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Topic: Gold mining

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  Gold Miners HQ - Information Center for Prospectors!
This is the largest directory in the world and a great effort to help our gold mining community.
The Gold Miner's Headquarters is the internet's largest information center for the recreational and small scale gold miner / prospector.
Manufacturers, mining suppliers, clubs, magazines, regulations, history, gold camps, dredging, drywashing, sluicing, highbanking, prospecting, etc. Site is concerned with the mining of gold, silver, and platinum.
www.goldminershq.com   (285 words)

  Gold mining - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gold mining consists of the processes and techniques employed in the removal of gold from the ground.
Hydraulic mining is a type of placer mining used in areas where large amounts of loose gravel and sand or soil are poorly packed and may be washed away with a heavy stream of water.
Veins of gold ore are often found several inches or feet wide in certain rock formations in a volcanic deposit and in certain bed layers in a sedimentary deposit, hence the minerals may be removed, collected, and treated to process the gold and other valuable metals (such as silver) from them.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gold_mining   (671 words)

 Gold Mining
In the early 1800's, gold was found on Brindle Creek in the southwestern corner of Burke Co., near the present boundary line, which separates Burke and McDowell Counties.
Gold deposits in McDowell Co. was found in streambeds, on the banks of South Muddy Creek, the Second Broad River and their tributaries.
Gold was, also, found in pockets on hillsides, in old stream channels or gulches, and numerous quartz veins on Vein Mtn, Huntsville Mtn, and Brackettown.
www.itpi.dpi.state.nc.us /reed/reed/facts/gold_mining.html   (505 words)

 Gold Mining in North Carolina
There once were fifteen mines in the Gold Hill community; the Gold Hill Mining Co. alone was capitalized at a million dollars in 1842, and the town became one of the most prosperous in the Piedmont.
Map of mines in Rowan, Stanly, Cabarrus and Davidson, NC counties.
North Carolina Division of Archives and History; traces the history of gold mining in the Tar Heel State from the initial discovery in 1799 to the twentieth century.
lightning.prohosting.com /~teylu/ncgold   (1119 words)

 An MBendi Profile: World: Mining - Gold Mining - Commodity Properties and Uses
Gold, the only yellow metal, has the chemical symbol gold, which is derived from the Latin word for gold — aurum.
Gold has a wide range of uses from being used as a catalyst in industrial processes to medical machinery and dental uses as well as decorative uses.
Gold is found in a variety of environments globally, but generally requires grades in excess of 1 gram / tonne (1 part per million) to be considered economic.
www.mbendi.co.za /indy/ming/gold/p0005.htm   (715 words)

 Gold Mining
The property was known as Duffey's Gold Mine and described as being located 4 miles west of the Tuckaseege Ford and near an extensive water power on the South Fork River.
The Gold Mine apparently was still in operation in 1878, for Records in the North Carolina Archives state that one William Huffstickler died from a wound received from a pistol shot on the 3rd of December, 1878 at Duffey's Gold Mine.
During that period some mining for iron was still in progress, especially for using the ore to manufacture weapons and utensils needed for the war.
www.brevardstation.com /1800b.html   (1416 words)

 Gold-Mining Profits Healthy
Since mining is not as simple as picks, shovels and donkeys anymore, pulling minerals from the ground has universally become a very capital- and energy-intensive process, with each step requiring some form of energy.
One of gold's most respected proponents Robert McEwen, Chairman and former CEO of market-darling Goldcorp, was featured on CNBC a couple weeks ago with his take on the recent strength of gold and this expenses topic.
Good management at gold companies should be able to balance the cash flows generated between benefiting the fundamentals and shareholder value of the stock and exploration for the future.
www.gold-eagle.com /gold_digest_05/wright102805.html   (3257 words)

 Harmony Gold (mining) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Harmony Gold (NYSE: HMY) is the largest gold mining company in South Africa and the sixth largest in the world.
Harmony and its subsidiaries conduct underground and surface gold mining and related activities, including exploration, processing, smelting and refining.
During the fiscal year ended October 8, 2004 (fiscal 2004), the company processed approximately 33.955 million tons of ore and sold 3,225,187 ounces (100,376.7 kg) of gold.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Harmony_Gold_(mining)   (146 words)

 California's Gold Discovery
On January 24, 1848, James W. Marshall discovered gold at a sawmill in Coloma that he was constructing for John Sutter, a wealthy land developer from the Sacramento Valley.
His valley settlement was all but deserted with the onslaught of the Gold Rush, except for squatters on his land.
As gold dwindled in Coloma, it became a trade center for the new camps.
comspark.com /goldminer-mall/chronicles/golddisc.htm   (759 words)

