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Topic: Goldrush

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  GoldRush Multisport Event, Otago New Zealand - bike, run, kayak race
Goldrush is 3 days of fun filled excitement, mixing, and sharing stories with your old and new found friends.
Goldrush has 3 fantastic meals provided by enthusiastic country groups, who pride themselves on their high standards of presentation and quality.
Goldrush is a well organised event, characterised by the high quality of marshals, timekeepers and the many helpers who make the athletes' and support crews' jobs easy.
www.goldrush.co.nz   (491 words)

GoldRush is named for its "old" gold color and rush of flavor, he explains.
GoldRush is a good storage apple for sale in March or April when the quality of other apples is waning, says Janick.
GoldRush promises to be a good fit in North Carolina, too, where apple growers are shifting back to direct marketing, says Unrath.
www.hort.purdue.edu /newcrop/pri/more38.html   (537 words)

It was named 'GoldRush' to emphasize its golden ground color and bronze blush combined with its "rush" of flavor.
'GoldRush' apple was tested extensively as a seedling in the greenhouse for resistance to apple scab, and it was evaluated in the field for resistance to other major apple diseases.
'GoldRush' is rated moderately resistant to fire blight based on field evaluation, with only a few strikes observed in 1 year on young trees.
www.hort.purdue.edu /newcrop/pri/coop38-3.html   (1256 words)

 Goldrush   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The cultivars Pioneer and Norgold Russet are in its ancestry.
Goldrush has been observed to have moderate resistance to Verticillium wilt, good resistance to scab, moderate resistance to flspot and some resistance to silver scurf.
Goldrush is not well suited for processing into fries, although it can be used for such purposes with early harvest and limited storage.
www.umaine.edu /PAA/Varieties/goldrush.htm   (349 words)

 Goldrush Genetics Article
The average daily gain of his 2002 steers was an impressive 3.53 lbs., with dry matter conversion at 5.83.
But the Goldrush Genetics program is evidence that you can have this unique combination in one animal,” states Jerry Glaser of Spalding, Neb.
Glaser, a commercial cow/calf producer who sells 100% of his cattle on a value-based system, turned to Goldrush Genetics in 1998 after talking to a packer who suggested he switch to Gelbvieh bulls on his fl and fl baldie females.
www.goldrushgenetics.com /article.htm   (703 words)

 www.goldrush.jolt.co.uk - Online Gaming - Clan Server Rental - Goldrush
Goldrush 2.0 - Serverfix - Johnnie - 08
Goldrush is a multiplayer mod for Soldier of Fortune 2...
Buu is a coder and he is going to help us creating an adminsystem for Goldrush, based on the RTW adminmod.
www.goldrush.jolt.co.uk   (787 words)

 Goldrush - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Download.com Music
This is Goldrush; five young men from Oxford, England crafting songs of strength and heartbreak (and other matters).
Goldrush prayed to God, Buddha and L. Ron Hubbard that it wasn't, because if it was - lost on a backroad in a desert - they were dead.
But it did have a truck stop, and a truck stop had beer, and for Goldrush that made this little shithole just as big as it needed to be.
music.download.com /goldrush/3600-8592-100025151.html   (619 words)

 Amazon.com: Ozona: Music: Goldrush   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Goldrush is one of the best up and coming bands from England.
Goldrush is one of the most musically pure bands.
Robin Bennett's whiskey-soaked vocals spin tales of love and loss as the rest of the crew jam out tunes that seem to inspire the listener to hop in their car and make the drive down to that quite, dusty town in Texas.
www.amazon.com /Ozona-Goldrush/dp/B000A1ILP0   (944 words)

 themusicedge.com :: Goldrush   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Rather than diagnose Goldrush with any sort of psychological malfunction, let’s just call it what it really is: good music.
It’s great to hear a band that has a rock instrumentation making music that brings with it a definite country flare.
Goldrush is definitely a band worth checking out.
www.themusicedge.com /moxie/news/reviews/goldrush.shtml   (341 words)

 Bluegrass Music At The Cutting Edge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
They made their debut at the Guildtown Bluegrass Festival which John originated in 1987 and is now the longest running UK bluegrass festival.
In subsequent recordings and in their live performances Goldrush show a respect for the roots of the music, capturing the drive and excitement of the first generation performers.
Individually and collectively Goldrush has decades of performing experience ranging from the folk scene; the country music circuit; Edinburgh International Festival, Edale Bluegrass Festival - and many country music events.
www.scottishbluegrass.com /goldrush.htm   (746 words)

 com_hunkmegs - sof2goldrush.net - Official Goldrush Forums
goldrush needs 128 (min) to run (that is what you are changing the amount of ram that the game is allocated).
personally if you are going to play in a goldrush server always start the game using the start.bat it will save alot of trouble.
When you are getting an "error" in Goldrush then you must realise that that "error" is a menu...
www.sof2goldrush.net /forums/showthread.php?t=11   (783 words)

