ore grades as little as 0.5 g/1000 kg (0.5 ppm) on average in large easily mined deposits, typical ore grades in open-pit mines are 1–5 g/1000 kg (1-5 ppm), ore grades in underground or hard rock mines are usually at least 3 g/1000 kg (3 ppm) on average.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gold   (3747 words)

 Gold Occurrence in Switzerland
Historically, the gold in the Napf area of Central Switzerland is supposed to be the first known gold occurrence in Switzerland.
The primary gold of Disentis occurs either as microscopic ore in the slate, as native gold in quarz veins, or very seldom as gold crystals.
Gold occurs as microscopic inclusions in the pyrite of the granite belonging to the Monte Rosa district.
www.goldwaschen.ch /egold_occ.htm   (1202 words)

Gold occurs in sea water to the extent of 0.1 to 2 mg/ton, depending on the location where the sample is taken.
Gold, like other precious metals, is measured in troy weight; when alloyed with other metals, the term carat is used to express the amount of gold present, 24 carats being pure gold.
Gold has forty six recognized isotopes and isomers; 198Au, with a half-life of 2.7 days, is used for treating cancer and other diseases.
www.speclab.com /elements/gold.htm   (905 words)

 edible gold leaf, gourmet gold, bakers confectioniers, beverages. gilding products, tutorials and gilding tips! A one ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Edible gold is almost pure gold, but mixed with silver only, which is edible, so it is completely digestible and has been approved as a safe food import product by the FDA in the United States.
Gold is an inert metal that simply passes through the intestinal system.
Sweets covered in Edible Gold were served during afternoon meals to sustain the health of their hearts.
www.ediblegold.com /ediblegoldhistory.asp   (890 words)

 Gold Nugget Belt Buckle (Eagles Head Buckle with Gold Flake) - GNJ-108 Australian Natural Gold Nuggets and Nuggets ...
This is a heavy brass belt buckle that measures 3-5/8-inches and 2-1/2-inch wide.You will find in the center of the Black Onyx bezel an American Eagles head surrounded by gold flake.
The gold flake was recovered from both Aklaska and California.
The original design work for this buckle and all buckles found at our web site was created in 1914 by Andrew Pederson one of the first Methodist ministers to minister to the early Alaskan miners.
www.goldmartinc.com /gnj108_goldnuggetbeltbuckleeaglesheadbucklewithgoldflake.asp   (257 words)

 Gold in Quartz Necklace with Gold Flake GNJ-106 - GoldBay.com
The gold filled bezel sits well with a White Quartz cabachon in which gold flake has been affixed and sealed into place.
The gold flake was recovered from the Trinty river in northern California.
The necklace comes with an 18 inch 14K gold filled chain and will be shipped in a clear lucite jewelry box for your convenience.
www.goldbay.com /Gold-in-Quartz-Necklace-with-Gold-Flake--GNJ106,itemname,107217,id,auctiondetails   (278 words)

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