 Cripple Creek, Colorado: Gold Mining In The World's Greatest Gold Camp!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The district's mines are responsible for making the area the fourth largest gold producing camp in the world.
Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mining Co., a subsidiary of AngloGold-Ashanti, operates the largest surface mine and heap leach gold mine in the state of Colorado.
Gold also is a part of the commerce in the mining district's two cities.
www.cripple-creek.co.us /gold.html   (392 words)

 Gold mining history museums.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Gold panning lessons are also available outside, and you can keep the gold that you pan ($5.00 per person).
Inside is a display of a typical one room miner's cabin and displays of the lifestyle of the west's most famous explorer and Mariposa County resident, John C. Fremont, and his wife, Jessie.
Richard Mason’s (the Military Governor) report on the discovery of gold, and a chronology of the California gold rush.
www.goldminershq.com /FRAME/SOURCES/MUSEUMH.HTM   (767 words)

 Graphic - The evolutin of mining (150k)
Tools were invented at a rapid rate as miners from all over sought new and more effective means of mining the ore. Here is a look at three basic stages in the evolution of gold mining.
Land ownership became an issue as gold grew scarcer and the population grew.
Shafts were sunk and large machinery was needed to remove the veins of gold from the quartz rock.
www.calgoldrush.com /graphics/evolution.html   (766 words)

 Alaska Gold Mining FAQ
The classic gold deposit is the hardrock mine area at Hatcher Pass north of Anchorage.
A situation arises where areas that have extensive gold in the streams often have little in the rock (it all eroded out) and areas where the stream deposits are poor will often be associated with very rich hardrock mines (most of the gold is still in the rock).
The oldest hardrock mine in Alaska is the Apollo Mine on Shumagin Island in the Aleutians, near Sand Point.
www.akmining.com /mine/minclass.htm   (2975 words)

 Welcome to Deer Creek School's "Our Town" Project - Mining
Placer mining was one of the earliest mining methods discovered by the miners.
Hydraulic mining was the most destructive type, leaving the land unusable as a result.
This was used to retreive the gold that was buried underneath the earth's surface.
www.ncgold.com /goldrushtown/mining.html   (171 words)

 Gold Mining Stocks: What Is Happening Now
The regular retail and institutional gold mining stock investors with the help of the Internet have grown in numbers and they have been battered in the last 5 months.
The above people are not gold bugs; they are part of the heart and soul of the establishment of global investments and economics.
Gold mining and related metal companies should be part of this plan.
www.gold-eagle.com /editorials_05/gerbino050305.html   (1268 words)

 1B4 Gold Mining
Alaska experienced several small gold rushes because the territory was so large.
It generates steam to run hoist cables and melt frozen gold- bearing gravels in the adit through "steam drill" pipes.
The adit is the horizontal shaft that runs through the layer of gravel containing gold ore. Typically, gold is most abundant at the bottom of the gravel, next to the bedrock.
www.crrel.usace.army.mil /permafrosttunnel/1b4_Gold_Mining.htm   (295 words)

 Gold Mining Stocks - gold's one weakness
Gold does have a major weakness, but this weakness is external and not really a fault of gold itself.
If gold stayed within this range for the next 5 or 10 years this would be a high enough gold price for tons of money to be made in gold mining stocks.
Gold’s one weakness is when gold writers, commentators and analysts put an over emphasis on the expectation of an always ever climbing higher gold price.
www.gold-alert.com /gold/gold_mining_stocks_feb13.htm   (1587 words)

 Gold Mining Equipment - Mining Truck
Mining and gold mining equipment, while a very profitable investment area can also be an investment area fraught with setbacks and unforeseeable problems.
It seems that some of the workers in Southern Copper’s South American mining sites and smelting sites wanted more money and since the company was not forthcoming with the wage increases that the workers felt were satisfactory the workers decided to go on what the copper mining company has called a partial strike.
When you consider the turn around profits of these mining companies and also the gold mining equipment companies that supply mining machines and tools and provides services for the machines and tools it just makes sense to put your money where the profits are.
www.e-goldprospecting.com /html/gold_mining_equipment_.html   (356 words)

 Gold Prospecting & Gold Mining and its Metallurgy
The mining extraction and metallurgy of gold has been pursued with great interest since it developed intrinsic value as a result of its properties, its decorative appeal and its scarcity.
During much time gold has been the most attractive metal on the world, and still to this day is one the ones most fever and many developments and new ideas have appeared as a consequence of its huge value as an economic metal.
The characteristics of an ore deposit and its minerals assemblages (mineralization) determine mining methods, extraction process (recovery methods and equipment needed), and the performance of all chemical processes involved in gold extraction.
www.e-goldprospecting.com   (473 words)

 Gold Mining Jewelry - Using Your Own Gold Nuggets & Flakes.
Create your own gold mining jewelry with these blued steel miniature gold pans.
Create your own gold mining jewelry with these miniature gold pan, pick and shovel pendants.
Create your own gold mining jewelry with this miniature gold pan, pick and shovel hat tack.
www.badalijewelry.com /gold_mining.htm   (862 words)