 GoldRush Productions Photography Services
GoldRush reinvented the way in which wedding photography is formatted, while maintaining all the quality that is expected in traditional wedding photography.
With GoldRush Productions you can have the peace of mind in knowing that all the details of one of the most important days of your life will be treated with care and professionalism.
We usually have your proof photographs developed in about 30 days and as always with every GoldRush Photography package you keep the CD of your proofs.
www.goldrushproductions.com /photo.htm   (286 words)

 Goldrush multisport event New Zealand- course description, mountain bike, road bike, kayak, run
The overnight camp and legendary food provided by the local community have become a major part of Goldrush.
Stage 11: and the last one takes competitors running through long abandoned gold tailings then onto a recently constructed river walkway track back to the Alexandra bridge, it then transfers to the river track on the Manuherikia River to link with the Otago Central Railtrail.
Times around 1 to 1 and 1/4 hrs are quite competitive on this last leg.
www.goldrush.co.nz /the_course.html   (825 words)

Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA, April 07, 2006 /FSC/ - Goldrush Resources Ltd. (GOD - TSX Venture), ("Goldrush" or the "Company") has arranged a non-brokered private placement of up to 13,000,000 units of its securities at a price of $0.25 per unit for gross proceeds of up to $3,250,000.
Each unit will be comprised of one common share and one common share purchase warrant entitling the holder to purchase one additional share at a price of $0.35 for a period of one year.
Goldrush has a Strategic Alliance Agreement with High River Gold Mines Ltd. (HRG: TSX) ("High River") under which Goldrush has acquired 21 exploration permits totaling approximately 4,690 square km in Burkina Faso, West Africa.
www.usetdas.com /TDAS/NewsArticle.aspx?NewsID=5376   (464 words)

 Goldrush: A Real Life Alaskan Adventure (1998) (TV)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Goldrush: A Real Life Alaskan Adventure is a great tv film for all ages.
What comes next for her is an adventure she will never forget.
The acting is #1 (especially by Bruce Campbell and Alyssa Milano) and I also learned some information about the Goldrush.
us.imdb.com /Title?0119213   (247 words)

 GoldRush - Oldies Cover Band - Kent, WA - , Washington
Led by a male/female vocal team, the six mature, experienced musicians of GoldRush are the perfect live entertainment choice for your venue, wedding, corporate event, festival, high school reunion or special occasion.
GoldRush is incredibly versatile and will literally drive their show through decades of dance music of Pop, Rock & Roll and Country favorites of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.
GoldRush is right here and they are ready to make your event the best it can be!
www.gigmasters.com /rock/GoldRush   (891 words)

 Goldrush News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Gardener: strumming to take you away he U.K. psychedelic band Ride may be a decade gone, but former frontman Mark Gardener is evidently still on his long, jangling journey inward.
If there is a sound in modern rock that is distinctly British, the rising English rock-quintet Goldrush certainly isn't striving for it.
The name Goldrush and the title of the band's latest album, Ozona, may not conjure images of Goldrush's home town of Oxford, England but that's okay, neither will their music.
www.topix.net /who/goldrush?scoring=d   (309 words)

 Goldrush Genetics Home Page- Quality Gelbvieh Cattle
Here on our beautiful South Central Nebraska Ranch, we produce cattle that have the traits necessary to flourish in an ever changing world, where profit is the key to continued success.
Click here for more details and other Goldrush Awards.
Goldrush Genetics is a member of the American Gelbvieh Association.
www.goldrushgenetics.com   (427 words)

 Goldrush - Latest news, reviews and interviews
Goldrush are the dons of the Truck Records mafia.
They own said label which is home to Black Nielson, Fonda 500 and Rock of Travolta; they have their own studios, based out in Steventon, Oxfordshire; and they run the much vaunted underground festival - The Truck Festival - 30 bands, two flat-bed trucks (for stages) and 3000 people over a summer weekend.
Whilst not running their own record company or their own yearly festival Truck Festival in Oxfordshire, these 5 guys craft songs of strength and heartbreak (and a few other....
www.contactmusic.com /new/artist.nsf/artistnames/goldrush   (151 words)

 GoldRush Productions - Full Time Entertainment-Production Company in Florida
Since 1981 GoldRush Productions has served all of Florida including St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, DeLand, Sanford, Lake Mary, Orlando and surrounding areas with over 7500 satisfied customers.
GoldRush Productions Disc Jockeys, Videographers, Photographers and Limousine Chauffeurs have mastered the art of the "Perfect Wedding Reception".
GoldRush has a FULL EDITING SUITE that is capable of transferring your VHS, VHS-C, High 8mm or P.A.L. tapes or even old 8mm movies to DVD.
www.goldrushproductions.com   (370 words)