 Rainy Creek Alaska Gold Mining Claims for sale   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Gold and platinum are mined on the ground, but gold is the much more common.
Mining by hand in the early days in Alaska was only successful where the bedrock was shallow and the ground could yield about.1 oz/bcy.
The mining in the area yielded $15+ per yard at $300 gold.
www.goldminingclaims.net /rainycreekgoldclaims.html   (740 words)

 Gold Prospecting with the New 49'ers Club - Mining, Dredging, Highbanking, Panning, Treasure Hunting
Provides gold seekers with good gold locations and year-round access for gold prospecting of many types.
Provides the most informative learning opportunities available anywhere in the world in nearly all aspects of modern small-scale gold prospecting and mining procedures -- from gold pans, to electronics, to underwater dredging.
Provides organized group mining programs, so that participants can become directly involved with focused projects that are managed by experts, to locate and recover high-grade gold, learn from doing, and receive an equal share of the gold recovered.
www.goldgold.com   (376 words)

 Gold Mining   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Although most gold-seekers never made it to the gold fields, those who did needed a crash course in gold mining.
Let's explore what it was like to actually mine for gold during the Alaska gold rush era (1880-1914).
Alaska's Gold was developed through a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission by the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums, the Alaska Dept. of Education and Early Development.
www.library.state.ak.us /goldrush/GMINING/index.htm   (118 words)

 Pro-Mack Mining-- Underwater Mining Specialists-Gold mining consultants
Pro-Mack Mining is a world class commercial mining company specializing in underwater mining operations and international gold mining consulting services.
If you are considering a gold mining venture and are not yet certain of your deposits, your equipment or your procedures; we recommend gathering together the most successful, experienced consulting team you can find to assist you in putting your mining operation on the right track.
If you still have any uncertainties about the importance of acquiring a highly-trained and motivated consulting team, and all of the different factors which are involved, we recommend you view Dave McCracken's video: Successful Commercial Gold Dredging And Sampling Techniques.
www.promackmining.com   (200 words)

 Alaska Gold Mining Claims Prospect of Merit - General Geology
North of these rocks is a unit of magnetic biotite schist that is identified only in the northwest portion of the project area but is indicated by a higher magnetic response in the aerial magnetic survey (see references 6,7) trending northeast of Our Creek, and in the North Ridge area.
Gold, arsenic, and antimony, as anomalous values in soil and rock, and as mineralization, are spatially associated with an east-northeast-striking, 92 m.a., felsic quartz porphyry sill complex (Kd).
Although formally mapped as “dikes”8, the felsic intrusive rocks are better described as a stacked swarm of gently to moderately folded quartz porphyry sills.
www.goldmining.net /alaska-gold2.html   (416 words)

 Amazon.com: Gold! Gold! How and Where to Prospect for Gold (Prospecting and Treasure Hunting): Books: Joseph F. Petralia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
I've been gold panning before a couple of times with my brother and, while I have found a little gold (and I do mean "little") thanks to his knowledge, I think our next outing will be more fruitful thanks to this book.
The history of finding gold in California is also helpful since, as the author says, 75-85% of the gold remains undiscovered.
Other than that, the book is mainly a historical narrative of the Gold Rush in California with a brief introduction on one of the techniques for using a gold pan.
amazon.com /Where-Prospect-Prospecting-Treasure-Hunting/dp/0960589007   (781 words)

 About CC&V Gold Mining Company
Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mining Company (CCandV) is a joint venture between AngloGold Ashanti (Colorado) Corp. and Golden Cycle Corporation.
This mine operates around the clock and on every day of the year.
The Cresson Project’s employees selected a two-shift type of operation where the mining operations, mine maintenance, processing (“beneficiation”), and laboratory departments operate on two 12-hour shifts.
www.ccvgoldmining.com /about.html   (326 words)

 Gold-MiningStocks.com - global investor research gold-mining sector with Gold Stocks directory, gold stocks indices, ...
Mining Analyst - Resources for mining project appraisal.
The Gold Institute is an international industry association representing companies that mine and refine gold, as well as manufacturers of gold products and the world's leading bullion banks and gold dealers.
The National Mining Association (NMA) is the voice of the American mining industry in Washington, D.C. NMA is the only national trade organization that represents the interests of mining before Congress, the Administration, federal agencies, the judiciary and the media.
www.gold-miningstocks.com   (2536 words)

 Armadillo Mining Shop Online Gold Dredging, Gold Prospectors, Gold Pans Mining Shop
Bob and Lesa Barton opened the store in 1984, based on the belief there was a need for a well-stocked retail mining supply store with the goal of helping miners buy what they need.
Having over twenty years of various mining experience in both placer and hard rock mining has helped though.
If you are into gold dredging or gold panning we have the experience to help gold prospectors in all their mining needs.
www.armadillomining.com   (483 words)

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