 Tamarack Goldrush Texas Tea
Tamarack Goldrush Texas Tea, "Tex" is a absolutely gorgeous brindle male pup we acquired from Carole Smith of
At 8.5 months he was entered in his first show in Victorville, CA and took firsts both days.
Both Louie and Reno are huge mastiffs both close to 37" and 260+ pounds.
www.goldrushmastiffs.com /Tex.html   (405 words)

 Goldrush Genetics Home Page- Quality Gelbvieh Cattle
Quality Gelbvieh, Balancer, Angus, and Red Angus Bulls are found at Goldrush Genetics.
Because we use proven genetics with high accuracies, genetics from Goldrush are much more predictable.
More finished cattle are being sold on a carcass-value basis through some-agreed-upon carcass grid....
www.goldrushgenetics.com /index.html   (427 words)

 Information for Linking to Internet Goldrush
"Internet Goldrush is the Web's most comprehensive source of domain name news and information.
"Internet Goldrush offers domain name news, plus an archive of news articles going back 10+ years, information on registering, purchasing and selling or leasing domain names, hundreds of links to other resources and lots more...
It explains what domain names are and how to register them, what to watch out for when buying and selling names, lets you search for domain names under a dozen different top domains, and covers the most relevant news and stories in the domain name field from the past 8+ years."
www.igoldrush.com /linkto.htm   (267 words)

 Goldrush Teacher Training Guide
Goldrush is published six times a year (bi-monthly).
Contents of Goldrush Magazine or Goldrush Online may not be duplicated in whole or in part without permission of the publisher.
Inclusion in the Goldrush does not imply endorsement by Goldrush or its employees.
www.rheegold.com /goldrush_teacher_training_guide.htm   (1976 words)

 www.myspace.com/goldrushmusic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Combining the classic elements of folk and country, with swirling, fuzzed-out guitars make Goldrush a band that relies on equal parts old and new.
GOLDRUSH's Latest Blog Entry [Subscribe to this Blog]
I'd really love to hear the new songs, but they are not in the mood...
myspace.com /goldrushmusic   (1289 words)

 Goldrush Tours: The Cheapest way from Kalgoorlie to Perth!
You can now book and pay for the cheapest way to travel from Kalgoorlie to Perth online by clicking here.
We are looking forward to the arrival of a brand new forty-eight seat luxury tour coach, scheduled to arrive in September/October 2006.
Experienced guides are available on request, and itineraries can be tailored to suit specific interest groups.
www.goldrushtours.com.au   (112 words)

Goldrush - 9Billards is in your extended network
Transformer version Tribute to … par Goldrush et Free Your Funk.
Salut les goldrush, nous avons un nouveau morceau sur notre page " commemorative 11 septembre ", faite un petit tour pour l'ecouter.
www.myspace.com /goldrushcrew   (1111 words)

 Goldrush - AOL Music
austin madness Goldrush return to the USA for a quick dash to New York and...
The biggest names in music, including Mary J. Blige, Katharine McPhee, John Legend and more perform for the kids to benefit the JCPenney Afterschool Fund.
Download, listen and watch Goldrush music, mp3's, song lyrics, music videos, Internet radio, live performances, concerts, and more on AOL Music.
music.aol.com /artist/goldrush/363129/main   (156 words)

Lazy Days of Summer: Malachai, Dusty (my husband), and Clemie (9 wks) enjoy a rest in the shade.
All pictures found on these webpages are sole property of Goldrush Mastiffs.
Please contact Goldrush Mastiffs before using them on any other sites or for personal use.
www.goldrushmastiffs.com   (481 words)

 Goldrush: Reviews, Discography, Audio Clips, and more ||| Music.com
Goldrush: Reviews, Discography, Audio Clips, and more
Search the web for Goldrush: Web Pages
Portions of Content provided by All Music Guide ®, a trademark of All Media Guide, LLC.
www.music.com /release/goldrush/2   (283 words)

 Yogi Bear's Goldrush : Reviews, Preview, Cheats, News, Screenshots, Movies, and Forum
Join the beloved cartoon bear as he tries to track down a criminal and restore order to Jellystone Park...
"Yogi Bear's Goldrush" is rated Kids to Adults, for Suitable for All Ages
Click here to be the first to post a message on "Yogi Bear's Goldrush."
www.rottentomatoes.com /g/game_boy/yogi_bears_goldrush   (251 words)

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